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Friday, May 20, 2011

What will religious people say?

Man needs God
What will religious people say?
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What will religious people say?
And what will learned people say about these religious writings?
What will religious people say when they read these religious writings, for this reason I am worried and I have a good reason to be worried about these religious writings, because I am sure that all learned people will try to attack me in many ways, in order to discredit me and my religious beliefs. So I will be forced to defend my position whichever way I can; I am sure that all this will happen, because what I am stating here is different from the old and accepted religious beliefs, in fact they are very different that sometimes one has the impression that they are attacking those old religious beliefs; but they are not I can assure you, because I would like to change only some of the old religious ways and not destroy them., after all man needs God?
My concerns are that they will say that I am crazy and above all that I am an uneducated man, who dares to write this almost impossible religious theory, on a subject which even learned people would not dare to write anything different from what is already accepted from everybody. One of the reasons for this is because they haven’t got a clue what to say, the other reason is that by trying to change what is already accepted may create many more problems than it could solve, even if the intention of the writer is clear that one is trying hard to solve existing religious problems.
So all those that oppose my religious writings will want to say straight into my face: How dare you write all this knowing that you have never been trained how to write? Religion is a very difficult subject and it should be left to the learned religious people only. And they will say many more harmful things against me, while at the same time they will try to find all sorts of excuses for not writing something themselves on this same religious subject.
So I am forced to defend myself and this is one of my many answers to them: The duty of any good and worthy man is this. A man has got to do what a man has got to do, and the duty of any good man is that he should give back to the world more than what he has received from the world. So, when a man is born he receives the gift of life, and therefore, he should try to create other lives if it is possible for him. During his life he learns many things and by the time he is old he knows more than what an old man of his own age would have known, at the time when he was born, therefore the duty of any good man is to give back to the world what he has learned from it, in order to improve the knowledge and the position that he received since his birth. And by writing what he has learned during his life, when he passes away he would be able to give back to the world a bit more than what he has received from it, and by his contributions and other people contributions bit by bit the whole world one day may become a better place, and all humanity will benefit from it, this is what I believe in and this is what I do, so may God help me do the right thing!
I have to admit that while I am writing this religious post, I am praying God to protect me from any harmful affect that these religious writings may bring because of the unknown.
So, what will people say and what are my greatest fears?
My greatest fears about writing my beliefs are that what I am writing here will upset many religious people, because they will find hard to understand what I want to convey to them, just because, they would be unwilling and also not able to change their beliefs easily, therefore they would hate me for writing my religious beliefs the way that I am writing them, and they would want to curse me for writing them, and this is one of my main worries.
You may ask why I would worry about curses and staff like that. But you see, I am a believer and whoever believes in God and religion cannot help to believe also in the possible existence of curses and their effects.
For these reasons I am praying with all my heart my soul and my mind Our Heavenly Father, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the bridge that binds us to God the Father, since Jesus Christ did come to live with us on earth as a man and he knows our human misery and our pains, I am praying to Jesus in the hope that Jesus would intercede for me the spirit of God Most High, in the hope that God would shield me from curses and would also shield all the members of my family, from any curses that these writings may attract, whether they are past exiting curses, present curses or future curses. May God help me from these curses! I am also praying to let the spirit of God Most High not only defend me from these curses, but also to give me back anything that I or any member of my family may have lost because of the curses, so that, the forces of evil will not be able to take advantage of me or my relatives.
I think that I have said enough in this post about what will religious people say and my worries and fears, so I will be writing in my next post about the prayers to overcome my fears and some of the reasons why I believe that there may really be curses, as there are examples in the Bible that there are curses. See you next time.
Man needs God
What will religious people say?
Next time with, my prayers to overcome my fears.
See you next time.