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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Second God circle positive

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Second God circle positive
Circle No: 2. Second God circle.

This is how god life force could be described, in the centre of our galaxy, as a large field of positive life energies that is able to give life to every living thing.

This is my own sketch of the spiritual life forces of the universe, in this case God is at the top, the whole sketch shows how the spiritual forces move in the universe, forming a cycle of life that never ends.

In this spiritual circle number two, there are many gods and goddesses, so we have mentioned a few in our text, so we could have added several photos here. So I have chosen just one to represent the imaginary rest of them.
In this photo are Indian goddesses, sometimes it is hard for me to say much about these Indian Gods; but anyhow the point here is that, I believe they are all near God life force of the universe.

Second God circle positive
Dear readers this is the continuation of our previous post, our ways of describing God, we have talked in our previous post about, circle one positive, so in this circle, we are going to talk about, circle number two positive, so let me write or say a prayer before I start writing about this God’s circle

My prayer for the second circle positive

My Lord God Most High, I am going to pray you to help me; I am praying you my Lord to help me find my way about what to say in this circle.

So, to the Creator of life in the universe I humbly pray. Father, help me to write my religious theory the correct way and so, I pray.

My Lord God, merciful and benevolent Father I am praying thee to help me, knowing that my Lord God is pure life energy and to talk about God’s life energy or force I have to be pure as well, and I know that this is the only way that God may accept my ways of saying religious things. Now, knowing that as a man I am not pure, since during my life as a man I have sometimes sinned, I pray you our Father God to forgive me all my life sins. So, Father I pray you with all my heart my soul and my mind to forgive me all my life sins and purify me; and then when I am purified help me and guide me to write this religious theory about the second circle positive of our theory, Reconciliation of the universe; Amen.

After praying God our Father, hoping that God would guide me to see and say the right things, I feel more confident and this is how I see the second circle positive.

Holy, Holy, Holy, this is the only way that I can start writing about this second circle positive. In this second circle positive Yahweh (Jehovah) Allah and our Lord Jesus Christ are there forever present, as they are part of the central life-force of God and part of our Lord God the Father of every living thing.

Therefore, in this circle there are most of the world gods and the Nephilim’s as they are the spiritual children of God central life force, they are very powerful spiritual beings indeed; they have immense supernatural powers within themselves and they are the most powerful spirits of the universe after God the Father; they are able to move independently from God’s energy source, even though they have to return to God central energy source sometimes to recharge themselves, even if this event may happen once in a thousand earth years.

Therefore, they all serve God the Eternal Father willingly as they are God’s own children and also because they will still depend from God’s life energy forever.

This is also the place where all the good and spiritual gods of the world are, and each and every one of them are here no matter to what religion one might belong, for sure one will find his own spiritual god here in this circle, because after all they are the children of God the Father, the central-life-force of the universe. One has to understand that they are here because; God the Father being the central life force lets them be here to help run humanity, since humanity believes in them, so all past and present gods are there to represent that part of the community that has believed in them, and anyhow they are part of the positive life force of God.

So, here are, or is the Indian God Brahman, which seems to be like the Christian Trinity, since Brahman Trimurty is supposed to be three gods in one: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiver, they have also their consort goddesses Saraswati, Lakshimi and Shakti; there are many more other gods that humanity has believed in their existence, there is Thor the Viking God and some other spiritual entity that represent the old pagan religions here are also the main spiritual leader like Buddha that has created the Buddhist religion and many others that I don’t know or remember their names; all these entities are there to represent all those souls of people that have believed in them, you see it would be logic to believe that all the souls or spirit of past people need to have a link to the central God life force energy, therefore they are all there and they are all part and also subject to the central life force of God.

Anyhow, what we need to say next is that we have to point it out to you and remind you that, all these gods in circle number 2 positive they are gods, but they are not the real central God-life-force of the universe, because they are only part of the central God life energy, since God the central life force created them and takes care of them, and also allows them to do lots of things as long as they follow God’s central life force direction. Therefore, because they are spiritually powerful they are Gods, so, they can easily be mistaken for a real super God from earthly people, because of their immense supernatural powers, as we have said they are Gods but they are not the super God that we are searching for, who is the central life force of God of the universe and would be the one and only real central God Himself, and this God would be capable to connect or link every spiritual and living thing together. But let us look at what most people believe and have believed in the past.


God people and spiritual existence

Let us just mention a few beliefs and folklore tales about these spirits that are in this dimension with God, as it is said that they sometimes are able to visit our dimension and they are able to do some supernatural things and one of this event is even mentioned in the Bible;

It is mentioned in the Bible, that some of these spirits used to come down to earth and mix with humans; they made love to women and even had children with them, their children had also some supernatural powers, and could easily overrule the common people will. But God the Father of everything didn’t like what they did, therefore after the flood, God the Father has set up a boundary around earth, and He has forbidden those powerful spirit to come down to earth. So now they could come to earth only if there is a mission from God to accomplish.

Here I have to explain to my readers once more that notwithstanding the many gods’ like spirits that I have acknowledged above, there is only one true God throughout the universe. Because only the central life force of the universe is the real God, and therefore the Father of every living thing, so it is for this reason that, there is only one God throughout the universe. Of course the others are gods as well, because we see them as gods and therefore they are gods, but they are not the central life force that guides the entire universe and give life energy to every living thing.

What we have described above is only a small part of the whole universe, so at this moment the theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe is not a clear picture of everything put together. Anyhow, this will become clear to you our readers, if you follow us and read the following articles that will be written soon.

RECONCILIATION OF THE UNIVERSE is to be continued; next time with a description of the positive circles number 3 and 4, God’s central sit of government, see you there.

May God bless us all?
Man needs God
Second circle positive
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