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Reconciliation views 56

Our views on Reconciliation of the universe
Welcome to our hub page (56), our views on reconciliation of the universe
May God guide and help us to write the right things in these religious writings?
There are so many religions in the world that it is hard to make sense which one to follow, so one wonders which religion is the right one to follow

We need to redesign religions and we should not worry about doing that, because they have been designed before.

We should aim for spirituality, because it is more compatible with most of the existing religions. 

Our views on Reconciliation of the universe
Dear readers in this article, let us start from the beginning once again, therefore, let us explain why we are writing these religious writings; perhaps we have already said that many times why, but once again we feel the need that we have to explain to our readers the reasons why we are writing these religious beliefs and publishing them here.
We are writing them because in our opinion today existing religions need to be modernized; they need to change just like everything else. You may ask why they need to be modified, since they have been the way that they are for a very long time. Then we will tell you that one day we are going to reach a point in the near future when religions need to be modernized or modified or they will lose their usefulness, and then people will turn away from religions, just because religions would not make sense anymore and could not be fully explained, according to the knowledge that we have today; therefore we need to find a way how to modify them for the future benefit of mankind, we have to do that because religions have been proved to be useful for a long time.
Now, if we look closely at what we really need, we could say that religions need to be redesigned, since there is a good chance that religions are all an invention of our mind and therefore they are man-made, so, we could redesign them to become in line with the modern world.
Let me explain why we can do it and we should do it; you see, if we look back to ancient history, we find that old religions were different from today religions, so, religions need to be adjusted just like everything else in order to represent the time they represent during their existence. Now, if we look at religions as they are today we find that they are not developing, but they are ether stable or shrinking, the reasons for shrinking is because religions do not seem to stand up to today’s logic reasoning. If we think about it we see that in certain ways mankind has reached the age of reason and whatever does not make completely sense to our reasoning mind, soon or later we are going to ask questions about those things that are not clear to us, and from there we decide whether we should keep what we have or reject them completely (in this case religions could be rejected).
So, how do we decide what to do? I suppose the first thing is that we have to approach the subject with an open mind and slowly work out what needs to be done. In the case of religions it is important that we do not upset too much the existing religious system, as it has been there for a very long time and people would feel hurt if unexplained changes are suddenly brought about; therefore it would be important to slowly show what those things that need to be changed are; and then by showing them why we cannot continue to believe what we have believed until now and perhaps the reasons why we have believed that in the first place. And only then, we could explain what we believe it needs to be done.
So, it seems to me that we need to analyse the existing religious beliefs first of all, we can go on to talk about this subject for a very long time on how to go about this and that, but it would be more constructive if we state our own points of view.
Now, knowing that this religious subject could upset some believer, we are writing first this article below again just for our readers’ peace of mind, where we ask the readers to read our religious writings in full, before they pass judgment and quit reading

For our readers' peace of mind

Written for our readers’ peace of mind
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation and Reconciliation of the Universe writings fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that they would find it hard or not able to fight each other any longer in the future, and our religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe is a theory that might achieve just that, you see it is a new way of seeing religions and therefore spiritual things, in other words, we are going to show the public how is it possible that all present religious could exist and link together in our religious theory of reconciliation of the universe.

What we would like to achieve


We are going to set the stage for the entire world to see,
And when you read these pages you might have to agree,
That this might be the golden door of golden opportunities,
That God would be willing to give to you and to all humanity.
Therefore I am praying God Most High to help and guide me.
Here I am praying God for help and guidance.
Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would help and guide me; So that, I would be able to write these religious writings for the future benefit of mankind, as humanly as possible according to your will. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.

My beliefs on religions

These are some of my beliefs or points of view on existing religions
As we have said a few times before in our religious posts, my religious beliefs have been modified from my life experiences, and other factors that I have been exposed to during my life, some of these factors lately have really made me think that we need to do something to improve our position as religious believers; one of the most important fact is the atheists attack on our religious beliefs, then there is the clergy paedophilia and the extremist that use religions as an excuse to carry out their act of terrorism, which is very hard to believe that a real God would allow these violent acts to happen.
Having reflected on the causes above, we have come to the conclusion that something needs to be done, and for these reasons we have formulated our religious theory of Reconciliation of the universe. Now we would like to warn our readers that our beliefs nowadays are leading us to a new way of beliefs, which may very well become tomorrow one single universal religion for the whole world, and it could even become altogether ‘the new world religious order’, that mankind needs in order to overcome some of its present religious problems that we experience and have written above.
Now I believe that I am a seer, because I seem to see things well ahead of other people, for this reason I would like to say what I see, because what is slowly taking shape into my mind could and would probably be called, Reconciliation of the Universe, because this is exactly what I would like to achieve, if my religious theory would prove to be right and accepted from the people of the world. This theory of mine to be affective would also have to include a way of reconciliation or at least non rejection between religious beliefs and science, otherwise science is going to reject my theory and we would still be having the same problems with the atheists.
Therefore, I wish to God that I was younger, so that I would have had enough time to learn more about all the religious things that we need to know, before I would write what I believe properly and clearly. And I wish so much that I was a trained writer at least, so that I could have expressed my beliefs clearly and quickly, as soon as they would take shape in my mind. But I am not able to do anything of that sort, and looking to what I want to write in my theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe, for me is to reach the limits of my writing capacity, I see that for me to express my beliefs is going to take a very long time, perhaps I need to live and be a hundred years old and be of sound mind all that time, for me to be able to finish what I have in mind. Since I need to learn lots more things before I can write them down properly in a way that makes sense to the public, because that is the only way that people would be able to accept them and believe in what I have written.
Anyhow I have to make a start, so I am starting to write now what I can and then I will be coming back again and again to review and edit what I have written.
At the same time, I pray God to grant me the time to write my religious theory, of course that is if God reckons that my religious theory is worth writing, or at least acceptable in God’s eyes just because it could help all future humanity, and drive them back to religion and be closer to God, so I pray God to hear my prayer and help me, amen.

I am only a seer

Dear readers, let me explain my position once again, you see, while I am talking about God within my theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe; I want to let people know that I don’t believe myself to be a prophet and neither I claim to be one, in fact I wish and pray that God would send us a super prophet, like Our Lord Jesus Christ, or like Budda that would be able to give a new meaning to existing religions and guide the religious world in a more peaceful and friendly way.
I am saying this because, I believe that I am only a man that by using my own logic reasoning and my imagination, I am able to see things in a certain way, perhaps I guess that other people very likely would not be able to see them in the same way as I do, or they see them and ignore them because they don’t care, or because they are too controversial.
This awareness of being able of seeing things better than the average person has helped me during my life, therefore I am aware of it, and it is for this reason, that I feel that I would be able to write my religious beliefs in a way that not many other people would be able to write them, so I have to have a go at writing them and may God help me?.
But at the same time I am sure that nowadays, there must be millions of other people like me that ask themselves about religion, and they might feel unhappy about it because it does not fulfil their expectations, so they feel as if they are missing something, and they feel as if there is a void to be filled from religion to make complete sense. So they start thinking about it and they come to their own conclusions about their beliefs, which may well be a bit different from the way that they have been taught when they were young.
So, I believe that there may well be hundreds of people or perhaps thousands, that start to believe in the same way that I believe now, but nobody seems to have the courage to talk about it, or write about it until now. Sometimes it comes into my mind that perhaps there are at least one hundred other people in the world that could start to write their religious beliefs like me. But generally speaking everybody prefer to leave everything just the way that they are, even if they know that it is not exactly right, because they don’t want to make an effort and contribute their own religious ideas. But it would be good for the whole world if they did, because their ideas could improve us all in a religious way.
So I believe that, if one wants to talk about religion and one’s own beliefs, then one has got to find the courage and the time in order to say what one ought’s to say, even if one sees that the task is hard and to a certain degree even scary, because to try to change existing beliefs in religion that for a long time have been thought to be right, there is the fear that we could make just a single mistake and everybody will come crushing on us. This is because people usually hate new ideas and they will oppose anything that’s new. And therefore people hold back their ideas, because one can never be sure when one is right and there is always the fear that one’s ideas can be proven wrong.
But if one believes in something, and thinks that his religious ideas could be helpful to the rest of the community, then one ought’s to put his religious ideas forward. Having said that, now I am going to do what I just said and talk about a special announcement to our readers.

Special announcement

This is a special announcement to our readers:
Dear readers in this atricle, I would like to inform you first of all about this subject that has come to my mind recently, because, before I start writing what’s on my mind, I would like to inform you where I stand, because what I have to say to you here and what I am going to write in these religious writings is ahead of its time. The reason for doing it this way it is because I am nearly an old man now, and if I want to write anything and finish my religious writings on time before I am too old to write anything, I have to start now, because I fear that my mind might become useless as I become older, and therefore then I would not be able any more to finish my religious writings. So it is a matter of either now or never.
So, here is what was on my mind when I wrote this article the first time: This is the year 2003 while I am writing this article here for the first time, while I believe that my religious writings would not be accepted from the public at this present time, because the public is not ready to accept them, so, it might not be wise to publish them right away, but they should be published only a few years before the year 2038, when I would be 100 years old, that is thirty five years from now. I can’t explain why I am saying all this now, but I have a feeling that at the present time my religious theory would not be accepted, because the world would not yet see the benefit that could come from it. So I hope that by the year 2038 the people of the world would be able to see what the aim of this religious theory is, therefore they will be more inclined to accept it.
(Today while I am editing this article is the year 2015, now when I look at the world news today there are many violent happenings that could be said that they are of religious origin, because some terrorist kill in the name of God; therefore this question comes to my mind, could it be the continuous violence in the religious world that the people will see as a catalyst and accept a new religious way that we are suggesting here?)
There is a second reason on my mind, which is that I need a lot of time to write what I have in mind, and because my writings will be radical so to speak, for this reason I need to feel sure that what I have written could be acceptable to the public, and more importantly to God Almighty, since my theory is about religion and therefore about God.
Third reason, so far it’s only vibes that I have been able to feel within myself, and a few dreams about God, which can be found in hub, Cosmic Spiritual Dreams, this is the link.
By dreaming these religious dreams they have given me hope, that I am a person that may be called upon from God to do something for humanity. But to be sure that what I want to write in my theory would be acceptable to God and that God has given me the chance to write it in my own human way, and will accept my theory to be published when the time comes, I do not know.
Therefore, I pray God to let me live as long as it is necessary for me to complete my religious writings, and I pray God to let me live to be 100 years old, so that I will be able to see my religious writing published properly, or I will re-publish my religious writings myself then. Because if I live to be 100 years old, and by then I have been able to complete my religious writings properly, then and only then I will know that God has given me the go ahead to write and to publish my religious writings.
But if I don’t live long enough to complete my religious writings and publish them, it doesn’t mean that my religious writings are not accepted from God at all: But it only means that God may prefer somebody else to complete them.
As I have already said before that my religious-writings are not ready, so I am still working on it, and with the help of God I may complete my theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe, but at the present time it is not ready to be completely published for many reasons, of course I am already publishing my articles already in hub page, but the whole theory is not complete. So if one wants to read when completed, one has got to wait for the year Two thousand and thirty eight.
Now that I have advised you about the time that my religious writings could be finished and published properly, and given you some of the reason why it might be going to be so, let me go back and do what I was saying before, that is continue to write my religious theory the best way I can.
The wonder's of God's creation
Now let us see where we human stand in the eyes of God, I am sure that if you are a believer you will agree with me here, if I say that we are the wonder of God’s Creation, because we are at the top of every living thing, and we are able to think for ourselves and make our own decisions. We are also able to observe and collect information for ourselves, and when we have enough information we are able to process it, and from this process we may be able to come up with a new concept, which could in some cases be helpful to ourselves and to the rest of the community.
Since the beginning of the world, people have always wondered about the existence of God, so, religious thoughts about what is the purpose of our lives are the most asked questions during a person own life. Therefore, during a person own life as one goes on with the many religious experiences, one feels the need to take notes of them. As these experiences accumulate and the degree of awareness increases one may very well change one’s own earlier religious beliefs to a certain degree.
While some of these experiences have come to pass because of life events that one has just lived, other religious experiences may just be experienced from within oneself. But no matter which way one experiences them, they will make that person much wiser about their own religious beliefs. Therefore older people would have had experience of religious meaning more than younger people, and therefore they should know more than the young ones, therefore they should be able to explain more easily some of its meanings.
When a person becomes an old man, he has accumulated so much experience about life, and this makes him understand so many other things that younger people don’t even bother to see, and because of his life experiences he perceives life at a higher degree of awareness than the young ones do. So now he would be able to see why he made a few mistake of judgement when he was young, and if he had known all this when he was young he would have done things in a different way, but he can’t go back to fix anything for himself now, since what’s past can’t be changed.
But as one grows older like me, one becomes aware that mankind is not any closer to solve its religious dilemma, because they have so many beliefs going on in the world of nowadays. So a wise and caring man will start thinking: What can one do with his life acquired knowledge, which happen to have been modified from his earlier religious beliefs, and he may very well think to share it with the rest of the world. So this is exactly what I intent to do, share my modified beliefs with you all.
Therefore I will start with an apology and say this: To the learned and religious people of the world I ask them to forgive me, for what I am going to say here may offend them: Because what I am going to say here is what they should have said themselves already. Now, because it seems to me that they don’t want to see or say what should be obvious to them by now, then I will have to try to say it myself in my own writing ways, since I intent to talk about my own religious beliefs again, in my next post of, theist and atheists, see you there.
May God help me! Amen.
And may God bless us all?


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