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Friday, August 8, 2014

Views about the creation of man

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Adam as Michelangelo painted him, in his famous paintings. Here we are discussing whether God could have really made a man like that and then gave him life, as it is claimed in the Bible.

Adam and Eva in the garden of Eden, while Eva is taking one of the fruits from the tree of knowledge, which was the fruit that God had forbidden them to eat.

 Some religious views about the creation of man

May God guide and help me to say the right things in this religious article?
Dear readers, here we would like to point out again that these religious writings are also a study of religions and how religions serve humanity; at this stage we are writing these articles and it may seem as if we are having just frugal talks with our religious friends, but in fact these religious talks are aimed at finding some real religious answers, as we have tried in our previous hubs.
As we have said in our previous articles, there are reasons to believe that all religions could be man-made, we stop short of saying that they are man-made just because we cannot prove it, therefore in this hub we want to collect more religious information and discussions that covers this aspect, and also in this hub we are particularly after information or discussion about the creation of mankind, since our friends Gino and Peter have expressed their doubts about God being able to create man from plain dirt, so somehow this creates another religious doubt, therefore now we would like to learn a bit more and then talk a bit more about this religious aspect.
Here we have to say that I start feeling that my religious friends have had enough about talking religions and they wish that we would change subject, so I need to try to avoid forcing religious talks on them from now on. So, since I have talked to my friend Mark about these religious matters, in our last article I have not talked religion to them any more; but I still want to write about these religious issues, and I need to somehow continue to talk religion to our religious friends, just to see what they think about this or that religious aspect.
So, I believe that from now on it is not going to be easy, because it has become a boring subject for them, since I keep talking to them about religions all the time, so now, I have to wait for the opportunity to talk about religions, in order to have their views about how they feel about this or that religious issue, I could also collect articles from the media to give me an idea what to say, but that is not as good as when I am talking to my friends, because when I am talking to my friends, at least I believe that what I write about my friends speech or discussions is brand new and it will be harder for Hub pages to find my hub having duplicate content, which sometimes is so frustrating and you don’t know where it comes from since you feel that you have written that article for the first time.   
About hub pages creation of man
We would have liked to continue to write about the creation of man only, and we did, only to be told that our hub had duplicate content, so I have been forced to add this other article just to explain what is happening here.
About Hub pages duplicate content
Whoever has written hubs in Hub pages knows that soon or later may find that some of their hubs have been marked as having duplicate content. I believe that nothing in the writing world is really brand new, because first we have to learn from somewhere else, this is usually several articles that we read, then we try to see which things we agree with, and the rest we will try to forget about them, once we have made up our mind what is right and what is not right, we write it down our own way mixing the subject we have learned, therefore anything that we write have got to have some duplicate content, it cannot be avoided.
In my case of writing religious articles is even worse, because, you see religious discussions tent to say the same things again and again, it is only natural that they do this. To understand what I mean here one needs to follow just any religion. Now if you have gone to mass at the Roman Catholic Church, I am sure that you have noted that the mass is very much the same every time, even the sermons have their yearly cycle, so religion is a repetitive subject where it is hard to avoid repetitions, I hope you see what I mean when I speak of duplicate content.
Anyhow this does not mean that religious hubs would be allowed to have duplicate content, I only want to point it out how hard it is to avoid it. I have also told my friends what happens in Hub pages about duplicate content and all they came up with was; you have to try harder to avoid that and perhaps what you can do is this, you can quote what we say, so that even if we are saying the same things we are saying it and it is not you saying it. This is what my friends have also suggested, but I wonder if it would work; but let us go back to our religious talks about man creation.

 Some religious talks

These are some religious talks about man creation
As it happened, the other day Mark, Gino and Peter were having this conversation in my presence and Mark was asking Gino;
Mark was saying to Gino;
Frank has told me that you believe and therefore said that God could not have made man from dirt because that would even be hard for God to do; what you have said makes me wonder whether you could tell us something more about the creation of man the way you see it, and perhaps some of the other created things that happen in the Bible.
No, Mark I don’t have much to say about the Bible creation, except that if you think about it there are a lot of things that don’t make sense the way they have been written in the Bible, because if we use our imagination and our logic reasoning they seem to be impossible to achieve even for a real God. Therefore that is the reason that I believe that the Jews made up their own God so powerful that could make living people from plain dirt, perhaps also animals and other living things were made that way? Now, here I have to admit that the Bible does not say exactly what I am trying to say here, but you know what I intend to say, the Jews invented their own God, their own ways and for their own needs and they did it in such a way that this God was more powerful of any other God. I hope you see what I mean?
Of course I see what you saying Gino! But what you are saying here opens a new way of thinking, if we are willing to follow your interpretation of the Bible. You see if we admit that man was not created by God from dirt, then also other creations are not true or they are only partly true, therefore we may have to look into it and discuss it many times before we can reach a conclusion, it also opens the whole Bible to discussions, as the Bible may not be exactly the word of God, or even inspired by God, just as Frank here said in one of his hubs; Religions are man-made, perhaps we have to agree with Frank description of religions, don’t you agree?
Of course I agree with Frank’s descriptions, since I believe that more or less I am trying to say the same thing.
Here Peter comes in saying;
Look I and Gino somehow agree that man cannot be made from plain dirt even if God tries to make him thus; the whole thing seems just too great to be true as our own human understanding tells us. Now, as human if we take away that God is omnipotent and therefore can do anything, which in reality might not be as omnipotent as even God may have to follow the physical laws that exist in the universe; then the possibilities of God making man from dirt is almost nil and therefore there has got to be another way. You see that is the reason why we said what we have said in the first place.
I understand what you two are saying, for a while I was worried that you two had become atheists, just as our friend John was saying the other day, when he heard what you have said. Perhaps as your beliefs stand, you may be agnostic rather than atheists.
Frank (me):
 What I have heard from your religious talks today may help me to write a bit more about how people see religions nowadays; it also opens the way for more religious discussions, So one of these days I am going to ask you to have a meeting and have another religious discussion, then, apart enjoying the good times that we have when we are together, I will be able to learn something else about your religious views.
Anyhow now let us enjoy ourselves the normal way I said and let’s forget about religions for a while; you see I had to say this, because I was not going to make my friends hate me for talking about religions all the time, even though religious subject are always on my mind.
Now that I have learned that I cannot ask my friends to talk religious issues all the time, I have to find my own way how to collect other information about the religious subject that I am going to talk about, so I am going to read more religious books and search for religious articles on the Internet and then write my own articles, so I will be taking some views from several articles, and then write a religious article my own way, just the way I see they need to be written in my posts.
Therefore I have made up my mind that I had to find my own way how to research other religious articles, since I could not rely on my friends too much for writing my articles, so there will be more research about creation and the creation of mankind that I am going to write later on, perhaps when we start writing our third part of our religious writing in Reconciliation of the universe. But because we would like to look at the Bible more closely, in our next hub we are going to write, Exodus and the Mosaic Laws. See you there.
May God bless us all?  
Man needs God
Views about the creation of man
Next time with, Exodus and the Mosaic Laws.    
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