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Monday, May 11, 2015

The future God of the universe

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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The future God of the universe
When we talk about God we all know that God is invisible to us humans. So God could be anything, in fact God could be the universe itself or part of the universe, so when we look at the universe we could also say that we might be looking at God himself.        
We don't need to see God to pray to God, because God would know what we pray him for, as long as we pray him with all our hearts, our souls and our minds.

The future God of the universe
Here we are looking for the future God that is able to link everything together, but let me explain why I am going to do this, because I feel that I am being driven to do this writing of Reconciliation of the Universe. I believe in what I feel within myself and that there is a part of me that has now wakened up, this part of me was dormant a few years ago, and I could never have thought then, that one day I would be driven by the desire to write some religious beliefs that nobody has ever written before. It all seems and feels like as if a seed in me has now started to grow, and as it grows it becomes stronger, and I am sure that one day this growing seed will bear its fruit, so it is up to me now to make sure that this seed doesn’t wither away, because I feel that it is a very precious seed indeed.
I believe that this seed that is growing within me is the seed that God has planted in me at my birth, and therefore I must do everything possible within my power to bring this seed to bear its fruit and hope that this is what God wants me to do.
I believe that generally I am just like everybody else, but I can see these religious things better than other people, I feel special for this reason, even though I know that we are all born with this God’s seed within us, therefore it is up to ourselves to see that God’s seed should grow and bear its fruit during our lives, and this can and will only happen if we take care to listen to our soul or inner self, and then follow what our inner self tells us to do, in my case I would like to write these religious writings.
So now I am examining myself very closely, to see what it is that makes me want to write what other persons have never tried to write before me, and this sometimes makes me wonder whether I was born with a special mission to accomplish: But at the same time I feel sure that I am not alone in my beliefs, and I know for sure that there are at least hundreds of other people that believe in the same way as I do, but whether they are going to write their beliefs down I don’t know.
But speaking for myself I feel that I am compelled to write my own beliefs down, and I thank God for driving me to do it, because I really feel that we owe so much to God our Creator that we will never be able to repay Him back completely.
So here I am trying to do what God our Creator wishes that we should do, that is to serve and love God with all our heart, our mind and our souls. To do that I don’t have to go far, since all I need to do is to look and examine myself very closely, and see that God has given me a heart to feel His love, a mind to reason and see what’s right and what’s wrong, and a soul that somehow searches for God all the time, since it came from God and wishes to go back to God.
I believe that for me to do God’s will, I have to do what’s within my heart, my mind and my soul, and don’t be swayed by other people in my attempt to write my own views and beliefs of Reconciliation of the universe. Reconciliation of the universe is a theory that sets up a new way of how all spiritual being could exist in heaven, because it sets a new way, all existing religions can re-start from this new point of view and so a new religious system could be achieved.
But anyhow, now let me examine briefly my own organ of perception and see how well they are and if I can rely on them:
My heart, there is nothing special about my heart, it physically just carries me through, so sometimes I wish I had a stronger heart, like some athlete do so that I would be able to do things faster, instead of just being average.
My mind, I believe it to be better than an average mind, since sometime I seem to solve problems better than the average people do, my mind can also see many things that the average person is not aware of;
My soul, I believe it must be a very special soul, otherwise it would not be driving me to write my religious beliefs here, and I thank God for that.
I think we have said enough in this article of the future of the Universe;
BUT IT IS GOING TO BE CONTINUED: Next time with, Views on Reconciliation of the Universe
May God bless us all?

Man needs God
The future God of the universe
Next time with, Views on reconciliation of the universe 
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