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People and religions 40

People life and religion

People life and religion


This is one main religious even in Rome, people still believe in God and religions, see how many people came to this religious event; they have estimated about one million. 

People religious views

Welcome to our hub (40), People life and religion

May God guide and help us to write the right things in these religious writings?

People have always believed in some sort of religions from the very beginning of recorded times. But there are times these days when some of us have doubts about these religious beliefs, while others really believe everything that is being said to them about God and religions, so they follow religions willingly ether because they really believe, or because religion for them is a way of life that helps them to belong to a religious group, Because this gives them a sort of friendly atmosphere; perhaps one could compare these people to people that belong to a club, or to followers of a sporting group as they become friend just because they are talking about what they are interested in.
In order to see what we are saying here, first of all let us see some great religious event, as one of these events has just happened in Rome, where about a million people have come to witness this important religious event, these people are there because they believe in these happenings and also they like to see themselves as being part of this event, as this will give them a sense of belonging as this is definitely part of people life and religion; after we look at this event, we will discuss about people life and religion in a general way and the great difference that sometimes exists in religious circles and what could be done.
Here we are talking about the canonization in Rome of these two popes; Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul 2. Now we are only going to say this briefly, so that we may compare what people do in these religious events. You see if we take away our religious beliefs and we think about religion just as if it is another entity in the world, we have to admit that religion is the most organized entity, and that is the reason why they are going to survive the attacks of the atheists and other groups religious and otherwise. Anyhow let us explain religions how we see them.
Let us try to explain religions  
Here we would like to add that what we are writing here is a study of religions and how religions serve humanity: First of all perhaps we could say that people life, God and religion are the essence of our existence, because most of us are involved in religion perhaps in different degrees, but we are involved anyhow.
Therefore, what we are going to talk about here is about people life and religion, which is an attempt to explain to our readers and ourselves here and now some explanations that lots of people have always tried to explain in the past, but as we know they have never fully succeeded, because we have never been able to fully satisfy ourselves of our own answers in the spiritual religious field, perhaps it is because in the past we have assumed that what we knew about religions was all what we needed to know. So, let us try again if we may to talk about, People life and religion in a more modern way, because as we have pointed out people need religions.
In order to include everybody in a religious spiritual way, we have to assume first of all that God exists and we exist and there is no doubt about it, therefore life exist since we exist and life is the essence of all existing life, and to believe in our life is to believe in everything else that makes life possible, otherwise life may as well not exist. Now that we have assumed and perhaps accepted the existence of our life, what about the existence of our soul and everything else that we usually refer to as spiritual or supernatural for that matter including God and religions?
Now, it follows that if we believe in life we have to believe in the force that makes life possible including the supernatural, and to believe in this force that makes life possible on earth is to believe that this force exists, and it is capable to make life possible on earth as we know it, and we refer to this life force today as God our Creator. At this very moment I can hear some of you atheists say, but there is no God, why talk about God at all, life is just a natural happening that just happens and there is nothing else to say?
But we say that this life force that we are talking about, which is the life force that makes life possible is called God for want of any other name, and our explanation about this life force can be found in our article, God exists because life exist, where it explains that God exists at list by definition, and other religious issues, I am giving you the link here if you would like to check it out; God exists because life exists
Now knowing that some of our readers might get worried about reading these religious articles, which are somehow controversial and in a way seem different to everyday religions, let us assure them that nothing drastic is going to happen to their ways of beliefs, so, we are posting this explanation in this link, Religious view point here and will end this article with a prayer to God for guidance:
Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth you would guide me; So that, I would be able to write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.
Explaining life and religion
Now that we have explained to our religious readers that they need not to worry about any changes that we might suggest, let us go back to our main task, which is talking about people life and religions; as we have said above, God exists at least by definition, because God is the essence of life as we know it.
So we have to assume that God exists and therefore it follows that ‘life’ is part of God and God is life itself and it cannot be any other way. So, to believe in the existence of life is to believe in the existence of God: But to deny the existence of God and the spiritual supernatural force is to deny life itself. So one has to admit that since life exists so does God and everything else, including the belief that in the beginning God might have intervened to make life possible on earth; here we want to point out that we are saying that God might have intervened to make life possible, we are saying this because, this would be more acceptable to the atheists, as we are going to explain soon here under.
But first let us finish the above explanation of life; we were saying that in the beginning God intervened and gave us a tiny bit of His life force, which we carry even nowadays with us during our lives and this spiritual life force can be called our soul, which at our death should be able to return to God, since it came from God; having said that it does not mean that the Bible creation is what we have to believe or not believe in, because, in the beginning the Bible was written for the people of those days, who could not see life beginning in any other way.
Nowadays, there are a large number of people which believe that life has started on its own: Therefore, they believe that there was no real Creation or Creator at all, and therefore there is no supernatural force involved in starting the life chain, because it all happened through the chain of events of Evolution. But they should really be careful to say what they say, because whatever Life-force-energy was required to start life on earth, that same Life-force-energy may be deemed to be the Creator and therefore God, even if such Life-force-energy could be different and would look different from God our Creator as written in the Bible, which most of us are inclined to believe that He looks like a man, because the Bible says that God made us like himself.
Generally we believe that at the present time we are happy to live our lives on this planet earth just the way it happens to be, but there are times when we seem confused and we don’t know what our life really means, because we often ask this question: What’s the meaning of our life on earth? So, let us look at this question as our next link, and let’s try to find out what living our earthly lives may mean to some of us.

The meaning of people lives

What’s the meaning of people life we ask?
Men will always ask themselves: What’s the meaning of our life on earth? Did God really create us? And if God created us, did He create us for a special purpose? And what’s the purpose of our own creation? And many other such questions like these we keep asking ourselves, even though we have learned from our ancestors who believed in God that God created us, and it is also written in the sacred book the Bible that God created us like his own image. Now, just to keep these religious writings up to date, we need to say here that there are some people today that do not believe in the Bible at all; anyhow these discussions will be dealt with in our next few religious articles, now let me talk about the meaning of people life.
You see, some people have always doubts within their minds, because it is human nature and they cannot help it. Now because of the greater knowledge which we have nowadays people know more than ever before, but this greater knowledge does not seem to help us either; because people are like this the more they know the more they would like to know, and they measure up everything according to their standard of knowledge that they have acquired, therefore, they want even to compare religious beliefs with their acquired knowledge; but because religious beliefs cannot be compared to any known earthly thing, since they really extend into another dimension, and therefore no comparison can be made easily; and so, the main question of the meaning of our life on earth remains partly unresolved.
Whether one day we will be able to understand the purpose of our life on earth completely it is hard to say, but if we believe in God we have been promised that at our death our soul could and would be saved, that will happen only if in the eyes of God we deserve to be saved. Here we need to add that in part three of our religious theory; we will explain how our souls could be saved and have a place within our imaginary theory that would give all the spiritual forces of the universe a place, and also how the entire spiritual forces of the universe form a never ending cycle that make life possible forever. Here are a couple of links that will take you to some hubs in part three: Future God of the UniverseGod of the Universe descriptionAngels, Saints and human souls,
Now, to the people of the world we want to say this, since we all have an inner wish that we want to survive forever, but we know that our body cannot last forever, then, let us at least try to save our soul since our soul could and would become immortal if we take good care of it, and to take good care of our souls it means that we have to believe in God and live according to God’s will; therefore we need to believe in a religion that connects to God, and also this religion promises the afterlife.
What we have said is according to the way which most religions believe nowadays, as most of them promise an afterlife of some sort.
You see, one of the reasons that we like this afterlife promise, it is because we would like to live forever, because within us there is this inborn will that we would like to live forever, and survive all difficulties that we may encounter during our life, it is only natural, because without this will to survive forever life might have come to an end already. Therefore, no matter to what religion one might belong, no matter to which race one might belong, no matter if one is male or female, no matter if one is young or is old, all these persons have got this thing in common, which is that all those able thinking people wish to survive and live forever.
Here we need also to say that all living animals and plants have this inner will to survive forever too, even if they cannot think and express themselves. But we people are able thinking creatures and we are very special in the Creator eyes, because, we believe or we have to assume that when God gave us our breath of life, God really gave us a tiny bit of his life-force and this God’s given life-force is our soul or spirit, which as long as we live on earth we owe it to God. So, we have a soul and it is our duty to look after our own soul, in the hope that we may be able to go back to God and humbly say. Look Father I have looked after the soul you have given me; therefore my soul may really be worth saving forever.
So now, let us see how we can find a way to save our soul or spirit, if we could find the way to salvation.

We would like to find the way to salvation

As we all know, during our life we often ask ourselves is there an Afterlife? And if there is an Afterlife, what could and should we do to secure it for ourselves? These two most asked questions have many answers, because, although many religions agree that there is an Afterlife, they don’t agree on how this Afterlife can be, so, they don’t come to the same understanding and they give many and various answers to these questions. The only thing that they seem to agree though is that there is an Afterlife, even if they don’t know exactly how it is.
Therefore it would be wise for us while we are living that we should take good care of our soul, so that our soul would be worthy and able to receive from God that promised eternal life, which God has promised us when the appointed time comes. But first we have to be worthy in God’s eyes to receive eternal life. Therefore, how can we become worthy in God’s eyes in order that our soul receives eternal life?
There are a few rules to follow: So, we should follow them the best way known to us, what else can we do? We are able to achieve only what we know how to achieve. So, how the ways to salvation can be achieved?
We have to admit here that what we are trying to say and do is only the beginning of our vision about what could be done and therefore we have to learn a lot more before we will be able to succeed, but anyhow let us discuss these options here under.
We have also to say that since we will never have enough time to learn and do all what is needed to do in a religious way, we are forced to start now and put our religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe forward, as you all know, we have already mentioned in these religious writings before, this theory might be able to form a sort of a map or sketch that would point to the right directions, then it will be up to the people of the future to continue to go in the same direction we have indicated, if this direction seems to be right; and if it is not right, then they have to try to adjust this direction if the need arises.
If we do all these things, then we might be able to find the way to salvation for ourselves and reconciliation with God life force of the universe, hopefully forever.

New religious world order required

For complete reconciliation a new world order would be required.
Perhaps the main reason why we are writing these religious writings is that we would like all religions to be reconciled to each other; so that in the future they could not have any reason to argue or fight each other anymore; you see what is happening in the world today is really disgusting, when we are witnessing killing innocent people in the name of God; and they are killing them just because they don’t believe in the same God as they do. So religions need to change for this reason and other reasons as well.
So, we must find a way how to reconcile them. Looking at religions we have reasons to believe that the reasons why they have not been able to reconcile until now has been because each and every religious group believes that they are right in believing in what they are believing in, and it is the others that have got it all wrong.
Therefore, the only way to overcome that is to show them first that they might be wrong themselves in assuming that they are the only people that have got it right, and then proceed to show them than the others believe in the same God almost in the same way as they do, so they have got a lot in common, and therefore, it would be possible for them to believe in religion without arguing continually. Then suggest that it would be wise to start a new religion, which would incorporate all existing religious groups without changing their religious beliefs, and at the same time this new religious order should be able to satisfy the needs to each and every religious order. So, for world complete reconciliation a sort of a new religious order is required.
How to start this new world order is hard to say now, perhaps we should get together and discuss what can be done, just like what we are doing right now; perhaps we should discuss even the Bible, and the reasons why it seems to some people like the atheists that it does not make sense any more, and after explaining the reasons suggest what can be done? You see what we mean here, it is not going to be easy, but it needs to be done otherwise mankind could be arguing forever about religions, in fact we could even become lost in a religious way, and if and when that happens and all people don’t believe in any religion or God, then, because we have moved away from God’s positive life-force, God’s life-force cannot be in touch with us, and therefore, God protection for the human race will be lost. Then to live a normal life would become a lot harder, in fact, in the end it might even bring mankind life cycle to an end and we may disappear from the face of the earth completely.
But we believe that there could be a way out for us from this possible disaster, if we believe in God and really try hard to find our way for complete world reconciliation. In order to achieve that some of us need to learn about all the world existing religions or at least the main religions, so that we would be able to compare them together and find what they have in common with each other. Then we would be in a better position to suggest to the world, which is the best way to reconcile those religions together, as our knowledge of the religious situation is increased by learning about them.
Perhaps by learning about them we could formulate a new way of religion, which would be able to include all sorts of religions and it could and would bring the whole world to new religious universal beliefs and reconciliation with the positive life force of God. We have to admit that what we are trying to say and do is only the beginning of what could be done and we have to learn a lot more before we will be able to succeed.
This is what we will try to suggest in the later part of our religious writings, which for the time being we would like to call Reconciliation of the Universe, because that was the first name we have given them, even knowing that such name would be an exaggeration, because we will never be able to achieve or even hope to achieve complete reconciliation the whole process should be achieved step by step, and therefore it is going to take a while to come close to any sort of universal reconciliation.
Dear readers, let me explain my writing position now; here I would have liked to write some important religious dreams that I have dreamed, but I cannot because I have already published them in our hubs; I wanted to do that in order to show you the link between what I have written above and what is going to be written next. Anyhow, somehow I am now going to tell you what these dreams are about. Because one of those dreams has lead me to write these religious writings here, which I have called; The most important dream of my life and this dream is really the dream that has started me writing about religion, then there are several more religious dreams that I have already published in the hub of, Cosmic Spiritual Dreams. I have written about them already, because they have special religious meaning for me, as I said it was one of these dreams that started to drive me back to God and religion, and my religious beliefs nowadays have become so strong that I have to write them down, in order to find my inner peace.

How can we find the right way?

While I am writing these religious writings of Prayers for Reconciliation, in order to find my inner peace, I hope and also I want to believe that perhaps one day these religious writings could be able to reconcile everything together, and so prove to be a good religious theory for all humanity, then mankind would have to accept these religious writings and adopt them, and therefore then these religious writings might become the beginning of the new World Religious Consensus, and also the beginning of, The New World Religion for all humanity. Perhaps then they may indeed be called Reconciliation of the Universe.
While I am writing this chapter I have been thinking that perhaps I should call on my best friends and have a religious discussion again to see if they believe that there is a possible way to achieve what I have written above.
Perhaps we may have to discuss all sorts of religious books and the reasons why they have been written the way they have been written, these same religious books and their application at the time when they were written, and how they may fail now because of the different ways and values that mankind has today. Perhaps then, we could be in a better position to say what could be done in a religious way.
Now that I have stated my intentions, let me say a prayer to God Most-High, master of the universe and the life giver of every living thing; I am saying this prayer the way that I believe it should be in the future, and I am saying this prayer so that God could guide me to write my religious writings the right way.
In the name of God-Most-High the most Holy, who is the very centre of all known and unknown gods within the universe, because they all were born from Him and they are part of Him, who has been is and will be the active life-force of the whole universe, he is the life giver and creator of the whole seen and unseen worlds, so he is the Father of everything, we all owe our own lives to him and therefore it is our duty that we should serve him while we are alive and to him we should return when we die.
To you I turn My Lord God-Most-High and pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind, in the hope that you would help me find a way how to write these religious writings of, Reconciliation of the Universe, so that the people in the future could accept them and use them for the future benefit of mankind.
Father, hear my prayer and help me!
Next hub is about religious discussions, see you then.
May God bless us all?

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