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Religious options 4

Religious options of the future 

Religions of the future

May God guide and help me to write these religious writings the right way?

Welcome to our religious article 4, Religious options of the future
Religious options of the future
We are in search of God of the future, But since nobody has ever seen God and God resides in heaven, which in other words is in the universe, then if we are looking at part of the universe, could one say that we are looking at God as well?

Religious options of the future
Welcome to our religious chapter 4, religions for the future, or perhaps would be better to say Religious options for the future. As we have already pointed out before, we believe that religions are not working properly these days, because they might be out of date, so, the people that they are supposed to be guiding sometimes are getting the wrong direction; so, in this article, we are going to try to explain, what we would like to do to help find a solution. The atheist solution for this problem is that they would like to see religions disappear, but that could not be the right thing to do, because as we have explained in our previous article, man needs God and therefore religions; so, we might have really to decide what options might be available to us in order to secure a continuous religious future for all humanity, since these days religions seem to be under attack from the atheists, because they don’t believe in God and they believe that to believe in God does more harm than good, at the same time religions are also under attack from the extremists, because they use religions the wrong way and they even kill in the name of God. So, may God guide and help me to write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to God’s will and in such a way that we would be able to neutralize these two main negative issues, we would also hope that what we write could and would be accepted from God and all humanity for the future benefit of mankind.
Let me write this observation that I have made lately, in order to overcome most religious negative aspects, religions need to be modified, or better still the boundaries of religions should be expanded and if necessary changed all together, so that most religions will be able to find a link that brings them together at the highest meeting point; the highest meeting point should be represented by God, who would be a benevolent and caring God for all humanity, and also this God should be above all other Gods, as we are going to explain by the time we complete these religious writings; if this could be done, the extremism in religion may be overcome; well, we hope it could be done and the people would accept it and it works.
We have said above a benevolent and caring God; our benevolent God in this case should mean that this God will continually be benevolent and could never be anything else, because his nature is only benevolent, so he will not want to punish anybody, because his own nature will forbid it; some people might think that this might be a weak God, but in our own views the punishment will be self-inflicted, as we are going to explain later. Anyhow, this is the God that we need at the top of the spiritual life force energies of the universe; I hope I have explained myself clear enough; now that I have written about my observation, let me go back to our main writing issues.
Dear readers I need to tell you that this is just another article that wants to convey the need that we feel about religions; I would also like to tell you that personally while I am writing this article of, Religious options of the future, at the same time I am also praying God to guide and help me, because it is not going to be easy for me to write them; you see, to start with, there are so many religions in the world that it is hard to say which one is the right one, for this reason I am praying God to help me. Now, I am still praying to the same God as we all have done for thousands of years, and we will be doing for a long time to come, so there should be no concerns at all for the public about rapid religious changes, because the changes that we are forecasting in these religious writings are minimal, in fact in most cases they might be only a link to link all religions together, because those changes are aimed only to change the ways we see religions and not the ways of our religious beliefs.
When we look at religions, there are reasons to believe that all the world religions are somehow similar, we could say that they are similar because they all aim to get people together to believe in a spiritual force or God, this God is somehow benevolent to various degrees and would help the believers of each religion; but that is where their similarity stops, because they are poorly linked together, you see, they have got to be linked together better, for the benefit of religion to be felt from the entire community. All religions should be linked together since we all need God and religions, as we have stated it in our hub, Man needs God, but even though we need God and religions, some religions are not the same and this create a problem.
For this reason, some group of people use religions the wrong ways, as we have said already and we continue to point this out to state our case more clearly, so, some adjustments may need to be made and this is what we are talking about here; in order to escape the atheists and the extremist we need to change some religious beliefs, so that these negative groups will find it harder to apply their non-beliefs and the extreme religious beliefs; therefore we need to change and these changes that we are forecasting will take place one day, you see they have to take place for religions to be more meaningful to the present and future generations, because once these changes become known somehow, people might continue to practice religions indefinitely.
Now let us discuss the effect that these changes could have, here we have to admit that while we would like the changes to take place, at the same time we can see problems here, because, even though we might be forecasting future religious changes that more or less are going to happen soon or later, we could see that most religions may not accept them easily today, but we believe that tomorrow they will be accepted anyhow; therefore we are forcing ourselves to continue to write what we believe could happen or needs to happen, because people have to know and understand that religions need to change somehow, in order to solve the problem that we make when we use religions the wrong way.
Again here we want to point out that these religious writings are being written in good faith for the future benefit of mankind and they are not written for any personal gains at all. In these religious writings first of all we would be looking for religious options that could improve links between religions, perhaps a new religious theory needs to be written, if and when God and religions as they are today might not be acceptable anymore; we are saying this because we see already signs that this is happening as we speak, so we have to ask ourselves, how religions need to be in the future; and then we have to figure out what sort of religious suggestions we can come up with to overcome this religious problem.

 How religions need to be

So, let’s ask ourselves, how religions would be or need to be in the future to help humanity.
You see, when we look at what is happening in the religious world today, we are sure that we have no doubt in our minds that religions could be about to change or they need to change, because what is happening cannot go on forever without affecting religions the way they are today, so, we may have to ask ourselves how religions should be or need to be in the future; you see, the era of religious isolation needs to end, because today everything in the whole wide world can be easily connected, this is going to force many people to connect to new things in a way or another for many reasons, and therefore also religions are going to be connected, it may take a few decades for these changes to start really happening; but we believe that they will be happening soon or later. Therefore, let us try to see what this could mean to the religious people.
Now, let us put forward this observation that sometimes comes into my mind; if you are one of those believers and you really believe that soon or later the world as we know it will end according to Revelation, written in the Bible; then you may as well start believing that these religious writings might be the forerunner of that event and they are marking the very beginning of Revelations, because as you know revelation says that there will be a new system; however we believe that this new system might not be as some people say, like God will set his own government on earth? To tell you the truth we don’t see it happening that way at all, but we see the need for religions to change direction; therefore, a new system needs to be created from the old system and this is what we are trying to say hereunder, so there will be a sort of ending the old system, and a new system will come in, but not quite as drastic as it is described in the Bible, or as our religious leaders want us to believe that the Bible is saying, just to scare us off and do what they tell us to do, you see, most religions are made in such a way that would control people.
Anyhow, here we would like to inform you not to worry about these religious changes that we are forecasting or proposing, because they are only a proposition and they do not take effect until people accept them and what we are saying here can always be changed anyhow. You see, these religious changes are going to be mostly according to the existing religious beliefs; we are saying this because, we are sure that there will be times when we will be criticized from the public, just because what we are proposing is going to look as if it is a new form of religion all together, and also in order to explain some reasons we might have to criticize the existing religions, in order to make sense about what we are writing here.
Therefore, we are asking our readers to believe us, when we say that these religious writings are not trying to radically change anything from the existing personal religious beliefs at all, and in fact they are being written in order to consolidate in a collective way what we believe in and is known today, so that, existing religious beliefs may have a better chance to survive and be useful to future generations; you see the only thing that we are looking for in these religious writings is that we believe that; there is only one God throughout the universe, perhaps you could call this God a super God. For this reason, don’t expect a complete change from these discussions and reviews, even if sometimes they may seem to you that they are not completely according to the existing religious beliefs, because we would be criticizing the existing beliefs. You just have to wait and see the end of these religious writings before you pass judgment. And we have also to see how the public accept these new religious views of God of the universe.
Personally I believe or at least I hope that God likes the idea that I should write this futuristic religious change, not only because I have dreamed about God and God has touched me, I have also dreamed several dreams about God and also because a strange event has happened to me, as I personally have proof to believe that I have been greeted from an angel from heaven, as the author of Reconciliation of the Universe, this supernatural encounter, dream or vision, will be written in our next article that we are calling, Prayers for reconciliation.
However, about this special encounter we are going to write fully when we write the last part of these religious writing which we will call Reconciliation of the Universe.
Because of this vision or encounter, I believe that God is going to help me write these religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe in his own ways. We are saying this, because I know that for me is not going to be easy to write them as I am only a simple untrained writer, so I need to believe in God and that only with the help of God I might be able to write these religious writings well enough that they could be accepted from the religious public.

 Other religious changes

As we were saying looking at the religious world of today, we have reasons to believe that religion changes could be required for the future, in order to keep religions going on in the future, as they have done in the past: here we need to say also that I and some of my religious friends have been thinking and talking about these possible religious changes for a while, in fact we have already written our first shorter version of our religious writings in Hub Pages as you might know. Therefore, what we are doing now is editing reviewing and adding more religious articles in order to make those religious writings better. So now we are going back to the beginning of our religious writings to adjust them the way we see them today, after learning more in our way while we are writing them.
Today, just to keep the record straight about what is happening to these religious writings, we have to say that last time we did start Prayers for Reconciliation, which refers to this part from one of my religious dreams in my dreamland writings, because in that dream I dreamed about God; So I thought then that it was the right way to start these religious writings; but then I have realized that the way I had written those dreamland articles the first time could not go together well with our religious writings, because it had some non-religious articles in it.
So, today we have edited it in such a way that it is now more compatible and we are going to use this new version of dreamland and Cosmic Spiritual Dreamland in this religious writings of Prayers for Reconciliation, as you are going to see for yourself that this Spiritual Dreamland dreams can only be followed by religious writings, after all those spiritual dream that I have had may have happened for a reason, therefore now I have to believe that this dream about God touching me and other spiritual dreams that followed during my life have really happened to me for a purpose as they mean something to me, and I also believe that those dreams have perhaps made me worthy to write religious articles like Prayers for Reconciliation. So, let us hope that those spiritual dreams really made me worthy of writing these religious articles.
For this reason, I pray God hoping that I have written the right religious things
Religious changes required
As we have already said several times, we need to keep in mind that the world of today is changing very rapidly, so, everything is changing and will continue to change just because of these present life style changes that are occurring now, these changes are also going to include religions, because there is no way that religions would escape these changes and we have no doubt about it; but since religions have not changed for a very long time, as they have been made to last a long time the way they are, it is not going to be easy to change them; but, if they don’t change soon and follow the trend like everything else they will be left behind; so, some religious changes are required in the future to help religions survive. One could only ask; what sorts of changes are necessary?
Well that question above about religious changes is not going to be easy to answer, but anyhow we will try to explain the best way we can what sort of religious changes we can see happening in the future, but whatever changes happen, we should try to change them in such a way that we would be able to keep most of the existing religious beliefs in place, therefore existing religions would be still working the way they have always been working for the religious believers.
We have already said and in a way explained to the readers in our previous hub of, Man needs God that humanity needs God and religions, so, now we have to see how we could continue to have religions just the way that they are today. We know that this is going to take some very good imagination to come up with a description of how the religions of the future could be, and also how God of the future would be described, in order to have a single God that is able to link all existing religions together, since this could be the best way and perhaps the only way for religious people to live in harmony with the rest of the religious communities.
Therefore, it looks like that in our religious futuristic changes we need a God description capable of resisting any attacks from the unbelievers like the atheists. For this reason, it seems to me that the days of just an omnipotent god that never shows up might be coming to an end, because people will be asking more and more evidence about god as the time goes on. You see, all this has already started, when we think about the atheists questioning our beliefs, and there will be in the future more and more questions asked from the atheists, as well as other people in general that have an open mind, as they read the Bible or other religious books and make up their own mind about what they have learned from the Bible or other religious books. This is a link that links to the Bible; you can check it out if you like.
Here we are sure that anyone who reads the Bible with an open mind today, just as a story book, or should we say the Israelite history book without being pushed by religious people to believe what they themselves believe in the first place, that person will have to come to the conclusion that there is something wrong in believing everything the religious believers are telling us to believe, because there are time when the Bible does not make sense at all, accept to the believer who believe anything at all the way they have been told to believe, so they are not really trying to understand what is written in the Bible, but they are just following other people beliefs.
For this reason, when we talk to any believers they will say to you that you don’t understand the Bible because you haven’t been explained what this or that means and so they will believe what they have always wanted to believe and try to make you believe what they believe also, it seems to be a never ending story. If any reader’s want proof of what we have just said let them try to log in some atheist’s groups on the Internet and they will read firsthand what some of us think about religions.
I have to say here that I am agnostic or perhaps I should say that I am a believer with agnostic views, and therefore I do not believe that every word in the Bible is the word of God or is God inspired. I believe that there have been times when the writers of the Bible have been inspired by God, but that particular inspiration was right to be applied only at the times when that inspiration occurred. So, today because the world is different we need new inspiration from God to see which way we have to go, I hope you see what I mean.
Here and now I have to say that for instance if God is inspiring me at this very moment, I would say that I am going to choose a religious way that has less to do with an omnipotent God and more to do with spiritual beliefs. You see, we are looking for a general God or perhaps a god-life-force energy that would be accepted from everybody on earth, and furthermore this god is not just your god or my god, but it is a god for everybody capable of linking all religions together, this is the only God that could be accepted by everybody on earth today.

 What sort of changes would be required?

What sort of God could be accepted by everybody?
This is the question we need to ask ourselves today.
Well first of all we need to say that what we are writing here today is only part of a religious theory, which one day might even be proven to be right or perhaps closer to the truth of how spiritual being or things including God or god life force of the universe could really be. Therefore, God or the gods that we are going to describe in here are only descriptions of gods, which could be accepted by the people of this earth in the future, which we believe could be the Era of the age of reason.
Here we have to say also that it seems to me that there might be several ways to describe how God or god of the universe could be like in the future, for the people to accept; but we would like to mention only a couple of ways that we think might be able to link religions together since this is very important, so let us come to the point. One way is to assume that God is the life force energies that makes life possible in the entire universe, so, every living thing exists because of this god life force and possibly this god is pure life energy; the other God may just be spiritual God/s that helps life as we know it, it works in conjunction with Mother Nature and therefore just assuming that God works together with Mother Nature, it will overcome the atheist beliefs of nonexistence of God, because God is also Mother Nature.

 How we might perceive God in the future

Therefore, if one day we discover that God among other things is pure life energy that can make life possible on earth and perhaps the whole universe, we are sure that we may have to agree that God exists in the universe as such, and we also may have to assume that when we are looking at the universe, we might be looking at a portion of God himself. We believe that these religious changes are going to occur soon or later it is inevitable, it is the sign of the time believe it or not. Perhaps they are not going to be exactly the way that we see them now; but they are going to change anyhow.
We also need to say that today we are living an electronic Era, so it would help if god was represented in an electronic way, after all we don’t know what god is made of, and perhaps describing god as pure life energy it could happen to be the closest possible way that one could describe god. And perhaps we could add that it is possible that this god is much close to the true existing god, one can never know?
So, now let us try to describe our god in a nutshell so to speak. We have already said above that god could be pure life energy, which is capable to give life to every living thing. Here we could add just a bit more and say that every living thing depends from this god life energy, and that this life energy is recycled in the universe in an ever ending cycle passing through god himself, as God acts as the main engine that drives this life force in the universe, so, every living thing is subject to this god life force that may exist in the universe. Well this is just one way of seeing the life forces energies of God of the universe.
Now we need to say that somehow I have managed to make a rough sketch of God of the universe and I have loaded it in the computer to show how this life energy flows in the universe, with God-life-force being at the very centre and absorbing all positive life energies, and then passing these positive life energies to the rest of the spiritual world, from the most important spiritual beings and also to the least important spiritual beings, and from this spiritual world to the world of living on earth, and from the world of the living to the world of the dead and then find their ways back to God; so, there is a continuous link of the flow of life; see my sketch,
Now what I have written above is really a possibility, perhaps a very far away possibility in the future, if and when we find that God might be just pure life energies, the other God that we would like to talk about is closer to what we already believe, as god would consist of all spiritual things that we know already and hereunder is one of the possible descriptions.

 Universal spiritual God

The spiritual God for everybody needs to be portrayed in a modern way so to speak. It would be a lot better if this god is described in such a way that it is part of the whole spiritual forces of the universe, it needs to be that way, because spirituality is more acceptable today than the all-powerful god that the ancient people used to have. You see the ancient people needed a powerful god, because they wanted this powerful god to be their god and nobody else god. If you take your time and check history, you will see what we mean. There is also something else about these ancient gods, which we would like to point out, in a way the more aggressive and warfare were the people, the more powerful and violent were their gods. One of the best examples was the Viking and Thor, and also other civilizations had their god which would serve their civilization to a T.
We have to keep in mind that even though we cannot prove physically that God exists, or that these spiritual being really exist, we must believe and act as if they really exist, it is the only safe way to go about our daily life. We believe that it will be so until such times when humanity is able to prove once and for all what really exist and what has been a man-made mental invention, or an exaggeration of what could really be.
Conclusion, we have to say that we need to behave religiously just the way we have always done; so, we have to follow religions as if these new theories don’t exist, until the time when these new theories can be proven to be right
We know that what we have said just now might make no sense to those who are not ready to accept a new way of thinking about spiritual religions, and I can hear they say; if this is God then what is the use of praying and believing, we need a powerful god to guide us?
We know that some people would like to have an omnipotent god to guide them, and just because that God is omnipotent they will accept it as their God, but as we have said times are changing and religions are going to change also, and a spiritual new way will be found that would be able to link everything together. As for myself I have already found a sort of spiritual way that would link easily with existing religions and other things, so we are starting this new way in our next chapter called, Prayers for Reconciliation.

 Prayers for reconciliation

Dear readers, what has led me to write our next article of, Prayers for reconciliation are several things that will be written as we go on writing our religious articles, one of the main events that I believe has really happened to me is written in our next article, however today whether this happening has really happened or it was a vision or a dreams I am not sure, anyhow it definitely is one of the 3.
Now, what I have written above is not the only thing that has happened, because there are several God send dreams that I have to think about as well and one of them is, the most important dream of my life, because in this dream God touched me, as you will see if you read my dream; I cannot repeat the dream here because it will create duplicate content, so, you may have to go to this Google site to read it,, I hope this link works for you, the dream is written in the first page.
I believe that we have said enough for the time being, about how one could describe god of the universe, I suppose we are going to say more as this description of God, as it becomes clearer in our mind in our future articles.
So, see you next time with our next article, which we are going to call, Prayers for Reconciliation and this is where our religious writings really start seriously.
May God help and guide me to write it?
May God bless us all?

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