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Spiritual beliefs, 16

Religions are spiritual beliefs

Our religious spiritual beliefs

We have reasons to believe that there is a spiritual world, just because all the world's religions believe in some sort of spirituality. Therefore, we could say that there are reasons to believe that there is power of life in the Holy spirit of God of the universe, everywhere in the universe including our earth and these are our spiritual beliefs.

Our religious spiritual beliefs
Welcome to our article, (16), religions are spiritual beliefs
May God guide and help me to say the right religious things in these religious writings?  
Dear readers, in our last article we have talked about the atheist, and we have tried to describe a God that even the atheists would accept, we have done that because we are religious believers and we believe in God and religions, because it is our spiritual side that drive us to do that.  Therefore, when we talk about religions, we have to accept that religious beliefs are our spiritual beliefs that we feel within ourselves, these spiritual beliefs are eternal, since there is proof that they have been here all the time, and also God and the universe have been there all the time, so, they are eternal as well; it would be unwise to say that there is no God, as the atheist want us to believe, because even if there is no God like a real person as written in the Bible, (since in Genesis it says that God created man in his own imagine, but nobody has ever seen God, so, it might be just a description of God), and therefore, God does not exist as a man, but for us still exists, even if God is different from our present beliefs.  
Anyhow, God would exist just the same, but needs to be described in a different way, because God could or would be the existing life and you and me are just a very tiny part of God life force of the universe, and therefore, God is also the imagine of a man, because we are part of God. Or perhaps it could be better if we should see God as a spiritual being, with all his power in the Holy Spirit, because that is what God can really be and this spiritual being gives life to every living thing. You see we need God to explain our life, therefore whatever force or energy is able to change inanimate things to animate beings or things could be called God.
You see, this is one of the reasons that we are trying to explain why we believers should always believe that there is a God, and I suppose that there should be a god for the atheists as well, if the atheists look for God in their own ways, in other words whatever force energies they believe has made life possible on earth, that same force energy could be called God. Now, as you know we have already talked about it, that there could be a god for the atheists that even the atheists might accept; now we would like to talk a bit more about this god just to make sure that we have said enough, in order to understand this religious situation.
Here I need to say that my religious friends and I have reflected on this religious situation for a while together, and we have come to the conclusion that there is only one God throughout the universe. What and how this God would be is hard to explain in a few words right now, as we do not have a very firm idea, but we have to assume that in a certain way God and Mother Nature are the Creators of life in the universe, and God is master of the whole universe, and therefore He is also the eternal positive and active life-force that makes life possible on earth and the universe and keeps the entire universe alive, and he guides the whole universe with his greater wisdom. We have described God as the positive life force, because we believe that the positive life force is where all life begins and the negative life force is where all life ends. We know that this sound only as a descriptive way, but this is all we can say for the time being, because all this will be explained in our own ways, when we write our third part called, Reconciliation of the Universe.
Anyhow, I believe in this God-Most-High who is the eternal unseen life-force that guides the whole universe, even though I could not see Him. And I believe also that the whole universe is full of many seen and unseen active and alive things, and even though I cannot see these unseen active alive things I know that they are there and they are working together in a parallel way with the seen alive beings or things; therefore, they are helping each other in the never ending life cycle of the entire universe.
I believe that since God-Most-High is the active life-force of all living beings in the universe, from the largest to the smallest living being or thing; it follows that all the life-force of living beings or things to God they shall return when they die.
Therefore, I believe that through God-Most-High-life-force every living creature receives their gift of life when they are born, and at the end of their lives, their life-force will return to God-Most-High-life-force, and there in the spiritual form they will stay waiting for next round, if and when there is a next round, you see, we are not certain what we have to say about this part.
In these religious spiritual eternal beliefs, we have good reasons to believe that the following could or indeed would be true, because it is believed that within this parallel spiritual world the highest order of all living beings that return to God’s life-force, may one day, be judged according to their lives’ deeds that is if and when there is a real judgment day. To understand better what we believe and mean about judgment and salvation you need to read that part of our religious writings called ‘Reconciliation of the Universe’ when we write and publish it later on.
Now, the general purpose of this religious article here is still part of, Prayers for reconciliation writings and we would like to continue to discuss here that religions are believed to be spiritual eternal beliefs; we know that Religions are spiritual eternal beliefs, since most people have believed about God and religions all the time.
There is also something else to say; because I feel within my heart that we may have to continue to discuss about our last article; there is a god for atheist or God of the atheists, (this is the link if you want to check it out, God and the atheists, 15  we want to do this, just because we want to be sure that we had said enough about god for the atheist’s subject. Now that I have said that we can continue to talk about our article here, Religions are spiritual beliefs, as this is part of our religious writings of, Prayers for Reconciliation religious writings, but at the same time I believe that I need to say something for our reader’s peace of mind. Just to keep our religious friends satisfied that we are not trying to change religions too much for their own liking.

For our readers' peace of mind
Now before we continue to write anything of importance about spiritualty, let me explain to our religious readers once again that they don't need to worry at all about what they read in these religious writings, as it will be explained soon here-under.
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation writings and Reconciliation of the Universe fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that they do not fight each other’s any more in the future, as they have done in the past and sometimes even today; Reconciliation of the Universe is the theory that might be able to achieve that.
In this hub we would like to talk about, Religions are spiritual beliefs, what we would like to do or achieve; Praying God for help and guidance.
What we would like to achieve
We are going to set the stage for the entire world to see,
And when you read these pages you might have to agree,
That this could be the golden door of golden opportunities,
That God would be willing to give to us and to all humanity.
Therefore, I am praying God to help and guide me, to say the right things.
There are good reasons to believe that a better outcome can be achieved by studying religions and the present religious situation; and if there are any doubts in our minds about what we are doing, we should pray God to help us and thus I am praying.
 Praying God for help and guidance
Here I am going to pray God for help and guidance.
Now, since I believe that there is this entity called God and that there is only one God throughout the entire universe, and this God that we are talking about here could or would be all the life energies in the entire universe that make life possible in the universe, while this God may or may not be different from the God in the Bible as we understand the Bible, or as we have been taught to understand the Bible. Whichever way we might see our God it does not matter a great deal, because we are still believing and talking about God.
Therefore, here, because we want to talk about our God we need to pray to this God of the universe in the hope that he will help us, we want to pray also to be sure that we are playing it safe and not upsetting any spiritual eternal heavenly force in anyways, so let us pray God for help, guidance and acceptance.
My lord God and Spiritual Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide and help me; So that, I would be able to write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your benevolent will. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.
Now that I have said this prayer to God for help and guidance, I may have to assume that God has heard my prayer and makes me think the right things that I need to write. Therefore I have to assume that the first thing that comes into my mind is what I need to say, and this is what comes to my mind, it is that I have to try to find a way, on how we could start something that enables all the world religions to live in peace with each other’s first of all; this would include all religions even those religions that today seem that encourage violence, because those are the religions that need to be modified most; then there is a second task which is that not only religions should try to live in peace with each other’s; but they have also to make sure that those atheists unbelievers do not win their ways and one day could destroy religions so to speak, so we have to be careful about these atheists also, because man needs God, as we all know.
Now, there are reasons to believe that religious spiritual beliefs are eternal and most people have always believed in God one way or another; for these reasons religious believers need to come up with new theories to prove that there is a god of the universe, in order to defeat the atheists,  even if this god is not going to be exactly the way most of us believe he is now; here I would like to add that in my lifetime I have come across some people that believe that God is just a spiritual thing, or God might be just anything, or perhaps God might even be the cosmos of the universe, by the cosmos of the universe we mean that God is every existing thing. Anyhow, I am trying here to put forward my own theory of God of the universe, in the hope to get people interested in having their say on religious matters, So I invite anyone who is a believer and able to write to come up with their own religious theory. Therefore, if my religious description does not agree with their beliefs, let us hope that those people are willing to say something that could help to resolve these religious problems, because I would like to hear what they have to say, in the hope of learning something new.
Other religious beliefs
Other religious beliefs
Most of us believe that God our father is the Creator of everything and drives the entire universe as He likes, since any existing things in the whole universe belongs to Him, that is everything at all; like the earth and everything on it; like the growing vegetation on land and in the sea; like all sorts of fishes and animals, and all mankind irrespective to where a person is born and to which race that person belongs; and He is also the master of the stars and all other celestial planets, and all celestial beings material or spiritual in the whole universe, that is what most of us believe.
We believe also that God is our spiritual heavenly father and to Him we should turn for help when we need any help at all, this makes sense, because we have to believe that since any good father loves to help his own children; it should follow that God who is the best father of them all should like to help us more than anyone of us thinks possible, and that would happen only if we turn to God our Father and praying ask for his help; let us not forget that! Because that is the only way that God can help us, it is when we try to reach him with our prayers, at that point of time a link is established between us and God, if we don’t establish this link God could or would not help us, so let us pray God, when we need any help.
Therefore, during our lives, let us always pray God our Father whenever we feel threatened helpless or concerned about ourselves and also for the rest of the world, and also when we need his guidance or help, in order to do the right things and live according to God’s will.
So, I may as well start praying God hoping that God would help me overcome my concerns; my concerns at this point of time are mainly about the atheists and the Islamic terrorists that in their own ways are trying to destroy our religious beliefs one way or another; for this reason, I am trying to find a way how to neutralize them, and so, I pray God to help me. 
Now let me explain myself, where and as I stand in relation to these religious writings and my own background; now, just because I am a Roman Catholic born I have been taught to pray like one, and therefore, I have only been able to modify my ways of praying to a certain extend through my own beliefs, which are a bit different to the existing religious beliefs, as you will find out if you read our religious articles. So, today I am praying to the living God who is the active God-Life-Force of the whole universe thus:
In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy-Spirit, I am praying and humbly asking our Father God-Most-High for help. I am praying because I feel from within my heart that I have been called to write these religious beliefs, and that I should write them in order to fulfil what I have been called to do, and by doing so, I may be able to help humanity avoid some harmful effects that some extremist are planning, and also help understand these future religious beliefs. So, Father if it is your will and you would want me to write them; then you would have to help me, because I would not be able to write them without your help.
So, first of all I pray you Father to let your guiding force guide me to write the right things in these religious writings, and then, because I am concerned about writing them for my own safety, help me overcome my concerns and fears about writing them.
Father, hear my prayer and help me to write them, and also help me to overcome my concerns and fears! Amen.
May God help me and us all to understand his will?
These religious article of, religions are spiritual beliefs, will be continued: Next time with; Religious concerns and struggles. See you soon.
May God bless us all?

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