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Monday, August 24, 2015

We need to believe in God

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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The Bible is the most read book in the entire world. There are many reasons why it is so; the Bible is the ancient religious and History book of the Jews, it has given rise to several different religions in the world, but even though they come from the same book these religious groups are not the same and seem to argue a lot.

One of those religions that derive from the Bible is Christianity; this religions follows the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, which being a Christian myself, I believe that is one of the best religions. You see we need religions because, we need to believe in God.

We need to believe in God

Believing in God and therefore religious things could be good for all humanity, unless religions are used for other purposes and not plain religion, history can prove that if we look overall at the positive side of religions, we will find that it has had a good influence overall for a very long time, of course there are also a few negative issues, but if we think about them we find that we have to blame the leaders of those time and not religion itself, because those leaders have led the people to believe what was not right, anyhow for the time being let us talk about believing in God.

Now if one believes that there is God, it becomes obvious that there can be only one true God whom is the God that somehow created us all, even if this God turn out to be somehow different to the God that we have been taught when we were young, which very likely is going to be, because it could be the only way to solve the present religious problem.

Therefore, we have to assume that there is a God because there is life, and we have to assume that God and life might be one and the same thing, therefore, there cannot be any other God or god life force, unless it is God or the god life force that created us all; this will apply even if the creation might not be necessarily according to the Bible.

Okay, what we have said above may or may not make sense to some of us, but as we have said before today there are different groups of people that have different religious beliefs, and because there is this difference in beliefs, one can easily assume that there is something wrong in their religious beliefs. We have reasons to believe that the fault has got to be with humankind and not religion itself, because mankind usually changes things around in order to gain an advantage for them, so there are religious faults everywhere we look.

During my life I have become aware, that also our Roman Catholic religion has had faults and has made many mistakes in the past; but even if it is so, today if I had to choose one of the existing religions, I would still choose my Roman Catholic religion for being one of the best religions in the world.

Now talking in general terms, I have come to the conclusion that in all religious beliefs, there is something that is not perfect or clear to be understood, or perhaps distorted to the point where it becomes obscure, and it shows only part of the whole picture. Sometimes I think that this state of religious things has been done purposely complex, so that it is hard for anybody to say what is right and what is wrong. Therefore I have been thinking about the complexity of religions and their differences, so, nowadays I have formed my own beliefs about religion and God.

As you all know in a situation like this, the first question that we ask ourselves would be: Is there really a God? Or: Why should we believe that there is a God?

Well there are no real answers to such questions. But we will try to answer these questions our own way, while we try to express our own religious beliefs, including how we have come about to believe in what we believe today; you see, what most people are thought to believe today sometimes might not make sense, because it does not connect properly to everything we know, so there might be another explanation that can connect everything together, perhaps we should not thing that God is like a person, because it is impossible for a person to have all the attribute that God has, for instance, a person cannot be everywhere but God is everywhere, so, it is more likely that God is a life force that covers the entire universe, and a small part of it is capable to turn into anything he wants and even a person, therefore we might have to view God, as the life force that covers the entire universe, that could and would be the only way that make possible to explain the existence of God and everything else.


God existing life force

If we start thinking about God and life, we may have to believe that we all come from the same existing life force/s that rules the universe, which today we call God, but perhaps we should call this existing force, God-life-force of the Universe, as this life force represents all living things. We might also have reasons to believe that we carry within ourselves the genes of our ancestors, and in these genes very likely there could be engraved all our human life history, and if one could go back through them to the beginning of time one could find the truth where we come from, but since this is not possible for any of us, then one should hope that there is a sort of record within our genes, which would give us a sort of intuition and of belonging, and that this intuition drives us to feel what it would or should have been like if we knew our beginning. Therefore we may feel that, we have not lost all our knowledge of belonging, because we carry it engraved deep within ourselves. The problem only arises because we can’t read our own genes history, and therefore we are left only with a feeling, that there is a confused and very weak sense of belonging within us to a life force that we call God. Here I have to say that sometimes I feel that way myself, therefore I hope that if I follow my instinct I might be on the right path.

Therefore, I believe that if we try to look very deep within ourselves, and really try to search our own feelings exhaustively, then our weak and almost lost sense of the original belonging, which we call our instinct should or could pick up some vibes, and these vibes will make us see or feel a sense of belonging, and this sense of belonging should be able to guide us to our own origin and therefore the truth.

Therefore, if one lets oneself be guided from our innermost instinct, which is our innermost inborn sense of belonging, then one should be able to feel and see the truth: Provided that one makes sure that while this soul searching is going on, there are no personal earthly gains involved in any way in reaching any conclusion that may come out of this soul searching.

Today most of our present day religions, including all the main religions make us believe that there is a god and there is an afterlife, and that our own present life is made up of two entities put together, one is our body and the other is our soul or spirit; now we can easily explain to ourselves about our own bodies, but our spiritual part is that part of us that can’t be explained easily, since it can’t be seen and it belongs to God as it is of the same substance of god life force of the universe, you see, God gave it to us so that we could live on earth.

Now it follows that at our death our body returns to the earth and our soul or spirit should return to God, so our soul or spirit being part of God life force energy is immortal. The folklore tale or truth says that at our birth when we received our spirit, our spirit was made to forget where it came from, so we are not sure where we come from, but there is a sense of belonging left in our spirit and this sense of belonging drives us to search for the truth, if we search our soul very carefully we may be able to find it. All these things put together lead us to believe that there is a God or god life force, and also that there is an afterlife, this is the only way that everything put together can be explained, so let us see next what people say and how they behave about these religious beliefs.

Man needs God
We need to believe in God 
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