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Lucifer domains, 74

Lucifer domains circle

Lucifer domains circle
Dear readers, this is article ((21) (74)) In our spiritual theory of, ‘Reconciliation of the universe’ this is the most negative spiritual place in the entire universe according to our spiritual theory.

The main negative circle

Lucifer is the supreme commander of all the negative angels.  In a way he fulfills another link of the entire life-force of the universe, by guiding this part of the universe to fulfill its spiritual role.

Lucifer is the supreme commander of all the negative angels. In a way he fulfils another link of the entire life-force of the universe, by guiding this part of the universe to fulfil its spiritual role

Lucifer domains circle

Dear readers, this is article ((21) (74)) In our spiritual theory of, ‘Reconciliation of the universe’ this is the most negative spiritual place in the entire universe according to our theory, so, may God help us all in this time of need, since we are talking and mentally visiting the most negative spiritual place in the entire universe?
Therefore, here, I would have liked to say to our readers, welcome to the second circle negative, but I am not because nobody could feel welcome in this negative circle, because it is too scary for anyone to feel welcomed here, but I am mentioning it just because wherever you go we aspect to hear the word welcome when we visit another place, that is all. So, instead of saying welcome I would like to say instead:
May the eternal-god-life-force of the universe protect me and our readers in this most negative spiritual circle of the universe?
This is the main negative circle in our spiritual writings, of our religious theory of ‘Reconciliation of the universe’, this negative circle could also be called Lucifer domains circle; it is the main negative circle because after this circle there is only void and chaos in the spiritual universe, which we will be calling it the abyss, just to give it a descriptive name that comes close to what we imagine it could be like.
Anyhow, this second circle negative could be called Lucifer domains circle, since here is where Lucifer is in charge of everything that could exist in the negative spiritual world, therefore this second negative circle is not for the faint hearted, so if you feel that it is too much for you to read this article just don’t read it. As for myself I know that I have to continue to write about the content of this circle in this article, because this circle is just another link in the chain of the spiritual life force of the universe that we are describing here, therefore, we need to continue to describe it, as it is the only way for us is to keep going on, since the entire spiritual universe needs to travel its full circle or cycle if you want to call it cycle, so that the spiritual eternal motion can continue forever.
In order to understand this principle one has to go back to see some of our other hubs like Everything is rolling over 78 in this article it is where we are trying to explain that everything in the universe has cycles, and therefore in a parallel way we have to assume and include also the spiritual universe has got to have cycles, just like the rest of the universe.
I need also to say that I have to continue describing this circle, because it is the only way that my inner soul will accept, since I feel this need that drives me to do it, even if it makes me feel concerned and almost scared. Therefore let me pray God to guide and protect me. I need to say that here I am not going to write my own long prayer down, because it may not be of interest to you my reader, so I will only write this short prayer that applies to everyone including me, but in my heart and mind I have already prayed many times Our Lord God for protection. So, let me write my prayer.
Our collective prayer,
My Lord God, Almighty and merciful Father, we pray you to guard and protect us from the forces of evil in this second circle negative, while we are mentally visiting it, or writing about it, or reading it or talking about it. Father, hear our prayer and protect us, amen.
Now that we have said our own prayer and written this short prayer above, let me start to tell you how I see this second circle negative, when I mentally try to see how it is. Therefore let me go mentally to visit this circle, just the way I did with our last third circle negative, by praying while entering the circle and introducing myself; I know that this may be called a repetition of the same things and therefore, hub pages may mark it as a duplicate content, but I don’t see any other way, how I could go into the second circle negative without introducing myself while praying, it is the only safe way that I know, so I have to take my chances and hope for the best result; so, may God help me?
Entering Lucifer circle
On entering Lucifer circle the second circle negative I am praying aloud, so that I could introduce myself and explain the reasons why I am there, and I am praying thus:
I have come in the name of God to visit your circle, so, all the forces of heaven know about my visit here; the reason that I am visiting you is that I should write a report to today existing living world on mother Earth, therefore; I come in the name of God together with our Lord Jesus Christ the Son and the rest of the heavenly spiritual forces of the universe.
I am coming in the company of my guardian angel that the Archangel Michael has given me, to guard and protect me, so that at the end of my visit I can go back to Mother Earth circle safely. For this reason I am in the company of my special guardian angel of God, while I am visiting you in these negative circles and taking notes of what I see, so that I can write my full report when I return to the earth circle. I am saying that I come in the name of God so that you know who has sent me. Therefore allow me to visit your circle and take notes, so that I would be able to write my report, when I return to mother earth circle and be able to inform the living people that are living today on our planet earth.
In reply to my entering prayer
I had hardly finished saying the last phrase of my entering prayer that we could hear this voice saying: This is the person that Lucifer sends to speak to you in his domains;
Frank we have been waiting for you and your guardian angel, since in the universe everything is joint together, therefore we know everything that is going on anywhere in the universe except what it is going on in the Abyss, because nobody knows much what is going on in the abyss, we can only imagine what happens there and you have to imagine that yourself too, because nobody has ever come back from it and nobody ever will; as you will soon learn a bit more about that also, So, Lucifer says to you; Frank you have been allowed here because you came in the name of God, and even here we respect his will, but now you have reached the boundary of no return and nobody is allowed to go past that, as all those warning signs around that you see will tell you. So take your notes and try to remember what is written on these warning signs, so that you may fill in an accurate report, when you return to you mother earth circle, since this was also one of the reasons why we have made an exception and let you come this far.
Lucifer also wants me to tell you that a safe passage back has been arranged, for you to return to your own mother earth circle, but you have to hurry. Try to write all the notes that you can and try to remember what you have seen, and then as soon as you can start your journey back to where you came from, by using the same ways that you have come here, so keep moving as time for you in here is what counts most, so make the best of it; that is all.
What can I see in this circle
As soon as the voice stopped talking I started to look around, while my guardian angel was saying to me, you heard what he said we need to move on, as we are not allowed to stay very long in this circle. The first things that I saw were this big signs saying this warning in bold letters; WARNING, STOP WHERE YOU ARE! YOU HAVE REACHED THE POINT OF NO RETURN. No one that goes past this point will ever be able to return, and then many other things were also written on these signs at the boundary of no return, I tried to read most of them in a hurry hoping to remember them later on, what they were and what they could mean, but for the time being I am not writing them all, as I am still working out what they could mean, so, what I am writing now in this article is how this negative circle is divided so to speak and another few things, so that a description of this circle could be easily understood from our readers, when they read this article.
This circle seems to be divided into three sections, the main and largest section is the domain of Lucifer and his angels, then there is this section that goes right across this circle, it seems to act as a road, as it joins circle number three on one side, and then goes right across this circle to the other side, where there is this chamber that leads to the abyss, this chamber is only a small section of this circle and is situated past the boundary of no returns. As I have read on those signs there is this chamber that leads to the abyss, therefore whoever goes past this wall at the boundary of no return cannot return and will fall soon or later into the abyss. That is why this boundary is called the boundary of no returns.
The highway to death
For what I have heard, imagine or understand from what I have read on the signs in this circle, this section acts as a road and it is the highway to death for these souls that enter it, you see even the souls may have to die sometimes, so that the cycle of the life forces of the universe becomes complete. So, there are these souls that are dying, just because they are dying, or they are so restless that it would be better for them to die, or they have become so hard to control even from the negative angels of the universe that it would be better for them to be banned from the other spiritual living souls, these are the souls that enter this highway to death and go to the abyss
Of course the negative angels guard them strictly, as they are restless; these negative angels seem to be special as they are the only spiritual identity that can go in these sections and also past the boundary of no return while guiding these dying souls, so, they are able to go past the boundary and then return, even though this is called and it is the boundary of no return for anything else.
Therefore, these souls that walk the highway to death, who are guarded from these powerful negative angels enter this chamber of no returns, and then these souls will go to this section at the edge of the Abyss and jump, fall, or are sometimes pushed into the abyss and once in the abyss they will never return. What happens in the abyss is not mentioned much and it is up to the imagination of the interested person to think whatever could happen in the abyss, but as we all can guess even the abyss has got a role to play, because it is the only way for the life forces energies of the universe to form this never ending cycle, as we will try to write about it later on.
But now the time has come for me to depart from this Lucifer circle that we are now visiting, you see, my guardian angel is telling me to pack up and get ready to go back to Mother Earth circle, there is no time to waste, as we have to start moving on our way back, we have to go back the same way we came as we have been told, but we have to move fast, without stopping anywhere.
So, see you next time in our next article, where I will try to say something about how I see the role of the abyss, or perhaps we could call it the third dimension, because this is the only way to describe it; so, see you in circle one negative.
Thinking of what we have seen and imagined, I am thanking God for allowing me to see all this through my mind eyes and then allowing me to write about this entire negative spiritual world; but at this very moment as I am still in the negative circle and getting ready to go back to our living circle I say: May God help us on our way to Mother Earth?
See you in our next article, Spiritual circle one negative.
May God bless us all?

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