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In the beginning 77

 The Bible beginning

We say in the beginning

Welcome to our hub (77) called, we say in the beginning
May God help me say the right things?

The Bible states that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and at the end it forecast the end of the world in a scary way, there are reasons to believe that both might not be correct.

We dream that one day we might be able to travel to the beginning of time to see how it all started. But the realty here is that perhaps time has never had a beginning at all, because it is eternal and therefore it has been there all the time?

 The Bible beginning and other things

Dear readers, we are writing this article, in the beginning, in order to find a way how to show you that our religious articles could be connected, therefore, we want to point out that there are things that do not have a beginning and therefore they have no end, because these things are eternal, just like our spiritual world that we writing here is eternal. So, make no mistake and think that this article has no much to do with our religious writings, just because it sounds like we are telling a simple view or story; you see, this article is being written to show that everything in the universe is supposed to be linked together and above all that there are things that are eternal and therefore they have no beginning and there is no end for them; however we use this phrase in the beginning, just because it is a way for us for telling you our story.

You see, whenever we want to tell a story or something else whether it is important or not, we would like to start telling you that story from the very beginning, since it makes the story sound real, so we use this phrase in the beginning to show the people that we are not leaving anything behind, even the most important religious book the Bible, it starts with the phrase in the beginning; but that is just a way to start telling people what happened then, because the reality is that there are issues that have no beginning and there is no end; especially when we talk about God or time, because they are eternal and anything that is eternal does not begin or end, as it has been there and will be there forever.

Dear readers, we are writing this article here, above all because we would like to connect our religious articles that we have written so far; we need to explain this because we know that it is necessary to connect them, in such a way that they form a full circle and return from where they have started, and thus a cycle that never ends is formed; therefore in this circle there is no beginning and there is no end, because it is talking above all, about eternal things, as we are talking about God and time which are eternal.

Now as you know our religious articles talk about eternal things so they are eternal, and therefore there is no real beginning, and therefore there could not be an end either; so, we would like to make it clear that not everything must have a beginning and an end, because as we have just said above there are eternal things that are there forever; however we say in the beginning, when we begin something new or when we tell you a story and want to point out that we are starting from the very beginning; the beginning that we would be talking there is an imaginary way of letting the audience know the time and place these things have happened, which is also an imaginary way of starting our story.

We have always used these phrases, because we have always assume that everything has a beginning and everything that begins is going to end soon or later, there is evidence everywhere we go or read something, just to prove my point I am going to quote from the Bible the very first phrase, (Quote from the Jerusalem Bible, Genesis 1, 1) “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” This is how the Bible starts to explain creation and the beginning of life on the planet earth, at the same time there is not any explanation of how God came into being God, so, the beginning of God and time is left open to the interpretation of the readers, which were supposed to think only about God being immortal eternal and omnipotent.

As we all know, this religious way of thinking has worked well for thousands of years for the religious believers, since they fully believed what is written in the Bible and asked no questions, but today even these religious beliefs written in the Bible are under scrutiny from groups of people that call themselves atheist who believe that there is no God and many other things, but let us not jump to conclusions or change the subject; so, let us analyse the concept of God and time, because we believe that God exists, as God represents all existing life that we know of, therefore, God has no beginning and no end.


God and time are eternal

We have reason to believe that God and time are eternal, so, if or when we are asked what we believe about God and time, before we answer that question, let us just reflect for a moment and look at how these things should really be, so let us ask ourselves, what are those things that are really eternal? And would God and time need to be eternal for all those things that we know exist? If I want to answer that question truthfully, we have to say that there are at least three things that must be eternal: The universe is eternal, God is eternal and time is eternal; now we also need to say that sometimes even these three eternal things may have changed a bit during a long period of time, but the fact remains that they are eternal, as they have been there all the time and will be there forever.

Therefore today when we start looking for the beginning of how God came into being and also when was the beginning of time, we need to say that these two things need to be together in order to form a logic explanation of events. Now the only way that we could believe, when we use our human logic explanation is that both God ant time are eternal and also the universe is eternal, therefore they have been there all the time.

This way of seeing God and time as being eternal may not please everybody, especially the religious people that believe everything that is written in the Bible and what their religious leaders have told them; but then, we have to ask ourselves how else could it be? You see by logic reasoning everybody may be able to accept that everything was there in the beginning and that God was part of the entire universe. Then another explanation would be that God is the universe and everything that exists in it; if we think this way then it becomes obvious that because God is the entire universe, God would and could be able to create anything he wants just by modifying what is in the universe. This way of seeing God as being everything may eliminate the argument that we have today between creation and evolution, as both of them could be achieved from the living God of the universe, just because God is everything and has been there all the time, so there is no beginning for God the universe and time, even when we say in the beginning, because we would like to tell you a story, and also when we mention the word beginning we expect that there is also the end, but as we have said there are eternal things that have no beginning and therefore they could never end, just because they are eternal.


In the beginning we say

As we have pointed out already, we say in the beginning when we want to tell a story, and because we said in the beginning we believe that there has got to be an end of the story as well; but because here we are talking about eternal things, for them there would be no beginning and also there is no end for them.

As we have explained above the Bible starts with the phrase in the beginning, which is one of the best ways to start something important like the Bible, but what about the end of this great sacred book that is the most read religious book in the entire world, in revelations, sometimes called apocalypse it forecast the end of the world in such a dramatic way that it becomes scary, if we believe that these revelations are really going to happen the way it says in the Bible.

Anyhow we believe that revelation, as it is written in the Bible is not going to happen, because it was written that way just to scare people and make them follow religious leaders of those times willingly; those were very hard and scary times and that is the reason why they have been written that way.

Now I hope that we have proven our point of view about the beginning of the Bible and also the end of the Bible, they are stories that they are telling us to follow religions their ways, whether it is the Bible, the Koran or other religious books, it does not really matter. I hope that we have been able to make our point, because what we have been saying here sounds very controversial to what we usually say and believe, because we believe that there are existing things that never begin and will never end, whereas we used to assume that everything has a beginning and everything has an end.

Therefore in this case because we are talking about God and time that are eternal and we want to prove that there is no beginning and there is no end for them, because God and time are eternal and has been there all the time. However, we usually say in the beginning, when we tell a story about something, as we have said above, because usually we believe that everything has a beginning and everything that begins will come to an end soon or later.

But as we were saying in this article, because we are talking about God, other eternal spiritual beings and the universe in a nutshell it is going to be different, as we all know the universe is eternal, and whatever is in the universe is also eternal, since there are good reasons to believe that it has been there all the time, as I have no doubts about it and there are a lot of people that believe the same thing, because it cannot be explained in any other way, therefore there is no beginning and there will be no end about God, the universe and time; this also applies to any spiritual being or things that exist or we believe exist in the universe, and also this applies to time, since time is one of the factors that we use to explain these things, so let us talk briefly about time to begin with.

If we observe closely with everything in front of us, we will have to come to conclude that time has been there all the time and this never ending time has been divided in smaller pieces, we have divided time in small pieces so that we would be able to describe better what is happening at a certain time, as we understand it; we are saying this to explain that measuring time is a human invention but time has no beginning, because time has been there all the time and it moves forward in a never ending motion, most people believe that time moves in a straight line, but we have also to consider that time not only could travel in a straight line, but it could also travel in a circle, orbit or spiral and it never comes back to the same starting point, so time is eternal like the universe is eternal. This includes all the things that can be seen and also dose things that cannot be seen in the universe.

In order to achieve this description of time, we use our own point of view from where we happen to be standing, at that particular point of time and from here we can go backward and talk about the past, or we can go forward and talk about what the future could be like; in order to do this we have set in place many rules how to measure time and we work from there. As we can see here on earth the time has been divided in many ways, and the average person usually refer to time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years and several years together; but time has no beginning and there is no end, because time itself could never end, it is only our human description that makes time to begin and end, so, why we started measuring time we could ask.


Why we started measuring time

There are reasons to believe that in the beginning once humanity reached a certain mental awareness, we started to think and observed that there was night and days, and this was the first division of time, then there was the moon and the seasons that needed to be explained and many other things, so we slowly worked out how to measure time our own ways.

Dear readers, at this point of time, I suppose you are going to ask me next, where did I learn all this stuff that I am talking about? The answer to that is that nobody has purposely thought me this stuff; I have learned some of it at school, but most of it I have learned by reading books and observing everything at the University of Life that everybody goes without knowing it; but as you might know some of us learn from life, because they want to learn from life, and some of us are so careless that you can try to tell them many time things what they ought to know; but they will not listen to you even if what you are trying to tell them may one day save their lives.

Anyhow from life I have learned many things that I think are worth sharing, and sharing is one of the reasons that I am writing them here. Whether the learned people of the world agree with me or not that is going to be a different story, we just have to wait and see if there is a reaction from them; but very likely they will ignore these articles that I am writing.


Readers Please Note

This article is supposed to be our religious Hub number 77, because this is how many religious hubs we have already written in hub pages, but this is not its real number because it could also be Hub number 1, since this hub not only could be the end of our religious writing but also the beginning of them, since everything is there forever and everything goes around in circles. You see, here we are trying to link all our religious articles in a way that they come back to the beginning, well not really the beginning but it is a way of recycling things, where everything can be reused again and again that seems the only way that makes everything last forever.

We may have to write a few more articles in this last part of our religious writings, but they will all try to link everything together, because that is what we haven’t been able to state clearly in our previous parts, one of these articles is the following article, Everything is rolling over, there we are saying that everything is rolling over in the universe, and therefore also the life forces of the universe would be rolling over, or recycling in order to exist forever. We will also write other hubs to show a few more religious things, but most of our important religious writings have been written, even if they need to be edited many times to make them easier for people to understand them, but now let us go back to talk about the never ending time, since there are a few things that need to be said to complete our statement.

When we talk about the never ending time, it all depends from where we happen to be at that present time and whether we are looking at the past or forward to the future. Here I need to say that at the moment I am looking at the future and I see that we may well be at the beginning of a new Era. Again here I need to say that this beginning of a new Era has been perceived from my own starting point of view, end there is no real beginning or end, of this new Era.


The beginning of a new Era

The beginning of a new Era

When we look at the world today, we see that many things are changing, they are changing a lot faster than they used to change; out with the old and in with the new seems to be the trend, so one can perhaps say that the beginning of a new Era has begun and from these changes a new world order may emerge soon, we hope that this new world order comes with something new that would make the religious terrorist people in a way redundant, because they would not be able to use religions to back up their horrible terrorist activities. We pray God that this new world order would happen soon now. For this reason, we would like to plan what to do when this new world order happens, because we don’t know yet what to do, but we are working on it.

Anyhow if and when there are changes, one needs to be ready to embrace them, otherwise we would be left behind, therefore it is wiser to get started right away and do what needs to be done. Many of us have our own role to play so to speak, so, every one of us will do what is our usual part and try to stay ahead of the others, if it is possible for us to achieve that.

In this case, because I have been writing lately about religious issues, I am going to continue to write about them with this new view in mind. The rest of the community can write about whatever they want and they can plan the political and the humanitarian side of these changes and everything else.

So, now let me go back to my own religious articles and see what I need to do, in order to link them with what is happening around us today, but at the same time let me clarify this issue that is on my mind, since we are talking about a new world order and the beginning of a new Era; therefore, let us talk about the beginning of something and how all this stands with my own theory of time and everything else. Here I need to say that this seems really controversial, because in this article overall, we want to say that a lot of times there is no beginning and no end of those eternal things, but the beginning of a new Era is only part of the eternal time, therefore it is only a description of part of the eternal time.


Writing and reviewing

Dear readers, because my articles sometime have been marked to have duplicate content, because of this duplicate content issue in Hub Pages, I indent to open my own website where I will be able to say whatever I want and repeat thing if they need to be repeated, so check it out at this new web address:, here will be also other links that help navigate all our articles, some of which are also pasted here under. I wanted to write more about my religious writings, so that you could have a better picture of how every spiritual thing is linked together; but that is not possible, because the hub page computer seems to find duplicate content, therefore I am going to publish these new linking articles somewhere else in the web, and then publish the links here-under.

These links here-under have some of the linking articles that connects the end of the religious writings to the beginning, I hope they work for you.

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I believe that I have been able to link a bit better our religious articles and I will continue to link them with our next article, everything is rolling over, see you soon.
May God bless us all?

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