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Friday, April 22, 2016

Angels and human souls

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Our planet earth is within this belt of life bearing energy of the universe that makes life possible on earth. You need to read the entire text for a better explanation.

This second sketch shows how life cycle of the universe would flow. These two sketches could be found in our Google sites, its address is shown in our text beside.

Angels and human souls
Angels and souls of sixth circle positive
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, the sixth circle positive; where we were talking about, this imaginary universe that we are describing here. As we have already said before that there is a wide section in the universe, which is formed form these two circles of life bearing energies and our planet earth floats between these two combined circles number six, which are crowded with life bearing energy of all shapes and forms on both sides: planet earth also takes in its journey through space, a very special set up of heavenly glowing bodies, they are the angels of God who have been sent to help us, and their task is to keep life running on earth according to God’s benevolent will.
These angels that God  has sent in the sixth circle positive have been send to help regulate life on our planet earth and they are divided in separate groups, one group is there to select and send life-bearing-energy on earth, so that those souls or glowing bodies they select can live their life on earth; another group is to collect the returning life energy at the end of their life on earth, and to evaluate them at their return, so that they can decide in which part of the heavens they may now belong, and they will be staying there until the appointed day of judgment, if there is a real judgement day; and another group who are the guardian angels is to help people live their lives on earth according to God’s will. This religious theory here is more or less what people are being told in most religions anyhow, so it might be indeed true, or at least can be believed to be true.
Of course what we have said above is not exactly what all people believe, because they believe in many different ways, but in order to write our theory, we have to find a way on how to describe this part of the heaven, and bridge the people beliefs to our religious theory, so we have to use our imagination and describe it the best way we could.
So now let us look at this circle from another point of view, looking from a distance at these groups of glowing heavenly bodies, the biggest and brightest are the angels in charge, while they guide the whole operation; next are their angels worker or helpers, and next are the guardian angels which are the councillors and the messenger of God, they have no power to do anything of importance themselves, but they help the other angels in many ways, and they are the only spirits allowed from God to enter and to leave the world of the living on earth, and their duty on earth is to council the soul of a living person, so that such a person may have a better chance to live according to God’s will. Here again we have to say that many religions believe what we have said above, therefore it has a good chance to be true.
After the guardian angels, in importance and brightness are the souls of people which are waiting for their turn to be born on earth; the angels in charge together with the guardian angels take great care of them, because they are the most important life-bearing-energy that will be send to earth to regenerate new human life. In this circle there are also lots of less bright and also smaller glowing bodies, which are the animals and insects, because anything that’s living needs the life force from God to live, even if it is only one single cell of life, this is because God is life and anything living is part of God life force.
Most people believe and this may also include some religious people, who will agree with us here, that life on earth is run from mother-nature, which in conjunction with God and with the help of God have created the existing life on earth; and to keep this life going at the best possible level as God intents it to be, three entities are required to create a new life: two of these entities are supplied from mother-nature, a male and a female of any specie, which are able to start a new life going, all they have to do is to follow mother-nature given instinct.
Then at the birth of a new human being when the new born takes the first breath, a unit of god’s life force also enters the new human body, and a complete individual is thus formed. The unit of God’s life-force that enters the new human body at birth is intended to be like God’s own seedling, and it is hoped that it will grow in a parallel way, like the person that has received it; so that, at the end of such a person’s life it will be richer, brighter and wiser than when it started life on earth. Therefore, when that person dies and the soul becomes free to return back as a soul, it is hoped that it is worthier that when it started. The angels of God will be judging the outcome, and see if that soul has become a better soul than when it started to live on earth.
I believe that this post is becoming too long, so, see you in our next post called, souls before birth, where we are going to describe how we see these souls.
See you soon.
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The sixth circle positive
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