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Monday, March 10, 2014

Talking about people lives

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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We believe that when God created us, God gave us a soul and this soul will return to God when we die.

Talking about people lives

Dear readers, it is a well known fact that we will always ask ourselves: What’s the meaning of our life on earth? Did God really create us? And if God created us, did He create us for a special purpose? And what’s the purpose of our own creation? And many other such questions like these we keep asking ourselves, even though we have learned from our ancestors who believed in God that God created us, and it is also written in the sacred book the Bible that God created us like his own image. Now, just to keep these religious writings up to date, we need to say here that there are some people today that do not believe in the Bible at all, and that is just one more reason for not knowing what our life might mean. Anyhow about the people not believing in the Bible, we will talk about later on in our next religious articles, because now we want to talk about the meaning of people life.
As we all know, some people have always doubts within their minds, because it is human nature and they cannot help it. Now because of the greater knowledge which we have nowadays people know more than ever before, but this greater knowledge that we have today does not seem to help us either; because people are like this the more they know the more they want to know, and they measure up everything according to their standard of knowledge, therefore, they want even to compare religious beliefs with their acquired knowledge; but because religious beliefs cannot be compared to any known earthly thing, since they really extend into another dimension, and therefore no comparison can be made easily; and so, the main question of the meaning of our life on earth remains partly unresolved.
Whether one day we will be able to understand the purpose of our life on earth completely it is hard to say, but if we believe in God we have been promised that at our death our soul could and would be saved, that will happen only if in the eyes of God we deserve to be saved. Here we need to add that in part three of our religious theory; we will explain how our souls could be saved and have a place within our imaginary theory that would give all the spiritual forces of the universe a place and how the entire spiritual forces form a never ending cycle that make life possible. Here are a couple of links that will take you to some hubs in part three: Future God of the Universe, God of the Universe description, Angels, Saints and human souls,
Dear readers, what we are going to say next might be that link that we seem to be missing all the time, perhaps the whole secret of the meaning of our lives could be this; you see, we all have an inner wish that we want to survive forever, but we know that our body cannot last forever; because our body cannot last forever we start thinking, let us at least try to save our soul since our soul could and would become immortal if we take good care of it, and to take good care of our souls it means that we have to believe in God and live according to God’s will; therefore we need to believe in a religion that connects to God, and also this religion promises the afterlife.
What we have said is according to the way which most religions believe nowadays.
As we have said above, people would like to live forever, because within us there is this inborn will that we would like to live forever, and survive all difficulties that we may encounter during our life, it is only natural, because without this will to survive forever life might have come to an end already. Therefore, no matter to what religion one might belong, no matter to which race one might belong, no matter if one is male or female, no matter if one is young or is old, all these persons have got this thing in common, which is that all those able thinking people wish to survive and live forever. In fact all living animals and plants have this inner will to survive forever too, even if they cannot think and express themselves.
But we people are very special, because we can think all this within our brains, we are also very special in God the creator eyes, because, we believe or we have to assume that when God gave us our breath of life, God really gave us a tiny bit of his life-force and this God’s given life-force is our soul or spirit, which as long as we live on earth we owe it to God. So, we have a soul and it is our duty to look after our own soul, in the hope that one day we may be able to go back to God and humbly say. Look Father I have looked after the soul you have given me; therefore my soul may really be worth saving forever. So now, let us see how we can find a way to save our soul or spirit, if we could find the way to salvation. So, in our next post we are going to write and discuss about the way to salvation. See you soon,
May God bless us all?
Man needs God
Talking abut people lives
Next time with, the way to salvation.   
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