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Saturday, October 26, 2013

God works in mysterious ways

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe, for this reason no living thing can exist without God life force.
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In our religious writings of Prayers for reconciliation, the Angels are the links to God, And this is their poem:

You angels of the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation

Dear readers let me try to explain how in my opinion God works in mysterious ways. I believe that indeed God works in mysterious ways, so, let me state what are my beliefs today, while I am writing these chapter of my writings of, Prayers for Reconciliation; I have to say that my own beliefs about religion is that I have to try to do what God Almighty wants me to do all the time, in order to achieve that, I must listen to my soul and pray God, because the soul is that part of me that is closest to God-life-force, and which may be able to somehow get in touch with God: But to do that my soul needs to be pure and free from sins, my heart needs to be pure and my mind needs to be pure also.
Therefore, before I start to write anything about my religious beliefs, even though I believe that I am a good person, I know that I have to pray God our Almighty Father to forgive me my sins, so that through my prayers of forgiveness I may become forgiven and purified, and so, I would become worthy to write these religious writings.
So let me start praying:
Almighty Father I pray you with all my heart, my soul and my mind to forgive me all my life sins and make me clean of any impurities that may affect my soul, and thus I would become worthy to be you servant; I believe that during my life I might have sinned, so Father have mercy and forgive me my life sins, as I am only a human being wanting to be your servant, Father, hear my prayer, amen.
Dear reader as you can see for yourself, here and now I am praying God our Father who is in heaven to forgive me all my life sins, because I need to be forgiven and become free of all my life sins, if I want to write anything about God and religions. You see, we all need to be free of all impurities if we want to come close to God life force, because God life force can and will only help those who in God’s own eyes are free from sins, or at least have asked for forgiveness of their sins and have tried to live in God’s ways. You will be able to see what I mean if you keep reading all my religious writings.
I hope that I have explained what the reason for praying is, and why I need to be forgiven and purified in order to be able to talk about God and religious spiritual things. All this might be because I need to feel that I have to be forgiven and purified, and not only that because then, I would be able to pray God our Father to help and guide me in my task of writing my religious writings and prayers, I feel the need to go through these prayers, so that, I would believe in myself that I would be able to write and say the right things about my religious beliefs of Prayers for reconciliation.
So now, let me try to write another prayer that expresses my intentions to God.
Here to God our Creator I turn praying thus;
Almighty and Merciful Father forgive me all my life sins and make me clean of any impurities that affect my soul, and thus, I would become worthy to pray to you for help and guidance, and then you would be able to help me, while I write my religious writings of, Prayers for Reconciliation.
Here again I feel the need that I need to explain to my readers the reasons why I am doing this; you see, I am a simple self educated man who wants to write about the greatest subject ever known to man, religion? Which would be a hard subject to write even for a good writer?
To tell you the truth, I don’t know exactly when it all started, and why or how it started, perhaps this has been in my heart and in my mind for a long time, but only now I have become aware that it has been growing within me for a while, so, I have to try to explain it to you my readers what has happened to me somehow.
I don’t know how I can explain this to you the easy way ether: But let me start by saying this to you dear readers. You see, during anyone lifetime if one uses to go to church, it is very likely that one hears the preacher say several times perhaps, that God works in mysterious ways.
Because of my life experience I really believe that God works in mysterious way, since I have lived through some of these mysterious ways myself, in a few religious dreams and also life experiences.
Therefore now, I am going to write about my religious beliefs and how God works in mysterious ways, because I would like to share with you some of my life experiences, which have helped me to understand about religious beliefs, and these beliefs, have led me to write about religion as you can see here.
However I am only going to write in these religious writings a few of my most important dreams and experiences in order to show you what I mean, but there are a few more dreams which can be found in my writings of Dreamland, if one wants to read about the rest of them my written dreams? Cosmic Spiritual Dreams
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Example, of how God works in mysterious ways.
Yes indeed God works in mysterious ways I can tell you that, because I have seen it happen to me; I can also say that God first of all uses all the natural forces to achieve what is needed to achieve, in order to explain what I have said, let me go back to my writings of Dreamland, which is a collection of my inside feelings that I have written and kept, in order to remember how these things came to pass, I call these writings my Dreamland writings; in these writings I am writing about religious dreams, normal dreams and daydreams, and also I have been writing about my love for a special woman, which I have fallen in love with, and as you all know to love and desire a woman in a sexual way is a sin unless she is your wife.
But in my case even knowing that it would have been a sin, the intensity of desire for this woman love is so great and painful that it drives me to pray to God in the hope that God grants me my heart’s desire, and at the same time I was asking why I had fallen in love so violently, and I was wishing to God that He would ease my unwanted love pains, and it is the prayer that I had to pray to God that makes all the difference. Because my prayer is very intense as it is driven by my love pains that are so intense, and by praying and praying again thus, slowly I became aware that God had made me fall in love with this special woman in order to make me pray and return back to Him; I hope you see what I mean, because here you can really say that God works in mysterious ways indeed, since I was led to a sinful state of mind, and from this same sinful state of mind the whole thing turns to religious beliefs. 

This is the statue of the Madonna that we carry in a procession in Genzano, I've carried the statue myself when I was in Genzano. Strange as it may seem the woman I have fallen in love with resembles this Madonna. Is this God's religious link for me?

Therefore, after what has happened to me, I have reasons to believe that God uses the forces of nature to turn things around, and in my case it really seemed to work. So, now by looking at what has been happening to me, I am sure that God has driven me through such a painful event, but at the same time a beautiful bitter sweet love event, in order to make me go back to Him.
You see, while I was going through this bitter sweet love event, at the same time I was praying God with all the strength of my heart, in such a way that my prayer were at least equal in strength if not greater than my love for this special woman, and all these prayers have driven me back to God, and this is what makes me believe that God works in mysterious ways.

These are God’s ways
Let me go over once again about my beliefs how God works in a very strange and mysterious way, because of these following reasons.
You see, here I would like to state once again, that the reason which made me start to write my religious writings, it was because during the later part of my life I have fallen in love with a beautiful woman. And I wanted so much to be able to reach her and win her love that I started to write, in the hope that by writing to her I would be able to reach out to her and win her love.
But then, nothing has ever happened about my dream of love, except that I was driven to write lots of love feelings and other things about this beautiful woman, I have also written so many love letters which I have never send them to her, but I have kept them in my ‘Dreamland’ writings anyhow; so that I could remember all those love emotions that I went through at that time.
Now, it follows that because I have been driven from the force of unwanted love to write my love writings, I have learned how to write a lot better than before this happened to me. Therefore now, because I can write much better to a certain degree, I know that most people would be able to understand me, therefore it is easier for me to write whatever I need to write, like these religious writings that I am writing just now?
Therefore, as a consequence of this unwanted love happening with no physical love and my writing about it, I feel and believe that it has led me to write about religion, so, when I think about what has happened to me and my dream of love, that dream of love that slowly changed to pains and prayers, and finally through these pains of unwanted love, and those prayer that I had to pray have led me back to God as you can see.
Therefore I have reason to believe, that God has set me up and made me fall in love with this beautiful woman, and God also made me believe that perhaps I could win the love of this beautiful woman by writing to her, and He made me believe that this would happen only if my writings could and would be well written. Because only then she would be impressed and would accept me, since she is a learned person herself and could not accept an ignorant person as her partner or friend.
Therefore I believe that God has made me dream a beautiful but painful dream of love, knowing that I would be driven by the powerful force of love from within myself, and driven from the pains of unwanted love which would never let me go even for a moment, during the time of this deep love emotions and loveless happening. So it seems to me that God has set me up, so that these love pains would drive me to start writing and learn enough how to write, and because I would have learned how to write, one day I would be able to write my own beliefs about God and religion, therefore, God has driven me back to him in his own mysterious ways to use me.
With this belief that I have written above in my mind which I believe to be true, and with the help of God that I pray to guide me in my religious writings of Prayers for Reconciliation, I will try to write my religious beliefs the way that I see them, hoping that God will help me in my effort, and I also hope not to say the wrong thing and upset anyone, because it is so easy to upset people when one says a new things.
So if within my religious writings I happen to say something that upsets anybody, it’s only because I haven’t found a better way to express my ideas, and I ask them in advance to forgive me. You see because my beliefs are partly different from the present existing religious beliefs, it is not going to be easy for me to express them without upsetting anybody. So I pray God to help and guide me do the right thing.

 My prayer to God

Now what I have been writing above is just one example of how God works in mysterious ways, and I hope it explains also the reason why I am writing this religious theory, and how God works in mysterious ways overall. But there are some other personal reasons as well and some of them will be written later on in these religious writings.
But as I have already said before, I feel driven from an unknown inner force that I have to write these religious writings, so, before I continue to write my religious writings, let me say a prayer to God who could help me write them, since God has driven me to write these religious writings in his own mysterious ways.
My prayer
Although this is a brand new prayer, because I am a Roman Catholic born and baptized, I would have to start praying thus:
In the name of the Father The Son and the Holy Spirit, Our Father who art in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, praying with all my heart, my soul and my mind; I am praying you who is Our Heavenly Father, hoping that the guiding force of The-Holy-Spirit on earth would help me to write these religious writing which I am writing here the correct and proper way according to thy universal benevolent and just will.
Almighty Father, The intention of my writings is that I would like my religious writing to help in reconciling all the world’s religions to each other, and to reconcile every living human being to the existing positive benevolent God life force of the universe, and then to all other living things according to thy will.
I believe that I should have named my writings, Reconciliation of the Universe, because of the signs that I have seen; since this angel from heaven has greeted me as the author of, Reconciliation of the Universe. But because my religious writings are being written for all the people of the world to read, understand and accept easily, I think that it would be better for everyone on earth if I call them for the present time at least, Prayers of Reconciliation, so that it also describe the set up of my religious writings, it also helps to make it easier to understand it, so that, not only well educated people could be interested in knowing my religious theory, but also nowadays normal simple educated people who might be interested in knowing about God and religion, could and would understand what I want to covey to them.
And then, if it happens that one day my religious writings should start bringing about religious reconciliation, and then slowly bring about universal religious reconciliation, then they could and would be called in their own rights, Reconciliation of the Universe, even though I guess that these writings here, could only be able to start the reconciliation process and perhaps reconcile some of the existing religious differences on earth and not the whole universe.
For these reasons that I have just said, I am praying you who is our Heavenly Father that through the ever present guiding force of The-Holy-Spirit on earth; you would guide me and help me to write only the right religious things in my religious writings:
Father, hear my prayer and let your ever present guiding force on earth help me to write these religious writings the correct and proper way! Father, hear my prayer; Amen.
Dear readers, now that I have written a couple of examples above, I hope you can see why I believe that God works in mysterious ways.
Man needs God
God works in mysterious ways
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Our religious beliefs

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe, for this reason no living thing can exist without God life force.
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We believe in the existing churches services and beliefs

We believe in the Holy Spirit of God who is the life giver of the entire universe.

 Our religious beliefs

What and why religious beliefs are important to us?
Mankind religious beliefs are those beliefs that we carry in our heart and mind. If we look at religious history, we will find that since the beginning of recorded times there were all sorts of religious beliefs, so, religion is a belief that mankind sought very early since the very beginning of known times, therefore, it would be right to assume that we have been searching since then for a reason why we are living here on earth, and even now we are still searching for that very same reason, and also for the creator of all living things including our lives.
So, some of us believe in creation, but here I have to say also that not everybody believes in creation and that there is a creator; because, some of us are still looking for that life-force that made life possible on earth including ourselves. Anyhow we have been searching and this endless searching throughout our lives has brought about to our present day religious beliefs, whether they are right or wrong we do not know?
Our religious beliefs are based on the fact that we want to know and acknowledge our own existence and from there we start asking questions. So the first thought that would come into our mind is that we ask ourselves, what’s the meaning of our life on earth?
This question brings up many more questions and also many doubts like: How and when our forbear’s lives started? Why are we living here on earth? Who gave us our lives? Is there really a god who gave us our lives? And if God is our life-giver what’s the meaning for us being here? And then again there are many doubts because what we have been taught from our forbears sometimes does not stand up to logic reasoning, so we keep asking questions hoping that one day we will know the answers.
What I have written above are the most eternal questions which mankind has always asked since we became homo sapient, so we really would like to know the answers to these questions. But up to nowadays it seems to me that a large portion of people are not satisfied at all, with the many religious explanations which they have received so far, so, they feel that they have been left with some doubts in their minds.
These doubts that we have about our beliefs may be due to the fact that we would like those religious explanations to run in a parallel way with our own thinking, as we will always compare those explanations with the knowledge that we have acquired ourselves nowadays, and therefore those explanations are not always satisfactory.
Nowadays most of us have been led to believe that God or the life-force that made life possible on earth resides in heaven, and we call this life-force God our Father or God Almighty and many other names. But most of mankind believes in this life-force in a slightly different way, therefore we are still searching for consensus about a single universal life force capable of creating, or helping to create our life on earth; so, if one day we are able to find consensus about our beliefs, then mankind will be better off for it. Because then mankind will not have any reasons to fight or argue about religious beliefs, and they would also be in a better position to follow God’s ways, because then they could make a collective effort to follow God’s life-force, so to speak.
Dear readers, I suppose you have already noted that sometimes I refer to God as a life force in the universe, I am doing this because that is the only way to get all existing religions together, you see a life force that somehow helps to create life is more acceptable to all parties concerned than my God or your God, I hope you see what I mean?

Explaining my position as a writer

Explaining my position as a writer of these religious writings
Dear reader I need to tell you this, before I continue writing about my personal religious beliefs; because I would like to inform you first of all and make this point very clear that I need to explain to you how I understand the Bible: because I would like to point out to you that within my writings of my future religious beliefs, it might sometimes seem to you as if I am wanting to rewrite part of the Bible; but it is not going to be that way at all, as I want only to explain to you how I see the Bible, so, I can assure you that it is not my intention to change anything. Because the Bible is the Bible and it is supposed to be written according to God’s own inspiration, or at least according to God’s inspiration at the time it was written? Therefore I do not intend to change anything at all not even a word, as it would be exactly right the way it has been written: But readers are warned that they have to make certain allowances, in order to understand the old Bible properly the way it has been written.
But there is a problem with mankind religious beliefs when one reads the Bible today, because one has to keep in mind, that, the style in which the various writers have written the Bible represents the times and the places and the needs of those days when the Bible was written; one needs also to keep in mind the capacity of the writers of that period and how they could express themselves openly, as they had to do it with what was the general knowledge of those times, it also had to be written in a way that the general public of those days could understand what the writers meant. Therefore for me and also for anybody else, to change anything written in the Bible would be wrong, not only because the Bible is at least partly God inspired, but also because it would interfere greatly with the general understanding of those times.
So, in order to understand the Bible properly nowadays, the modern readers have to leave behind their greater knowledge of nowadays, and imagine themselves to be at the same level of awareness as the writers and the people of those ancient times. Otherwise there would be usually a problem when people read the Bible today, and then try to compare it with today’s knowledge and values, and therefore they will be shocked that not everything is the way that one expects them to be. Having said that it does not mean that we have to accept what the Bible says with no reserve, but we have to look at ourselves and ask ourselves, if we had to write the Bible ourselves today what we would have changed? And also what sorts of theories we would put in place, so that the main stream would accept them?
Anyhow, there may also be another problem because some readers believe that only what’s written in the Bible is right, and everything else has got to be wrong: But they are making a great mistake, because they fail to see that the writer of those days could only write and express themselves in what they knew and was common knowledge of those days as I have said above, and therefore nowadays because we are more advanced, we understand a lot more about common knowledge, so there are events and also some expressions that might not make any sense to us at all.
Later on in my religious writings and in my writings of ‘Reconciliation of the Universe’, I would like to explain a bit more how I understand the Bible, and why some subjects are written the way that they have been written. Then I believe that I should try to make everything good at the end, by explaining that it could have been different, if a modern writer would have written that Bible subject: Therefore that part of the Bible that may seem to be misunderstood in my writings, is the way that I believe a writer would have written the Bible if he had to start writing it today.
Then there is also the fact that I have my own religious theory, which I am calling, Reconciliation of the Universe, it is something that I have been carrying in my soul, my heart and in my mind, and I believe that it could help to bring people back to believe in God and religion in the future therefore I have to try to put everything together and write that down, and pray that God will help me to do it the right way. Father, hear my prayer.
TO BE CONTINUED: Next time with; God works in mysterious ways, see you there.

Man needs God
Our religious beliefs
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