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Pope Francis 79

Sign of the time

The pope's sign of the time
The new pope, Francis 1. Here the question is, Does this new elected pope have what it takes to lead the Roman Catholic Church of today?

One pope resign and another one is elected.

Pope’s sign of the time
May God guide and help us with these religious writings?
Welcome to our hub (79), Pope’s sign of the time
Dear readers please note; this article is a religious article as well, but it is not part of, Reconciliation of the universe, as we might have said enough about our religious theory; however it is still part of our religious writings, therefore it needs to be here: perhaps this is the first religious article that would belong to another group and we have to wait and see what happens next.
Now, this article was first opened when Pope Benedict resigned, but we would also like to add some other religious event as they might happen in the future, but let us start from this pope resignation, at the time when it happened.
What is happening today must be the sign of the time, because even the Pope has resigned; this event makes us believe that it could be the beginning of many religious changes that are going to take place in the near future, and it might be going to be just the way that we have predicted when we started to write our religious writings, where we said that religious things will have to change soon or later and religions need to be modified to meet the need of the people of the future. So let us see what this may mean in a religious way, because before today most Catholics could never believe that one day the Pope would resign, but this one did.
We as Catholics had the impression that only when a pope dies another pope would be elected giving the impression that the pope was indeed elected from the spiritual force of God, and therefore would never spiritually fail even when he would become physically frail, because the spirit of God above would still guide him. But this pope Benedict 16th seems to believe otherwise and because his body has become frail he thinks that it would be better for him to resign and let somebody else take over the Roman Catholic Church leadership.
Therefore today all the believers and followers of the Roman Catholic Church are asking; Has the pope done the right thing by resigning his leadership of the Roman Catholic Church? And also the rest of the world would like to ask that? Well we just have to wait and see and it will take a long time to see the outcome, but anyhow let us just first of all look at what the media is reporting, and here are a few links to follow:
Here we need to say that we have posted you these links so that you could follow them the easy way, of course we are also going to have a say later on as the following religious events continue to happen, but now let us talk about the pope and his final message.
The Pope resigns
The Pope has resigned; it must be the sign of the time
This resignation of Pope Benedict has been a real shock to all Roman Catholic believers and it is going to take a while for the Catholic people to accept his resignation and the consequences that are going to follow from it. It is obvious that there will be lots of consequences and there could be some changes, in order to adjust to these new ways of doing religious things; you see, we are being told that this has never happened before for at least the last six centuries, so the public needs to adjust to this new ways to say the least.
First of all we wonder how they are going to elect a new pope while the old pope is still around, and what would the religious public say when they are going to talk about the pope, should there be a way to tell whether they are talking about the old pope or the new pope, you see even by just talking one can have a problem, just because for the people is a new way and they are not used to have two popes, so we are all waiting and watching what is going to happen next.
At this very moment of time we are all shocked about the happening itself, just because nobody was really waiting for this to happen, so we are all trying to wait and see what is going to happen next, what else can we do, and if people are all shocked it is only natural.
Who is going to be Pope now?
Who is going to be Pope now people are already asking? But they already know that this time around to choose a new pope it's going to be a great dilemma, because whoever is going to be the new Pope needs to solve many accumulated religious problems; for a start the new pope is going to need the courage to discipline anyone that does not behave 100 % according to their canonical laws. Therefore whoever steps outside these accepted laws must be sacked on the spot from holding any ceremonial religious events, and if it is necessary ban them from doing anything at all religiously.
As we all know lately there is not a day that paedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church is not mentioned in the media, now this paedophilia problem is only one of their problems and there are many others, so what the new pontiff will do is very important for survival of the present system of the Roman Catholic Church itself; so, who is going to be willing to accept this great challenge is hard to say, but let us hope that there are a few cardinals capable and willing to solve these problems? We hope that at least some of them would be able to do that? Otherwise religion might have to change a lot more that it would be necessary.
Of course there will be a lot more to say, and we are going to write more as soon as we have time, and if something important happens then we will have to take the time to write all about it.
New pope has been elected
As an Italian born it is/was only natural that I wished the future pope would be Italian, you see, everybody wishes the pope is from their own country, but then again there are a lot of things to take into consideration, which sometimes dictate that that cannot be done, so we have to accept what is best for all the Christian community, and that is just what the cardinals have done, by electing a pope from south America, which has a lot of Catholics people following this religion.
Here are some links to learn about the new pope and other religious issues.

This new pope has got a lot to do to restore faith to those people that have lost faith in the Roman Catholic Church.
May God help Pope Francis to do the right things?
Our first impression
Everyone of us has his own ways of looking at these religious things, and what I think it would be right to do may seem wrong to somebody else, but this would be only my personal impression, so let me say how I see the new pope today.
Looking at what is happening it seems to me that there is a missing link here with this new pope, there are no new ways to look forward; because he seems to look at the past and not the future, so, I believe that he wants to go backward to the ways the church was run before, let us hope that he does not take us back too far to the Dark Age? But then again I have to admit that my religious views are radical and not many people are game enough to associate themselves with my religious ideas.
Here I need to say that in a way this pope has stopped my hope of an early change in religious circles, I was hoping that he would have had a new vision and would take the first step toward a new view of religious beliefs, even if it was a very small step, nothing like what I have written in my religious writings of reconciliation of the universe, where God is the central life force that guides the entire universe at the central point where all existing religions would and could link, so that no more frictions could exist in religious circles and also because of this change other necessary changes could have followed easily. Well I suppose the time is not yet arrived for these changes and I was hoping for too much happenings that would go my way. Perhaps the changes that I view in my mind eyes will take a very long time to come true, but I believe that they will be accepted one day, if or when everything else fails.
Anyhow let us leave this article open to add other important religious happenings, since we would like to know them, as soon as they happen if possible?

Pope Francis ways
This pope has been there just a bit more than one year and he sure enough has his own ways of doing religious things, also his personal things seem to be different from his predecessors, so he does many thing his own way. You see, Pope Francis while he seems to drive the church back to the past, at the same time he pushes forward some religious rites faster than it has ever done before, his latest move is the canonization in Rome of two popes. These two popes are still well known from the living religious people, so to some of us who believed that to become a Saint would be only possible when just about everybody of that generation has died; now we are asking ourselves if this canonization is premature. But anyhow now has been done, so let us look at the religious service as it happened; under here is a link about this religious ceremony:
Here under are some of the details, as reported from the press and I quote;
Pope John XXIII (25 November 1881 – 3 June 1963) and Pope John Paul II (18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005) reigned as popes of the Roman Catholic Church and the sovereigns of Vatican City (respectively from 1958 to 1963 and 1978 to 2005). Their canonizations were held on 27 April 2014.[1] The decision to canonize was made official by Pope Francis on 5 July 2013 following the recognition of a miracle attributed to the intercession of John Paul II, while John XXIII was canonized for his merits of opening the Second Vatican Council. The date of the canonization was assigned on 30 September 2013.
The Canonization Mass was celebrated by Pope Francis (with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI concelebrating), on Sunday 27 April 2014, in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican in Rome. End of quote.
We the believers still wonder if the canonization of these two popes was too early after their death, especially Pope John Paul who has died only 9 years ago. But then who are we to assume that? We may as well assume that it was the will of God; otherwise this would not have happened. We have just to wait and see if the general public has anything to say.
The ceremony
As usual these ceremonies attract lots of people and a million people were estimated to attend. Also up to 150 Cardinals and 1,000 Bishops were expected to concelebrate the canonization Mass, as usual if one thinks about it; this is the greatest show on earth. After what we have seen here in Rome, we believe that for sure there is nothing larger or more organized than these religious ceremonies, so, no matter what some atheist or other religions might say, the Roman Catholic Church is still the most dominant religion in the world, and it will be for centuries to come, even if some small adjustment might be required in the future.
Readers please note that this article is not part of our religious writing of, Reconciliation of the universe, however it a religious article that belongs to another group, I hope I have been able to explain myself, so see you next time with whatever we are able to write next.    
May God bless us all and guide us in his own ways?

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