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To save the world 87

To save the world
Welcome to our page ((3) (87)), how to save the world
May God guide and help me to say the right things in this religious article?

How the world could be saved
We who believe in God, have reasons to believe that today in order to save the world we need to do a few things that might be a bit different from the usual, therefore we believe that we have to make an effort to follow the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ; because not only he made us a way, by which we could be saved, but he also embraced many other things that would make the world a safer place to live.    
As this picture shows, our Lord Jesus has got the whole world in his hand. So there are reasons to believe that indeed if we follow his teaching the entire world could be saved from future terrible happenings. Well at least we believe so.

To save the world
Dear readers, we have given this title to this article ‘to save the world’ as if we would be able to save the world from whatever is going to happen next. I am afraid that we are not able to do that, you see, we are only asking or stating how the world could be saved, as if the entire world could be in danger from something, in order to do that, we have to assume that there is this danger of course about many things going wrong, and then look at what could be done to prevent this happening. Now, because we are writing about religions in this article, we are not covering all subjects that could bring danger to the world, because we would like to state only the dangers that some religions could bring, if nothing is done to prevent that happening, so let us see what our religious views are:

Looking at the entire religious world, there are reasons to believe that all religions have been man-made and they have been made to give guidance to the people that uses them, in other words they are a set of rules that would help people live a better life if they follow these set religious rules. But not all the time they achieve what they have been made for and sometimes they may even achieve the opposite, because they are open to different interpretation; so one has got to be very careful how to use them, this is what we are going to discuss here; we are going to discuss, how the world could be saved from the ways that we interpret and use those set religious rules that our forebears have passed down to us from generation to generation. 

Now let us just stop for a moment and reflect what we have been saying, because some of you might think that we are saying that there is no God at all, just because we have said that religions are man-made; well we are not saying that at all, because we believe in God and the spiritual existence of many spiritual beings, and also believe that God is life, as you are going to see when we write about how we base our religious beliefs, and as we have already written in several articles if not all our religious articles; anyhow, what we are saying here is that we should really be careful how we use those existing religious rules for the time being. 

Having explained that, now, we would like to point it out to you that all our religious writings that we have written in Hub Page, they have been written with the aim that one day they could help humanity to save the world from a disaster that religions themselves could start, because some religions are not the most idealistic religions and they could easily be used the wrong way. An idealistic religion is a religion that drives people to live in peace and gives the individual a purpose in life and at the same time guides people clearly and is hard to make mistakes, when we use it.

But, as we can see from what is happening these days in the world, there are some religions that are made in such a way that it is easy for the extremists to use religion, and twist the fundamental truth of their religions for their own benefit, even when what they do would harm other human beings; so we need to ask ourselves this question: if religions are manmade as they seem to be, since there is no real proof that religions have been dictated from God and therefore they are man-made, then it follows that religions could also be changed and there is no harm done, as long as the fundamental aims of the real religion are respected.

The fundamental aim of religions is that of creating a community that believes in the same things and that all individual are respected; all this could be summed up in this phrase here: do not do anything to other people that you would hate if the other people did it to you. If you read or study any religions this is the main message that they should carry, so let us talk about our own religious studies. 

Our religious studies

Since we are interested in talking about religions and perhaps solving some religious problems, or suggesting what could be done to solve them, for this reason we have studied religions and found that all religions are manmade; they have always been manmade since the beginning of the world, because man needs God as we have explained in our hub, Man needs God . But at the same time we have to keep in mind that spiritual forces like God/s angels and souls also exist, because every so often there are unexplainable things that happen in life, so we have to accept the existence of spiritualty at least; we will come back to this subject when we write on what ground our religious beliefs are based. 

Now, once we accept that there is this spiritualty, we have to work out how to set future religions in such a way that they take in all the knowledge that we have of these spiritual beings or things, we have to try to include also all religions that exist in the world and this is just what we are trying to do with our religious writings. All what we are going to do here is a sort of suggestion how these religious problems could be solved, and therefore there would be hope that one day they would be solved.  

Now, what we are going to write in this sub article next might seem to some of you that they have nothing to do with our religious beliefs, and to tell you the truth I believe that also, but what we are going to say here cannot be avoided, because what is happening in the world today cannot be ignored, some people will say that they are just another war going on, in fact it is just another war going on, but this war that is going on seems mostly religious, because those people that carry out these violent acts are religious, they do not even try to hide their religious beliefs, because they want to show the world that their religions and God agree with what they are doing, but this attitude violate the most important part of our religious teachings or true beliefs, which as we have said, do not do to other what you would hate if that is done to you.

So, we are shocked at the cruelty of these supposed to be religious people, you know that this is horrible for us Christians to see religions becoming this low, but then we have to understand that humanity is a violent race, for this reasons before our lord Jesus Christ came to earth, the old religions were somehow violent, because people were more violent in those old times, so, it seems to me that those people that do these violent acts against humanity today, have stopped at the pre Christian era. Because we Christian believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth to change all that, He tried to teach us all that, but we the people of this world did not understand fully what all these changes meant, in fact the old religions being violent in nature, instead of following his teaching they crucified him; so, let us try to talk about our real saviour Jesus Christ next:


The saviour of the world

We who believe in the Christian religions have to admit that there is only one true saviour of the world, and this saviour is our Lord Jesus Christ, no other man can come even close to the spiritual powers of our Lord Jesus Christ, no other man can claim to have done just one single thing that could equal him in any way, he has been the greatest man that has ever lived on this planet earth, or perhaps we should say that he has been the greatest spiritual man that has ever lived on this planet earth, there is no doubts about this claim, as his life and deeds can bear witness about this claim.

In these religious articles we don’t want to claim his miracles to measure his spiritual power, we don’t want to use anything that could be challenged as being untrue, from the unbeliever and the atheists of today, we would like only to review his most simple religious teaching and the changes that they have brought with them; this is what we would like to see and measure his divine powers; so let us just mention the most simple basic things that he did and what he taught us, for those that don’t know Christianity and don’t know about Our Lord Jesus, (Matthew chapter 6 verse 9 to 13) here is a link that links to the Bible, you need to read the four gospel of the New Testament to understand what we are talking about here.

Just let me say the few things that come to my mind just now; this happening might have taken place more than once, because there are at least two different versions in the bible. Jesus Christ found that the people of those times were using the temple grounds as a market place; Jesus was very upset at what they were doing and he turned the merchants away in a strong way, telling them that this was the house of God and not a market place just to make money.

One day Jesus was asked how we should pray our Father and he say to them the Lord prayer approximately as we know it today, it is a very simple prayer and yet it has lasted two thousand years and still going on.

One day this crowd was about to stone to death a woman accused of sinning, he went to her rescue, the crowd did not like it and challenged him, and he answered to them, let the person that has no sins throw the first stone, non one threw the first stone, because they were all sinner, and the sinning woman was saved.  

If these very simple things that any simple minded man can learn easily are not the work of the greatest man on earth, then tell me if you can replace any of them.

Jesus changed the Ten Commandments to a very simple way, love your God and love your neighbour as yourself.

Looking at what we have just said above, there are reasons to definitely believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is our direct link to God; he is our spiritual saviour and carries the whole world in his hands; so we should pray God and our Lord Jesus Christ to save us in our hours of need.

So, we believe that we know now what we have to do to save our souls; we have to believe in God and our Lord Jesus Christ. But what can we do by ourselves to help the cause that is affecting the world of today still remains to be seen, let us see.        

Saving the world

Today is the year 2014 and some very violent happening have taken place, so we need to think how we could save the entire world from these religious fanatics; but it is not going to be easy, because first of all religious beliefs are the deepest beliefs in the human hearts and minds, it would take generations to change them. Therefore, when these terroristic things that seem to be religious in nature happen as they have happened lately, then the people that are affected have to be realistic, they have to try to keep away from these religious fanatics, if they can.

Saving the world and humanity from themselves is a problem that has always existed, because we humans are very selfish and easily blame the others for our short comings and everything else. Humanity has even invented gods to suite themselves, if we look at religions with an open mind, we might be able to see what I mean, so let us see what we have learned from our own life observations.

Dear readers, we are writing these religious writings believing that what we have learned during our lives about religions, and what we have learned in our studies of religion about religions, could be put to better use if we suggest what we see needs to be done.

Now, because I would like to make this article brief, and state in the shortest possible way our beliefs, I am going to write here what we need to believe in the future, so I am writing this description with a double use, as it can be used as a description that tells us about what we believe and also what we need to believe, if we want to become better in the future and make less mistakes.

We believe,

In our religious writing, we believe that God represents all existing life; therefore we believe that there is only one God throughout the universe, and God is the life essence of the entire universe, everything that is living is part of God life force, and nothing can exist unless it is part of God life force, therefore God is the life essence of the entire universe.

Now the question here is, would this belief that we have written above be able to change our attitude? Or we should be looking how we could find a way about how the world could be saved from our own greed from what we have learned?

Perhaps we could, if we try hard enough to understand the situation, even though this situation seems to change every time we look at it. So, whatever we are going to suggest is not going to be easy to do, and it is not going to solve the entire problem, but it could solve some of the existing problems, or at least try to have an idea of what could be done to save some of the world problems, so, let us see what could be done by making people aware of what is happening now, and also point out that if we had a different view of religious things, as we believe that religion is partly to blame, then these same things might not have happened.  

 How the world could be saved

First of all let us see what we could use to achieve our aims, as our aim is to save some pains to some of us; therefore first of all let us see what is happening in the world these days.

Today the world is becoming more dangerous; it seems that the religious world is going to split in two and form two enormous groups, the Muslim group on one side and the rest of the world on the other side; when we look at this scenario we wonder whether the end of the world could be near, and therefore it is going to happen just as it is written in the New Testament of the Bible revelation, which is indeed very frightening if that really happens to say the least; but at the same time we believe that revelation in the New Testament of the Bible may never happen, it might have been written just to control the religious people of those times through fear, therefore it is not really going to happen just how it is written, anyhow today’s position seems to suggest that it really could happen, just because the world might split in two and fight each other’s; but we believe that it has not to be that way, so we are going to suggest here, how the world could be saved.

For this reason today one has to ask oneself if there is anything that could be done to prevent this new type of wars; since this new type of war involves also religions to a very high degree, and since we are studying religions, with our religious articles we aim to show the world that there is a way to avoid this danger; in order to do that religions need to be studied and modified wherever necessary. One has to keep in mind that a new system is going to emerge from whatever happens, and when that event happen a new religious way or theory need to be put forward, and this is what we have been trying to say in our religious articles.

We know that some of you will say, for what reason we have done all that religious writing; well some of these reasons will be self-evident as you read our religious articles, of course the reasons that we put forward are usually our own personal beliefs, just to mention one for instance our article about ‘the duty of any human being’; but that is not all because you see I feel that I am being driven from an inner force to write about these religious issues, and I believe that I am a seer, not in the real sense that I can see things clearly, but in the sense that I am looking forward and looking at what could happen tomorrow, while most people like to look at what has happened in the past. I hope that I have somehow explained my point of view clear enough. Anyhow at this moment let us go back at what is happening today, as I am trying to think how the world could be saved from some pains, at least in theory in a religious way, by pointing to religions the way that they need to take to avoid the worst part of what could happen; you see, we are looking for a new religious system.


The new system

In order to avoid some of these present religious troubles, and save the world from a religious war, which would take us back to the dark ages, we believe that a new religious system could be ideal, where every religion is equal because we all come from the same God life force of the universe.

This God life force represents all the spiritual life force that exists in the universe, it also represents all the existing life in the universe, because God is life and life is God Himself, as we have already explained in this article above, in our first subtitle in the paragraph, we believe. This belief would be also found throughout our religious articles that we have written in Hub Page and other religious sites.

So a sort of new system has already been suggested in a way, it might not be clear enough for the public to understand, just because new things take a long time to be understood, and also to be written clear enough for the public to understand them. To understand that we have only to look at the existing religious system that has been already going for thousands of years and yet it is not clear enough sometimes to understand. So we ask for more time to finish our religious writings that could help to solve some of the most urgent religious problems that we know.

So in our next article we are going to talk about a new religious set up, where we are going to try to shorten our existing religious articles by choosing only the most meaningful ones, writing a few new ones in order to link all of them up, and setting them up in a way that we would be able to reach sooner our religious theory of reconciliation of the universe. However at the moment we are going to talk about the spiritual universe, since this could also be another link to shorten and link all our religious articles.   

May God guide and help me to write that?

May God bless us all?    


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