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Sunday, November 15, 2015

God of the universe

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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God of the Universe

Dear readers, even though this photo here has been seen in our previous post, I believe that to express my beliefs, I have to repost it here again, so be patient and don't criticize me too much. If we want to find a way how God of the future could be; let us just imagine that God cannot be seen and he/it is a life force that exists in the entire universe, therefore, when we look at the universe, we could also say that we are looking at a part of God Himself; now it follows that there are spiritual forces as well, the main part of this life force is formed by angels, since we believe that there is God, there also must be angels.

God of the Universe

Dear readers in this post, let us begin to describe God of the universe, now, if one wants to talk and describe God of the universe, one is also forced to talk about the entire universe in general, in order to show how God rules and guides the entire universe and therefore is part of the universe.
Therefore in order to understand our point of views about God of the universe, and how God can affect the whole life cycle existing on earth and/or the universe, one should view the wholeness of the universe together with the cosmos of the universe that binds everything together, and how life could fit within the whole universe including earth, and at the same time one should keep in mind that life is part of God, and that God is part of the whole universe. There are many other things that are hard to explain and this is one of them, especially because it is a new way of thinking and believing about God and religions, of course there are other things that may link with God of the universe for instance our religious beliefs and our religious dreams, especially if they are spiritual dreams which I have had a few, and here is a link if you would like to check them:
With the above view in mind as we have said above, we have to look now at everything together, but at the same time we know that there is always an opposite side, or an opposing force to any existing thing or force, so that everything can exist in a balanced way, therefore, one should assume that the entire life and spiritual universe is split in tow, and that one half is governed by God which is the positive life-force, and therefore the creator of all existing known and unknown life of the universe. The other half is the negative force, and therefore in a nut shells the destroyer of all existing life, now the destroyer of all existing life can only destroy life once life has been created, so by default it is less important than the positive force. 
Anyhow, we believe that within the greater cosmos of the universe, these two opposing force go through to a never ending life-cycle, and perform a chain of balanced events that make life on earth possible. This seems to be the only possible way to the existence of life, because if these two opposing life forces would not exist, there could be no existence of life in the universe.
Now, taking in consideration what we know or what we are supposed to know: We who are the living of this planet earth seem to be in a position between these two great forces, and by our own personal choice may attract us to ether one of these two life forces. Therefore, during our life, we should be very careful and try to stay with the positive life-force of God, if we don’t want to run the risk to be destroyed before out time or forever by the negative force.
What we have just said may seem to you unreal, or at least so far away, from the God that we have been taught to know. But really no one has ever seen God in his complete form, and perhaps we never will in our present life-form, and if someone happens to claim that has seen God and it happens to be true, we are sure that they have seen only that small part of God, that God saw fit to show them to proclaim his own presence. In fact we believe that God life-force, or a small part of the life-force of God can show itself in any ways and in any place it desires.
As we have already said above, God is also life itself and everything that’s living is part of God. God is also the ultimate and infinite universal-life-force that guides the universe. So, since the universe is infinite also God is infinite, and because of the infinity factor it would be impossible to describe God completely, even if one does know how God is like. It is because God is larger than anything that we know, or anything that we can normally imagine. So in order to express our beliefs, we will try to describe only how God could exist within our own galaxy.
We have to limit ourselves to our own galaxy only, not only because it would be easier for us to describe God existence: But also because in a different galaxy things could or would be different, since a different galaxy may be bigger or smaller than our own, and with a different ratio of energy flouting around, therefore for this reason God life force over there may be somehow different from our own.
So this description of God of the universe will be in a plain field, because it would be too complex for us to describe God as he is in a three dimensional way. We have also to add that what we are writing here is only a theory, which we believe could even be right, or at least partly right. Of course this religious theory is being written in the hope that it could suggest a way of how to improve existing religions, so that humanity may benefit from this improvement.
Anyhow this post is becoming too long, so we will continue to describe god of the universe in our next post called, describing God of the universe within our own galaxy.   
See you soon in our next post.

Man needs God
God of the universe
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