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Our religious discussions prayers (hub 14)

My prayers to God 

This is what we should think when we pray

One might say that praying is an inborn force that guide people to pray God, you see God is hope for those that need hope most; so when I pray it is this same force that guides me to pray to God?

My prayers to God
Welcome to our religious article (14), Religious discussions and prayers
May God guide and help me to say the right things?
In order to achieve what we would like to achieve in these religious writings, I am praying God to help me? Father here my prayer and help me, amen.
My prayer to God for this article
My lord God, with my personal writing concerns I come praying to you Father-Most-High, master of the universe and life-giver to every living thing, I am praying thee for forgiveness of all my life sins and reconciliation to thy spiritual and eternal benevolent life force, I am praying in the hope that you would forgive me all my life sins, and then, you would hear my prayer and help me; I am praying with all my heart my soul and my mind hoping that in your mercy you would guide and help me write this article of, Religious discussions and prayers according to your will and in such a way that these religious writings could become helpful one day to all humanity. Father, hear my prayer and help me, amen.
Since we are talking about prayers here, I would like to add another prayer that I usually pray every day of my life, in order to feel that security within myself, since by praying I feel that I have done the right thing spiritually and God may indeed help me to achieve what I have to achieve with these religious writings.
Prayer 2
My Lord God, Almighty Father I pray you with all my heart, my soul and my mind to guard and protect me from all dangers and the forces of evil and let me be a very wise man, so that I would be able to live the rest of my life according to your will, and write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will, and in such a way that humanity could accept them and use them for the future benefit of mankind. Father, hear my prayer, amen
Note, if you would like to see more written prayers go to our blog Man needs God and then click in the page link, PRAYERS PAGE at the top of the list; now let us write our religious discussions:
Religious discussions
Dear readers I have to confess that I feel as if I am being driven by an inner force to write these religious writings of Prayers for Reconciliation; I know that this force that I feel could be a psychological wave within my brains that has been trigged from my own religious beliefs. Anyhow, after thinking for a very long time and reflecting about this God sent task that seems to be within my mind all the time and never lets me go; I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I would never find peace within myself, unless I fulfil my desire to write about these religious beliefs within me. Now, here I need to add that there are a few reasons why I have started this wanting to write something about my religious beliefs, but they are very complex, therefore I have not been able to explain it fully, but I am sure that I will soon be able to do that, perhaps in this article or our next article. Anyhow, today I have decided to talk to my religious friends again about religions, in the hope that now they may have come to see my religious task in a more favourable way, and so they would be able to help me somehow.
So, I have called my friends to let them know, that I would like to see them and talk to them. Now, while I have been waiting for them to arrive, I have also been thinking that it could be a good thing to write down the reasons why I have started to write these religious writings, so that while we would be discussing these religious issues, we would be able to understand the situation better. Therefore, I have realized that one of the reasons why I have started to write and need to write these religious writings was and it still is, that perhaps I see God somehow different from everybody else, and I also see or understand the Bible a bit different from everybody else; therefore, I need to explain to my friends what I think God might be like, in the hope that by explaining that, my friends will understand me better, and so, they will be able to help me with their input about their approval or disapproval of whatever is going to be said.
Here I stop to think why I am seeing these religious things different, and surprise myself that I am denying some of the main reasons why I wanted to write these new religious views, here I find that one of the trigger of wanting to write these religious views or beliefs in a new way were: one is about the atheist’s denial of God existence; and the second one was the shock of the 9-11 terrorist attack on American soil. I know these two groups are completely different in their religious beliefs, because the atheists deny the existence of God, but the Muslim terrorist believe in their God to the point of carrying these terrorist acts and killing themselves in the name of their God Allah. These two things although they are very different, at the same time they are religious issues, so, there is a chance that they could be fixed modifying religions.  
Anyhow, when I have written this article for the first time, I had reason to believe that the terrorist situation could escalate very rapidly and the terrorist may make wars to the rest of the world, but this may not happen at all, so we have to wait and see, but let us leave behind this terrorist threat for the time being, so let us talk in general what could be done, in order to neutralize both issues.
This situation could be said to be very strange that these two groups who have nothing in common, as they stand so far apart that if they were political parties, they could have been described as extremist and one would be the extreme right and the other the extreme left; now I believe that it could be even stranger if what I believe would work; because I believe that by changing some religious beliefs both of them could be neutralized, of course this could only work if everybody would believe in a new religious way, which would be a new religious way that we have in mind and are going to suggest within these religious writings; anyhow this is how I see that this problem could be solved.
There are other religious reasons
What I have written above is only part of the reason, because there are other personal religious reasons as well, I suppose you may be asking yourself why this has happened to me, so, let me first inform you dear readers the reason why I started to write these religious writings; well, it has been for my own personal reasons that I have started to write these religious writings, because I have been writing them as my personal prayer to our spiritual Father God Most High, therefore, these writings are being written as my personal prayers to God Most High, which I pray from the bottom of my heart, my soul and my mind, I pray every day of my life, while I am happy and while I am sad and distressed. Therefore within these writings here will be lots of prayers: In some of these prayers I’ll be praying God for forgiveness in order to become purified, and therefore become worthy to become God’s servant and therefore be able to write God’s things; and then again in another prayer I’ll be invoking help from God so that I would be able to write my religious writings the proper way, and in some prayers I will be asking God to protect me from the forces of evil; because the force of evil may try to take me away from God’s spiritual life force, therefore it is important for me to fear and to beware the forces of evil and pray God to help me. Here I believe that I have to explain again that my beliefs are based on a new way of understanding God, or God spiritual life force of the universe so to speak. Therefore, there are many new ways of seeing religious things and praying prayers, and hereunder is another one of my prayers;
Another one of my prayers
My lord God, with my personal concerns I come to you praying, Father Most High master of the universe and life-giver of every living thing, I am praying thee to send me an angel from the realm of glory, who would suggest me how You helped to create life on earth and everything else, so that I could be inspired and be able to continue to write my religious writings the proper way. Father, hear my prayer, Amen
This is another thought that came into my mind while I was waiting for my friends to come at the meeting, we need to define better, why we need religions and what could be God of the future like? Anyhow, I have to stop writing now, because I can hear somebody at the door, I can hear the voices of my friends, so they are here now, let me welcome them.
Religious discussions at the meeting
After greeting each other and all other niceties that occur every time good friends meet, I, Mark and Gino made ourselves comfortable and started to talk about the agenda of the meeting, and I first of all asked them;
I guess that you have come just the two of you because any other friend does not want to take part in these religious talks? Is that right?
What is the matter with them? Are they scared or something else?
Don’t they see that we are talking only and nothing is happening? And nothing will ever happen just by talking and trying to make sense of the whole religious situation that exists today.
Dear friends changing religious meanings is not new, we just have to look back at the times of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to see that even Jesus Christ tried to explain religious issues to the Jews in a different way, but the religious leader of the time did not want to understand Our Lord, so they crucified him to neutralize the new religious ways. 
Anyhow that nobody else has come with you does not matter much, and perhaps we are better off without them, if they worry too much about exchanging religious views or beliefs, in case they say the wrong things.
But now tell me, what do people said if and when you have talked to them about God and religion, and also what has been happening lately?
Here my friend Mark was ready to answer me and he had a nice surprise for me, when he said later on, that, ‘God is hope for those who need hope most’; and this is what he said overall:
God is hope for those who need hope most
Mark reply
Well, most of the people that we have talked to are not interested about talking religious things, and those who are have expressed themselves in many different ways; but let me break these people beliefs in groups so to speak, so that a better picture can be seen?
So, first I have to say that a lot of people believe in God and religion just the way it is today, this portion of people does not want any change in religion, so they are happy to stay with the ways religions are nowadays, and if they have any doubts in their minds they are not showing it. So, it would be a waste of time to talk to them unless you agree fully with their religious beliefs.
There is also a portion of people that have doubts about today religions and they are ready to talk about it, some of these people don’t feel sure whether what is being taught about religion is all true, so, they are believers but with some doubt in their mind and heart. You can talk to this group of people but they are not much help, if you want to find or formulate any new ideas.
We have also noted that right in the middle there is this large group of people, which believe in God and religions only up to a certain point, these people usually would like to know more and ask all sorts of questions, in the hope that they could find their way how to return to religion fully one day, as they seem to feel that religion is still important to them in many ways; sometimes these people seem to want to follow religion just to have a sense of belonging to a group, as they like to have friends and religion gives this religious link to them that helps to have some friends.
Then there is at the extreme end of this middle group those who believe very little in religion as it is today, so, they are asking too many questions themselves about religions, they are agnostic as they believe and at the same time don’t believe in God and religions, one does not know what to do with this group, and yet they are the most interesting ones, just because they would like to know more. That is all there is in this middle group.
And then, there is this last group of people, which today I would call the danger group for religious beliefs, they are the atheist, they don’t believe in God and religions, so, for them it would be better if religions did not exist. They are usually very intelligent people and have a good job, so for them there are no worries in life, therefore, they don’t see the need of God and religion to help them with their lives, just because they don’t need God and religions, as they feel secure within themselves; this well to do group starts putting forwards all sort of stories in order to blame religion for some of the bad things religions have done in the past, and also today religious extremist that kill in the name or their God. (Anyhow, today I don’t want to talk about the religious extremist, because this would change my main view of how I see religions;) so, I am saying that these people don’t see that mankind have only to blame themselves, because no real religion tells its believers to directly kill, or do anything else that may harm anyone.
But then, also attached to this well-educated atheist group, there are a few people that are poor uneducated people and they don’t believe in God just to protest their bad luck, as they are not happy about what the world is giving them, so, they see the need to believe only in themselves; now, because of this belief they may become the worst sort of mankind, because they don’t have any respect for humanity, and also they don’t have a God or religion or any other sort of inbuilt restrain within them. I could say more about this group but I think it is better that I stop here and see what you think about it all.
Having said all this, now I only would like to add what I have learned from all this enquiries; and I want you to remember how I see religion now, as this may well be important from now on, if we are going to talk about religious issues, because I believe that religions are important to keep, it may not be a universal human belief, as we have seen in the example of the atheists; but God and religions are still needed today for those people that are unfortunate, as they feel within their heart that they need God to protect or help them. For this reason, God and religions are needed, because; God and religion is hope for those who need hope most.
So, remember that;
Religion and God is hope for those who need hope most.
I said, very well said Mark, and so did Gino at the same time.
Comments on Mark speech
My comment on Mark religious’ speech
Now, let me see if I got it right, so let me say something about what you have just said Mark; and then of course I am going to say how I see religious issues today:
Looking at what you have just said, we agree with you about this erratic people behaviour, so, when we take it into consideration, it seems to me that overall today people are not so sure about religions anymore, we could say that they are not as sure as they were in the past, therefore as we can see today religions are not as powerful as they were in the past, because people just don’t believe just everything religious leaders tell them; therefore, they want to know and understand religions for themselves, so they start thinking and ask themselves what are religions for? Because of this trend there are many who doubts about the value of religious beliefs altogether, so, they are splitting up in smaller groups and everybody tries to be with their own mates so to speak.
Because of this religious movement there are some extremist groups like the atheists as Mark has pointed out that do not believe in God at all; this group would like to see that God and religions disappear from the face of the earth altogether, because of their non-beliefs in God. I have to say that these atheists may even succeed one day in bringing religions down, if the rest of the world doesn’t do anything to stop this movement of bringing down religions. If that is the case, what the good citizens of the world should do to restore a balance that would prevent this event happening, one may ask?
Well we need to do something, because there are reasons to believe that it would result in a great religious chaos, if we let the atheists have their ways; for these reasons I believe that the world cannot afford to suddenly stop believing in God and religions and follow the atheist’s views. For this reason, I suppose we should think about something that could help everybody in this community continue with their religious beliefs, after all religions are still important enough even today, because as Mark said; Religion and God is hope for those who need hope most.
Perhaps we should look at the reasons why these atheists are what they are today; we can only assume that religions as they are thought today don’t make sense to most of them anymore, because most times religions really don’t make sense even to us; but religious leaders still want people to believe what they believe or what they want you to believe even when it cannot be explained by common sense, as they would like to continue with religions just the way they are, so that, they would be able to control the public through religious beliefs.
So, one has reason to believe that this religious leaders attitude is perhaps part of the reason why people are moving away from religions. Having said that, this question now arises; if we want this movement to stop happening to religions what can we do about it?
Well, what we can do is hard to say, but we have to look closely and then decide what could be done. Personally speaking for myself, I believe that we should review the ways that religions are thought today, we need to see what the future generations would like to see in religions and what they would like to change in order to still believe in religions. Perhaps the best way is to go over existing religious beliefs to see whether they could mean something else, or they have a double meaning and choose the meaning that would not drive people away from religions. What I have just said is one of the reasons that we would like to sort out in the future while we continue to write these religious writings.
Then I turned to Gino, and said: Now that we have heard what Mark had to say and you have also heard my views on it, what do you think of our speeches? And what have you found out for yourself? You can say what you want now it is your turn to speak.
Gino's comment
These are Gino's comments
Let me talk about Mark speech first: I have to say that Mark and I agree on most of these religious issues, so there is no point in repeating them, I only would like to say a bit more about the last group of people who we call the atheists, as they need to be noted about their ways of thinking and speeches, I would say that any religious believer should avoid talking to any of them about religious matters, because soon or later those atheists are inclined to ridicule the religious beliefs of the believers, and because, they are usually good intelligent people, it is hard for any average religious people to defend themselves from this group.
They attack believers usually by asking proof of the existence of God or any religious matter, so Mark is right when he calls them the danger group of religious beliefs. We really need to think hard how to defend ourselves from this group, if we want to save religions and keep religions as close as they are today. Let me show you a few examples about what they usually talk about to get the believers off guard.
You believers say that God is Omnipotent, now if God is omnipotent then god should be capable to do anything at all no matter how difficult the task is.
Now, there are many things in the world that need to be fixed, why your god does not fix them? For these reasons we say that your God most likely does not exist at all; and/or he exists He is definitely not omnipotent, or he is not willing to fix anything, so your god is not your fatherly benevolent god that you say he is. Therefore, your religious beliefs are flawed and you would be better off if you don’t believe in your God.
We say and believe that we are right to assume that there is no God and religions are there only to control people, now since religions fight with each other’s, it would have been better if religions did not exist at all. Do you see what we atheist mean?
This sort of reasoning goes on with many god’s attributes and they challenge the believers to give proof of the existence of God and its attributes. So it is hard for any believers to give proof of God and its attributes. How can any believers give proof about God?
And god omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and many other God attributes?
This is how the atheists attack any believers with this sort of reasoning; they do that because for the atheists God and religion would be better if they did not exist. What can be done to change their attitude is hard to say. But then if nothing is done it can result in more harm to the community, because they will slowly make the believer deny their God. If that happens, then whatever religious guidance and restrains that religions have on the average believer will be lost, so, the world will be worse off, because of this denial of the existence of God and religions.
Now, let me see what I can say about what you just said Frank, I can see that you are trying to find a possible solution, but what sort of solution you do not know yet, it is just as I was saying it is hard to know what can be done; I have to say that there are times when I think that today’s religions are missing the point, they don’t know how to keep the people believing what they have always believed; because times are changing, but religions are not changing at all, as they fail to see the need to change.
Therefore, I understand you Frank when you say that something needs to be done, and I say also that perhaps it is time to do something about it and find a way around it. Looking at what has been said, I see something that perhaps can be done, so, may I suggest that we start to read the Bible bit by bit and comment among ourselves how many interpretations can we give to that part of the Bible, it might turn out that there are interpretations that can apply to these modern time.
I hope I have explained myself clear enough in this difficult religious task.
Your speech is clear enough for me I said; then I turned to Mark and asked: what do you think of Gino speech mark? His speech is very clear for me too; in facts it is just about what I would have liked to say myself. But now, where do we go from here I don’t Know?
I suppose I need to say something myself now about what we have talked about; what I see here is the need to review what is written in the Bible, and also think hard if what has been written in the Bible had the right meaning at the time it was written the first time, but today it may not apply and therefore we may need to adjust things, as the needs of the day suggest.
Frank's comment
Mark and Gino, now that we have talked about many religious issues in these religious discussions, and what you have found for yourself while talking to the people on these religious subject, what religious people think and what atheist think, I hope that you may have changed your previous opinion, and therefore, now you might be thinking more like me; which is that something needs to be done to help religions find a way of peaceful existence, if peaceful existence can ever be found.
But at the same time, we have to agree that to achieve complete peaceful existence is not easy the way religions are today, therefore, I believe and I hope also that you agree with me that religions need to be reviewed and brought in line with the present times, which embrace many changes in all sorts of issues. Having said that, I have to say that at this present time nobody wants to listen to our religious approach, so there is not much that we can do presently; but one can always start thinking about the possibilities, if one day something could be done to solve this religious problem for good.
I believe that, the only way that this could be achieved is to come up with a religious theory, which allows the existence of all religions as they are today; but at the same time finds a way and be able to show it clearly to the people that all religions are one link of the same religious chain, which links religions together, at the highest spiritual point; if we are able to do that, then it might be possible to do something about it. I know this is not as simple as it sounds, but if we keep looking for it we will find the way to show people that.
While searching the Internet, I have found that there was a philosopher called, Baruch Spinoza, 1632-1677 who believed that it is more likely that God may not be just the way that religions want you to believe nowadays; but it could be that God was more like Mother Nature therefore it is more likely that we all are part of God and God is everything or at least every living thing in existence.
So, let us see what this sort of reasoning takes us; Let us assume that God could not be exactly how we have been thought god is like today; then it may well be that God is more like what Spinoza believed god was like, this may very well be the link that we need to find in order to link all existing religions together.
Therefore, if we think a bit like Spinoza and add to the knowledge which we have today, we might be able to describe a god which could co-exist with all religions together.
So, let us put out minds together and see if we can describe this God for all; which we could call God-Most-High. Mark and Gino, what do you think of my idea?
My friends Mark and Gino said; well, it seems a bit strange to us, but your idea is an idea and it might even work somehow, so, let us try to make a list of how this god-most-high could be; just to see if we are able to find a way to Spinoza thinking about, what is God?
Very well I said; you see, a while ago I was thinking this same thing, so I have already written something about, what is God? So, I am going to show you soon what I wrote:
Looking at the many things that we have discussed in this article, I think that we have said enough already in this hub, but we will continue with these same religious discussions in next hub called, God and the atheist; see you there.
May God help us find the right religious way? For this reason, I will be praying God to help me with this prayer:
Almighty Father, I am praying you with all my heart, my soul and my mind hoping that in your mercy you would guide and help me, Father hear my prayer, amen. 
May God bless us all?

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