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God is crying 86

God is crying
I am Crying
Welcome to our page (86) God is crying
God is crying because the world make war and kill each other, but that is not all they use God's name in vane, when they say that they kill in God's name 

God is crying to see all these violent deeds.

God is crying; and I am Crying too

Yes, God is crying and I am crying too, yes dear readers I am crying because of the horrible things that happen in the world today, and those that carry out these horrible deeds want us to believe that their God wants them to carry out such horrible deeds, they even try to make us believe that they do it in their God’s name.
Before today I never thought that I would write this sort of article in my religious writings of Hub-Page, because I wanted to keep them strictly religious; but today happenings have forced me to change my attitude, so I am writing this article here, just because it seems to me that what is happening is partly religious; now because it is partly religious, religion itself may be able to influence the outcome, and perhaps those religious leader that are close to those that carry out these deeds may be able to help, they may help by showing those people that what they are doing is religiously wrong, and therefore should tell them to stop killing, or at least to stop using religion as an excuse to kill, because there are no religions that tell you to kill, because life is precious in God’s eyes.
I believe that I am a religious man and I believe in God, my God is a God of love and he loves all living things because he has given life to every living thing. Here I may have to add that I believe that I am a seer because, I seem to be able to see lots of things that other people seem to ignore completely; so in my religious writings of “Reconciliation of the Universe” I am describing how God of the universe is the future link of all existing religions, because all Gods are linked together, as the spiritual life forces of the entire universe; all those things that I am writing in my religious writings have been written to help solve the religious problems of today; but today suddenly I have been shocked for the second time, just by saying what is really happening to these American journalist, so in my views as a seer I feel that even God is crying.
God is crying
Yes dear readers, God of the universe today 3 September 2014 is crying; my God of the universe is crying because innocent people are being slaughtered from some people that want the rest of the world believe that they are doing this slaughtering in God’s name, but how far off from the truth they are is incredible, because if God created us or helped Mother Nature creating us, then no God wants to kill his own creation, especially if this is done using his own God name. But let us see what these barbaric people have done for the second time lately.
Here under is one of the links about this terrible news

Wall Street Journal

The rest of the world would like to believe that if there is really a God, then this God should stop the killing on the spot, he should kill that bloke that is about to do this terrible deed there and then, or God should strike and paralyse that hand that is about to kill, so that they will know and the rest of the world will know that there is a God and this is not God’s will. But God usually elects not to take part in these senseless human deeds, at least he does not want to come down this low and intervene, as God is above all this and he is waiting for us human to reach the age of reason, but within his own mind God is crying.
These people that do these barbaric killing openly and shout about how great they are in doing this in their God’s name, I believe that they are pulling down their God Allah to the level of being a murder.
Is this when one could say that they have used the name of God in vain by misusing God name, the third commandment says:
You shell not take the name of your God in vain. I believe that the third commandment as written in the Bible applies to the Muslims too, because their Koran derives from the Bible, I know it does derive from the Bible, because the translated version of the Koran that I have read says that, since when God speaks in the Koran He says, I am the God of Abraham and of Moses etc.
There are lots of things that one could say about these murderous people, but I believe that we have to let their own religious friends and religious leaders be their judges, the rest of us all we could do is to pray God our Father to make them see that what they are doing is wrong.
I will have to come back another time to continue this article, at the same time we will see what will happen next. I hope that God will guide us in a peaceful way, so I am praying God to stop all this senseless slaughtering of innocent people. May God hear my prayer?
Shocked and disgusted
Dear readers, what I am going to write here-under might seem to some of you that it is a different problem altogether, but if you think about it, it is not so, because what causes this sort of behaviour in these people are the same issues, they think that they are being ripped off from the rest of the world, ‘namely the western world’, when they are not and if there is anything at all, it has got to do more with what they imagine is right than the reality of the facts overall. So the issue above and this issue that I am writing here run in a parallel way, as they both come from mistrust of the western world.
Therefore, what I have written above must be only part of the general problem that the world faces today, because this sort of mistrust is more widespread than what we would like to admit and the evidence is widespread. So, let me point this out to you, you see, while I was trying to find out more news on the Internet about what is going on in the Middle East and about this war in Iraq; I was shocked to find something written so disgusting, I believe that whoever wrote this article is a compete fanatic that thinks that they are being robed, when nobody is robbing them see below what he wrote against the Italian, he must be living in fantasy land for saying that; here I quote just the way the article was written.
(PAY THEM YOU FILTHY ITALIAN THIEF! Your politicians should be put on a trial for inflicting a war and your entire government made up to pay an economic compensation in the billions to LIBYA! Me, who I am at the other side of the world know how brutal you've been to those poor people and want us to believe your falsehood and hypocrisy! Fascist swine PAY! PAY! PAY PAY PAY!) End of the quote.
To see the way that this bloke is going on is shocking, as it makes me believe that in Africa and the Islamic world, everybody thinks that the west is robbing them, just because they want to see the western world that way. They see the western world as being rich when they are not, they might be just a bit better off than they are, just because they are more organized and try to live in a peaceful way, but that is all, they are not rich, the population in the western world are only able to live a modest life.
Because of this misunderstanding of the real situation, and dreaming of an easier life in the west, today people from Africa and other nations that think only about wars and how to rob each other, for this reason they are forcing their citizen to run away from their countries, and they run to Italy and other western nations for a better life, this in coming of illegal emigration is putting a very great strain on their modest resources, but because they try hard to live as civilized people live, they do their best to feed the illegal emigrants, instead of throwing them back to where they come from, and this guy thinks that Italy should pay them, when to the contrary it is them that owe Italy lots of money for feeding their citizens.
Wake up to the truth and start organizing yourself to give a better life to your own citizen, so that they don’t need to run away from their native country. You should be able to change what needs to be changed, if you put your mind to it; therefore instead of blaming somebody else with your short comings, and making wars to them to rip them off, as you do when you go out and take people as hostages, and then ask lots of money to free their hostages, and the money that you would get from the hostages will be used to make wars against them; this behaviour is worst than organized criminal, that is all one could say about it.
Anyhow, let us say what could be done to improve the situation, so that their people don’t need to leave their native countries; instead of blaming the others and making wars to them, you need to try to get organized how to give your own citizen a better life, if you do that then there are no more wars are needed, and your own citizen will be happy to stay where they are. Here under I will try to work out the reasons why this happens.
May God open our eyes to the truth?
What is the cause?
Yes indeed, we would like to find the primary cause that makes these people so violent, as we have seen from what I have written above, because there must be a fundamental cause, you see we all live on this planet earth and we all have the same opportunities to live a good life, it is up to us as individuals and also as communities to find the way to prosperity.
Prosperity can only be achieved when people produce useful things, and when people are able to work in a peaceful way and produce what is needed for the community to live in peaceful way, then everybody benefits from it and people are happy to live their lives wherever they happen to be in their native countries.
Wars are the main problem that stops any hope for prosperity, because it can only cause poverty since it destroys everything around; but the warlords that wage war don’t see it that way, they only think of ripping somebody else off, so that they can have more than the other guys on the losing side, they don’t see that what has been destroyed impoverish the entire community.
But these wars have their causes why they happen, so we are forced to look deeper in our human nature, in the hope of finding what the real reasons are that makes us behave in such a terrible way that makes us wage war, when it would have been better for us to work and produce peaceful items, and whatever is needed for our community.
In order to understand what is really happening in the world, we should look at those people who are better off today, and what these people do to achieve that standard of living, then we should look at those people that are not happy with what they do and the reasons why they are not able to do the same as those people that are better off. In this case as we have seen above, we have already named the two main parties that we need to look at. The western world and the Middle East, we need to see those things that are different, and then from there we would suggest what would be the best way to go about, perhaps we should seek a solution about how to improve those people that feel left behind, perhaps it is not enough to say to them, get organized to give your own people a better chance for a peaceful life; so, we should look for a solution whatever that solution could be, so let us see, what could be the solution.
What could be the solution?
To find this solution, first of all one has to see what are the ways of life that these people live. We know for a fact that the western world people have got a lot more individual freedom, for this reason they are able to produce more individually; also in the western world anyone can learn whatever one is able to learn, as there is no barrier to stop them, the government allows it and also all western religions allow individual to learn whatever they want to learn, as long as they can afford to study.
Because of this freedom people become more organized for their own good, but at the same time they are responsible about their own deeds; this set-up seems to work well, so they seem to be a bit better off than the Middle Eastern people.
This same freedom does not seem to happen in the Middle East; as least from this side of the world we seem to see that people are strictly controlled from their religions, their religion wants people to follow their religious teaching strictly, and when people are kept ignorant it is easier for the religious leaders to guide them the way they want.
Look I might be wrong, but this is the great difference that I can see from this side of the western world. I can also see that most religious leader don’t want to admit that their religions are failing the people, because religions are supposed to guide the people in a peaceful way, but today they fail to do that.
Therefore if what we see from here is what does stop the Middle Eastern people to be as good as the western people, then their religion needs to change, and more freedom should be allowed to individuals, so that people start to think for themselves, and for this reason they will be able to add their own ideas and be able to produce more, for the benefit of their community.
Now don’t be alarmed and think that I am against their religion because I am not, you see this is my religious site, and here in my religious articles I have already tried to suggest to the western world to change their religious ways, and now I am extending it to the Middle Eastern world.
I believe in God and religion my own way, and I am writing about my idealistic God of the universe. My idealistic God of the universe is a spiritual loving God, it does not punish anyone, and he does not need to, because whoever moves away from him would be in a disadvantage position, since God would not be able to help them any-more. Well that is about what my idealistic God of the universe is like, and I am going to write next hub about how I believe my God is.
Now while I was about to finish this article another terrible news has come again, and I start to believe that the devil himself has taken possession of our planet earth, so I am going to say a few more things here under.
The antichrist is here
As these horrible things happen in the Middle East, and those devils that call themselves the Islamic State keep executing innocent people, just because they are not on their side; one needs to ask oneself whether the end of the world is near, and the apocalypse is going really to happen soon, and therefore the third world war is beginning, because the devil is now on our planet earth and enjoys to kill innocent people.
What I have just said above is not really an exaggeration of what is happening, because what is happening has got the potential to polarize the entire Islamic religions against the Christian religions and the rest of the world.
As a westerner I believe that our religious Christian leader are trying to warn the world of this danger, and at the same time they are praying God almighty and any other divinity to help to keep peace on earth, but whether it is going to be enough to avoid this new war we don’t know. As we know the pope head of the Roman Catholic Church has already warned most nations that the world is in danger from this new war, perhaps he knows something that the rest of us don’t see coming; but there is more as we know this pope and also the previous popes have tried to extent their goodwill to the Muslim community calling them brothers and waiting for them to accept their goodwill in a more formal way.
As a religious writer my beliefs are that Allah the God of the Muslim is just as good and just as Yahweh the God of the Christian religions after all they can be one and the same thing but are known under different names. But even here the world has something to learn, these two Gods names are very old names and they are attached to their very old ways of dealing with people, the people in the past were very violent, so they needed a very strong and even violent God to control them that is why they were made that way.
Just to say my own personal views, I hope that the good Islamic leaders will see this danger and they will come together and deal with this devilish group of devilish people, so that a real conflict could be avoided. If they don’t find in their heart that they can really stop this conflict by reasoning or by force, then they should let know the where-about of these devilish group and its leaders to the western world, so that they would be able to deal with them and kill them in self defence.
Now here I cannot say much, as I want to finish this article; I can only say that my idealistic God of the universe is crying, because humanity is using his name in vain. Remember this, if there is really a God at all, this God would like the population to adore Him, and if he can influence anything from far away he would, just because the people have adored him. That is all folks, and remembers that my God of the universe is crying.
May God bless us all?

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