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Friday, November 8, 2013

Humanity and religions

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe, for this reason no living thing can exist without God life force.
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The big bang theory is a theory that assumes that a very long time ago there was a big explosion in the universe and from this big bang the universe was formed, it was spontaneous, so there was no need of a creator like God?

Mankind has always needed gods, most religions explain their gods in a way or another; but the greatest God that we know today is the god of the Israelite as in the Bible, that Moses met on Mount Sinai in the form of burning bush.


As we have seen in our previous article, where Stephen Hawking, physicist argues in a new book; God did not create the universe and the "Big Bang" was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics. Here we may have to give Stephen Hawking that it is possible what he is saying is right, but we the people may argue otherwise, because we have always needed God and we will continue to search for God evidence. Anyhow in this article of, humanity and religions, what we are writing in here are also studies of religions, so while we are writing and discussing we learn a bit more about mankind and the need they have for religions? Which we are going to put forward our views here in the following way:
Since the beginning of recorded time mankind seems to have had this need to believe in a deity, so they have had many problems to find the right religion for themselves; you see, firstly they had to find the right God for themselves and then to follow their God’s ways, it has been so even if somehow they had invented everything themselves. Why mankind needs a God you may ask? Well, let us explain this to you the way that we see it; you see, we believe that, “Man needs God” so that they may turn for help from God if and when they need help; and at the same time, if there is a real God, God needs man also, otherwise what is a god good for if there are no believers? Therefore it is a fair exchange and both benefit from this exchange, that is why God and religions need to be the way they are today, or at least we have to try to keep them as close as possible as they are, even if we have to make some changes just to keep religions in touch with the ever changing needs of mankind.
Now that we have stated that we need some religious changes, we know that these changes bring with them some doubts to the believer; therefore, let us say something to our readers to make them understand that they don’t need to worry, because what might going to change is not much, as we are explaining once more with this article below, for my readers’ peace of mind.
Written for our readers’ peace of mind
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation and also Reconciliation if the Universe writings fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that they would not be able to fight each other any longer in the future on religious grounds; Reconciliation of the Universe is the theory that might be able to achieve just that.


We will have to set the stage for the entire world to see.
And whoever will read these writings might have to agree,
That here we are trying to find a way to God for all humanity;
In order to stay in touch with God-life-force for eternity
So, I am praying God's heavenly angels to help me.
Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that you would send an heavenly angel to guide and help me, or let the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth guide and help me; So that, I would be able to write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will and in such a way that humanity may accept them and use them for the future benefit of mankind. Father, hear my prayer and help me! Amen.
Humanity needs to review religions
As we have said many times and here above, we seem to argue too many times about religions, whether there is a god or not that created the universe, and many other things for that matter? We just have to look at everyday news to find something that shows religions in a bad way? Therefore, this state of religious things as they are cannot go on forever just the way they are today, it becomes obvious by just following the news that mankind is using religions to find ways to use them for their own advantage and that is not good for anyone and even worse for religions.
So, in these religious writings here, we have to try to explain what is our point of view nowadays about God and religion, and also why we find it hard to be good souls in God’s eyes and follow God’s ways; and finally suggest what could be the best way for us to find our way back to the true existing living God. Here we might have to ask; what is the right way that will take us to to accept a new world religious reconciliation?
Today, as we have seen from the previous hubs that we have written, God as we have known for thousands of years is being attacked from learned people, so, it is only a matter of time before God and religions will need to change in order to survive. I know that this is the hardest thing to do for religions, because religions are just beliefs and beliefs cannot change easily, if beliefs would change easily then those beliefs that you have believed in for so long are worth nothing.
So, what can we do one may ask?
Answer; we may have to find a way about how we can link this present days religions to the future religions, which would be so constructed that they would be able to bridge past, present and future religions, you may think that this is outrageous and we have lost our minds to suggest it; but if you know about old religious beliefs and their history, then you will see that what we are suggesting here is not out of place, because religions have always slowly changed, so there is nothing to be worried about.
What can we do then you may ask?
Well, perhaps the question would have been more to the point if we would have asked. What sort of God or religion can achieve all that?
We will answer that in our next post; see you then.  
Man needs God
Humanity and religions
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