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Religious explain 19

Religious explanations
Sometimes people feel like as if they have been called to do something. So they do whatever they thing is right to do. 

Religious explanations
Welcome to prayers for reconciliation article (19), Religious explanations 
May God help and guide me to write these religious writings explanations article?
Dear readers, as you can see, we are still continuing to write our prayers for reconciliation articles, because I believe that I have to write them. So, let me try to explain this religious situation that I believe we have here, because I would like to explain what we would like to say here, you see, during my life I have become aware that I have been able to see some problems in religious circles that other people did not seem to be aware of, so I started thinking that I might have to do something about it, therefore I have been thinking what I could be able to do to solve some of these religious problems. Now, beside believing of being able to see these religious things better than somebody else, I believe that I might be able to suggest some solutions as well. This wanting to do something about it has happened to me because during my life I have experienced a few personal things that have made me believe that I have been called to write these religious things, well that is how I feel like most times while I am writing these articles.
But I have to say that it is not that simple to write these articles even when I feel driven from an inner force to write these religious writings, so in a way I have been caught in doing what I am doing, because I believe that I have to do it; but at the same time it turns out to be a big ask to do what I would like to do in these religious writings, therefore sometimes I have my own doubts and I feel like asking myself why I am doing this, Because I cannot see any earthly gains in doing it; for this reason I believe that you might be asking yourself as well the same thing; why I have made up my mind to write these religious writings, if there are times when I doubt whether I am doing the right thing? And therefore, why I have made this hard promise to myself and to God to write them? Why I am writing and wanting to write my religious writings anyhow? Especially that for me personally would be very hard to write them specially if I start doubting, and also because I am not a trained writer, and religion is a very hard subject to write or explain even when a good writer writes it. You see, first of all you need to believe in those religious things that you want to say, and then, you should be able to write them clear enough for you readers to understand you.
Therefore, it is not easy at all to write them; but you see if you were to feel that you have been called to write these religious writings, then, you would have to write them anyhow no matter how hard it would be for you to do it. So, this is the way that I am feeling right now while I am writing here; You see I feel that I have been called to write my religious beliefs for many reasons, and many indeed are the reasons for which I am writing them, as you will see and understand if you read all our religious writings, and of course one of the reasons is that supernatural event, as I said in my last hub, you can find this event at this Hub Pages link if you want to check it out; Pre Reconciliation of the Universe 58
Of course there are many other reasons and subject to explain, apart for what I have just written above, there are also other extra personal reasons which have driven me to write these religious writings, and these reasons I am going to write down and explain them to you as soon as I find the right spot in my religious writings, or they may become self-explained as I keep writing them.
But at the moment, the most important reason for me wanting to write is that I feel it from within my soul that I have to write these religious writings, otherwise my soul tells me that I would not be doing what I have come to do on this planet earth. Therefore, I feel that if I don’t write my religious beliefs now; I have lived my earthly life accomplishing nothing worthwhile: Not only my soul is telling me to write my beliefs as a human being, but also because lately I have had a supernatural experience, as I have said above which has given me personal proof that what we call the unseen spiritual world exists, and also of the existence of angels and other heavenly things, and from this supernatural experience I know that my writings have been noted from heaven above so to speak, because this angel has greeted me as the author of Reconciliation of the Universe, which is the theory that I am going to write in these religious writings, and it would be written in such a way, that it would make it easier to changes religious beliefs in the future.
I will write about this supernatural experience at the beginning of that part of these religious writings called, Reconciliation of the Universe, as this would be the best way for our readers to understand the meaning of my experience. (And there I will also write a chapter where I am asking myself this question: Who are these angels?) I know that now you are thinking that I must be crazy, because I have seen this vision where I was greeted as the writer of Reconciliation of the Universe; but so what, for me this vision about extra-terrestrial was real, even if sometimes I may start thinking that it might have been only a vivid dream and nothing else than a dream. But now let me continue to talk about our religious doubts that I have, because I can see some problems ahead. 
Our religious doubts,
Dear reader whoever you might be, before we can go on writing our Religious conciliatory explanation, I need to say a prayer to God most High, asking God to help me in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, since our Lord Jesus Christ is the link that links us earthlings to God our Spiritual Father; I need to pray so that I may be able to prepare myself mentally and spiritually for these religious explanations that I am writing here, because I believe that what I would like to do cannot be done easily, since the way I see it there would be some religious changes. Now in order to change anything at all from the present and accepted religious ways, one needs to pray God for help and guidance, because it is already a hard to do all by yourself and you don’t want to do anything against God’s will. Because there is the possibility that one makes mistakes, and therefore not only the public will not like you, but even God may not accept your new religious ways, after all it is worth to note that God seems to like a lot when people just worship him, even if sometimes they might be doing the wrong things, worship is what counts most in God’s eyes, at least this is how I am lead to believe these days.
Dear readers you see, after writing so much about religious issues today again I have my doubts and I am asking myself; what should one do if one has a sort of a new religious belief like I do and wants to express it to the public? Which way one should go about? Do you think it is a good idea to pray God first before you try to say anything or suggest changing anything? I hope you see what I mean, because this is what I am going to do just now. I am going to pray God, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the hope that God helps me to overcome my doubts.
My prayer of reconciliation and acceptance to God
My Lord God, with my doubts and concerns in my mind, I come to you praying God-Most-High master and eternal life giver of the universe, I am praying thee for forgiveness of my sins, reconciliation, cleansing, guidance and blessing.
Father, I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, and that you would make me spiritually clean of any impurities that may affect my soul; and thus, I would become worthy to pray to you and my prayers of forgiveness and reconciliation would be heard and accepted.
I am praying in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the hope that I would receive your forgiveness, reconciliation cleansing, guidance and blessing, and after receiving them, let me be your humble servant.
Father, hear my prayer forgive me my sins and bless me; so that I can live in harmony with thy spiritual eternal benevolent life-force energies of the universe, and then be able to write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will; Amen.
Now that I have prayed God to help me to write my religious writing I feel that I can write them with the feeling that God would accept them.
But before I write what I have to write, I need to say a few words to those religious readers that worry too much about any change that we are suggesting.
 For our reader’s peace of mind
Since we are talking about religious changes I am writing this part here for our religious reader’s peace of mind
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation writings and also Reconciliation of the Universe fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that they would not fight each other any longer in the future. Reconciliation of the Universe is the theory that might make this possible.
This is one of the reasons why we are going to write our theory of Reconciliation of the Universe.
Thinking of religions
Thinking of modern and future religions
Here we have to say that we have reasons to believe that what we are writing here could well be the beginning of the new religious world order, written for religions of the future. So, I think that we might have to call our religious writings: Modern World Religious Reconciliation; because that’s what we would like our writings to achieve. As you all know what’s happening in the religious world nowadays is shocking, as some religious leaders twist their religious meanings and instead of preaching peace they preach war, in such a way that their own follower and believers believe that they are indeed peaceful people and it is the will of God that they are doing violent things against other people and other religions as well; so, for them even killing in the name of their God is the right thing to do.  
I wonder how they could be so stupid to believe that to kill other people that are not following their own religions is the right thing to do, and also, if their God says that it is right to kill other people, then what sort of God is this; to me this God seems that he would be the devil himself and not a God at all.
Now, because of these happenings, we believe that something needs to be done to show their mistakes and neutralize what they are doing if possible; well at least that is the way how we see it and we are going to try by modifying their beliefs, if we can. You see, here I am trying to do something myself, by sowing the seed for a new way of religious beliefs. Here I am thinking that for us to be able to do that we might need to review the meanings in the Bible for a start, because the Bible is the most influential religious book in the western world, it is also the book that has inspired most religions and parts of the Koran, therefore, if we are able to modify the Bible meanings also the Koran meanings would become modified by default, we hope that this modification would help to stop the killing that these cruel killer carry out in the name of their God, which can be only a lie.
Therefore, as we have said, this is another of the main reasons for us to write our religious views. Of course there are other reasons also, one of these reasons might be that there are too many religions in the world, even though they may be similar they are somehow different to one another, so, their leaders tend to argue with one another, in the hope that they can impose their point of view of their own religious beliefs on the others; this makes religion itself look bad. So, in our religious writings by moving everything one step high and linking them together at the top, we hope to find the way how to neutralize them, since in our new ways God is the central life force of the universe, and this will become the link capable to link every existing religion together.
I feel that I have to write this as it is my duty as a human being, in the hope that by suggesting this new way, the present religious situation could be improved, and I am sure that from now on we (all the peaceful people of planet earth) will try to find a way together for world religious reconciliation: And my personal way that I am suggesting here is written in this book that I am writing, which will include also the theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, which could be the new way of seeing God and religions.
So, I am going to write my religious writings as my soul guides me, and also because of the sign that I have seen and also because of what has happened to me and my family, which sometimes makes me think that those things have happened for a reason, and therefore these happenings have driven me to write these religious writings.
Now, because of my religious beliefs, what I am writings here is being written as my personal prayer to God Most High, in the hope that God-Most-high hears my prayer and helps me with my personal requests as well, and also helps me somehow write my religious theory, so that it might be accepted by all religious leaders in the future, if that happens then God has answered my prayer for my personal needs and also accepted that I write these religious writing accordingly.
I believe that I have said enough in this article, so, see you soon with our next hub that we are going to call, Prayers and discussions.
May God bless us all?

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