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Sunday, April 20, 2014

More religious discussions

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There are many religions in the entire world, and everyone of them seem to do their job, when they are applied as they are supposed to be applied, but with some of them it is very easy to do the wrong things?

Religious discussions two

This religious article is being written to continue our discussions on all sorts of religious issues, as it is necessary to widen our base, therefore we are going to bring other people to discuss some of those issues because we believe that a group discussion may be helpful to understand what people may think about religions.
As you know dear readers, in our last article we have outlined a few things about the need to discuss the religions problems that exist today, therefore, I have invited a few religious friends to have a friendly chat or discussions about these religious issues.
So, let these discussions begin by informing our friends what we would like to talk about today.
My personal introduction
My dear friends at this meeting today I have something to tell you, you see, it looks like that I need your help, so let me briefly explain. As you all know already I am writing these religious articles and because the matter is so complex I would like to ask your opinion, because opinions count and what you are going to say could help me. You see I see problems ahead with today religious beliefs, so, I wish I could come up with a solution to today’s religious problems. Some of you might say why you have to worry about these public problems? I know you are right to say that, but somehow I am being driven by my inner self to do this, so, it is not easy to just forget about it. Anyhow, what I would like here is to discuss with you these problems and see if we could come up with a solution, or perhaps a suggestion about which way to go, so the knowledge or beliefs of each and every one of you could be very useful to say the least, this is the main reason why I have invited you to come together at my place, apart that we enjoy to stay together and talk about anything at all.
Anyhow, now that we are here I invite you to discuss our religious beliefs and I ask you not to hold back on anything that comes to your mind, because you and I are here to find and perhaps suggest new ways of dealing with this very old religious problem, as you can see in our last article if you follow our religious writings we have said that we are trying to come up with a way on how to discuss religious issues without upsetting very religious people, therefore we need to do it in such a way that would not upset religious people.
Now, I would like to ask you to have your say, if you would like to take part in this undertaking and talk about all existing religions and what they mean to you? Therefore I would be asking you in turn to have your say if you are taking part in these religious discussions. I know some of you don’t know what to say today, but perhaps later on you want to say what could be on your mind.
Anyhow today to begin with I have already asked my dear friend Mark to have something ready to say to you all, so that these religious discussions may really begin. So, Mark please let we hear what you have to say?

Mark religious speech

Mark opening speech
Dear friends, I don’t really know how to start with, but first of all I need to say that I feel honoured to be the first to be invited to speak to you about religions.
So, today we are going to speak about all sorts of religions and what we think about them, here I have to say that with so many religions around it is hard to start in any way; and also, here I have to say that although I know a bit about religions from some reading I have done a while ago, I have reason to believe that I don’t know enough to positively assure you that what I am going to say next is right or not, it is just the way I see religions, and you have to accept it as it is, because as it is, it is just a way of how I see religions today, perhaps tomorrow I may have to change my views and beliefs, who knows?
In order to start my religious speech I have chosen only a few of the main religions that I am going to talk about; but first of all I have to say that religions for us humans are necessary, as we feel this in-borne need to belong to some sort of religions, because we have always felt the need to believe in God and something supernatural that would or could help us when we feel unable to cope with something that is or seems to be stronger than ourselves.
Having said that, now let us see how some of the main religions have set themselves up, in order to achieve that and be able to explain to their people their religious beliefs. Anyhow in my speech here I am going to be brief and therefore I am only talking about the main beliefs and from where they seem to have started. As we all know, or perhaps I should say that we all should know that the most important two religions of the world today are: The religions that come from the Bible and Hinduism, which have split and evolved to other religions, of course there are other religions but we could say that they are a minority, and there are of course the old pagan religions that are not used anymore, since Christianity was able to replace them fully.
Now, let us start with Hinduism 

The Laws of Manu is a Hindu religious book where the great sage Manu is being asked from other sages, and here is described most of the religious facts. 

I am starting with the Hindus religions just because it is believed that they are the first to be written in a text, or bits and pieces of writings that later on would become a written text.
One of these books that I have read is, The Laws of Manu: The Laws of Manu explained in a nutshell that an ever existing force or energies has always existed, in the great darkness that existed before the world was born; this Self existing force or energy called (Svayambhu or something like that.) These existing energies were so complex that they were/are unknowable and unfathomable, anyhow this field or force of energy in the beginning seeded an egg and this egg became Brahman the progenitor of the whole world, Brahman split in two and created the world as we know it. Of course there is a lot more to this great Indus religion, specially how the people and the different cast were born, and we will come back to discuss it another day, but this is somehow how the Hinduism was started.
As I said in the beginning we will be talking only about the very main parts of religions in a nutshell, because every religion has a never ending story to tell, and also Hinduism is a very complex religion; for instance, if we want to find out and write the names of those Indus religions and their gods, it would fill many pages.
Anyhow, another of these religions that came from these Indus religions is Buddhism; at the beginning it was part of this Indus religions, but Budda set it up in a more advanced way, Budda is born in a royal family in 624 BC so he is a prince, he was named Siddhartha, he was born with his own destiny, as he was going to be the one that knows everything, the enlightened one and the founder of the Buddhism.
Today one of the best known religious leaders of Buddhism is the Tibetan Dalai Lama. There is a lot more to say about this religion, but this has got to do for the moment.

 The old western religions

Paganism was the old western religions
The pagan gods as some of us would know when we learned history
Before Christianity, while in Asia Hinduism was one of the most important religions; in Europe were the pagan gods. Some people say that in the beginning of paganism, it seems that one of the oldest and most powerful gods was Saturn; this god Saturn had three sons, that one day replaced Saturn as the king of the gods: the first son of Saturn was Jupiter who became king of the gods who lived on Mount Olympus Greece, the second one was Neptune who was king of the seas, and the third was Pluto king of the underworld or the dead. There were lots of other gods, goddesses like Apollo the sun god, Mars the war god Eros and Venus the gods of love and many gods and demigods and others that filled the void of any supernatural beliefs. But I believe that it would be better for me to come back another time to talk about them? Or perhaps just we have to let them be the way they are, since these Gods have been replaced with a new and very powerful God in the western world. However let us have a quick look at them. 

Some later Olympus gods, if you look for more details how it all started use the link that we have attached in The Primordials   

However we have found a hub that is very interesting and we would like to partly say a very few things about it, and then give you the link to see for yourself: (and we quote)
The Primordials
Before there was anything, there was Chaos. Unlike the Chaos that Egyptians knew as the beginning of all things which represented disorder, the Greek concept meant a state of nothingness.
From Chaos there came Gaea, also known as Earth, Tartarus, the deepest pit within the ground, Erebus who was darkness, and Nyx, or night. These four beings were called the primordial deities.
This link above is the link for this hub called, “The Golden Age: The First Greek Deities”
We hope it works for you.
We believe that this post is becoming too long, so we will continue these religious discussions in our next post called, The western world religions, where we will be talking about the Christian religions, starting with Abraham; See you there.  

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More religious discussions
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