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The spiritual souls 90

The spiritual souls
Welcome to our hub ((6) (90)), ‘The spiritual souls’

We all have different opinions on this matter, but I believe that in order to connect to God and the spiritual world, we need to believe that we are part of it and that we are able to move from one side to the other side; it may even be just as it says in this sign show here. 

There are reasons to believe that we are human beings and spiritual beings at the same time, it is up to us to fulfil both roles. When we are here on earth, we need to think about our spiritual side and it would be helpful when we surround ourselves with spiritual things. 

The spiritual souls

May God guide and help me to say the right things in this article?
Dear readers, here again I have to say that in order to shorten as much as possible our religious writings, and at the same time try to show as much as we could the links that would exist in the universe, between God and the rest of the life forces of the universe, we are going to give our souls the value that we believe they deserve within our imaginary religious world in this article; I know that I could also say several other things that would link our religious articles in a better way overall, but sometimes it is necessary to shortcut something for easiness sake, and this is just what I am going to do here.
Therefore, let us come quickly to the point and let us assume that we all have souls and that the souls of people will influence the spiritual world that interest us most, this attitude might indeed be the right one, because if we assume that a benevolent God exists and he is the life energies that are able to give life to every living thing, then it follows that these life energies should return to God when they die; this does not mean that they will have to go to paradise or hell, it only means that they return to be part of the life forces of God of the universe. The question about paradise or hell will be dealt with later on when we come to write about that.
Now, here we might add that our souls may indeed influence the spiritual strength of the God we follow; now what I have just said opens up another important question: if we assume that the souls of people will influence the spiritual strength of the God we follow, then by default we have to assume that we believe that there are several gods. This view might sound a contradiction of our own religious beliefs, because we have already stated that there is only one God throughout the universe. So, let us try to answer that assumption.
To start with we need to be realistic and see that there are hundreds of religions in the world, we know that the minor religions could be grouped together and their number will shrink to a smaller number, but even after we do that there are still several religions in the world; most of those religions have a god has its head figure because this is how most religions have been set up to make sense to the believers. Therefore, when we say that our souls would influence the strength of the God we follow, this is true, but at the same time we have to assume also that the God we follow is indeed a God, but at the same time this God acts only as the spiritual portal that we belong to and leads to the central life force of God of the universe. This is very likely the way that our souls will return to be part of the life forces of the universe, as I cannot imagine any other ways. 
Now what we have said here is that we may have to accept that there are several spiritual forces that people will call gods, in fact people usually will call god any super entity even people themselves have been said to be gods, in a way a god is an entity that is better than the rest; so, if we find that people believe in several gods, it is a normal happening. Now let us see where this will lead us, what is changing around us and where this will take us, in this changing world, spiritual and otherwise.
 The changing world
Whichever way we want to look at it, we have to admit that in the world many things are changing as we can bear witness to our own lives here on earth; so let us start to look at how our forebears saw these things. What I am going to say next is going to make you think that I am changing issues and instead of talking about spirituality I am talking plain human issues, but that is not the case, because what I would like to do here is to construct a link between these two issues, so let us see their similarities.
In the beginning the rulers on earth could have been just a single very strong person that would rule as a king or under some other title that would tell the people that he was the boss, so everything that he said had to be done his way, some of these people were even thought to be gods; perhaps this is how the word god came about on earth, and as well as in the spiritual world. In those times these same leaders new about the spiritual beliefs that existed, so they linked themselves to the spiritual gods and they believed themselves that they were really gods and at their death they would go back to become spiritual gods; the Egyptian did that and believed that the Pharaoh was a god and at his death he would join again the gods of the underworld. It was a very convenient way for everybody, until that system would last. Here under is a link that will take you to the ancient Egyptian beliefs:

Ancient Egyptian religion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Today we don’t need a very strong person physically to be our leader, so there are no more god on earth like person, but still we need leaders to lead us in the right directions, so the old system is changing, we seem to be happy to share our knowledge and we are more independent, those people that would like to be our leaders tell us what they would do for us, their strength is their knowledge and the number of people that they convince to follow them, therefore today the leaders are selected by the people, this new system is called a republic, where the number of people (that in a way could be called souls) elect their own leader, here as we are saying the strength of the leaders is his knowledge and the number of people (souls) that are willing to follow them. Here above I have talked about our own human life, I have said that because it could be used as a parallel to the spiritual world, because we believe that they usually affect each other, and now let us switch to the spiritual world and back to our souls discussions.
Our souls may indeed have a value in the spiritual world; because if we put many souls together a flow of energy could come from them, here we need to assume that the spiritual world could indeed be a parallel dimension that could really be influenced by our souls. We know that this system in a religious way is not a very popular system just now, but just for the sake of finding a way that is able to accommodate all existing souls, deities and other spiritual entities of the world, in order to link them in a logic way that somehow could make sense, so that we would be able to proceed with our religious theory of ‘Reconciliation of the universe’, as this is what we would like to do in the shortest way possible, we have to assume that something like this could indeed exist.
In order to do that we need to connect everything that we know together, these things could be spiritual or just human knowledge and from this accumulated knowledge we should be able to work out something by using our own imagination. Perhaps not just everybody would be able to do that, because it is going to take some imagination, but there are people that can do it easily; I believe that I am one of them, because I believe that I am a seer, since I seem to see a few things that other people seem to find hard to see, and above all I believe that I am a religious seer, because my own soul seem to guide me to look for religious issues, perhaps I have been born to do that. 
Now that I have explained that, I would like to say a few things about these present days religions, I would like to explore how they connect with the spiritual world and their strength, I would like to compare religions in a spiritual way according to their strength, so let us see how we could compare religions to each other, as this could be a very interesting subject that many people would like to know.   
Compare spiritual religion
Dear readers, in order to compare religions to each other, we have to continue to assume that everything that people believe really exists and use our own imagination to compare them. Now what we are saying here may outrage some of the religious people that are religious fanatics and we don’t like to do that, so we need to give them a short explanation.
What we are saying here is just the view of the writer and a few friends of the writer, so what we are saying may or may not be right, but never the less it is our views that we are writing, these views could be classified as philosophy, religion or just a novel way of seeing religions in the future, it is up to the readers to decide, but since we believe that these are serious matters, otherwise we would not have written them; we hope that most of our readers will thing about them as religious issues that need to be looked at seriously, now let us go back to compare existing religions and the effect they could have on the spiritual side.
To compare religions the first thing one should do is to look at the size of the religions and the number of people that follow that religion, because it is the number of people as spiritual souls that could influence religions in our case, since we are trying to see what value have souls in the other world, because we want to write a religious theory that links both worlds. In this issue we are going to talk only about the main religions of the world.
Now all religions are spiritual, because if we take spirituality out of them, then they could not be called religion any more, but however people beliefs are not the same; we can clearly see that there are at least two main groups or types of religions, those that believe in a single God, the monotheism religions as it is written in the Bible, and all the religions that derive from the Bible, and then there are those that have several gods.
The largest group is formed from the group that derives their religions from the Bible; the second largest group is Hinduism and all the religions that have come about from Hinduism, this religion seems to be a bit more complex, it is said to be a polytheistic religion because there seems to be several gods, but at the same time at the beginning there was only one god that started life on earth, here we need also to mention the old pagan religions that existed before Christianity, because a large part of the community were following this religion; now the pagan religions don’t exist anymore, since they have been replaced with Christianity, but nevertheless the souls of those people have existed, and if we believe that souls could be immortal, then these souls may still exist in the spiritual dimension.
Anyhow here we are not going to say which of these religions could be the better one to follow, because that would not be right to do, and because at the moment we would like to talk about the value of a soul when they go back in the spiritual dimension, so, the decision of what religion to follow is going to be up to the individual to decide. Now let us talk about spiritual souls, since it is the souls that are the main link between the living world and the spiritual world. 

Spiritual souls
Dear reader, since our main description of our religious writings is going to be our theory of ‘Reconciliation of the universe’, which is going to be set in the imaginary spiritual universe that we could call the spiritual dimension or the other dimension, we are talking about spiritual souls, because it is the spiritual souls that link the living world to the spiritual world, and in doing so we would create a good link, we want to do that because when we are going to talk about the universal God life forces of the universe, our writings will seem to be worlds apart, but if we follow the journey of the souls, then a continuous link is formed and everything seems to fall in the right place, because the soul can be in both worlds, therefore it links both worlds; we would like that our readers feel that there is a constant link.
We have been thinking that in order to link the living world to the spiritual world, and then be able to talk about God of the universe, we need to talk about the way that our souls move from this world to the next, that is the way that we have been thought or the way that we have worked out ourselves. Perhaps by writing about our imaginary beliefs how the souls would go back to the life force of God of the universe and through which channels, it could be a good way to go about. So let us see how we could do that using some of deities we believe exist and how many souls these deities would attract, according to what we believe or are led to believe.
While I am writing this there are no doubts in my mind that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the main portal for the souls of people that move back to the life forces of God of the universe, it has got to be so, because Our Lord Jesus Christ is said to have opened a way to go back to Our Father God, before that time the Bible does not make clear whether we really have a soul or not and if we had a soul what would happen to our souls when we die.
Now assuming or knowing that the number of souls that follow a deity is important, we guess that Allah is next main portal that leads back the souls to God of the universe, Followed by Hinduism and those religions that come from Hinduism. Here we may have to add that all living souls have a portal, their portal is formed from the spiritual deities or other spiritual force they believe in, it has got to be so, because for God of the universe all living souls are the same and have got a value that needs to be saved, so a portal needs to provided.
We hope that we have said enough to form a sort of imaginary link, between the living world and the spiritual world, so that, when we talk about the spiritual life force of the universe, our readers will understand what we are talking about; and when we are going to state that there is only one God throughout the universe, they will understand how we got there.
But before we do that I believe that it could make more sense if we would use a couple of articles that we have written for the old version to link to the real beginning of the theory of ‘Reconciliation of the universe; where we state that there is only one God throughout the universe and other religious things. We would like to do that because the hub angel’s greetings is also one of the reasons why I am writing these religious writings, and also, by using the old version it might make more sense, let us link this hub to our, Angels greetings hub, in the hope that it will link better to our theory.
See you in our next article, Angel’s greetings.
May God bless us all?


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