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The dying souls 73

The dying souls circle

The third circle negative
May God help us in this dying souls circle?
Welcome to our hub ((20) (73)); the dying souls circle, also called the third circle negative and it could be called the eleventh circle, if we count from the central God life force of the universe. Here again this is another link of the chain that in the end would be able to connect the entire spiritual life force of the universe.
This is the third circle negative
In this third circle negative there are armies of demons minding these negative and restless souls that soon are going to the abyss to be left to die.  
In this third circle negative there are armies of negative angels called demons minding these negative and restless souls that soon are going to the abyss to be left to die.  

The third circle negative
May God help us in this dying souls circle?
This is the third circle negative
We believe that we have already said welcome to this third circle negative, but perhaps we should have said that nobody could really be welcomed in this third circle negative, because nobody could feel welcome, as there is so much negativity in this circle, it might have been better if we would have said, may God help and protect us in this third circle negative, as this is the dying souls’ circle; therefore, this circle is negative beyond compare and it is very painful even to see the souls that are in this circle, yes it is so negative and frightening that cannot be compared to anything that we know.
Perhaps for the souls that are in this circle, it could be compared to those people that are waiting for the day when they are going to face the firing squad, the guillotine, the electric chair, or worst still the way that those devilish people of the ISIL behead the innocents people these days; except that in this case here there are no innocent souls that would be beheaded here, because here there could be no mistakes whatsoever, as those dying souls are and test negative beyond compare, so they need to be destroyed when they go to the abyss.
Now, just to make it clear to our readers, let us point out that in our present description this circle is also another link of the chain that forms the life cycle of the entire universe and we have set this up to show you how we believe the spiritual life force could work, by forming this never ending cycle of the universe.
Anyhow, this is the circle where those souls that have become so negative and restless are waiting to die, yes dear readers even souls have to die in our imaginary spiritual journey of Reconciliation of the Universe; you see that is the only way for the life forces of the universe to form a full cycle or circle and to last forever, because when these souls die whatever is left of their spend energies will be released in the universe and some of these energies will find their way back in a way or another to return to God and God could use this spend energies to make them live again perhaps in another life form, as God sees fit, because these souls will completely disintegrate and become the smallest existing life energies of the universe and that part of energies that are positive will be attracted to God central life force, and God will be able to reuse them according to his will.
But now dear readers, let me talk about this negative circle first, in this circle it seems to be even more dangerous than the fourth circle negative, because the negative things are a lot higher than the fourth circle, and even though I have already prayed for protection to God, let us again pray together for protection from God, while we are mentally visiting this very dangerous place in the negative spiritual part of the universe.
Let us pray: My Lord God and almighty Father, protect us from the forces of evil in this third circle negative, while we are mentally visiting, writing or just reading about this negative circle. Father, hear our prayers and protect us.
For me because I am the writer I have prayed a lot more than what I have written here, as it is the only way for me to feel a bit safer. Now I want also to tell you this, the reason because I am not writing the rest of these religious writings quickly and willingly, it is because of this fear that I feel within me, so I am extra careful and take it as slow as possible, as long as I do not make mistakes and get myself in trouble, even if it is only my own beliefs that I am in trouble, you see in these cases of religious beliefs and other beliefs, it is what one believes that makes the difference. But anyhow the time has come when I have to describe this third circle negative, so let us start to see what could be said about this third circle negative.
Describing the third circle negative
Describing the third circle negative
Even though I have already prayed many times I need still to pray while I am mentally visiting this third circle negative, therefore here under is my prayer that I am praying while entering the third circle negative, you see it is necessary to pray to God and keep God in mind all the time, so that, the force of evil would not attack you.
Anyhow, while I am mentally going in the third circle negative, I am praying aloud: I have come to visit this third circle negative in the name of God the Father and also our Lord Jesus Christ the Son; I am coming in the company of this Angel that the Archangel Michael has given me to protect me and make sure that I return safely to our Mother Earth circle, that is at the end of my visiting journey of the negative life forces of the universe. Therefore, I am in the company of this guardian angel of God, while I am visiting and writing notes about the negative life forces of the universe, so that I can write a full report about them later on, when I return to the earth circle. I am saying this so that you know who has sent me. Therefore, allow me to see, so that I can write what I have to write in my report of this negative circle.
In this circle again it is like the forth circle negative there are no welcome sign, but this voice is saying; this is the third circle negative and whoever comes in here is very unlucky indeed, because there is no way back from here, except for the angels and those that are only meant to visit this this circle in the name of God. There are also signs written in any language of the world that say much the same thing as the voice that one can hear.
Now I am going to describe very briefly what in my minds’ eye I can see in this circle, I have to be brief because I am frightened to stay here and I want to move away from here, as soon as I can; in order to quickly visit next circle or the rest of the negative forces that I am allowed to see, so that I can go back to the Mother Earth circle, as soon as possible.
This circle seems to be split in two, on one side there is the forces of evil minor head quarter, with all his negative angels that work to control these restless negative souls, and on the other side there are all these souls that seem to be condemned to eternal pains, they are restless and it is even painful to try to understand how they feel, because they know that for them there is no way back whatsoever, as they are dying and there is no way back.
Let us talk about these souls
It is only natural that one would like to know who these dying souls are.
Today I am editing this article, and even though I am still worried to talk about this circle, I am going to make an effort and say just a few extra things about this negative circle, just to start talking about who the dying souls of this circle are.
These unlucky dying souls have come from many places; some are very old souls that have slowly reached here recently, others have reached here a lot quicker, age and the passing of time is not the main factor that brings these souls here, but it is their negativity more than anything else that is how souls become restless and die.
Of course we have already mentioned before that some of these souls are very negative when they die. So, the souls that are most negative find their way here very quickly, other souls take more time to reach here, it all depends how negative they are; anyhow one could say that the mass murders come down here very quickly and then they are transferred to the dying souls bay also quickly, because they are too negative and restless.
You see these souls have been moved here because they have become more and more negative, so now, they have to be there until they are ready to die and then they will be moved to the bay of the dying; Which I hope that somehow I would be able to understand and write about it from what I am allowed to mentally see in these circles, or perhaps somehow it could be explained to me before I go back to Mother Earth circle.
There is a lot more than that, that one could say about this third circle negative, but I feel sad and depressed about all this very sad stuff that is going on in this circle; as I can mentally see that these souls are made ready from the negative angels, they are grouped together according to the state of health, or negativity that they are in, so that the negative angels can move them to the dying bay when the time comes for them to die; when that time comes, they will be driven to the dying bay, which is next to the abyss of the universe.
Therefore, I feel so sad and also frightened while I am in this circle negative, and for this reason this is all what I want to say in this third negative circle for the time being, as I said I am frightened to stay here any longer than necessary. Therefore, I will have to write and edit this hub later on when I recall what I have heard and seen. See you later, in my next hub; Lucifer domain circle, which might even be a circle more frightening then this circle.
May God help me to come back to our Mother Earth circle safely soon?
May God help us all from these circles negative?

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