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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Religious beliefs

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe. therefore we believe that every living thing is part of God and no living thing can exist without God life force.
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People believe about God and religions in many ways, in the hope of saving themselves forever.

Religious beliefs
In this post we are going to discuss mankind religious beliefs; now, if we follow what the atheist’s say that there is no god/s, and therefore there should not be any religions either, we could put our minds at rest and don’t thing about God and religions anymore, but that could not and would not be acceptable to mankind. So, we may have to accept that mankind needs religions, one way or another; this is obvious from the fact that there are so many religions in the world of today, as it has been in the past and it will be in the future. Today some of the main religions are: Christianity, Muslim religion, Hinduism, Buddhism plus other religions, we only need to look at the several places of worship to understand that religions are very important to all mankind and are here to stay. So, in this post first of all we would like to look at these religious beliefs and then explain what we are doing with our religious writing and what we would like to do in a general way; because, in a way we are studying all sorts of religious behaviour that we happen to know today, so, when we talk of this and that religion and any religious things we would like to test those religious grounds, so to speak and see what we can learn from them, and if it is possible to suggest any improvements.
Anyhow we have called this article, mankind religious beliefs, so, now we have to explain what we mean by that; you see we would like to learn and know what people think about religions, because as you know as soon as one talks about religious beliefs, one wants to asks many questions about religions: Why mankind needs religions and believe in God? Is religion an inborn sixth sense within us, or we just believe in what we have been told to believe? Why and when men change their religious beliefs during their lives? And many other questions come to our mind that is hard to answer.
So let us see if we can answer some of these questions above, in this post or the many other religious post that will follow, we are saying this because we know that we are going to talk for a long time about this religious subject; but first of all let us tell our readers that they are safe to believe whatever they want to believe, because we are only writing about the possibilities that could be available to us.
These are mankind religious beliefs
Today we are still in search of our own religious beliefs, because we don’t know much how they all started in the beginning, therefore it would be wise if we can start from the beginning of our life and see what sort of evidence we can find out for ourselves?
When a human being is born he (here he represents all mankind) knows nothing about religion or anything else, all Mother Nature has given him is a sixth sense so to speak that will help him to survive and thrive, so, he quickly learns how to drink his milk and how to get his mother attention, so that, he may feel secure in her arms in order to survive. If there is within him a sense of religious belonging and beliefs nobody knows at this stage.
But then, as he grows up he learns his mother’s tongue, and through this language he’ll learn everything that is useful to survive according to his parents knowledge, he will also learn about religious beliefs according to his parents own beliefs. Therefore, if his parents are catholic he will be catholic too, if his parents are orthodox he will be orthodox too, if his parents are Islamic he will be Islamic too, if his parents are Buddhist he will be Buddhist too, he can also be of many other religions, which would make a long list if I had the knowledge to name them all; Anyhow the point is here that he will be believing in the same religion as his parents do while he is young, since that is what is being taught, irrespective to which religion they may belong and no matter what language they may speak.
Now we want to point out to you that notwithstanding all these different religions, which we may be believing in, and all those languages that we may be speaking, there are also a few other things left in common to us no matter where we come from, which is that most of us believe in some sort of god and religion, and we also have within ourselves that inborn will to survive which wants us to live forever, which will stay with us all the time until we die, and perhaps beyond in our afterlife.
So, it would seem obvious that the will to survive would be attached to religious beliefs as well, because religion is the only thing in this world that could give people some hope to live forever, even if we are talking only about our afterlife possibilities. So mankind behaviour is affected from our own will to survive and other things that happen in life.
I believe that this post is now long enough and we will talk about how our own life affects our religious behaviour in our next post.

Man needs God
Religious beliefs
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