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Friday, June 17, 2016

Nature of the universe

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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and this lost, nature of the universe
Nature of the universe
There are reasons to believe that the universe is formed of many galaxies, and we belong to this galaxy that we call the milky way, which includes our solar system and our plant earth, as we have been told many times before; anyhow, here we are trying to talk about the nature of the universe.

Nature of the universe

Dear readers, as we have said in our previous post, Mother earth circle, here we are going to describe the nature of the universe
But, before we start writing about how the universe came into being, by using what is widely known and accepted in the world today, and also by using our own imagination. I would like to pray to God Our Father to guide and help me to write what’s within the universe, since God is an integral part of the entire universe, and it is believed that God is the ruler of the whole universe. So let us just pray God our spiritual Father, first of all.
Opening Prayer
My Lord God and Almighty Father, I pray you with all my heart my soul and my mind to forgive me all my life sins and purify me, since I know that I need to be clean and pure in my heart and my mind, before I can ask and receive any help about anything, because only when I am pure and clean you would and could accept me and help me. So, Father first of all forgive me my sins, and then open my mind eyes to understand and see what I need to see, and help me to write the right things in this article about the nature of universe, and also, the links that link the life force of God within the Universe to us and the universe. Father, hear my prayer!
Nature of the universe
We are going to write here, a general simplified and logic explanation of the universe, as seen from a simple minded man that uses logic explanation. Now I want to point it out that our explanation does not want to tell anything new to the learned people, but it is trying to explain this to simple minded people, especially for those religious people that believe in anything at all, just because they have been told to believe it, even if it is impossible to be so. Anyhow, we believe that they have the right to know that there are some universal laws of existence in the universe that cannot be changed, therefore, everything that happens is subject to these universal laws; so, let us explain:
The universal law of existence within the universe remains the same forever, and also the complete mass of the existing matter put together remains always the same, although there are countless elements existing within the universe.
But although the amount of matter of the complete mass does not change, it is possible for some elements within it to go through a process and transform themselves to another element or value.
Therefore, one can safely say that within the universe: Nothing comes out of nothing, and nothing can be destroyed; since the existing elements can only be transformed to another element or value.
The general way that the matter of the universe behaves
Within the universe the masses of heavenly bodies behave in their own normal way, and the general law of the universe is that they spin around in many ways even the small particles could and would spin around within themselves. So most of the heavenly bodies spin around on their own axis and the smaller ones orbit around the larger ones, and they together orbit around some other centre of attraction, and this centre of attraction orbit around to some other centre of attraction. They all orbit around each other to a set speed that is equal to the centre of attraction pulling force, that is to say, that the force of attraction is equal to the force of speed of the body that pulls away from it: So that, a balance is thus reached and this will keep the universe running for ever as it is now, or perhaps for millions and millions of years still to come.
In order to simplify it let us just talk about our galaxy. Our galaxy is part of the whole universe as we already know, and the heavenly bodies in it behave just as we have described above. But as we all know, in our Milky Way galaxy there are other things in existence that we know of: Such as life, electrical energy, radio waves and other things; of these other things we will be talking about them later on, at the moment we want to say that in the other galaxies, because they can be bigger or smaller than our Milky Way Galaxy, also these things may be slightly different, since their size and composition may be different.
Our Milky Way Galaxy
Now let us talk about our own galaxy. Within the Milky Way Galaxy which is our galaxy, there is a lot of electrical energy floating around, which may well be that in the beginning it came about because of the spinning of the heavenly bodies, or was it the other way around, and perhaps it was the existing energy itself that started to spin around the heavenly bodies in the first place: This is hard to know how it all came to be the way it is now. But it is a well-known fact that electricity can be produced by a generator being turned by a turbine, or by a steam engine, or any other sort of motors: And in a reverse cycle electric energy is used to power electric motors, so it works both ways.
Anyhow the only point that I want to prove here is that there is electric energy throughout the galaxy, and it does not matter how it came about to be there in the beginning; and because of this energy there are also electromagnetic fields: and radiations of all sorts, gamma rays, infrared rays, different sorts of radio waves, ultraviolet light, visible light, X rays, and many other things including some that we don’t even know that they exist.
All this floating electrical energy and everything else put together within our galaxy is being guided from a natural force that has always existed, as we have already explained above in this post. But some of us want to believe that it is all guided from a supernatural force that might well be part of God, just because we would like to have a God to turn to in many instances, so we call this supernatural force God as we know it today.
Anyhow, in our religious writings here this supernatural force that we call God, it is part of the energy itself, and this force we will be calling God of the Universe in our religious writings is part of this force as well. And now, it is about this supernatural force that we are trying to explain in these pages the best way we can. So, we are asking ourselves, how God of the Universe came into being; which we will try to somehow explain it, in our next post, since this post is becoming too long. So, see you soon, in our next post called, how God of the universe came into being.
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