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The biblical flood 81

Flood in the days of Noah

Do you believe in the biblical flood? 

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Do you believe in the biblical flood?

There are many stories and beliefs about Noah's Ark, and perhaps there was a great flood in those times, but we believe that the Biblical Flood was not as big as the Bible says, see what we figured about because of the Dead Sea.  

The Dead Sea in Palestine is 435 metres below the sea level of the world, if the flood was as big as they said in the Bible, how did the water evaporate in a short time.

Do you believe in the biblical flood?
This is going to be a very controversial article, just because people usually don’t want to change or challenge what has been believed for so long, even if today there is evidence that what has been believed is wrong. You see, people close their eyes and keep believing what they have been told to believe from their elders, but we have reason to believe that there is a time for everything; therefore I believe that it is my duty to say what I believe about the following subject.
Lately we have been following this question on hub pages: Do you believe in the biblical flood in the days of Noah? We have answered this question already in our own ways and beliefs, but nobody has taken much interest in our answers, so, we have decided to give it a go and make a hub about this subject, in the hope that some people will take notice of what we have pointed out. Here we want to point out that in this case there are lots of people that are taking part into these discussions, which is very interesting just for the amount of discussions which today are over 600, however these discussions seem to have moved away from the main question and now they discuss so many subject that are hardly related to the first question or questions, which were thus written and we quote here-under:
“Do you believe in the biblical flood in the days of Noah? It was recorded as a cataclysmic earth-covering flood, and mentions waters flowing from the deep, (out of the earth, as well as all the water previously being held in a cloud canopy over the earth falling as the first rain on the earth). It claims the earth inhabitants lived a longer life span prior to this time. Do you accept that all of our ancestry dates back to this man Noah, and then back another 1200 approx. years to Adam and Eve? Do you believe there is a real wooden Ark still sitting in the mountains of Ararat, as proof of this fantastic voyage to save the world?” (End of quote)
Our answer to the question is that we cannot believe in the biblical flood and many other things, which we will presently explain in a more detailed way than we did last time.
Just while I was editing this article something else came up about Noah Ark, so I would like to paste a link about these discussions, even though we don't believe everything that is said in there, this is the link;
The question about the flood
So let me start by answering the first question about the flood; the way I see it is that the universal flood as written in the bible has never been, at least to the extent that the Bible clams it to have been, and here is one of my explanations:
But first we need to say; let us put this issue in very simple words and explain it in a simple way, so that anybody would be able to see what we mean here, we need to do that because after all the wondering public would be mostly made of simple people, to talk and convince the learned people of something that they themselves don’t believe is almost useless, since they can make up their own mind what they want to believe.
Now, let us see where this event might have happened, so that we can have a better view of the whole happening so to speak, because only by doing that we might be able to see whether the universal flood really took place, and this is by using our own intelligence and sorting out what could have really taken place and what could be an absurdity.
As far as we know all these events took place in the geographical region that we call today the Middle East. If we look at the maps we can figure out that they were in one of these territories, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Syria or thereabout. All these territory have a very large portion of land that is below sea level.
Now did you hear what has been stated here? You see there are lands that are below sea level, the sea level is the average level of the water of all the seas and oceans of the world that are connected together. But those bodies of waters that are not connected together to the main oceans or seas can be above or below sea level, therefore also some large portion of land can happen to be below sea level, which is described as a depression in the earth crust.
Here is one of the links that you can check out for the lands below sea level,
About the Biblical flood
Now let us answer the first question: do you believe in the biblical flood in the days of Noah?
The answer to this first question is definitely not. Here we want to say that definitely there has never been a flood that covered the whole earth, because of the following geographic explanation, here we mean that if there had been a flood that covered the whole earth this geographic depressions in the lands of the middle east would not have been there; but since they are there it makes it impossible that the flood covered the whole earth?
Here we need to explain why this geographic feature tells us that there was no such thing as a universal flood that covered the whole earth. If there had been such a flood the whole earth would have been covered with water, therefore all the waters of the earth would have been at the same level during the flood, and also all the earth depressions would be full, I hope you see what I mean. Now the question is this: if the earth depressions were full as they should have been if there had been a universal flood, how long it would take for the waters in the earth depressions to evaporate to the level that they are today?
The only answer to that question would be millions of years. You see today the Dead Sea in the Middle East is 433 meters below sea level; so, to evaporate all that water would take a long time indeed, and perhaps it would be more correct to say that it would take several millions of years. Therefore The Flood as told in the Bible could not have been. But it has been told that way when they wrote the Bible the first time and nobody has really challenged it openly for fear of upsetting the religious people. Of course there could have been a flood but it never covered the entire earth that is obvious from the explanation above. Therefore we could conclude that the universal flood has never been?
I believe that there is not an Ark on the mountains of Ararat, because as I said there could not have been a flood so huge to cover the mountains, but since there might have been a man called Noah that built an Ark and did something similar according to the Bible, if we are looking for the Ark we should be looking at a lower altitude.
This is the first answer to those questions about the flood in the days of Noah. And now let us say the way we see it while we try to answer some other questions that have been asked?
The way that we see it
Today we live in a society that want to see for ourselves whether what is being said is right or wrong, so we question everything that is being said to us, we want really to see whether what is being said makes sense according to our own logic reasoning, so it stands to reason why people don’t believe in religions as they used to believe and for good reason.
In one of our hubs called Theist and Atheists views, Theists and Atheists views, 55, this is the link address, since I have already written about this article I cannot repeat it here in hub pages because of duplicate content, so you have really to click on the link to see for yourself.
In this hub there are a few thing explained one of those things was that we discussed about the length of time that elapsed from the flood to Abraham, which turned out to be 292 years according to our calculations, using the list supplied in The Patriarch after the flood, (Genesis 11 from 10- 26) see how we reached this figure when you link to our hub.
Anyhow it worked out that Noah would have been alive when Abram was born and Shem the son of Noah would have outlived Abraham by 35 years.
Therefore the only conclusion that could be reached was that there are very serious mistakes in these lists of the Patriarch. Therefore this finding of many mistakes does not help to answer the questions of our ancestry, nor does it help about the length of time elapsed.
Having said that we are not going to say that the Bible is full of mistakes and we cannot trust what is written in it, we only say that there are mistakes and it may still be okay to believe most of what is written in the Bible, if we allow for the mistakes that the writers of those days made.
Conclusion, about being all descendant of Noah the answer is no, because there must have been some survivors somewhere else in the world; then about the length of times of the other events; this may definitely be wrong, as you have seen we can conclude that it is not accurate and it can be anything at all. We hope we have answered most of the questions? See you next time.
May God bless us all?

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