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Spirituality exists, 11

Personal spiritual circumstances

Personal spiritual circumstance

The angles poem of, Prayers for reconciliation
You angles of the realm of glory, 
You tell us about the eternal story, 
You tell us about the creator glory, 
You tell us the wonder of God's creation. 
We all sing glory to God Most High.
God’s heavenly angles sing in the sky.
They sing for God their lullabies.
They sing glory to God Most High.
Glo-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o-ria
In ex-cel-sis De----------o. 
Personal spiritual circumstances 

Personal spiritual circumstance

Welcome to our hub (11), Personal spiritual circumstances

May God guide and help me to write the right religious things in this article?
Dear readers, after talking about spiritual dreamland, our dreams and about God existence, in our previous articles, in this article we would like to talk about some spiritual circumstances in general in this chapter, and also about our spiritual circumstances in this article, because everybody is not the same and we live our lives the best way we can, so let us compare if we could what we have done so far for a start, as this article is also part of Prayers for Reconciliation religious writings.
You see, when or if we look at our own religious life observations, some of which we have already written here and many other religious things that the people believe, we might have to agree that during our lives some sorts of spiritual circumstances really do exist, since these are the circumstances that we happen to live during our own lives and they should all be viewed together with our other lives’ observations.
Now this article is being written to explain some of these spiritual circumstances including my own; but it is also being written to link with the other religious articles that we have already written. As we have already said in our other hubs, these religious writings are an idealistic theory and is being written in good faith for the future benefit of mankind. In these writings we are in search of ourselves in a religious way, so, while we are discussing what our main spiritual circumstance would be, we would also be looking for religious options that could improve links between religions, since existing religions seem to be made to stay isolated, but today being isolated may not be the best thing to do, so, it would be better if they start changing.  
Anyhow, in our last hub we have talked about, the existence of God. In this hub we will be writing about: my own spiritual circumstances, as spiritual circumstances exist; first meeting discussions; there is a time for everything; my friends reply to our religious talks and thinking about a prayer for this new ways of seeing God and religions.
Now, I believe that here we should have been saying something for our reader’s peace of mind, because what we are saying is different from normal religious talks; but because we do not want to repeat the same article many times, we advise our readers that they can find this explanation in full in our next hub, Prayers of reconciliation; now, let us look at spiritual circumstances.  
Spiritual circumstances exist
Dear readers we would like to bring to your attention that spiritual circumstances exist, because everything that is religious, by default is also spiritual; this also applies to what we have already said before, where we have somehow come to the conclusion in the hub called ‘God exists because life exists’, first we have assumed that God exists at least by definition, and then we have also assumed that God exists even if God is different from the God how it is written in the Bible, and we have been taught to believe in; we have also talked about spiritual dreams; this is the link to check it out; Cosmic Spiritual Dreams, 7 , and we also have published Prayers for reconciliation, 5; this is the link to check it out Prayers for Reconciliation, 5,
Now, what follows here-under has been born from the need of circumstances, because spiritual circumstances exist as we have explained above, and also as you can see for yourself. You see, here we are talking about everything put together; but then we have also to say that what we have written in Prayers for Reconciliation (hub 5) and my spiritual dreams and other religious things, they are all driving me to write these religious writings that I am writing here, in the hope that I would be able to link them better; I hope that you can see the link more clearly now that spiritual circumstances exist.
You see after that supernatural experience that I had then, as written in “prayers for reconciliation hub” and I need to say here that for a long time I kept that supernatural happening to myself, as I felt that I had to keep it to myself somehow, because when these unusual things happen and you tell someone they think you are going crazy.
Therefore, before I told anyone, I had to think it over many times whether I should tell at least my most trusted friends about this supernatural and unbelievable happening, because what I saw and heard at that time could only make sense to myself and nobody else. Anyhow, in the end I came to the conclusion that I had to tell at least my most trusted friends, even if they might think that I was crazy, after all they were my friends, and if they think that I am crazy they will try to help me anyhow, and so I did tell them.
And just as I thought, the very first time that I told my friends about the supernatural event they seemed worried about what I had just told them, and after consulting among themselves for a while they came back to me and said;
If you really believe in what you have seen and heard to be true, and you have not dreamed it or invented it, but really it has happened to you, then, we have to believe you no more questions about that. And then later on they went on saying, if what you are saying is true, then the question arises what can one do about it? And also what are you going to do about it?
So I replied to them, that although I felt within myself that I wanted to do something about it, for me it would not be easy to tell the world of this supernatural happening, because very likely they would think that I was crazy, and then, how could I make the world believe that it had really happened to me? So I said that I had to think it over.
Now, I do not know why my friends came to my rescue, whether they wanted to know more about my mental state, or just for friendship sake, my fried Mark said: because you don’t seem to feel sure about yourself, we, (that is me and Gino here) are ready to help you in any way possible, as we feel within our hearts that you need some help to encourage you to do something about it, or at least talk about it, if you so wish, so that we would understand you better and also your mind would become clear.
Then my lifelong friend Mark said to Gino: Would you be ready to help Frank, Gino with this somehow strange religious matter that is on his mind?
And Gino said yes.
This is how I accepted to write some of these religious writings with the help of my friends Mark and Gino.
So now, I am going to call on my friends to have a good talk about these religious writings, since they believe me when I talk to them about my spiritual circumstances.
Before I call this meeting with Mark and Gino, let me say a prayer of reconciliation to God Most-High our Heavenly Father, so that I would become inspired and worthy to write these religious writings, that I am hoping to write with the help of my friends of course.
My Lord God, Almighty and merciful Father, to you I turn Father-Most-High praying with all my heart, my soul and my mind earnestly; I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, and that you would make me spiritually clean of any impurities that may affect my soul; so that, I would become worthy to pray to you and be heard and worthy in your eyes to be your humble servant, and then be able to write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will. Father, hear my prayer and bless me! Amen.
First religious meeting
Dear readers, perhaps you are saying, why bring in your friends to talk about these religious issues, when you already know most of the answers about what you want to write and discuss? But you see even I need reassurance, and since my friends were willing to help me, when we had this meeting, I feel that I could use their help. Anyhow at this first religious meeting Mark, Gino and three other friends came as they had promised.
At the beginning of this meeting we were all behaving just like children, as we all wanted to push above all our own views without listening to each other, so I thought that the meeting was going to be just a waste of time, and we would be talking about the same old stuff that blokes talk about when they are together; that is the way that it was going on, what else could it be but a waste of time, as we had never had a meeting before with an agenda in mind to discuss. But then, my friend Mark soon became aware of my feelings and he said; Look the way we are going about is not going to get us anywhere, if we want to help Frank, and since we are here to help Frank, then, let Frank be the one who talks first. After he states his views we will have plenty of time to state our own views.
So, there and then, I had to put my very mixed thoughts into words, and I didn’t even know how to start in front of my friends, as confusion was on my mind, not because I was really confused, but because what I wanted to say was so complex, just because what I was aiming to achieve at this meeting was not easy, since we had a decision to make about these future religious writings that I wanted to write, therefore everything that I had in mind was complex, but in the end I tried to concentrate and said:
My dear friends, I can feel within my heart that you are my friends indeed, because you have come forward to help me on this very difficult decision that I am facing today of your own free will. Now let it be understood before we start that this task of mine is not going to be easy for anyone of us to achieve, so if you still want to help me to succeed in writing my religious theory, which I would like to write, because of my personal spiritual circumstances, then, first of all I will have to tell you that it is going to be hard; because, what I have in mind to write is going to be a very controversial religious subject, so there will be lots of people that are not going to agree with our religious views, but then because of my spiritual circumstances, I feel that I want to do it anyhow, and because I believe that there is a time for everything, and this might be the right time for me to start; now this religious changing time that I am talking about I believe is very close, so, I feel that even now is time to start. Having said that I have also to say to you this, if you are my helper, because people may not like what I am going to write, they could also not like you for helping me. So you better consider that for yourself right now, I hope that I have been able to express myself clear enough, for you to understand the situation that I am in now.
Having warned you of what might happen to us all, now I feel free to say how I see this unusual situation and try to reason what can be done. I believe that it really takes more than a few very wise people to be able to begin solving this problematic religious situation that exists in the world today, and whether the existing religious situation could and would be solved nobody knows. So this question arises; in theory, are we going to be wise enough to solve it or suggest a solution? Or at least to get it started in the right direction? So that one-day humanity would be able to solve these religious problems that we see today, as we all know about the atheists and above all the religious extremists that they seem to put the entire world in danger, by using their extreme religious views and beliefs.
I need to say that I have reasons to believe that it all depends on our wisdom and our beliefs, here I am not talking only about myself, but I am also talking about how the rest of the wise people of the world are going to see this religious situation and try to help. As for ourselves let us make it simple to start with, So, let us believe that there is a god; because if we believe that there is a god, then it follows that if we believe in God and religions and pray God, then God will help us achieve what we are willing to achieve for the people sake, but we need to be wise ourselves and at the same time search also for some wise people help
So, we need to be wise and employ also some wise people, we need wisdom, so, let us talk about Wisdom, which is something that we are going to need so much, if we are going to solve anything at all, so here under are written our views about wisdom since we are going to need it, some of you might say, why talk about wisdom now, when we are supposed to be talking about religions, but we need wisdom because wisdom is the link that links things together, so, even if wisdom is not our main issue that we are talking about here, we are going to need wisdom and wise people, in order to solve today religious issues.
Wisdom and knowledge
Our human views about wisdom and knowledge
During our lives many issues arise and some of them are easy to solve, some others issues are not that easy to solve; for instance, today we would like to solve these religious problems that exist in the world, just because we see and believe that there are religious problems; so, how do we go about to solve them? First of all, we look at these religious issues and try to work out a solution, we see that these religious issues are also spiritual circumstances for all the people involved in them, therefore we have to be very careful here as they are not easy to solve; the only thing that we can do here is use our wisdom to sort these things out, if we happen to have any wisdom. Now let us explain wisdom: Wisdom is the mental capacity of a wise person, whom when confronted with a problem is able to solve it better than the average person.
Now, let us explain wisdom the way we see it; wisdom of a single person is usually an accumulated knowledge of all those events that this person has lived during his/her life; therefore, this wise person is capable somehow of using this accumulated knowledge for his own advantage, or for helping other people; therefore, when a problem arises this wise person would be able to solve the problems better than the other people around him/her.
It is not known why one wise person becomes wiser than somebody else, even though they might have lived most of the same events together, so, we may have to guess at the reasons why, so, let us say that some people are better able to assimilate their accumulated knowledge, perhaps by storing it at the highest level in their own mind and when the need arises they would be able to use this accumulated knowledge to their advantage.
Since wisdom (accumulated knowledge) may be stored at one level higher that just logic reasoning, so, it may seem and feel like a sixth sense to the wise man that has it. The wise man knowing what he should do by this intuition of his sixth sense, he also uses logic reasoning just to make sure that everything is all right, this way he is able to back up his wisdom.
Of course there are other possibilities also, so we better mention something about this, some people believe that there is also a small possibility that the wise person may be able to tune into the cosmos, or the spiritual life force of the universe which is thought that it may be able to store the entire accumulated knowledge of everything in the entire universe just like God, this thought of course gives rise to this question.
Is the cosmos an integral part of God of the universe? Well it may be part of God.
But here we are talking about wisdom and not God. So the definition of wisdom and where it comes from might still remain a mystery to most of us, but that does not matter because we can use wisdom our accumulated knowledge to achieve our goals. Therefore, we are going to use our accumulated knowledge, which together with our logic reasoning may be able to come close to achieve what we want to achieve today. And as I have said before, it seems to me that now the time has come for us to do something about it, I see it is about time and you may see it also that there is a time for everything and now is the right time, so let us try and see what needs to be done, and let us study what is around us first, so that we may understand better the situation, we are in, before we do unnecessary things that could make the situation even worse, but anyhow it seems to me that the time has come for us to do something about these religious beliefs that seem to lead the people into a harmful situation these days.
Dear friends, from our own life experiences and observations, we may have reasons to believe, that today we are approaching a time in our lives, when religious beliefs and other ways of life in general might need to be reviewed and perhaps changed somehow, they need to be changed, because there are so many problems that arises from them and they need to be fixed, at least this is the way we see it, so we believe that this is the right time to start doing it.  
So, let us say just a few more words about this present time, first of all, I and my present friends here believe, and for sure we believe that most people would agree with us here, that there is a time for everything, and soon or later this time will come. In our case today we would be talking about our religious views and that most things would continually change and what today seems just perfect as everything is, tomorrow those same things might seem completely out of place, therefore, some adjustment would be required to make it good again and be able to fulfil those things which were supposed to be fulfilled in the first place; now, since here we are talking about religions and religions are made to serve mankind, any changes that we would like to make should be made for the future benefit of mankind, so that religions may continue to serve humanity.
Now that I have started to talk about there is a time for everything and I believe that there is a time for everything, let us go back to the facts that I was telling you in the beginning, because this may be the real reason why I have felt strongly that there is a time for everything, since just now I feel that there are things that need to be done now, perhaps this was also the reason why that supernatural event happened to me and set in motion my spiritual circumstances, so let me say a few more things about that happening.
Even before the supernatural encounter that I have mentioned before in our hub called, Prayers for reconciliation, I was aware that the world’s religions clashed with each other’s in many ways, and that it was indeed time for somebody somehow to come up with some new ideas on how to fix those differences, in order to make the world a better place to live in, or at least keep it going the best way we could.
So, I was thinking and asking myself, what anyone could possibly do to improve this unrealistic damaging religious situation that exist today. Sometimes I ask myself how much of these beliefs contributed to my religious vision.
Because I did find myself in this religious dilemma as I have been saying above, I made an effort in order to understand these religious situations better and also for my own good, so, I did some research and read a few religious books, and after reading and thinking a lot about what I had read, by pure logic of reasoning I came to my own conclusion of the existing religious situation, therefore you see I have formed my own religious beliefs.
Here I want to point out to you that I have reached my own conclusion by pure logic human reasoning, and I want also to say this, I believe that we (the human race) are now ready and able to understand our own religious situation better than before, and therefore, we are able to do something about it these days, you see before it was a lot harder to do anything religious and otherwise; but today it is a lot easier, because today we are advancing rapidly in all fields of knowledge and learning, thanks to the computer and other electronic devices that bring knowledge to the people at large. So the people in general are now entering the age of knowledge and REASON, and everything that in the future will not be able to stand to our logic and benevolent human REASON or reasons, which are the scrutiny of all aspect of life and beliefs, will be rejected by humanity.
Now, having reached this stage of understanding about the progress we humans are achieving today, I was looking for some positive signs or news that humanity was doing something about it, in order to rectify this religious problem that exist today; but I was shocked to see that nobody was doing anything worthwhile which could be able to improve the situation, here I would like to say that the tragic event of 9-11 was one of the triggers that got me thinking even harder.
It was for this reason that I came to the conclusion that perhaps I should be doing something myself, and having started this thinking in mind I started to write a few articles just for myself to see if I could come up with any good ideas on how to achieve something useful, therefore I had already writing some of my own religious beliefs when that supernatural encounter happened. Therefore, in a way I have reasons to believe that perhaps it was just because I had written those religious articles that supernatural encounter happened to me.
You may ask why I started writing anyhow. And I will tell you that deep within my heart my soul and my mind I was feeling that I had to do something about these existing religious beliefs, because in my mind eyes I felt as if I was called to write what I was writing then.
Here I am not going to be able to write all the reasons why I am writing this last paragraph but what I would like to say is that in a way the human race has left it become overdue, even though at the same time one may say that humanity is advanced so much and we have reached the age of reason, but even though some of us might have reached the age of reason, we are not really using all our mental capacity so to speak.
Now let me go back to my dear friends and say that I have been talking a lot myself, so I have not yet given you the chance to have your say, so now let me only ask you this:
Do you think that by pulling our knowledge together and working together we would be able to suggest to the world how to improve the present religious situation, so that violent things that happen in the name of God and religions may be avoided in the future?
Since what we would like to achieve are these things written below:
This could be the right time to start with, therefore;
We would like to set the stage for the entire world to see
When you read these pages we hope that you would agree
That here we are trying hard to find a way to save all humanity
While we are praying God who may be willing to save us for eternity
For this reason, I am going to pray God to help me.
That is all I need to say for now;
Now you can have yours, and say what you want whenever you are ready.
My friends answer
After I finished my long speech or talk, my friends had a long talk among themselves I suppose they were considering what I had just said, and after a while Gino came to me and said: We understand now why you are slow in accepting our help, but really when we look at the way you feel about all this religious stuff and your spiritual circumstances, you believe you are in, we know that we have to help you; beside we are so much interested in your religious writing project that we are ready to help you anyhow, even if it is just another way of just getting together and talk about it.
You see, we have been thinking that just to make things easy for everybody involved, we have decided that I (Gino) and Mark will speak for all our friends when we think that you should know our views on this religious subject. So that it would be easier for you to keep records of what is being said, because if you are really serious and want to write this religious theory of yours, which you have in mind to do, you need to keep records of everything that is being said.
Then I said: I agree with you that I have to keep records of all the most important things that are being said, otherwise I will get lost in the jungle of all what is being said to me.
And they kept talking to me about religious possibilities for another hour at least, and as we were talking they started to realize that the only way for me to achieve what I wanted to achieve in my religious writings was that we had to somehow try to modify existing religious beliefs, perhaps as little as we could otherwise religious believer would be upset. Now, I want to point out that I was already saying to them that religious beliefs need to be modified in my writings and not changed altogether, but the first time they became really concerned and shocked from this necessary changes that I was forecasting, for them it seemed that perhaps I had lost my mind, because during their lives they have always believed in the way they had been brought up according to the Christian teaching; so they started to asked me then:
Don’t you think that believing in anything else other than what is written in the Bible would be a sin? And you are saying that you want to move away, or partly move away from the Bible teachings that we have today?
We are a bit worried about this aspect of your religious beliefs, so we would like to hear how you are going to explain your religious beliefs in such a way that they would still be agreeable to God and the rest of the community?
I know that what I have in mind at this point of time is not going to be easy to convince anyone, I said; and for this reason I am thinking hard what to say or do next.
And they kept talking and asking questions like the following.
If you believe that there is something wrong with the way that the Bible has been written; do you have in mind to read and review the Bible? What parts of the Bible do you have in mind to review?
We believe that first of all you ought to make sure what you want to say or do, because as we see it, it could even be a bit dangerous to say what you want to say without thinking about what can happen next. You need to think that for every action there is also a reaction, and sometimes that reaction is not what you want to happen?
Therefore, be very careful about what you say. Now because what we are talking here is about God and religions, we council you to pray God for guidance and for help first of all, Mark and Gino said, because you are really going to need a lot of help and acceptance from above to succeed in your attempt about writing this religious theory of yours. But anyhow as I said at this point of time they had started to accept my way of thinking.
Then the meeting was adjourned, as we had spent too much time already on this matter, I was feeling tired and so were my friends of talking these serious religious matters. So we went back to talk for a short time about what friends talk when they get together and everyone went to his own home to rest.
Thinking a prayer to God
Thinking about writing a prayer to God
That night I started thinking whether I really needed to pray God for help, as my friends have suggested above, and how I should pray God for help in order to be allowed by God to write my own religious theory, as close as possible to my own way of thinking and according to God’s will.
After a long time, I came up with a possible acceptable prayer; but before I say or write my prayer, I want the reader to know that all the prayers within this book will be prayers directed only to God, as God is the highest and most holy of all existing entities, therefore to pray to anything else will not make much sense unless there is a special reason for it. So, here-under is written this prayer to god to start with.
With my personal concerns I come to you praying Father Most High, Master of the universe and eternal life giver of all living things, I am praying thee for forgiveness of my sins and reconciliation to thy eternal life force, I am praying in the hope that my prayers would be heard and accepted and be your humble servant and serve you by writing this religious theory.
Deep in my heart there is this force that drives me to write these religious beliefs, so, I am praying you Eternal Father that you would inspire me and help me, so that I would be able to write those religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will.
Father, hear my prayer forgive me my sins and bless me, so that I can be your humble servant and serve you by writing those religious writings. Amen.
I believe that I have said enough in this hub, so, I will be continuing with our religious writing with next hub called; Prayers of Reconciliation, there will be many more prayers written in there.
May god guide me to say the right things?
May God bless us all?

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