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Describing religious beliefs
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Welcome to our page (96), we believe

We believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is our link to the benevolent God the Father, who is the life giver to every living thing.

Describing our religious beliefs, here we have to admit that there is no better way to describe our religious beliefs than by saying a prayer, so let us write our first prayer that will describe our beliefs, since we believe in prayers as well;
We pray in the name of our spiritual benevolent God, Father of every living thing;
We pray in the name of the benevolent and merciful Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the main link to the spiritual forces of Heaven;
We pray in the name of the benevolent Holy Spirit that exists everywhere in the universe, together with its angels and its saints.
We pray to these benevolent spiritual beings, in the hope that they will hear our prayer and help us, Amen.
Dear readers and believers, in this article we are trying to express our religious beliefs in a more compact way, whether we will be able to make it really sort we don’t know, because there are so many things to discuss in religious circles, anyhow we are trying to write our modified religious beliefs in a compact way; now this new way that we have in mind could indeed bring all religions together, or at least we believe that is has the potential to bring all religions together.
For this reason we need to express our beliefs clearly in the most compacted way possible; so, here in this article we will start with a description of how we see our spiritual God of the universe; you see, here we are talking about our spiritual God of the universe, because we believe that the entire world that believe in God, believe that God can only be a benevolent spiritual being, after we have done that, we will try to explain why we need a God like the one that we are describing here, and also how we did reach that conclusion. So let us start to describe how we believe God is; this description that we are writing here, not only is a description of how we believe God could be or is, but it could also be said to be a prayer, as we believe it could be a prayer.
We believe that God Our Father is the spiritual life force in the universe that makes life possible on earth; we believe that God Our Father is the eternal benevolent life force that gives life to every living thing; we believe that this benevolent God that we believe in is above all other Gods that the world has known, because there are no negative at all in this spiritual God; so, from this pure God life force all other Gods were born and also all other spiritual forces that exist in the universe. (This is what we believe and this is the way that will allow us to modify religions, so that they can serve humanity better in the future). At least this is what we believe in, so, we hope we are right.
From what we have said above in this religious prayer or description of God, it becomes obvious that we do not believe in the religious system that we have today completely. We need also to say here, that we believe that God exists and that just about all spiritual entities that the people believe in exist, as we are going to explain this belief later on in this article or other articles that may follow, for these reasons we are looking for ways of how we could connect everything together, in a way that it would make sense to everybody involved if possible.
Now, by observing several religions and the way that they have been set up, it becomes obvious that they have been set up in a way that the leaders of the people could control the people through religions, and at the same time religions had to be made in such a way that they would give something back to the people, otherwise the people would not believe that what they were being asked to believe in would be good for them. We believe that most religions have generally served humanity well, even though there have been times when they have done some harm to everybody involved, because they were misused from the people.
But even though sometimes religions have caused harm, we believe that we need religions and religions are important to have, since they guide humanity and make us feel better when we use them the right ways, or at least they make us feel that we know what we have to do during our lives; since they are usually a set of rules that would guide humanity the best way possible.
We believe in what we are writing and for these reasons, we are looking for ways of how to improve these religious rules, so we are thinking about how to modify these existing religions that somehow sometimes they are not clear, so, instead of guiding us the right way, we make these mistakes when we are using them and from these mistakes there may result a lot of harm to humanity itself. Now let us see what we need to know and what we need to do to avoid those costly mistakes that we are talking about; but above all we need to know on what grounds we are going to base our theory that would be able to modify religions, and make them more reliable and easier to use, well at least this is our intention, whether we are going to succeed or not we do not know.
Our beliefs could be based on what we know and spirituality

Dear readers and believers, at this moment we believe that religions need to be reviewed, because of the terrible things that are happening in the entire world that involves religions, or at least it seems so because people do these horrible things in the name of their God and therefore religion; we believe that it is not right what is happening and to involve God and religions is really absurd; for this reason we are trying to see what we could suggest to make people understand that what they are doing is wrong and need not be like that at all. So let us try to see what could be done, or what we believe could be done.
We believe that there are two ways that this could be achieved, ether we try to fix it ourselves the best way we can, or if we are really believers and believe in God, then we pray God to send down to earth another Prophet that would be capable to reset all religions in a new way, so that the people on earth would not make mistakes easily; you see, when we look at religions closely by using our logic intelligent minds, we always find that something needs to be improved, therefore we believe that if there is a real God that is able to send us another Prophet that is good enough to fix everything would be just great; but what I have just said it is very unlikely that would happen, if that is the case then we have to try to fix everything ourselves, in order to do that we need to simplify religions.
In order to simplify existing religions and make all religions acceptable to most of the religious community, we need to base our new religious concept more on spiritualty than a single powerful God; you see a single powerful God can be manipulated from the people more easily than just simple spirituality, we need to do that also because spirituality has a wider base of beliefs than most of the existing religions have; because it would have a wider base of beliefs it would become easier to amalgamate religions and also to modify them, perhaps we could be able to modify religions in such a way that they could become one single super religion in the future, at least we believe that it could be done.
Of course to do what we have said above, we need to explain in a more detailed way on what basis our religious theory could be accepted and built, so let us explain our wider base that we believe we need to use and why we need to use that.
Our religious basic structure

We believe that we have to use just about everything that the religious people believe in, even if some of these beliefs may or may not exist; we also need to make a short list of the main spiritual entities that we believe exist and therefore we are going to use to build up our theory, So let us start with a short list as this is the shortest way to explain these religious things.
We believe that in the absence of a new Prophet that would explain exactly how all these spiritual things work, we have to do our best to work out a possible way of how all these spiritual things exist and could work; therefore:
Even though we cannot prove that God exists, we have to believe that God exists starting from the simple facts that most people believe in God and other spiritual things, and there are also some events that cannot be explained easily, unless we believe that God and the spiritual forces exist, so;
We believe that God exists, but not exactly as it is described in the Bible; you see in the Bible God exists the way that the Israelite wanted God to be like, because they wanted their God to be more powerful than the other gods; so, they have added lots of things to make a powerful God that would look after them and nobody else, so he (Yahweh) was the God of Israel.
This God of Israel was known with a few different names in the past, but today he is mostly know as ‘Yahweh, Jehovah, or Allah; these three names are names of the same God, or the same spiritual life force of the universe, which are supposed to be the main spiritual life force of the universe.
Now that we have said that we believe in the existence of a spiritual God, we have also to admit that there are angels and other spiritual entities as well. You see, most of the things that people believe in have to exist; they have to exist because we have souls, we have got to have souls because that is the only way of explaining the existence of life.
You see, since life is something different from the existence of inanimate object that have no life, in order to have life and be alive there must be something else that makes life possible and this is where God and spirituality comes in, because without them there would be no life?
Now that we have said that we need to work out how all spiritual things big and small work together, if we are able to imagine that, then we would be in the way of understanding how everything works together, so now let us talk about some of the great spiritual people that have come in this world.
Great spiritual people of the world

There is no doubt in our mind at all that the greatest of all the spiritual people that ever has lived on this planet earth is Our Lord Jesus Christ, this is what we believe and this is what we are saying here, we have the proof of this because, all Christian religions believe that Jesus is the Son of God, as it is claimed in the Bible itself that foretell of the coming of the messiah, who would be a great leader for the Jews and would be able to guide the people in a new meaningful direction.
As we all know the greatest spiritual man that ever lived on earth came and went, perhaps not in the way that it was supposed to be. Anyhow, today (the religious people) they have worked out that it was all the intention of God the Father that our Lord Jesus Christ would end up crucified, but this might be questionable because there might be reasons to believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ was not supposed to die crucified and he could have been the leader of the Jews, if the Jews would have accepted him as their leader; but the Jews did not want him as their leader, because Jesus Christ was a spiritual leader, but they wanted a strong earthly leader that would be able to give them independence from the Roman occupation; but Our Lord Jesus Christ was not like that, so the Jews found a way how to kill him and he ended crucified by the Romans.
Here we may have to point out that there have been several great spiritual people in this world, perhaps not as spiritual and as important as Our Lord Jesus, but they have been and perhaps there are some even today; but let us talk about those that we already know who have been able to change religious beliefs and formed another religion: in the Asian religions there is Buddha and there is also Confucius these two philosophers or spiritual leader have also influenced a lot in the religious field in Asia; they both follow spirituality and Buddha is somehow a bit like Jesus Christ in the sense that he preaches peaceful coexistence and the belief of the existence of the soul that could become better and gain importance in the spiritual dimension and other things as well.
Looking at what we have just said above, one would wonder why today there is not yet another Prophet that is able to change religions like Jesus Christ did, or Buddha did, so that the world of religions would be able to live in peace with each other. We know that it is not going to be easy to do that, because mankind will try again to twist the truth, if what would be proposed is not what they generally want, we believe that this has happened already many times before, as we are going to explain our views here-under about what we usually do.
Twisted half truths

We believe and I hate to say this, because it is going to sound like as if we are all bad people, when in fact there is a certain inner self the wants to guide us to do good deeds and that is how we are in a general point of view.
However, there are times when we humans do things that are bad, but we don’t want to admit that we have done anything wrong, because we always want that the rest of the community thinks that we have done the right thing; for this reason we find a way how to blame somebody else for what we have done. Now here we are talking about religion and what has happened in the past that makes us think that even in religions these things happen. So, let us see some of the possible case that this could apply, in the case of our Lord Jesus Christ; the Jews first found a way how to get Jesus crucified from the Romans, and then the follower of Jesus worked out that if it was the intention of God the Father to have his only son killed, Just because, then this could be acceptable from everybody, since nobody could contradict God will, and it is very convenient, since nobody could be blamed; this is what we believe.
Here we may have to point it out that usually it is the people that choose how their God would be like, and also, strange as it may seem God becomes designed from the people themselves, this would happen during a certain period of time, until a God figure is formed in the mind of the people that follow this God. Yes there would be a spiritual force involved and this force may indeed exist, but the people and their leaders twist the truth of this spiritual force until they find a way that suites them: Yahweh God of the Israelite was said to prefer only those who were descendent of Jacob (Israel) son Isaac son of Abraham and nobody else, but one may as well ask if that was indeed the truth, about what God really wanted; we are saying this because, by logic reasoning alone if Yahweh was indeed God and Father of all mankind, how could Yahweh choose them only against the rest of mankind so let us see why it could be so:
We believe that the only reason that it was so, it is because the Israelite said so, because they wanted a God that would look only after them and nobody else, so by saying and repeating it many times, they believed that it was indeed true and today even the entire religious world that derives from the Bible believe that it is so.
So, we believe that most religious things run this way, you believe in something, you would like that this something has certain characteristic that would be very convenient for those that believe in them, you start talking about these characteristic that this spiritual being has again and again and one day just about everybody would accept it as being the truth, I hope you see what we mean?
We believe that we have said at the beginning of this hub that we were going to try to write a shorter version of our religious beliefs, but try as we may, we don’t seem to be able to come to a conclusion that would be able to connect all our religious beliefs in a way that would make sense. Perhaps we need to write a few more articles before we are able to do that.
So see you in out next article.
May God bless us all?

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