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Monday, January 20, 2014

Another spiritual dream about Jesus Christ

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Our lord Jesus Christ has been described in many ways, in this photo he his portrayed holding the entire world in his hand. of course this is how most of us believer would like to see our lord Jesus Christ. Now in my dream Jesus was portrayed as a spiritual force and he was immense and friendly.

Another spiritual dream about Jesus Christ
Dear readers, I am sure that after reading the title of this post you might want to ask me, how many dreams about Jesus Christ I have had?
Well I have had a few dreams about Jesus Christ and this is just another one of them. Now to give the right meaning to the following dream and also prove the Importance of religion, since we believe that religions are important to us all: we have to point out that we have to assume that when we are sleeping, we could be in a position to communicate with the spiritual world; I want to say this because what follows hereunder is a religious dream that I had and it seemed so real to me that I felt that I had indeed met this spiritual force. 
So, I dare ask these questions to you my readers, especially those readers that believe in the spiritual world: Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe that we may indeed communicate with the spiritual world in our dreams? Has anyone else met Christ? Even if this event was only a dream, because a while ago I did answer this question myself in a discussion group and this is what I had to say: 
 The question in this group discussion was: Has anyone else met Christ?
I had to answer that question thus:
Perhaps I have met The Lord Jesus Christ in a dream? This is a special dream that I should have written down soon after I dreamed it but I didn’t: So now I will write only that part of the dream that seems very important to know, just to keep the record and its meaning. 
To make a long story short I will only tell you this important part of the dream: As we all know dreams are always somehow different from normal life, sometimes we all dream dreams that are somewhat in another dimension, or physically impossible in real life, anyhow I was dreaming that I was flying in the sky, a lot of times I dream that I am flying, so this dream is a normal dream for me, and this is when I believe I have met the Lord Jesus Christ.
This is the dream,
I was dreaming that I was up in the sky above the sub continent of India and I was 
searching for I don’t know what, there was a very large benevolent field force near and above me, this force was filling about half the sky of India; I felt that this heavenly force was very friendly to me, so I did not do anything to avoid it or to enquiry about it; at a certain point this force spoke to me to introduce itself in a friendly manner saying: 
Do you know who I am? (And then in answer to itself said) I AM THE MORNING STAR. 
Although this dream lasted a bit longer, there was no much else of importance said after that between me and this field force and the dream slowly fades away. 
At the time of this dream I had no idea who could be THE MORNING STAR: 
But since then I have found out that 
THE MORNING STAR could only be The Lord Jesus Christ. 
So I believe that this dream is my close encounter with the lord Jesus Christ.
This is what I could call my relationship with Jesus Christ.
Of course THE MORNING STAR has different meanings to different people, but for me in my dream THE MORNING STAR can only be The Lord Jesus Christ, see Revelation the last page of the New Testament, where Jesus introduced himself through this angel saying. I am of David’s line, the root of David and the bright star of the morning. I believe that I don’t need any other proof to believe that the morning star in my dream was indeed our Lord Jesus Christ.
 Now that I have talked about some of my religious dreams about Jesus Christ, I think that I have said enough for this post. So in our next post we will go back to talk about the importance of religions, where we would like to talk about the old religions and what were those old religions like? 

Man needs God
Another spiritual dream about Jesus Christ
Next time with, what were those old religions like.    
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