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God possibilities 92

Welcome to our page, (92) God possibilities
God possibilities
We would like to believe that we are doing a good service to all communities, because what we are discussing here involves all of us, you see religions and the beliefs in God helps us when the going is tough, so let us discuss about God existence

Moses one day after seeing some sign on Mount Sinai went up to investigate, he found a talking burning bush; the talking bush said to Moses that he was God, he also said that he had heard his people cry and he would help to deliver them from Pharaoh

The ten Commandment were given to Moses from God, when Moses visited Mount Sinai on the way to the Promised Land, I would like to bring to your attention the fourth Commandment, Thou shalt not kill, but today the Islam State kill in the name of God!

God possibilities
Dear readers, we are going to write some new articles here, where we are going to discuss in a philosophical way, whether there is a god or there is not a god; of course we know that these religious discussions have been discussed many times before. We are also going to talk about whether it is useful to believe in God and what advantages we have by believing in God and the religion that we follow; but also we would like to point out that sometimes there might be some disadvantages in believing everything religions say, so, we are going to talk about several religious issues about God and God’s existence and some affect that it brings to the way of life of all humanity, which in a nut shell we could say that they are usually good, but there are times when they could become a disadvantage to us all.
Now, what we are going to write here it is what we have been learning from life and also reading and studying some religious books, since this includes what we have seen and learned from life and other things, which could be religious or otherwise, one has to keep in mind that every day we learn something new and this has an effect on our religious beliefs; therefore what we knew already becomes slowly modified from the new learning.
Now, what we are writing here are our own religious beliefs that we have formed during our life and also lately; at this very moment it seems that it is going to be a long discussion, for this reason we are going to write a few articles instead of a rather long article, because I can see that we can talk about several issues, which are going to cover a lot of religious ground and possibilities; for a start we are going to try to answer the eternal question that humanity has asked for thousands of years, whether God exists or does not exist; this might not be easy to do or prove, but will try our best.
While we are doing that, at the same time we have to look whether it is possible to continue to believe in God and religions the way they are today, or, it would be better if religions are slowly modified, so that all existing religions could become a single religion in the far away future, at least at the highest spiritual meeting point and there are many other issues to talk about, we might also compare or make a list of how this new religious way or beliefs would compare with the others religious beliefs, what could be true and what might not be true and other things; but let us see what we already know, keeping in mind that we would like to find a way how to improve religious beliefs, so that they could serve better humanity.
How we see God
How we see God or how we are supposed to see God; according to what we have learned from religious scripture, from our parents, from our teachers, priests and the elders around us and other people during our lives and in the Bible God is the creator of everything, therefore God is omnipotent and cannot be challenged in any ways, in fact religious leaders will stop anybody in their tracks by challenging those that dare challenging anything written in the bible, by saying that you cannot be above God, or something like that.
Today some people believe that God might not be the creator of everything, but he might well be the creator of life, or just helped to make life possible with his life energies, so we need to think again how all this has happened, however most people believe that there is God even if this God is not as powerful as God Yahweh in the Bible. We would like to believe that God is supposed to be a very strong benevolent spiritual force that is able to do anything at all, in fact in the Bible God is supposed to be so strong and capable of doing anything that just by saying or willing that some things be done they are done; so there is no problem for God to do those things that we people find very difficult to do or impossible to do.
Religious books are full of examples of things that have happened in the past, or so they say; and these examples are really impressive if we believe that they have really happened; but today nothing similar happens, so we wonder why, or worse we wonder whether these things have really happened in the past, because they seem near impossible to have happened, at least to the extent that they claim to have happened; so, there are doubts in our minds about these issues when we use our logic reasoning mind, therefore if we want to believe in them, we can; but first we have to try hard to explain them to ourselves first, and then try to explain them to the rest of the world.
These doubts that we are talking about are not easy to set aside and forget about them, because we constantly are forced to think about them, it is our nature that we would like to believe that there is a benevolent God that would help us when we need help and other things as well. We have written and published an article about it called, Man needs God, here is the link Man needs God, but these days it seems to me that God plays a passive part: (that is provided that there is a God,) because it might even be possible that there is no God altogether, about this issue we are going to talk about it a lot in this article, and we will compare what we know and what our views or beliefs are, but for a start we could say that God likes to be passive these days in his activities, at least this is what it looks like these days. So let us say a few things why God seems to be passive.
God is passive
We have to say that if there is a God, then God seems to be passive these days, for these reasons we are trying hard to believe in God, even when people tell us that there is no God; because we know that we need to believe in God, since the belief itself already helps us during our lives somehow. But at the same time we are looking if we can see any real signs of God. So, here we are bound to observe that God is becoming passive these days, because, if we compare the activities that God did in the past as written in the Bible and other religious books that derive from the Bible, and then we compare that with what God does these days, then we have to say that God seems to be passive, because whatever happens in the world these days God does not do anything not even a sign of his existence shows up; even when there are horrible things happening and a lot of people wish and even pray that God would show up and do something about it urgently, so that the rest of the world would know that God is there and God protect the innocent people.
You see, if we use our logic reasoning mind, we can see clearly that these horrible things should not happen at all, as they are inhumane but they do; and worse of all is that some of these horrible things are claimed to be done in God’s name; how these fiendish people work it out that these cruel things could be done in God’s name I do not know, neither does the rest of the normal world know how this could be done in God’s name, but they do: perhaps the God they believe in is a very cruel God, and if it is so, then this God does not deserve to be a God at all, in fact he might be devil instead: But it is more likely that these morons in their own twisted minds, they have twisted their religious beliefs so much and also the truth about their God, just because they want to look after their own interest first.  
Whatever is the reason for these horrible happenings, we can only say that this is shocking to all Christian believers and all those religions that rightly believe in the existence a benevolent God or life force of the universe that looks after all existing life on earth. Therefore when we see these horrible things happen and people are slaughtering their own innocent brothers, and our benevolent God that we believe in does not intervene; then we may very well believe that God does not exist, because that might even be the truth after all.
Therefore, we may as well ask if God really exists and is able to do everything easily, as we have been taught to believe; and then ask why God does not do anything that would solve these very serious human problems, because there is no activity at all from God. Therefore in the absence of any activities from God, we should be forgiven if we say that perhaps God does not exist or he does not care about humanity at all, so it would be better if there was no God.
Believe in God or not
Having said what we have said above, there are reasons to believe that perhaps it would be better is there was no God and we could believe only in ourselves; but then we need to think about what we are saying; just because we need God, as we have said in our article man needs God, for this reason we may have to accept that God exists, even if this God that we accept is not exactly like the God we would like to have or the God as written in the Bible that we have been taught to exist, which according to his own way of describing himself he said that he is a jealous God; therefore his follower should follow only him and no other God; which one may say that sound a bit harsh, but Yahweh God might have had his own reasons for describing himself so, because the people in those times were very violent and hard to control, but today some of us are a lot more reasonable and would be able to understand better, if something like that would really happen.
The other choice we have is to believe in the benevolent God that we wish would look after us all the time; anyhow, whichever god we accept that exists this god has elected to be passive at least for the time being, what else can we do, we have to accept God’s behaviour, if we want to believe in God, and then try to live our lives the best way we could; but at the same time we have to look around us and see what is happening, so that we would be ready to do the right things according to our own judgment, you see we might even have to defend ourselves against these violent people, that use the name of God to fulfil their own violent desires, you see they would like to rule the entire world using God’s name, but by doing that they would reduce God Allah to be their servant or even worse.
When these horrible things supposedly happen in the name of God, then it would have been better if God does not exist at all, so this question arises, should we believe in God, or it would be better if we don’t believe in God at all. 
These questions cannot be answered easily, so, for the rest of us in this hard case of religious violence and turmoil; whenever something needs to be done, we cannot think straight; so, the only thing that we would usually do is to follow God’s religious rules, as written in religious books, or follow our spiritual instinct.
Since we have said that there might be no God, let us continue to talk about it just to see what evidence there is readily available, so that we may have a clear picture of the whole religious subject.
Anyhow, at this point of time, it seems to me that this article is becoming too long, so we will be talking about the possibilities of God existence in our next future hubs, like there is no God, or God may not exist. See you there.
May God bless you/us all?      

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