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Sunday, February 14, 2021


We believe that MAN NEEDS GOD; we wish that God is human, like us, and God is a wise and powerful man, that can do anything he wants. Now, this is the God that we want and in a way we have believed for a long time, perhaps we can continue to believe in this God, and everything will be alright. But there are people and also times that we believe otherwise. Because things change and our needs change, perhaps one day, we need to re-describe God; we need to believe that, God is spiritual and there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing and spiritual thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the entire universe. 

The Bible tells us that, Moses one day went up Mount Sinai where he met God in the form of a burning bush, God told Moses to go back to Egypt and tell the Pharaoh to free the Israelite from slavery. when Moses asked who should I say has sent me, God replied Yahweh. This is how we know that God exists and his name is Yahweh. This is what we have believed since then. 

What we have said above has worked well for near 4,000 years, by today things are changing, and our beliefs may need to change also. Anyhow, I believe that nobody has ever seen God, even if some of us have dreamed about God, and we have see God as a man. But the truth is that God is a spiritual being, so, nobody can see the spirit of God; So, God can be described in many ways. We have chosen this photo to represent God of the future. We know that it is only an imaginary God, but this type of description can be more in line with the God we need in the future,and in these articles, as we do not know any better. 

Dear readers, in the past, we have written many religious articles, talking about MAN NEEDS GOD, but our articles are too long and too many. So, today we have decided to post in blogger a shortened version, hoping that the people will understand our point of view, starting with this article here. You can also visit some of our old links like this one, 

Now, welcome to our article, Man needs God 

Let us explain the reasons why man needs God  

May God guide and help me say the right things.

Dear readers, we could have said that, MAN NEEDS GOD, because it has been so since the beginning if recorded time. but in this article let us also talk about the reasons why man needs God, it will be a long article, because of the many issues we need to discuss So, we will be talking about; Man might have invented God, Man needs God, some religious mistrust, Proof of the existence of God, there is more to God than just definitions, Religious views and conversations, Future God and religious possible descriptions, God of the future and, Praying God for reconciliation and guidance. Anyhow, because the original article is too long, we have decided to split it in three parts, and this is part one. if you want to read the original article, this is the link, Man needs God  

Anyhow, we have reasons to believe that, man needs God because our human history shows us that, it has been so, since the beginning of recorded time. Having said that, let us discuss about the need to believe in God and be reconciled with God, because for us believers it is impossible to ignore God, or pray God, whichever God we believe in. But there are several gods’ names that humanity believes in, even though, we believe that there must be only one spiritual God that can represent all existing Gods.   

Anyhow, if we want to follow all existing Gods, at the beginning of this article we could have prayed God thus: May God of the universe that represents, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah belonging to the God of Abraham and those gods belonging to other religions, like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiver, and other gods that belong to other religions and we don’t even know their names; may these gods help us to say the right things in this article, since they all belong to the spiritual God life force of the universe.

As you can see, most civilization have believed and believe in their own Gods. Now, because we know that there are many Gods in the world, we want to believe that these gods, one day can be represented by a single God. So, we must find a way how these gods can work together as a single God. Now that may cause a problem in the future, but a way needs to be found.  

We know that mankind has always felt the need to believe in a supernatural force like God, from writings and drawing on the wall of caves. For instance, how can we explain when we find that the ancient people buried their dead with food beside them, as if the dead would eat? The only explanation that we can think of, was that they believed that there is life after death, and therefore there is a spiritual soul and God.

So, let us imagine, how the ancient people have worked out that there was a God. We have to admit that we don’t know how this happened, but somehow this belief of the existence of God was born, perhaps it was the fear of the unknown that started this belief, or they might have seen things that could not be explained, perhaps even dreams could have started these spiritual beliefs, let us imagine a primitive person dreaming about one of his past relative, I am sure that he thought that his soul had visited him, so, this could have started the belief about the afterlife, and God, well this is one way of looking at spiritual things; but we know that there are many other reasons why man needs God, so let us talk about it, starting with, man might have invented God. 

Man might have invented God 

Mankind might have invented God, because man needs God. For those who are Christian God has been described as a fatherly entity, so, God would protect the young, the weak, and everybody else, and that is what most of us need; then we needed God to be a powerful strong leader that can guide and protect us if we need protection, we can add that man needs God because God is hope for those that need hope most. 

We must say that all this set up of believing in God is strange because we don’t see God, but we believe in God anyhow, just because other people have told us about the existence of God; of course, not all humanity believes about God in the same way, since there are many religions and many Gods. Anyhow, the atheist people say that God is all an invention of our mind, since man might have invented God.

Anyhow, today while I am editing this article, there are religious wars going on in the Middle East and North Africa, you see, these religious extremist use their own God beliefs to wage a war for their own benefits, our views on this issue, is that if today we were to invent God, then we must make sure that our God is a benevolent and merciful God and not a warmonger; you see we humans are strange, we like things to be always in our favor, that is the only God we want.

Now, since we believe that God exists, and have proof that man needs God, today in this article we will discuss about the existence of God, which can be at least three ways: (1) God exists because God created everything and therefore he is the creator; (2) God exists because he is the main spiritual force of the entire universe; or (3) God exists because life exists and God is the active life force of the entire universe, therefore, everything living is a tiny part of God. Anyhow, we believe that this God being the active life force of the entire universe is probably the type of God that most people can accept including the atheists. Because it is the only way that could make sense to the present generations, so, let us continue with man needs God and our views.


Man needs God, our views 

Man needs God because we want to explain to ourselves, the reasons why we are here on earth. We believe that God exists, because that is what we have been taught to believe, and it is convenient to believe in God and follow a set of religious rules. But the atheists believe that God does not exist, therefore, for them it is wrong to teach people about God, because this can do more harm than good.

Here we want to ask them, what harm is there that we don’t know yet? We have believed in God and religions for a very long time and we do not see any harm in it. You see, most of us believe even today that God exists, and that man needs God for various reasons. Therefore, God cannot be replaced by a complete religious vacuum, because with no direction from heavens above, for those who believe in God, they will feel lost and this will result in a lot more harm than good.

Therefore, here we are saying to the atheists that man needs God, now and in the future. You see we believe in God, so, we are writing these religious articles in good faith for the future benefit of mankind, since we believe that something positive needs to be done to help religions survive the atheist attack, and the terrorist attack that is undermining most religions. Therefore, we are searching how we can achieve that; so, we need to philosophize and discuss religions many times, until we find something that makes sense even to the atheists. 

But to do that, we need to overcome religious mistrust that exists today, perhaps a new religious theory could help. Now, anything that is a new concept, may not be popular for the religious believers of today; however, we believe that it needs to be done. So, we are going to suggest it, in our imaginary theory of, Reconciliation of the universe. 

Some religious mistrust 

Now, today most religions are self-centered, because they have been written to keep the believers isolated from other religions, for this reason we are concerned. You see, we believe that religions are made to unite people and it creates a friendlier society, this setup is helpful, because people like to belong to a group that have something in common, and religions do that beautifully. But because religions are not the same, they give rise to mistrust of the other religious groups, and this is one of the problems that religious people have now and will continue in the future. 

In the past this religious mistrust was not obvious, because people were isolated, most people were born and lived in the same town all their lives, so, they didn’t know much about the outside world, and then, everything was moving slower that today, therefore, you could belong to a group of religious people, which might not even know about the existence of other religious groups that were different from their own, so, they were happy to live that way. But today it is different we learn what the other religious groups believe, sometimes we don’t like what they are doing, this gives rise to suspicion and mistrust. 

Therefore, we must look for religious options that can improve cooperation between religions. But to do that, we need to understand, why humanity has believed in God and religions the way that they are for an exceptionally long time.

Anyhow in this article, first we want to say that man needs God, and what sort of god is the most suitable God, for the future. We will explain other things as well, so, in this chapter we will be talking about religious views and conversations about the proof of the existence of God.

Anyhow, in this chapter, we have talked about the atheists, who are people that do not believe in God, so, here we want to point out that they are wrong to assume that God does not exist, because God exists in a way or another. So, we are trying to provide the proof of the existence of God, therefore, we are writing this article to let the atheists know that God really exists and why God exists, or need to exist; you see, this is our own personal beliefs, so, let us talk about it:

I believe that since the beginning of recorded times, mankind has searched for a God and they wanted God to exist, there are reasons why mankind has done that, and some of the reasons can be the followings: Mankind want to believe in God because they don't know why they are living on this planet earth, or they may feel the need to be protected from anything that is stronger than themselves, or anything that cannot be explained. But does God really exist one may ask? We believe that nobody can guaranty for sure that God exists; but most of us will agree that man needs God, because, it is better if God exists. Hereunder we are trying to prove that God exists, not only because Man needs God, but because God does really exist, even if this God that we are talking about, is different from the God we have been told to believe from our forebears in the past, so, let us see how this God would be like and why God exists. Anyhow, let us try to find proof of the existence of God. 

Now, this blog is becoming too long, so, we will be talking about God existence and other things, in our next blog, Man needs God, part two.  See you soon. 

May God bless us all. 


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