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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Describing God of the Universe

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Describing God of the universe

In this post, we are going to describe how we see God of the universe. Now, in order to describe God in a new way, we have to understand that God and its spiritual force cannot be seen, because they belong to a different dimension, so God is everywhere, so, when we look at the universe we may say that we are looking at God as well.    

Describing God of the universe

Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, God of the universe. As we have said at the end of our last post, we are going to talk about God of the universe as if he is as large as our galaxy. Therefore, let us imagine our Milky-way-galaxy, and let us put a circle around it, so that, we can now have a more definite area to work with; and in this way the infinity factor can be partly overcome.
In our galaxy there are millions and millions of solid bodies, and also not so solid lifeless bodies that go around in the heavens, there are also so many electromagnetic fields around these bodies; and throughout the cosmos there are light waves, radio waves, and many other things that we might not even know that they are over there. And we believe that God is part of those things that we think we know and yet we don’t fully know or understand. So the question here arises; what could God be like? Before we answer this question let us state that God exists, as we have already tried to prove that with one of our hubs, God exists because life exists and here is the link:
There are reasons to believe that God is the infinite life-force that governs the universe, and his presence is felt everywhere throughout the cosmos. We are not able to see God in our present living life-form, but we believe that one day we should be able to see God after we die, because then we will be in the spirit life-form, and therefore then, we will be much closer to God than we are now while we are living on this planet earth.
What God could be like nobody really knows. And since nobody has ever seen God completely and neither have I, (even if I have dreamed about God: but those were only a few spiritual dreams) then the only possible way for me to describe what God is like, is that I have to use my own human imagination. I need to use my human imagination in such a way that I would be using the general knowledge that we have today, here we could add that since God has been described the way he is from previous generation, therefore those previous generations have described God the way that suited them most, now using the same method we should describe God the way that would be most useful to us today, but let us not go too far for the time being, so let us describe God as close as we can to the old ways. So this is how I believe that God would or could be like.
The way that I see is that God is like a magnetic life-force that attract the positive life energies of the universe, this magnetic force runs throughout our galaxy and perhaps beyond it as well, but we have to confine ourselves to our galaxy only, in order to make it easier to describe God, because only in such a way we will be able to make sense about what we are going to say next.
There in the galaxy (the universe), there is a place where the presence of God and God-life-force is very dense, and from there God radiates his force of life throughout the universe. We cannot see God’s life-force, (because we are not meant to see it, but we know that it is there because there is life on earth, and perhaps somewhere else in the galaxy and beyond.) but if we were able to see God’s life-force, I would imagine that could look like the following description:
Let us just say that God’s life-force is infinitely large and covers the whole of our galaxy. In the centre it is very dense and it is pure knowledge and life-energy, and therefore this is God Himself. Now, if we were able to see God from a distance, perhaps we would have seen Him as a light that glows. This light would be very bright and beautiful and also extremely extensive, and yet it would not blind us, because God Himself would not hurt us since we are his own created human beings, and to achieve that, God would adjust his power at a level that we would be able to see Him without being hurt, because He is there to give life and not to hurt life. However because God is pure life-energy and we are not pure and perhaps unclean as well, we will not be able to see God at close range as it would be dangerous for us, because the immense strength of His pure power would kill us.
But know let us try to describe God of the Universe: But before we start to describe him I have to pray to purify myself and be worthy of writing religious things. So, from now onward, in my religious writings every chapter will have its own prayer just for that chapter, because it is necessary for me to pray and be purified, and then to implore God our Father to guide and help me to write my writings. It is also important for our readers to pray God in order to purify themselves and be worthy in God’s eyes while they read this part of our religious writings of Reconciliation of the universe.
Hereunder is one of my prayers;
My Lord God, with my personal concerns I come to you praying benevolent God Most High; I am praying thee for forgiveness of my sins and reconciliation to thy eternal life force, I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins and that you would make me clean of any impurities that may affect my soul and thus I would become worthy to be heard and write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will. Lord, hear my prayer, amen!
In next hub we are going to describe this new theory of how God’s life forces and all the spiritual life forces of the universe exist in the universe. It is a sort of vision of how all the spiritual forces are and how they are linked to our life on earth. So, do not miss next few hubs, if you care to see our religious theory and our views about Reconciliation of the Universe. See you soon.
May God help us to understand his will?
May God bless us all?

Man needs God
Describing God of the universe
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