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Reconciliation forum 1

Welcome to my Reconciliation Forum Part 1

Reconciliation forum

Welcome to our Public Reconciliation Forum
Reconciliation Forum by Frank Menchise, also known as Menfranco Laws:

In this opening paragraph, first of all, we would like to welcome our readers, and then we would like to state our reasons, why we are writing these articles in Hub Pages and other sites as well. We believe that this reconciliation forum has been opened and written in good faith for the future benefit of all humanity; therefore, our intentions are that we are going to write many articles that aim to benefit humanity, anyhow this is our intention and we will try to do just that; but at the same time, we are not shore how the public will think about our public forum.
This is what some great people have said about our human mind and our human behaviour

Public reconciliation forum

We have called this article reconciliation forum, because, by definition the forum is a place where people can discuss many issues and this is what we are going to do here, we are going to discuss many human issues. The word forum comes from the Latin and it is a place where people meet openly and discuss many issues; beside here is a photo of the old Forum of Rome; of course today we don’t need to go a forum like a plaza or city square, because we can discuss many things with our electronic devices, including the Internet that has many sorts of open public forums in it, like tweeter, Facebook and other public forums, also this Hub Pages site can be said that it is a public forum, since all sorts of writers can write their views and publish them for the public to read; as you can see we have chosen this site to publish our articles.

 This is a made up photo of the old Roman forum, where people would meet to talk about many things, from their personal things to very important thing, like how to run the world affairs.

Today public forums would be used in different ways. You can see here in this modern public forum; so many people have come to this religious event, whatever that event is.

Public reconciliation forum

Our personal aim here, is that, in this forum here we are going to publish some idealistic articles, these articles are aimed at improving our own lives, and we are writing them, because we believe that a man has got to do what he believes has got to be done, in this case we believe that we should follow our heart and write openly about our religious beliefs, because we believe that if we put forward our religious views, some religious problems could be solved; now, what we would like to do here is to follow what we have already written in our article called, the duty of any man, one of this article today can be found at. and there is also one here in hub Pages somewhere, but I don’t remember in which hub we have published it.
Dear readers, at this very moment, I am reflecting at what we have just said above; so, we have become aware that this claim of opening a site just for the benefit of mankind may sound exaggerated and open to questioning, therefore some of our readers may think that it could not and would not be done, or that we might be dreaming an impossible dream. We have to say that perhaps you might be right and we are dreaming an impossible dream, but anyhow, we still believe that it is worth to have a go and see what happens, after we publish our several articles, we hope that you read our writings, so that you can judge for yourself, once you have read this, ‘Public reconciliation forum’ writings and other writings that are going to follow later on.
Now, these writings here even though we are starting them with this public forum, and as we have said public forums are there to discuss all sorts of issues; we have to say here, that most of our articles here are going to be discussions about religions, but they are not all religious as is in a theology debate, where we would discuss only our beliefs about the existence of God, because our articles are a hybrid between religion and philosophy. We could say that, at the beginning 20% of these discussions could be said to be philosophic discussions, and the rest 80% religious discussions, but as we go on their content will change and by the time we end, there will be more philosophic discussions than religious discussion.
Now we have to explain that this is not a new way of seeing these religious things, because in the old times just about everything was discussed as philosophy. So whatever we will be writing in our religious writing it is not just religions and theology, since theology deals mainly about God and fixed religious beliefs without giving the believers any chance to have their say, in fact theology is the art of making people believe in God, even when God could not be proven to exist. Anyhow, we hope that you see what we mean. Now, let us go back to write about our public reconciliation forum before we write about our religious articles.
As we have said at the beginning, these writings are going to be the beginning of our Public Reconciliation Forum written for the benefit of mankind, therefore one can say that it is going to be an idealistic theory or views of what humanity should be aiming for, in order to improve and reconcile many existing issues that exist in the world society of today. Anybody is and will be welcome to our Public Reconciliation Forum to read it, and if they want to comment on our views, they are welcome as long as they come to visit this site with an open mind, they are good people and looking for ways to reconcile any difference that they might have with the rest of the world community at large, since this is one of the reasons why this Public Reconciliation Forum site has been opened for, so let us discuss a bit more about the purpose of our writings.
Purpose of our writings

Written here under are the reasons why we are writing these articles:
Dear readers, we know that now that you have read our writing intentions, you might be asking yourself, what is all this stuff about writing another public reconciliation forum? When there are already so many articles written about all sorts of public reconciliations, in a lot of public forums, and to the best of our knowledge people talk about reconciliations, but all those discussions that we have had so far, they all seem to get us nowhere, so what is the use to have another public reconciliation written here, you may ask?
But, let us explain our position, you see a man has got to do what a man believes has got to do and so be it! One of these reasons can be found in our beliefs and also in our duty as stated in the article, ‘The duty of any man’. Therefore, in our case it follows that just because we believe that we know what needs to be done we are willing to do it, we will have to do it somehow; for this reason, I have made up my mind and I am going to write and publish our articles anyhow.
Just to inform our readers who is the writer, I am only going to say that I am an old man, but my age is not going to stop me doing what I believe needs to be done; I know that now you would like to ask, how old are you? But I am not going to tell you my age, since age in these public reconciliation writings is not very important in deciding what to say and what to do, but the beliefs are and therefore I am going to do what I believe needs to be done. Anyhow I wanted to say that during my life I have learned many things and from this learning’s I have formed new ideas, so now that I am an old man I would like to say a few things that might perhaps help the future generations, after all what is the use or need to learn anything at all if one does not try to use that learning’s that one has learned one day, especially if you believe that they could help other people without costing you anything, except the time to write them.
Therefore, having learned many things during my life, one of which is that we have to try to reconcile all sorts of disagreements, if we really want to achieve a better way of life for ourselves and the future generations; and therefore, now we would like to pass our acquired knowledge on to you our readers and to the rest of the community, in the hope that you would find helpful to know what we know, and therefore, you are willing to follow us and read our reconciliation forum writings, and other writings that are going to follow, as we write them.
Perhaps what we are going to say might not be important to all our readers, but we are sure that there will be some people that will find what we are going to write in our Reconciliation Forum Writings and what is going to follow interesting enough, and so, they will follow us all the way to the end of our reconciliation articles, and also our religious debate and descriptions.

Why we are writing public reconciliation
Why we are writing this article, why we are writing public reconciliation now, you see this sub-article is a special article within this article of our Public reconciliation forum, because things happen during our live that make us change a few things, in order to adjust them to the new knowledge that we have learned, we have to add another thing or two to what we have already said.
So, here we need to say that while I am writing here and thinking about reconciliations, and let me tell you what we mean by reconciliation here, we mean that we would like to adjust things in a way that they agree with each other, anyhow, at this very moment the first and most important public reconciliation that I would think of is that we need to write something about religious reconciliations, because there have been so many bad happenings that involve religious groups and some of those happenings are not nice at all, in fact they are harmful to the point of even killing other fellow’s man and that is not acceptable to anybody. We need just to look at what has happened, September 11- 2001 it is terrible and then we should ask ourselves, would it be possible to do something to stop these religious extremist? You see, this is what really is on our minds today, and this is the link; September 11 attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
We have reasons to believe that you all would agree that killing other human beings is the cruellest act that mankind can do, especially if it turns out that the people that die are innocent as they have personally done nothing to deserve to die; anyhow, whatever is the reason for killing another man is wrong, therefore a man should first of all try to see if there are ways that could bring about any sort of reconciliation with the terrorist people, and even if there isn’t a way for reconciliation, we still need to condemn them, because killing somebody is completely wrong.
Here, I am sorry to say that while I am editing this article other terrible things are happening that makes the world shudder, because the Islamic State terrorist are killing innocent people openly, they kill them in the name of their God and religion, so anybody that does not belong to their religion is a target for them to kill: one is bound to ask, are these terrorist really religious believers? If they are religious believers how could they kill in the name of God?
So let us say just a few things that we have learned about this Islamic religion; I am a Roman Catholic person, so I cannot say that what I am saying next is completely correct, but for what I know and have read about this Muslim religion is that their God is called Allah and their religious book is The Koran. In the second chapter called The Cow in the Koran it states, or rather God Allah says that he is the same God of the Jews that has helped Moses cross the Red Sea and also other things. Now if Allah and Yahweh is the same God, then the Islamist should read the Ten Commandment, which they seem to completely ignore two of the main Commandments, Commandment number three, ‘Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain’ and the six commandment sixth, ‘Thou shalt not kill’; but they kill in the name of their God.
Then they also believe that will go to paradise, because they have killed in the name of their God Allah, for recompense Allah their God will give them 12 virgins to play and have sex with in the afterlife world of the dead. This sounds completely absurd and must be a madman dream to believe these things; anyhow we will leave this to Allah their God to decide.

This is how people have known The Ten Commandment

Anyhow here and now we need to go back to talk about our forum for reconciliation, since this is what we are writing here.

What is on our mind?
So, what is on our mind right now that we need to talk about?
So, let us leave behind the conversation about the Islamic terrorist for the time being, even though this is the most important reconciliation that we are looking to achieve in these articles that we are writing here. And now, let us talk about other reconciliations as well, here we have to point out that what we have said from the beginning is only one of the several ways of reconciliation that mankind needs to try to achieve, because there are many more reconciliations and mankind needs to do something about it.
So let us try to start our dialogue about reconciliations in general; at this point of time we are calling these writings Reconciliation Forum part one, just for the time being, because we would like to introduce all sorts of reconciliations in this first article; since we believe that humanity needs to do something about all sorts of reconciliations, but we know that what we are writing here first of all is only an idealistic theory that we have in mind, or a wishful thinking I call it sometimes; therefore, now in the beginning we would like to mention very briefly all sorts of reconciliations, just to introduce the idea of reconciliations by making a list of them, so that later on we would be able to return and choose any one that seems to be more important than the rest and try to work on that immediately.
Now, because we are going to talk about many things, Reconciliation Forum might not be the right name for the entire series of subjects that we have in mind, as they need to be named according to what they want to achieve; but the most important one that we want to talk about here, it is going to be religion, and we already know what we are going to call some of our religious writings, Reconciliation of the Universe, this reconciliation will be about religions and the way that they may be able to coexist with the rest of the religious world, we hope that we will be able to suggest to the world, how religions should be set up, in the hope that even the Muslim would be attracted to this new way of religious thinking, all this would be in line with what is known or believed today.
Now, because I am an idealistic person writing an idealistic theory, let me show you first of all the starting point of a long list of possible reconciliations that we humans could try to achieve for the betterment of all humanity. So, let us take a look hereunder at this long list of reconciliations, which we have already written in our Original Reconciliation Docs:
So, dear readers I suppose that you could blame my imagination if you find these writings below outside the normal everyday box, you see, this is what I just did when I started to write about my theory of, Reconciliation of the universe. You see I had to go back a step or two and find an excuse about reconciliations; this is how I started my Original Reconciliation Docs, let us now see what I wrote in that first article. Here is one of my web addresses that I have used to publish those writings. you will find links there and lots of text to read

 Original reconciliation forum

Hereunder is written part of an earlier version for opening this reconciliation forum, we are going to publish just some of the original text here to give you an idea of what we wanted to say and do then, at the very beginning of our writings; by doing this, it will give you an idea of how we viewed these issues then, and how much our views are going to change, while we continue to write more articles and learn other things; so, it is worth to compare these things, by the time we finish writing our religious articles. Now let us start with our original reconciliation forum.
Therefore, first of all let us imagine where we stand in the wide universe, because there are reasons to believe that somehow the entire universe is connected together, about these universal connections we are going to tell you as we go on writing our articles, but for the time being we’ll say that not only our human earthly things need to be reconciled, but also spiritual issues which one can only imagine that they could cover the entire universe as well. Having said that now we hope that you understand the reasons why we have started to search for universal reconciliations the way written below:
Future universal reconciliation
For a long time we Christians have believed that if we believed in God and followed what is written in the Bible, then we would be reconciled with everything that we needed to be reconciled with, but today this does not seem to be enough anymore, first of all today some people find the Bible is not fault less and therefore it cannot be the word of God; not only that but we seem to want to know more, because what is written in the Bible does not cover everything and some people even challenge the authority of the Bible, so we start to ask ourselves what should we do, in order to be reconciled with the entire world, physically and spiritually.
So, let us work together to find Future Universal Reconciliation.
As we have said, this document is being created in the hope that we (the people of this world) would be able one day to find a way on how to achieve Future Universal Reconciliations.
So, let us state what we would like to see written in here; we would like to see written an idealistic theory or theories that with time would grow in importance, so that one day these written theories would and could become reality.
We feel that we are at the beginning of the age of reason; well at least some of us are, because we are willing to move forward in a very peaceful way; although what has happened in USA September 9 2001 throws as back a fair bit, because it is obvious that some of people have not reached the age of reason. But not withstanding that, we believe that any human being who is worth to be called a human being must live his life according to certain rules and respect humanity, if he wants to be called a human being.
Therefore, a man must always try to do his best to stay within certain fundamental rules, whether these rules are natural unwritten human expectations, written government laws or religious commandments that have been written to guide their followers.
The duty of any living man is that he has to try to live his whole life honestly the best way he can according to these rules, or at least as good as his forbears have done before him, since he would have been trained from them to do so. Then, if a human being is able during his own life to find a way on how to improve the knowledge he has received from his forbears it would be right for him to use it to his own advantage, and if he believes that what he has learned during his entire life would be an improvement of the knowledge he has received, then let him pass it on to the future generations: we believe that these are the duties of any living man, and any living man should really be asking himself the following question: What is the duty of humanity of this Planet? And then try to live according to these rules.
We know that what we want to start here is just an idealistic dream; but dreams sometimes can become true if we try hard enough to make them happen, well at least some of them could become true.
Now, having explained briefly what we would like to be written here let us go back to its main requirements and ask. What would or could those requirements be to achieve some sorts of reconciliations?

 What would those requirements be?

So let us see, what those requirements would be to achieve some universal reconciliation:
All discussion should be serious discussions as the aim of these writings is to find a serious collective solution to the many problems that exist in this world today.
It is obvious that there will be several kinds of reconciliations, since there are several kinds of issues that need to be discussed and reconciled in this world. So these writings just for a start need to be divided at least in three main groups of reconciliatory writings:
So that, one group could be dealing with people as in the layman’s world, another with the problems that we the people of this world cause, and what we have caused effects Mother Nature, and another would be dealing with beliefs in the religious world: past present and in the future, because beliefs cause people to do strange things.
Then these three major groups would by necessity divide in several other groups and each one of them would be dealt with accordingly.
Since the issues of reconciliation are a very large field, it needs to be addressed by a large number of people, so anybody that wants to participate is welcome to do so, they can start their own reconciliation writings, on any subject that we mention here under.
As for myself, I would like to write mainly just one of the reconciliations, which would be based of course on my own life experiences and observations, at the moment I believe that I would be writing about religious reconciliation, as this seems to be more urgent than the others, but let us write first about our reconciliation solutions.

 These are our reconciliation solutions

Let us decide how to subdivide these three groups first of all;
Group No: 1 People.
This group could be divided in three smaller groups that overlap each other by a number of years, because people of different age need to do different things:
Group 1, a; for the under 25 plus;
Group 1, b; 25 to 70 years old group;
Group 1, c; for people who are 70 plus years’ old
Group No: 2 Mother Nature.
This group could also be divided in three smaller groups:
Group 2, a; let’s talk about the ways of Mother Nature:
Group 2, b; what do we do that upsets Mother Nature most.
Group 2, c; what we should do to set things right again with Mother Nature.
Group No: 3 about God and religious beliefs.
This group could also be divided in three smaller groups:
Group 3, a; old religions and the inborn need to have them;
Group 3, b; nowadays religions and how they serve humanity;
Group 3, c; should there be a super religion to help unite humanity in the future?
Now let us look at these groups
Group 1, a; People, the under 25 plus:
When you were young, how many times have you been asked?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
This is one of the questions that grown up ask often young people.
What about telling us the first day at school?
What about telling us the end of your school days?
When you feel saying Good bye to school forever, and feel happy to say hello to the wide world. Watch out world here I come!
Write a comment on this if you like?
Group 1, b; People 25 to 70 years old:
The Young at heart!
This large group would be better if it is dealt with in smaller groups starting with the over 25 years. These are young people who long to establish themselves in the world of business and make a name for themselves; but at the same time they think mostly like this: Know that we are young and strong we like to go out into the world and enjoy ourselves; and this is exactly what they will be doing for a while, but at the same time in realty in their minds most of them would be thinking about the opposite sex, if they are normal, but if they are not then they would be thinking about their own sex fantasies wherever that takes them.
We believe that the majority of us would like to find our love partner for ourselves, so that we would be able to have our own family, just as Mother Nature instinct wants us to behave.
Well I should say that I do not see anything wrong with that, because that is the way mankind will reproduce their offspring indefinitely and life can go on forever unless the world comes to an end.
It has been like that for a very long time, since Mother Nature in order for the species to survive has installed this love bug within us, lucky are those who fall in love at first sight, for they have a chance to love their chosen partner all their life long and never will have any trouble; therefore, they could be lucky because they don’t have to look for another love partner all their life and feel blessed for what they have already got; but to be that lucky in love is very rare.
For those who are not so lucky in love may God help them, because they will be struggling to find their love partner all their life long and when they think that they have found the right one something goes wrong again and they end up with a broken heart.
We all have our own views about love and sex; even between straight people of the same gender and a great deal more between the two sexes and even more if one is gay or lesbian.
Whatever you are and whatever you think about love and sex, this forum is open for everybody to discuss their views; so, I hope that you will use it wisely, discuss your happenings, thoughts and ideas and be able to reach a good conclusion and be reconciled with yourself and the world. Now let us talk briefly about love and the mystery of love and also life.

I feel that life is love and love is life itself,
And one could not exist without the other.
Therefore, if life cannot exist without love,
Then I better love, or I may as well be dead.
People that are deeply in love continually torture themselves on how to say sweet things to their sweethearts; they are always thinking what to say and what to do, so they could and would even try to write some love poems like this below (and if these are not poems then call them phraseology of love if you like), in the hope of finding approval from their sweetheart:
I love you; to me you are my love
To me you are a wonderful person
To me you are the delight of my eyes
To me you are like a beautiful flower
To me you are my greatest heart desire.
These poems (or phraseology of love) which we have written above could be much longer: but we are not going to write them in full, we would like them to be only an example of what could be written here, in the hope that you the public would add more love phrases to say to your own sweethearts.
Lucky are those who in love find peace and happiness all their lifelong; and for those that are not lucky in love and feel hurt, let us hear some of their laments, while they try hard to put on a happy face, as they don’t want the world to see their love pains.
When somebody asks us about our love life, we may happen to be very much down, but we will not admit it and will answer you: We are very well, thank you!
So, my dear readers, listeners or friends, there are no doubts about our own forced behaviour as we want to control this painful situation ourselves and we don’t want the world to know our pains.
Let us describes our behaviour in these situations.
We behave sometimes as if the world is indeed unreal,
When we do say things that we do not mean or feel
And even when our own heart is hurt and cries in pains,
We do turn to the world and pretending smile again,
Because we don’t want the world to see our pains,
But all the efforts that we have made have been in vain.
Because our heart still hurts and we still feel that pain.
This behaviour described above is usually used very often, not only the unfortunate lover would use it, but also other people during normal life happenings. Sometimes it is not a bad thing to do, as we are trying to make the best out of a painful situation, therefore, if somebody that is not personally interested in your health out of politeness just asks “how are you” and you answer “I am very well thank you” it is okay even if it is a lie, because we would have saved the others party from an unpleasant situation. In fact, in business this behaviour would be the norm.
I believe that I have written too much in this section, but anyhow soon or later this would have come up; and now it may as well stay written here.
Now let us leave behind the lovers and talk about what other things we would like to achieve in life, usually we would like to be important and rich
There are many problems that we face during our life, one of the biggest one is how to earn our own living, and how to become rich, so that we don’t have to worry about money anymore?
Would anybody that has become rich tell us how to get rich, please?
Would anybody that has problems in life tell us about them?
It may well be that there is somebody able to help for free?
Group 1, c; people 70 years old and over
These group of people are now becoming old, for them to do physical work at this age is becoming hard, so they have to retire; but some of these people have still got a good mind and because of their experiences they are able to spot things and solve problems as good as when they were younger. So, let us talk about the old men’s wisdom.
Talking for myself here I would say; now that I am 70 years old, one can say that I am an old man, so, I have to say good bye to any dreams which I have not been able to achieve during my life. I feel that I have so much life experience and I believe that I am wiser now that when I was young; therefore, the only thing that is left for me to do is try to use my earned wisdom in such a way that it would help all humanity.
I need to say here that I believe that we are at the beginning of the age of reason, I have to point out here that I have said the beginning of the age of reason, because not all humanity has reached that stage, as we can see from those terrible things that happen, when there is no need for them to happen; however any human being that has reached the age of reason, and believes that he is a human being who is worth to be called a human being must live his life according to certain rules, if he wants to be called a human being, whether these rules are natural unwritten human expectations, written government laws or religious commandments. I can say that I have lived my life mostly according to those rules which I have mentioned here and I believe that I have become wiser, therefore my duty now is that I have to pass my knowledge to future generations, because, if a human being is able during his own life to find a way on how to improve the knowledge he has received from his forbears it would be good for him to pass it on to the future generations:
So, in my acquired wisdom I would like to write here an idealistic theory that with time could grow in importance, so that one day my written theory could become reality and be able to help humanity.
I believe that these are the duties of any living man. So I am going to write this theory religious theory for the benefit of all humanity.
This I will continue when I come back to this religious article, but now I need to talk briefly about Mother Nature.

 The ways of Mother Nature

Group No: 2 Mother Nature.
This group could also be divided in three smaller groups:
Group 2, a; let’s talk about the ways of Mother Nature:
Group 2, b; what do we do that upsets Mother Nature most.
Group 2, c; what we should do to set things right again with Mother Nature.
Group 2, a: The ways of Mother Nature
There are reasons to believe that in the beginning, the life force of God in unity with Mother Nature started simple life on this planet earth; this simple life then evolved and became more complex, since then life has changed many times in many ways, sometimes this was good and sometimes bad for the existing life on earth. Today we seem to have reached a point where things are very unpleasant for Mother Nature, so we have reached a danger point and this is when Mother Nature may react and claim back its own ways, so we may even disappear from the face of this earth. You see here we are talking about climatic changes that are starting to show up more and more often than how they used to be in the past.
What do we do to upset Mother Nature?
Group 2, b: What do we do to upset Mother Nature?
Today mankind is overtaxing the ways of Mother Nature; we seem not to care about those ways.
We clear forests and burn all trees down so that we can use the land for grazing or for growing crops. Then we build out towns everywhere and where there were trees and grass now there are towers and towers of grey cement. Where will this all end up?
Do you think that Mother Nature will just let us go on forever? I don’t think so.
Group 2, c: What we ought to do to set things right again?
Mankind should be very careful about what they are doing to Mother Nature because Mother Nature doesn’t like to change her ways easily, she may let us do what we want for a while; but in the end she will return to her own ways, and whatever doesn’t agree with her ways will somehow disappear in nothingness. Therefore, we may soon have a shock for all the bad things we have done to Mother Nature, I believe that it has already started, as we all know the temperature on earth are increasing and the ice poles are melting, so we better start thinking what we should do to reverse the process. But that is not going to be easy, however let us hope that we would be able to do something in time to avoid disaster.
Now let us move to our last group, God and religions.
God and religious beliefs
We are writing it here just to complete our reconciliation list, but the reality is that it is the beginning of our next chapter called Religious Reconciliation Forum; We are saying this because this is the way of how we will start our next chapter, it is also the reconciliations that we are going to write first, since we have already written a few articles about religions.

Group No: 3 about God and religious beliefs.
This group could also be divided in three smaller groups:
Group 3, a; old religions and the inborn need to have them;
Group 3, b; nowadays religions and how they serve humanity;
Group 3, c; should there be a super religion to help humanity in the future?
As we have said, these are the issues that we will be writing in our next chapter, which we are going to call Religious Reconciliation Forum, because we are going to talk about all sorts of religions, in the hope that one day, we are going to be able to suggest, how we could improve the religious world, in such a way that the atheists stop attacking religious believers, and the Muslim start thinking that perhaps their religion need to be changed, in order to fall in line with the world modern religious beliefs.
We believe that we have said enough in this long article; so see you soon in our article “Religious reconciliation forum.
May God guide us to say the right religious things in our religious forum?
May God bless us all?