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The fourth circle 72

The fourth circle negative tormented souls

Welcome to our hub ((19 (72)), the fourth circle negative tormented souls
May God guide and protect us in this negative circle?
This is a scene just like in Dante Alighieri inferno, as there are more tormented souls in this fourth circle negative, they are guarded from armies of negative angels that patrol this part of Hell, souls are in these circle negative by degree of their negativity and what they have done during their lives. 

This is how my angel protector that the Archangel Michael assigned to accompany me in the negative circle could look like. I don't see him but he talks to me and tells me what to do, when I need to be told.  

There is a multitude of souls in this part of Hell of the fourth circle negative, they are painful to see and hear their laments, they lament above all, because their is no way back for them. So they are going to be there until the time comes, when they are going to be moved to the next lower circle and then driven to the abyss to be destroyed forever. 

The fourth circle negative
More Hell tormented souls
Welcome to our hub ((19) (72)), the fourth circle negative and tormented souls; which could also be said that it is the tenth circle, if we count from the central God life force of the universe. Of course this is just another link of the chain that forms the cycle of the spiritual forces of the universe.
May God guide and protect us in this negative circle?
More Hell tormented souls
Dear readers, in our imaginary spiritual journey of the spiritual forces of the universe, we have reached this point where we have visited and written about the fifth circle negative, so, now we are going to visit and talk about the fourth circle negative, of course in this negative circle like the fifth circle there are more Hell tormented souls, of course in this circle the souls are worse off than circle number five, because this circle is farther away from God positive central life force of the universe and therefore it is closer to the central negative life force; but let us visit it and talk about it anyhow.
Now, as we have already said before that we need to pray God for protection, here in this circle in order that you can protect yourself from the negative force say a prayer to God, even if you just pray a short prayer by saying; My Lord God and Almighty Father protect me/us from the force of evil, in this fourth circle negative.
Dear readers, we know that it is becoming even boring to repeat again and again that we have to pray for protection from God, while we are mentally visiting or perhaps just reading about these spiritual negative circles; but, that is the only way to feel safe I tell you, so don’t be lazy and expose yourself to danger just because you do not want to pray; you see, praying is easy and natural if you feel that you are really in a dangerous place. So try to understand the situation here, and we are sure that when you do, it will be a lot easier for you to pray God for protection.
We are sure that somewhere else we have already written about what we are going to explain once more for safety reasons, you see we are going deeper and deeper in the spiritual negative territory, and as we go deeper the danger increases, it increases just because there is more negative activity there, so one has to be extra careful and guard oneself by praying to God. Now let us try to explain it another way; you see the supernatural forces have more power over people that believe in them, and above all when these people talk about them, and even more so when one is sympathetic to their cause. Of course the people that don’t believe can also be affected by them perhaps by a smaller degree, or they might be affected and don’t know the reasons of whatever is happening to them; so be on your guard and pray God for protection especially while we are talking about these spiritual circles negative.
Prayers to God for protection
My prayer for the fourth circle negative
My lord God and Almighty Merciful Father I am praying you for protection, while I am visiting this fourth circle negative even though I know that I am only visiting it mentally, you see, I am praying because these negative forces seem to me so powerful that I would be scared to talk about them unless I feel protected from you Almighty Spiritual Father, and thus I pray:
To Yahweh our Heavenly Father I pray here with all my heart, my soul and my mind, I am praying to Yahweh because he is the only true God that cares about humanity, because he came down to earth a long time ago on Mount Sinai, where he met Moses and talked to him just because he cares about us humans and therefore he cares also about our souls; here I pray because I fear the force of evil in this fourth circle negative while I am mentally visiting it and writing about it, and thus I pray to my Lord:
My prayer;
Our God Yahweh, to you I turn praying Father and God Most High muster of the universe and life giver to every living thing; I am praying you to protect me from the force of evil. My Lord while I am mentally visiting and writing here in this fourth circle negative I feel that I may be in danger, because I am talking about the force of evil, so, I pay you to send me an angel to protect me; and also to protect my family and any readers that may read these negative hub circles. So Father, not only I ask you to protect me, but let me see through my mind eyes what I should write in here, let me see and write it in such a way that I will not upset anyone, and that what I write here is as close to the truth as things could or would really be. I ask you Father to help and protect me in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Father, hear my prayer. Amen.
I usually would pray longer than what I have written, especially while we are going deeper and deeper in these negative circles; but to write about everything that goes through my mind will become boring, because there will be too many repetitions, I hope you see what I mean.
Entering the fourth circle
Prayer while entering the fourth circle negative
Dear readers, before we say our prayer for the forth circle negative, here we have to imagine again and see our vision of what could be written at the entrance of the fourth circle negative, in all languages of the world:
This is the first gate that leads to the place of no return, since those who enter here could never return back, except for those that come in the name of God and God of the universe has granted them safe return. This is how I imagine the forth circle negative entrance is. And now let us pray;
Dear readers, I have to say that the prayer hereunder is almost the same as it was in my last fifth negative circle, but one has to understand that a lot of times prayers can only be written in a certain way, to carry a certain message and benefits to the prayer.
So, here I am praying while I mentally go in the fourth circle negative
While I am going in the fourth circle negative I am saying this prayer aloud: I come to visit this fourth circle negative in the name of God the Father and our lord Jesus Christ the Son, I come in the company of this angel that the Archangel Michael has given me to protect me and make sure that I return safely to Mother Earth circle, at the end of my visit of the negative forces of the universe; therefore I am in the company of this wonderful angel of God while I am visiting and writing about the negative life forces of the universe; I am saying this so that you know who has sent me, so allow me to see what it is like here, so that I can report what I have seen in writing.
More tormented souls in this fourth circle negative
Let us just imagine the fourth circle negative
After praying as I have said above, this is how I imagine the fourth circle negative:
In the fourth circle negative everything seems to be a bit more controlled from the negative angels, because things are a lot worse than the fifth circle negative, therefore there are endless armies of negative angels, which I feel all around us, but I am not seeing them, because I am not trying to see them, because if I see them I might become scared, and perhaps it is even dangerous to see them, so I am satisfied to look around at the section of dead people souls, which do not seem to be happy at all in this sort of situation, they seem to lament their unfortunate position in one way or another.
In this circle there are not any welcome signs, but a voice can be heard saying; this is the fourth circle negative and unlucky is those souls that come in here as there is no turning back from here onward, you can stay in this place forever or be moved farther down closer to the boundary of no return. There are also signs written in any language of the world that say about the same thing as the voice that one can hear.
The dead people souls in this circle are worse off than the souls that were in the fifth circle, they seem to form a few groups, as they are not all the same and they have not done the same sort of nasty deeds; the greatest number of these souls are those that have killed their fellow man, or they have caused to be killed one way or another, but not all of them are here, since the worst of them have only been through here and moved already to the lower circle, so I guess that the souls of Attila, Stalin and Hitler and other mass killers have gone past here already, since they were too restless to stop here, anyhow here in a group are those leader that have waged wars just for the sake of waging wars and killing, they still keep up appearance as strong souls, but at the same time they seem to realize that from here on there is no way out for them, because in the future they are all going to die, when they become too restless and will be driven to circle three negative, which will be another step closer to their death and destruction. We will explain this situation better, as we go on writing our articles and explain the role of the abyss in this imaginary spiritual world.
Of course there are many other groups that we could talk about, but to make a long story short, we will say only that the rest of these souls here have done lots of nasty deeds, therefore they were of a nasty disposition when they were on earth and they continue to be of a nasty disposition even here, they have never done anything useful for the community when they were living on earth, as they have lived their lives by using the community resources, but not contributing to them; most of them are robbers and other people that did not care at all for the rest of the community, so, during their lives they took whatever they could even if they had to use force, so they made the other people of the community feel frustrated and miserable, they were no good at all and that is the reason why they have been sent to this circle, they too are waiting for their turn to be moved to circle number three, if and when they become too restless to stay in this circle.
So, in this circle there are robbers and even some people that have committed murder, whether they killed people to rob them or for other reasons and many others nasty things, there are also those that have killed for sexual gratification and many other souls that have done nasty deeds; I would have liked to put a name to all of them, but at this moment I cannot think of doing that, because it would be hard for me to name them all, but they are all here in this circle, because of their nasty deeds.
Anyhow, while we are visiting this circle I can hear my special guardian angel explaining to me that as we go deeper and deeper in these spiritual negative circles, we will encounter worse and worse things, and really we should be very careful about what we are doing or even saying, so that we do not upset the negative forces, after all my angel is saying that this is their God’s assigned domain as you may know.
I am thinking okay we should be very careful, but how bad it is going to be when we move to next circle? Well I suppose we have to wait and see. From what I hear and what I see here there is a lot more that we could talk about in this circle, but we have to move on, as I don’t like to stay in these negative force domains a moment longer than it is necessary. And thus we move towards our next circle. I will add more of what I have seen next time when we edit this hub. For the time being let we say that we have described another link of the chain of the life forces of the universe: So, see you in our next hub; the third circle negative, the dying souls circle.
May God guide and help me to say the right things in these religious circles?

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