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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Warning for our readers

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
Welcome to out post, man needs God
and this post, warning for our readers
Warning for our readers
Because the forces of evil are by belief dwelling in Hell. With this photo we try to warn our readers, about its dangers.

Warning for our readers

Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post called, the two life force of the universe. If you have followed us, and you have read our previous religious posts, you know by now that we are describing the negative life force of the universe. So, let me explain, since we believe that all existing spiritual life force of the universe form a never ending cycle, here we have reached a place where we have to talk about the negative forces of the universe. So, because we are going to talk about the negative life force of the universe, we believe that we are entering a place of many hidden spiritual dangers, whether you believe it or not try to follow our warning, because we believe that these negative forces exist, just like the positive forces of God exists.
Therefore, from here onward, and up to the end of our writings of the negative life force, every time that you read an article in the negative life force writings say a prayer to God for protection, even if you read just a few lines. It is very important that you pray. And don’t you ever forget it!
You don’t have to say a very long prayer if you are only reading a few lines, and it could be enough to pray only like this: My Lord God, protect me from the force of evil.
But for me because I am going to write about the negative life force of the universe, and for those who are reading through it, I will be writing a prayer for protection every time we enter a new chapter or circle, and you make sure that you read it as a prayer for protection to protect yourself: But if you feel that my prayer might not be suitable for your own personal reasons, then add or replace it with your own personal prayer to God to protect yourself and make sure that you say it, even if you say it in your head only, by thinking about it.
So just to start it right, here is my very first and very important prayer for protection.
My Lord God, I pray you to protect me from the force of evil, because I am about to start writing about an imaginary journey, that would take me in the little known and dangerous part of the universe where the negative life force dwells. I know that this place could be dangerous for me if I am spiritually on my own; therefore, I hope so much that what I am writing here, it is according to your will, because I am sure that if my writings are according to your will, then, You will protect me from any danger, and I would fear nothing. But because it is not possible for me to know your will I worry about my safety, because I am not sure whether I would be protected from you My Lord without praying you. Therefore, here I pray you my Lord God with all my heart, my soul and my mind for your protection.
To you I turn God Most High and invoke You in my prayer: my Lord God, you who are the father of every living thing on earth and also in heaven, and without You no life of any sort could exist anywhere in the universe, because You are the life and the One who created life, and this includes everybody and every living thing on earth and the whole spiritual life in the universe. Because You are the life, anyone who wants to live forever, or as long as possible must be with You and obey your commandments, and those who move away from your life-force might perish forever, since there is no life without your presence my Lord, and I believe that if I am not protected from you my Lord the force of evil might be able to harm me.
So here I am writing one of my prayers for protection:
In the name of The Father, The-Son and The-Holy Spirit, I am praying you, who is the Spirit of God Most-High and master of the whole universe and all seen and unseen living things. I am praying you with all the strength that I have in my heart in my soul and in my mind for protection from the forces of evil; because I fear the negative life force of the universe when I have to write about it: But, in this part of my religious writings that I call Reconciliation of the Universe I have to write about the negative life-force of the universe, and for this reason I need your protection, just because the forces of evil might be able to take advantage of me while I am talking about them.
My Lord God, hear my prayer and protect me from the negative life force of the universe! Amen
I believe that I have said enough for this post, so I better stop now, next post will be our last bridging article called, reconciliation of the universe Era; after that we will be writing about the forces of evil, and there I will start by writing another prayer for protection every chapter. See you soon!
May God guide and protect us all?
May God bless us all?
Man needs God
Warning to our readers  
Next with; reconciliation of the universe Era
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