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Saturday, January 9, 2021

The third spiritual dimension

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe. Now because this is something different from the normal religious beliefs, we need to describe how we believe, God and the spiritual life can exist indefinitely. 

Anyhow, in these blogs, we are describing the dead souls that end up in the third spiritual dimension. 

Here we have a galaxy, which covers a lot of space in the universe. The space or void, in between the solid bodies we can call the abyss, where the third spiritual dimension can exist.  

In the universe there are several galaxies, black holes and other things, and in between these there is this enormous void.  

Within the galaxies is the solar system and the planets, this by itself covers an enormous space, now the space in between these celestial bodies, can house some energies, which can be spiritual energies, anyhow, now that we have said that, let me write the third spiritual dimension.  

The dead spiritual dimension

The third dimension  

Welcome to the third dimension, or the dead spiritual dimension

May God guide and help us to say the right things?

Dear readers, I wanted to call this article, the third dimension, but because that title was taken, I had to use, the dead spiritual dimension.

Anyhow, now we want to describe how to connect the entire spiritual energies of the universe, so that they can form a complete life cycle; therefore, we are writing this article, to explain how we imagine the spiritual world is connected.

Now, this article should have been called; the third spiritual connection, since the souls after falling into the abyss, as we have described in our previous articles. They are going to die by disintegrating in a collision with other souls, or anything that is in the abyss, so, they become the smallest possible particles of energy in the universe, which can be turned into positive energy, or negative energy, when they come close enough to a source that can reconnect them.

Now, because by nature everything is recycled, this free energy that is formed from these disintegrating souls, must find a way how it can be recycled, so that, it can form the never ending spiritual life cycle of the universe, so, when these smallest particles find a field in the universe that attracts them, then they can be absorbed and reused again.

Anyhow, we must assume that something like that happens, so that, these spend energies can form the never-ending life cycle of the universe. To explain how it works, we need to use our imagination, to form this imaginary theory, that we will write in our next articles, We say in the beginning, and, Everything is rolling over

Because this is a new theory, there are people who will say, it is my personal imagination, which makes me see this spiritual life force energy this way. Well, they are right; but to form a new theory one has got to start from imagining things, using what is already known and extending it another step or two.

Now, this paragraph here is brand new and it is being written now, because we want to add a bit more to this article, to convey what we want to say. You see, this article has been written to show that the spiritual life forces of the universe are connected, so, let us talk about, the third spiritual dimension, because this is what we want to explain here.


 More about the third dimension

The third dimension appears many times in the web, but it has nothing to do with, my third dimension connection, because my third dimension connection is talking about spiritual things, so, it is an extension of my own religious spiritual writings, which in themselves are a new concept, written to show the world, how the spiritual world can be, so that we can overcome those negative things that exist in the religious world, because by using this theory, we can start a new religious way, which can help humanity overcome negative religious issues.

We are also writing these articles to show the religious extremist that religions are an invention of our human mind. Therefore, they better forget blowing themselves up, to meet their maker and go to paradise; because even if God exists, it is more likely that God is like the way we have described and not their bossy imaginary God that they believe in and will favour them just because they have killed other people and themselves. Their concept is crazy.

As we have said, God is life and will not destroy his own life, what these extremist people are doing, is completely out of place with God, and completely out of place with logic human reasoning.  

Now let us talk about duplicate content, I believe that some people have laid down these rules, and anything that does not agree to the old existing religious rules should be stopped in any way possible. I believe that they are short sighted, and they don’t see that there are benefit from these changes.

I have reasons to believe that in cases like mine, where duplicate content may apply to the writer own writings, these Hub pages’ rules must not apply, because they are too hard to comply with, and this hardship is going to drive many new writers away and the biggest loser will be Hub pages’ site.


 The third spiritual dimension connection

Now, let us talk about the third spiritual dimension and the connections. So, may God the life force that guides the entire universe guide me to say the right things, in these articles?

What we want to say here is this: make no mistake, because what is written here is brand new, so, I am re-posting my reviewed article to make my point.

You see; what we are talking about, it is a new way of seeing the spiritual world, because before today, as far as I know nobody has ever mentioned that there is a third spiritual dimension, and that this third spiritual dimension, is the missing link that links all spiritual things together; and thus, they can form a never-ending cycle that has no beginning and no end, because they will flow around, and therefore, they can exist in the universe forever.

You see, in our design of Reconciliation of the Universe, and let me point it out to you that I have designed Reconciliation of the Universe, therefore, I know everything about it, and nobody else can know more than I, so whatever I say cannot be challenged, since I am the designer.

May I point it out, that to design anything one must know how it will work, even if one has to work it out how to explain it to other people, which is what is happening here? Anyhow, I believe that God is guiding me to find out the way of how all the spiritual life forces of the universe link together, because this is what I am writing here.

So, let us go back to the last two articles; Lucifer domains circle, and Spiritual circle one negative, in these two articles, the dying souls went in a place which we called the abyss, where they can never come back. Therefore, now I must describe a way how these dead souls in the abyss, will find the way back from the abyss, and return in another form to the spiritual life forces of the universe. There must be a way because in the universe nothing can be destroyed completely, nothing can be created out of nothing, but everything can change and becomes modified; therefore, these dead spent souls, when they become the smallest possible particle, they will find a way and be linked again to the spiritual life force of the universe, so, they continue to form the links of the spiritual life cycle of the universe.

About this life cycle, we are going to explain better how it works, in another article that we call, Everything is rolling over, there we will start looking at other things that exist in the universe, which behave in much the same ways, as they form their own cycle that never ends.

But there is more; in the following articles we will explain how this spiritual connection works, starting with our next article called, We say in the beginning, but a real beginning does not exist in the universe. So, we hope that by writing these two articles, we can write a better explanation; since the explanations in these two articles, will help us understand how the spiritual universe works. They are parallel examples, how everything else works, including what we are talking about here. I believe that we have said enough in this article. So, see you in our next article called, we say in the beginning.

May God bless us all.


This is, Man needs God 
The third spiritual dimension   

Next with; we say in the beginning 
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May God guide and help me. See you next soon. 

Monday, January 4, 2021

The abyss, spiritual circle one negative

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe. 


In this article we are trying to say that all existing life energies of the universe go around and through God they form a never ending life cycle in the universe. See our sketches by clicking the links, in our text. GOD OF THE UNIVERSE.docx Source

Spiritual circle one negative

Spiritual circle one negative the abyss   

Welcome to our blog, spiritual circle one negative.

May God guide and help me to say the right things?

Dear readers, in our imaginary description of the spiritual world, we have reached this boundary of no return, which means that whatever goes past this boundary can never come back, therefore, we can only imagine what is like past this boundary.

Now let me explain; we have divided our imaginary spiritual world cycle in three parts: God’s positive life-forces, the negative life-forces, and the abyss. We have made a sketch GOD OF THE UNIVERSE.docx  to explain our views.

To do that, we have used our human imagination, together with those human beliefs that have been passed down to us, from generation to generation, all these things put together have guided us so far. Because we have learned those spiritual things, and used our imagination we have learned more things, so, we are able to imagine what can be next to a certain degree of accuracy, that missing part, that can link all the existing life forces of the universe together, so that, they can form the eternal cycle of the life energies of the universe.

Now, after writing about circle two negative, we have reached a stage, where we have exhausted all what is believed to exist in the spiritual world. You see, most religions believe that God exist, angels exist, and we have described the devil as the negative angels of God, therefore, it follows that people souls exist, they exist together with God/s, angels and devils as the negative force, collectively they form the never-ending spiritual life cycle of the entire universe. Anyhow, as you know, we have assigned a place in the spiritual universe, where they belong.

At the end of our last article, we have said that the souls end up in the abyss. We can compare this with when die. When we die, our bodies with time they will return to be dust and the souls end up in the spiritual dimension; in a parallel way the souls that end up in the abyss are dead souls, they will disintegrate there and they belong to another dimension, we can call this the third dimension.

So, we must imagine a way, how the dead spent souls that ended up in the abyss, can be reused to form the life cycle of the universe; this is how most things happen, it is the natural law that recycles everything one way or another; so, this natural law can also be applied to our dead souls in the abyss, because everything is recycled.


What we have been doing

During our description of the spiritual world of the universe, we have used all those religious beliefs that we believe exist, and from them we have written our imaginary religious journey, where we have assigned a place in the universe to all the spiritual entities, which we believe exist, we hope that our spiritual theory is right, and the spiritual things that we have talked about exist.

Now I want to explain, how we believe the spiritual life forces of the universe work. There are the positive life forces of the universe and the negative life forces of the universe, then there is this third dimension the abyss which is a large part of the universe, and it can connect at the far ends the two spiritual forces. but at the same time, it keeps them apart, because of its vastness, and because all the spiritual forces that end up in the abyss go through infinite changes, they are not what they were when they went in the abyss, as they have completely disintegrated.

Anyhow, for me it has been spiritually a hard journey, while I was going mentally through the negative life forces of the universe circles, and for this reason I need to thank God our Father, who has given me the strength to write about it. Now that I have explained this issue, the way that I see it, I am praying God, our spiritual Father for helping me and giving me the courage to go through the negative circles of the spiritual universe; you see my spiritual inner self feels that I need to pray God.


My prayer to thank God

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I am praying you Almighty and merciful Father, I am praying and saying thank you with all my heart, for helping me in my religious writing journey, of reconciliation of the universe, and specially for giving me the courage, to write about the negative life forces of the universe, where anybody is apprehensive to talk about, because of the danger factor that we expose ourselves spiritually, so, I thank you our Father God of the universe. Father hear my prayer and continue to protect me, during my spiritual journey.

Dear readers, I know that you are thinking, that this is an invention of my mind. Well, they can be an invention of my mind, but at the same time they can be real, if you think about it. In fact, all my religious writings can be real, if you stop to think about it, or at least part of it is real, you see, as I said this is a theory based on religious beliefs, that have been passed down from generation to generation, therefore, at least part of this must be true, but I believe that I have come very close to the truth.

Now, we will write about circle one negative the abyss, we believe that the abyss is the beginning of another dimension, where the dead spiritual souls go through many changes, and it connect the rest of the spiritual universe together, so, let us talk about the abyss connection.


This is a galaxy, it could even be our galaxy, where our solar system and our planet earth are situated. In our imagination, some of the void within our galaxy and all the void between galaxies is where most of the abyss is situated.

The abyss connection

The abyss, is one of the most negate spiritual place in the universe, it is situated at the very edge of the negative life forces of the universe, it takes in all those negative spiritual force energies, that cannot be kept any longer in our spiritual universe; so, it is the portal that connects the spiritual world of the dead, to the third dimension.

We imagine that the abyss is a very vast place, but it must exist, because that is the only way that can join all spiritual things to form the life cycle of the universe. You see, the abyss is an imaginary place, but it has been mentioned in the Bible a few times, and it is the place where nothing returns not even the souls.

Now, because there is no knowledge of this place, to describe it, we will call it the third dimension. Because if we count from where we are standing on earth, as the first dimension, our earth dimension includes all the living existing things; the second dimension is the spiritual world, as we have been talking about in these religious writings, and the third dimension is what happens to the souls when they go in the abyss and die. You see when the soul’s die they move into another dimension, very much like when we die and we move into the world of the dead, which we can say is another dimension. Anyhow, now we must look for connections.


How we see the connections

As you know, we have divided the living life force in three parts: we are the living, the spiritual part of God including the positive and negative angels, and the unknown third part the abyss. Now we need to connect the entire life energies of the universe together, so that they can form a complete circle or hoop, so that, they can go around and form the never-ending cycle of the life energies of the universe.

We know that there is a very wide gap between the negative life forces and the positive life forces that needs to be connected, for the life forces of the universe to complete a full cycle. But there must be a cycle that goes around forever, so that, the spiritual life can go on forever.

Therefore, we must assume that whatever is in the abyss, will be modified and part of it becomes positive at the other far end, because it is connected with circle 1 positive, where the positive energies only are absorbed by God magnetic force, and God can regenerate life again from them, while the negative energies remain in the abyss of the universe, some of them can be absorbed from the negative forces, but the rest of them are floating around forever.

In our vision of the imaginary spiritual world of the universe, the abyss is the only part of the universe, that nobody has ever talked about. Therefore, we need to compare the abyss, with what we know, using our own imagination. Here we can conclude that the abyss covers from one third to half of the entire cycle of the life energies of the universe, but nobody knows how vast it is and its function.

In our imaginary sketch, the Abyss is the last link of the negative life forces of the universe on one side, and at the same time, it is the first link of the positive life forces of the universe, on the other side.

Anyhow, for the time being, we are going to continue to talk about the negative side, as we have written in the second circle negative, therefore, for this reason the abyss may also be called circle 1 negative, because it is situated next to the negative side.

We believe that the abyss covers all the space that exists between our galaxy and the other galaxies of the universe. Here is complete endless void, except for the presence of the smallest possible particle of energy, which floats around throughout the cosmos; some of these particles, have come from the disintegration of anything, including those negative souls that have reached the most negative part of the universe, where they speed around in this part of the universe until they smash into each other, and when they smash into each other’s, they disintegrate and become the smallest existing particles of energy in the universe, which can be positive or negative, the positive particles float around the abyss and when they come close at the other end to circle 1 positive, they will be attracted by the magnetic life force of God of the universe, which absorbs them and from this new energy can start a new cycle of life.

Therefore, in our theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, God becomes the engine of the universe, since God attracts these positive life energies to himself, and then sends these energies to all other spiritual beings, and through them to real living beings, and thus the endless cycle of God and its life energies of the universe continues forever. Therefore, God exists because life exists. Now, for anything to be endless and exist forever, we need something that goes around and around forever, and this is what we are trying to say here.


My last say for the time being

We need to add another description here; you see, we have to imagine that these life force energies of the universe, can flow around the universe, while they are doing that, they go through all these chances that we have described, starting from God and some of them ending in the abyss, and then on the other side of the abyss, God life force attracts these positive energies, and passes them down the positive circles, as we have written in our Reconciliation of the Universe writings.

In order to compare this with other known cycle of existing things, let us compare the life forces energies of the universe, with the water on our planet; The water in the oceans evaporate and forms clouds, and then the clouds move around in the sky, until they find a place where the temperature drops to a certain level, because of the drop in temperature droplets are formed, so it rains, the rain when it falls on the earth, some will run into the rivers and then into the sea and oceans, and some of it helps vegetation to grow, and it does many other things as well, but in the end the water evaporates again in one way or the other, and a whole cycle is started all over again. I hope you see what I mean, even though the life forces of the universe are not like water.

Now that I have almost come to the end, I know that I need to write more articles, one called the third dimension and another one Explaining the entire universe in a nutshell. Here we would like to point out that somewhere in these writings, we have said that these religious writings are ahead of the present times; therefore, they need a few decades before they can be understood.

In our next article, to complete the life-cycle of the universe, we will be talking about the third dimension, or the dead spiritual dimension, this third dimension is supposed to be the link that links the negative life force of the universe, to the positive life force of the universe.

Now, I believe that we have said enough in this article, so see you in our next article, the third dimension.

May God bless us all.


Man needs God 
The abyss, spiritual circle one negative  

Next with; the third dimension. 
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May God guide and help me to say the right things in these articles?