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Describing our God 63

God of the Universe description

Describing God of the universe

Dear readers, I have tried to find a photo that would come close to the way that I believe God could be like, but this is the best I can do; anyhow to describe God in a new way, we have to understand that God and its spiritual forces cannot be seen, because they belong to a different dimension, so God is everywhere, and when we look at the universe we may say that we are looking at God as well
Describing God of the universe
Welcome to our hub ((10) (63)), God of the universe description
May God of the universe help me to write the right religious things in these religious writings?
(This article is the home of God circle one positive and circle two positive)
Dear readers, as we have said e few times already, we are writing these religious writings to suggest a new way of beliefs; well we could say that it is not a complete new way, because most of existing religious beliefs if not all will still be there, since we are only describing this new way in the hope that it works better in the future, for all religious people of the entire world, yes this new way is designed for the entire religious world and not just for a single religion, as it was done in the past. Anyhow let me begin to write our religious theory:
Now, this is the real beginning of our new way; so, by using my human imagination as a seer, I am going to describe how God of the universe would be like within the spiritual universe, starting from the first circle positive and then keeping telling you about the rest, so, the only thing that I can see and say in this circle one positive here is this;
HOLY, HOLY, HOLY; this is the holiest place in the entire universe, and how holy it is; this is the only thing that one can say about this circle, and the only way how one can describe this circle of God.
Now, let me try to explain a few more things, before we really start describing God of the universe the way we see it would be; so, this is how we are going to describe God of the universe in this article, as I have already said in our previous articles, I believe that I am a seer and for this reason I am writing and describing God of the universe in these religious writings. Now let me explain, we have called this article, God of the universe description, because this is exactly what we are going to do in this article, we are going to describe God-life-force of the universe as we believe it is or could be, or should be.
We know that some of you might be asking yourself, why just don’t call this reconciliation of the universe; the reason is that it is not possible for us to call most of our articles Reconciliation of the Universe, because it becomes confusing even if we number them up; anyhow, here we need to explain that they are all part of our religious reconciliation theory, since this is what the aim of these religious writings is, therefore we would like to believe that it is possible to achieve a sort of reconciliation when we finish publishing these religious writings, hoping to fulfil our wish of being able to write, Reconciliation of the Universe, just as that angel greeted me in hub 60 this is the link. Angels greetings, where we talk about the Heavenly Messenger Encounter.
We have reasons to believe that to achieve this, Reconciliation of the universe, we need to write our religious theory and describe to you how we believe spiritual beings or things might be in Heaven. Of course this might be said that it is only our imagination that make us see these spiritual things thus: But that is okay and I don’t mind if you don’t believe me fully; because what I am going to describe here is one of the many ways of how God of the Universe can exist, together with all the spiritual things that we believe exist, and then it is going to be up to you my readers to accept my theory, or to reject it as an impossible theory. But let us now say what we have to say to get our theory started, because we have to start from somewhere, even though there are reasons to believe that there are no starting points or ending points; because the whole universe goes around in cycles and there is no beginning or end that one can see.
Now, in order to write our religious theory, we have to start from somewhere and the best and most important point would be to start with God, since God is the spiritual life force that makes life possible on earth and in the universe: So let us just imagine that we are at the very centre of the life force energy in the universe or galaxy and all positive life energies are there. Now, in order to make sense we have to assume that these life energies are part of God, or indeed they might even be described as being God of the universe, since God of the universe attract all positive life energies of the universe and that is what God is made of.
Now that we have a starting imaginary point from the very centre of our life force that we are going to call it God of the universe circle number one; we need to do that to explain the other following spiritual things, therefore in our description of these spiritual forces we will divide them in sections or circles and we will give them a number, we will use this numerical order until we reach the outmost part of our spiritual forces or galaxy, we have to do that this way as we cannot describe them in any other way, this will help us to give them a descriptive way, otherwise how could we describe them to you, as we don’t see any other way to describe these God-life-energies of the universe that make life possible on earth and perhaps in the entire universe.
Now there is another explanation to give before we can start describing God of the universe, or God life energies of the universe. You see, as we all accept on principle that just about every existing thing can be big or small, strong or weak, good or bad, negative or positive etc. In our human ways this has to apply to God life forces energies also, otherwise it will not make sense to our minds; because this is the way we humans see things.
We need also to assume that when we are talking about life force energies of the universe, in a way we are talking about spiritual life forces as well and therefore God and all other spiritual things that we believe exist put together, in another dimension beside our own dimension.
Here just for a moment or two, we have to stop talking about our theory of how we see all existing spiritual things, because if there are any religious believers reading this article, they are about to stop reading it, as what we are saying is becoming too far away from what they have always believed, therefore we need to explain to them that nothing is going to happen that will upset their beliefs with the following article, for our readers’ peace of mind.
For our readers' peace of mind
Written for our readers’ peace of mind
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation and Reconciliation if the Universe writings fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that we will find a way that would stop them to fight each other in the future on religious grounds. Reconciliation of the Universe is a theory that might be able to achieve that.
How and what we would like to achieve you may ask?
We are going to set the stage for the entire world to see,
And when you read these pages you might have to agree,
That this could be the golden door of golden opportunities,
That God would be willing to give to you and to all humanity.
For this reason, I am praying God to help and guide me.
Now that I have said, what we would like to do, I need to pray God for help and guidance,
Since what I am going to write here is a complete new way of how religious beliefs have been for centuries and/or thousands of years. So, I believe that I need to pray God for guidance, help and perhaps permission to let me write what I have to write here, so I am praying thus:
Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide and help me; So that, I would be able to write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.
General information to the public:
What is going to be written here under is only a theory of how spiritual being or things could be, we do not claim that our theory is right or not, we only claim that it is one of the many possible ways how spiritual things might be in heaven? Therefore, If you disagree with what is being said here, you may let us know by writing your own comments, but do not heck our religious writings, because it would be better for everybody if you write your own views on this religious subject and leave our writings alone, as you may know what you do to others one day the others will do it to yourself.
Now, let me stop writing these warnings, as our main purpose is to write about religions and not warnings. So may God bless those who are willing to follow him; And for those who don’t believe in God and want to harm those who believe let the will of God prevail, and let God deal with them in whatever ways God sees fit to deal with them.
Now let us try describing God life force as circle 1 positive
Circle 1 positive and prayer
We call this circle number one, because we have to start from somewhere, in order to mark and understand what we are saying in our own human ways, but in the universe there seem to be no beginning or end, everything seems to go around in circles and everything returns from where it has started, perhaps in a different or slightly different way, for this reason there is no beginning and no end marked, as everything is eternal and goes on forever. But as we have said, we need to start from something that we humans understand, for this reason we have marked God central life force as circle No: 1, you will understand what we have done as you go on reading our religious writings, this way of describing these spiritual life forces may be said that it is a little bit like the Devine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, but so what, we the little writers need to copy the great writers in order to be able to say something clear enough to be understood.
So let us talk about this circle No: 1. Here again we would like to point out that we are going to talk about God and we are trying to describe God the way we see God, so, it is necessary for me to feel that God allows me to do that, therefore I am going to say a prayer to God again, because I would be stupid if I don’t, I hope you agree with me.
Prayer, for the first circle positive
To you I turn God Most High our heavenly Father and humbly here I say my prayer. I am praying thee since for me to describe God existence it’s the only way, as I would like to feel that I am allowed to write my religious writings, I am praying thus: Please Father; help me to write my reconciliation of the universe theory.
Because for me to talk about God I must be clean and pure, Heavenly Father I pray you to forgive me all my sins and make me clean, so that I will be purified before I start my religious writings. Once I am purified, I pray you Father to guide me to write only what’s right and just, and if it happens that I write anything that’s not correct let me see it; so that I will check it up and then I can correct it according to your will, amen.
Describing God of the Universe
Describing God of the universe in Reconciliation of the Universe; in the first circle positive
By using my human imagination as a seer, the only thing that I can say here is this;
HOLY, HOLY, HOLY; this is the holiest place in the entire universe, and how holy it is, is the only thing that one can say about this circle, and the only way how one can describe this circle.
This circle is the centre of the universe and God-life-force, and this would be more like a large and splendiferous sphere that a circle. Around the central large Life-force of God, there are lots of glowing bodies and this place seem very crowded, it’s hard to say where the positive God Central Life-force ends and separate other entities begin, as there are so many glowing bodies of different sizes and there is positive energy being absorbed and positive energy being distributed, but let us just describe what is more important, in a religious way.
This immense life force energy of God is surrounded by these large glowing bodies that stay close to the immense centre, they surround and cover the whole centre, in fact they seem as if they are an extension of the central energy source of God life force, they are the guardians of God-life-force and God’s helper and deputy as well, because while they float around the centre they never leave the centre completely, and they seem to guide all the rest of those glowing bodies that return to the centre, and those glowing bodies that move away from the centre, which seems and is a continuous never ending event, this is how God can control everything, because everything needs God.
All these glowing bodies of light that are coming in the presence of God central life force, although they vary in size and brightness they have one thing in common, they all want to come to the centre to receive positive life-energy and knowledge from God, or perhaps from God’s deputies which are an extension of God Himself, since they are in constant contact with God and therefore receive energy and knowledge directly from God central life-energy.
Once those glowing bodies have received their new life energy from God central life force, then those same glowing bodies will go out again to their assigned places.
What I have described above is only the first circle of God central life force, and although it is very crowded over there all runs to perfection. Because all those glowing bodies of lights, which go in and out to receive new life energy seem very happy to wait for their turn in the presence of God. It all seems so simple as if it is a walk about, when they return to the centre in order to recharge themselves, and also receive instruction and knowledge from God, and after that they go out again it is like a never ending motion. It’s like the heart beat that will never end.
This is how I see with my mind eyes the first circle of God of the universe central life-force.
But now before I start to talk about next circle, let me try to explain a few things that I have not been able to describe in the above first circle, because these things may affect the workings of all the other positive circles, up to the seventh circle which is our planet earth circle.
In the above description one may be led to believe that no important life-force of God ever leaves this place, except for those selected glowing bodies that are allowed to come and go. But there are some exceptions on what we have said above, and one is when God himself moves part of Himself in and out of this centre as He pleases, not only when He presides in circle number two and three, above all the other spiritual heavenly arrays; But also when He wants to do something important outside the heavens, although these events happen only on very rare occasions, and only when God himself wishes to do so, like when He created life on our planet earth, and sometimes when God wants to pay a visit to us in the hope of finding us worthy of being His children. Here we should add that only a little part of God life force goes out to see what he wants to see and do what he wants to do, but the massive part of God life force still remains at the centre of the universe or galaxy to guide everything.
Now that we have said that, let us go back to describe what one might be seeing in heaven, if one would move away from the central life force of God. If one stands away from a distance, one becomes aware that there are lots of different size of these glowing light, that come out from the centre after being charged with new positive life energy, and they travel to different distances mostly according to their sizes.
These glowing lights seem to form a circle around each other’s according to their size and brightness, and although the circles may partly overlap one another at the edges, they know to which circle they belong and are happy to move around in their assigned places. Generally speaking, the smallest of these glowing bodies go to the farthest places away from the central life force of God, where they wait for their task to be fulfilled.
The whole place that we have described here is very crowded with these glowing bodies, but they never collide with each other, because the whole life-force of God guides them. They can do so because they are in constant contact with God’s central life-force.
What I have described above is only the positive eternal life force that exists in the universe, and we like to call this life force God life force. About the negative life force we will tell you later on.
But now let us move on to our next circle positive, number two.
Second circle positive
Circle No: 2. Second circle positive.
My prayer for the second circle positive
To God Most High hereby I fervently pray. I am praying Him to help me find my way.
To the Creator of the universe I humbly pray. Father, help me to write my religious theory the correct way.
My lord God of the universe and merciful Father I am praying thee, knowing that God is pure life energy and to talk about God’s life force I have got to be pure as well, and I know that this is the only way that God may accept my ways of saying religious things. Now, knowing that as a man I am not pure, since during my life as a man I have sometimes sinned, I pray you our Father to forgive me all my life sins. So, Father I pray you with all my heart my soul and my mind to forgive me all my life sins and purify me; and then when I am purified help me and guide me to write this religious theory about the second circle positive, of Reconciliation of the universe.
After praying God our Father, hoping that God would guide me to see and say the right things, this is how I see the second circle positive.
Holy, Holy, Holy, this is the only way that I can start writing about this second circle positive. In the second circle positive Yahweh (Jehovah) Allah and our Lord Jesus Christ are there forever present, as they are part of the central life-force of God of the universe and part of the Father of every living thing. In this circle there are most of the world gods and the Nephilim’s they are the spiritual children of God central life force, they are very powerful spiritual beings indeed; they have immense supernatural powers within themselves and they are the most powerful spirits of the universe after God of the universe the Father of every living thing; all these independent gods that we have said above and many others are able to move independently from God’s energy source, even though they have to return to God central energy source sometimes to recharge themselves, even if this event may happen once in a thousand earth years.
Therefore, they all serve God the Eternal Father willingly as they are God’s own children.
This is also the place where all the good and spiritual gods of the world are, and each and every one of them are here no matter to what religion one might belong, for sure one will find his own spiritual god here in this circle, because after all they are the children of God the Father, the central-life-force of the universe. One has to understand that they are here because; God the Father being the central life force lets them be here to help run humanity, since humanity believes in them, so all past and present gods are there to represent that part of the community that has believed in them, and anyhow they are part of the positive life force of God.
So, here are, or is the Indian God Brahman, which seems to be like the Christian Trinity, since Brahman Trimurty is supposed to be three gods in one: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiver, they have also their consort goddesses Saraswati, Lakshimi and Shakti; there are many more other gods that humanity has believed in their existence, there is Thor the Viking God and some other spiritual entity that represent the old pagan religions here are also the main spiritual leader like Buddha that has created the Buddhist religion and many others that I don’t know or remember their names; all these entities are there to represent all those souls of people that have believed in them, you see it would be logic to believe that all the souls or spirit of past people need to have a link to the central God, therefore they are all there and they are all part and also subject to the central life force of God.
Anyhow, what we need to say next is that we have to point it out to you and remind you that, all these gods in circle number 2 positive they are gods, but they are not the real central God-life-force of the universe, because they are only part of the central God life energy, since God the central life force created them and takes care of them, and also allows them to do lots of things as long as they follow God’s central life force will. Therefore, they can easily be mistaken for a real God from earthly people, because of their immense supernatural powers, as we have said they are Gods but they are not the super God that links all the gods and spiritual forces together, and therefore the god that we are searching for, who would be the one and only real central God Himself.
God people and spiritual existence
Let us just mention a few beliefs and folklore tales about these spirits that are in this dimension with God, as it is said that they sometimes visit our dimension and they are able to do some supernatural things and one of this is even mentioned in the Bible;
It is mentioned in the Bible, that some of these spirits used to come down to earth and mix with humans; they made love to women and even had children with them, their children had also some supernatural powers, and could easily overrule the common people will. But God the Father of everything didn’t like what they did, therefore after the flood, God the Father has set up a boundary around earth, and He has forbidden those spirit to come down to earth. So now they could come to earth only if there is a mission from God to accomplish.
Here I have to explain to my readers once more that notwithstanding the many gods’ like spirits that I have acknowledged above, there is only one true God throughout the universe. Because only the central life force of the universe is the real God, and therefore the Father of every living thing, so it is for this reason that, there is only one God throughout the universe. Of course the others are gods as well, because we see them as gods and therefore they are gods, but they are not the central life force that guides the entire universe.
What we have described above is only a small part of the whole universe, so at this moment the theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe is only begun and is not a clear picture of everything put together. Anyhow, this will become clear to you our readers, if you follow us and read the following articles that will be written soon.
RECONCILIATION OF THE UNIVERSE is to be continued; next time with a description of positive circle number 3 and 4, God’s central sit of government, see you there.
May God bless us all?

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