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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

God of the universe started life on earth

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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How God of the universe started life on earth

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How God of the universe started life on earth
Dear readers this post is the continuation of our last post, how God of the universe created life on earth, where we said at the end that we were going to write this next post called, how God of the universe started life on earth. So, here is our imaginary story of how God of the Universe started to create life on planet earth.
So, let us write this part here as real believers of God life force of the universe.
As we have already explained above in our own human way, that God of the Universe is pure life energy that has become crystallized and this life energy floats throughout the universe. In the beginning when the world was very young, the life force of God of the Universe was everywhere in our galaxy, and the spirit of God was everywhere to be found in our galaxy, and when God saw our blue planet earth He liked it and stopped by, so He started to think what He could do with this beautiful planet.
So in the beginning God was playing around with this beautiful planet earth, and while His pure spirit was hanging above the blue waters of the earth, He started to dream about of making planet earth a very special place for himself, God saw that the planet earth was spinning around on its axis, by regulating the planet earth to rotate on its axis once a day he created alternatively day and night, so that the whole earth could enjoy the light and the warmth of the sun during the day time, and would be dark and cool during the night time, but not so dark because the moon would reflect some of its light it received from the sun. Then God made some of the earth soil rise from the bottom of the sea and it became dry land, and God saw that all this was good.
Now that everything seemed so beautiful and tranquil on earth, Yahweh part of the spirit of God of the Universe was thinking that perhaps something alive like himself would be the right thing to have on earth: So God picked up a few simple molecule from mother earth, and by mixing these few simple elements with his knowledge, and also by binding them with some of His own life bearing energy He started the first few cells of life on earth, and these God made first simple cells, with the help of the sunlight and chemicals supplied from mother earth were capable to reproduce themselves, and this is how God started life on earth in the very beginning. Anyhow this is how we would like to believe that life was started from God.
God improves his created life and helps create evolution.
As we have described above, that is how God started to create the first few cells of life on our planet earth, and after that He kept improving this new created life as He so fit, usually God would let his created life grow and evolve in its own time and ways, but every now and then He would make some changes to improve it: Having done that for several times God set up a pattern for Mother Nature and Evolution to copy, so after that He let Mother Nature and Evolution do His work, and He saw that His creation and Evolution would work well together.
Now in the beginning when God started the chain reaction of life, those few living cells on earth grew and multiplied very slowly, and God liked it to be that way. God did not mind how long life would take to evolve, since His own life has no end and He will live forever in our galaxy, and even if one day in the very distant future our galaxy would collapse, He would still live then in another dimension whatever that dimension would be.
In those very early times, Yahweh the spirit of God of the Universe liked to come down to earth often, because during that beautiful dawn of time everything was pure, just like how God Himself is, which is pure life energy, and everything on earth then seemed like a beautiful dream in that very distant past, and while God spirit hovered all over the earth embracing mother earth as if it was His bride, He was everywhere over the water and on the land, and He loved it so much to be all over the earth because then everything was pure, because then it was the Era of innocence. He would watch his new created life take its time to evolve, while now and then He would check on its progress, and here and there God would influence a small part of it to transform itself to a higher standard of life, and He did this for a while several times, and in doing so He created mother-nature behaviour, which later on together with Evolution became able by themselves to improve live on earth.
Mother Nature and Evolution are the servant of God
We have to assume that Mother-nature and Evolution are the servants of God.
Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Evolution are the three inseparable things that support each other and they help life to go on forever. They are the servant of God, because it was through the life energy of God that these things were first made to happen, most people would think that they are only one single thing, because they always work together and help each other all the time and they definitely are keeping everything in order as it is supposed to be. But we human beings think of Mother Earth as the mass of solid matter which is our planet, even though this planet is able to supply us with the means that we need to live, Mother Nature is the way that every living thing behaves including people, and Evolution is the way that living things may be able to slowly modify and adapt to the environment that they happen to be in, and if the environment changes they are able to modify and adapt to the new environment.
Therefore, after Yahweh the spirit of God of the Universe had created the first few simple cells of life on earth and set a precedent about behaviours, He left Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Evolution in charge of His created life, and God let everything evolve in its own way, and this is how and why Evolution developed and became a leading force of the new created life.
So, the first simple cells of life while they were multiplying with time became more complex, this was happening because Mother Nature could not impose on them perfect reproduction of the species all the times, because of the environment factor small changes would happen, and those small changes would be tolerated when they happened, because those small changes could very well become an advantage for that particular specie. So the living cells started to diversify, and with the help of God as its guiding force, they became slowly the building blocks of all future life on earth. That is to say that God by using the evolution ways used those evolved blocks of life to create from them more living things, starting with small vegetable things like moss, and then sea weeds in the sea and grass on the land, and from them all sorts of vegetable and trees. At the same time some of those cells which had slowly muted to a stage to become like a simple animal cell, with the help of God some of them evolved to small insects and some to small fishes, and from small fish to large fish and from insect to small animals and then to large animals.
God lets Evolution do its work but intervenes to correct it.
During those early days of our planet earth when the world was young, then life was very different from nowadays, the vegetation was very much different also, and there were different animals living on earth too. All this evolution of life had happened because then the earth climate was different from the climate that we have nowadays.
One should imagine that because the earth was young and volcanic activity was much higher then, the earth crust would have been very rich of all sorts of mineral elements, and there was supposed to be also lots of moisture in the air and in the soil; this type of climate would have been ideal for any living creature to multiply easily, and with time to evolve or even modify themselves in order to take advantage of what was most easily available at the time.
This is how and why Evolution worked extra hard at that time together with Mother Nature. They worked together in such a way that any living thing could and would take advantage of the rich soil, and of all the different existing opportunities of the time. So, this evolution of life went on for a very long time, perhaps millions and millions of years, and as the time went by, life on earth gradually modified and large animals became plentiful: But when these large animals or any other sort of life became too many or too much, or in the eyes of God they were the wrong sort of life, then Yahweh the active life force of God of the Universe would send some natural disaster to cut their numbers down or to destroy some of the species completely, and then with time other species would evolve.
This sort of activity went on for millions and millions of years, and to make a long story short, this went on until our present Era had begun. This is how we would like to believe, because if we believe this way, we can link God life force energies and evolution, and the atheists may accept this way of seeing God.
I believe that we have said enough in this hub, so I better stop writing now, but I would like to tell you that next hub, we are going to talk about the creation of mankind.
Man needs God
God of the universe started life on earth  
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