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Reconciliation three 53

Reconciliation part three

Reconciliation of the universe 

Welcome to our page, (53) Reconciliation of the universe, part three

Dear readers, in order to explain my vision, I have to use three photos in this part of this article:
This is how the angel of God greeted me.
But being an angel he seemed to have great strength, like this man here.

Pointing to the sky above to explain and make sure I would understand what he was saying.

Reconciliation of the universe

Welcome to our hub, (53) Reconciliation part three
May God guide and help me to write these religious things?
This is how the angel of God greeted me.
I have to say and I believe that this event has really happened to me; but today while I am writing this article I am not so sure any more, whether it has really happened, or whether it was just a vision or a dream that was so vivid that I had to think it was real, because everything seemed so real as in real life.
Dear readers, as you may already know these religious writings have now been divided in three parts, and this is part three of our religious writings; to this part three we have added two more articles at the beginning, since we would like to collect as much information as we can about religions, and also the many reasons why we are writing them, including the happening that I have mentioned above, because that happening has really pushed me to start writing seriously this religious theory.
Therefore today, I am writing about this religious theory of Reconciliation of the universe, because I believe that with this theory, we might be able to change some old religious views and beliefs to make the world a more religious tolerant place, therefore we are writing this religious theory in the beliefs that it might be possible to improve religions to a standard that the future generations could continue to be religious, because today religions are not exactly the way that they are supposed to be in this modern world, as they don’t serve humanity the way they are supposed to serve humanity. Of course this is what we believe when we look at those ugly things that happen in the world and they involve also religious, so, we believe that a new religious way of believing in God might need to be found, in order for religions to be able to continue serving humanity the way that they are supposed to serve humanity as they have done in the past.
You see, we are writing a new theory, where we are  trying to link somehow the old religious beliefs with the new theory that we are suggesting in these religious writings; for this reason we are calling part three, RECONCILIATION OF THE UNIVERSE, since this theory is a new way that would somehow be able to link with all existing religions, and therefore we hope that it will be able to reconcile all existing religions.
Now that you have heard the name and the purpose of our writings, of part three Reconciliation of the Universe, as this is what we are going to do in part three of our religious writings; here we need also to remind you that this is not a new name altogether in our religious writings, since in part one we wrote that I was greeted from an angel of God saying, “greetings to the author of Reconciliation of the Universe”, and for this reason I have been writing these religious writings.
We know that the name of Reconciliation of the Universe makes you think that everything would have to be reconciled, so, we suppose that you are already wondering how could we ever reconcile the whole universe, just by using a new theory, since this has never been done before and there is no way that anybody can do that just by writing a religious theory.
We know you are right and it cannot be done right away, but one can always try to do something to improve the present situation. In general the aim of our religious writings is that we are willing to suggest a new way of religious beliefs and hope that it will help humanity somehow in the future, because as we have already said several times in a way or another, religions today are not as popular as they used to be, so something needs to be done to help religions and religious people. I believe that we have also said this, in one of our hubs in part two, Religions need to continue, this is the link if you would like to check it out; Religions need to continue,

Our religious discussions

In order to link together all our previous religious discussions, in this part three we would have to review very briefly what has been said in part one and two, because in part one and two we have tried to explain the reasons why we need to look for new religious ways, and we also have tried to get the public ready to accept changes, therefore in part three we are going to write and submit to the public our religious theory as the conclusion of part one and two. You see all this work is being done in good faith for the future benefit of mankind; at least this is what I personally believe and this is also the reason why I am writing this theory.
So, let us look at the main religious discussions that we have had and written so far; first of all we have discussed about the existence of God, since it is the most important subject to know in religion, of course we could not definitely establish if there is a god or not, as nobody can do that it is not that simple, but we have said and perhaps proved that there is God, even if God is just the definition of the life forces of the universe that makes life possible on earth and perhaps somewhere else in the universe.
Now we are trying to work out what to do next. In our discussions we have however agreed that we have reasons to believe that man needs God and we have written a hub about it and here is the link it you want to check it out; Man needs God, we have also discussed and written other articles about religious beliefs and why they need to be maintained, some of my friends believe and express themselves thus religiously and I quote; religions and God is hope for those that need hope most, this is the link of the discussions where my fried Mark pointed this out to us, you can check it out, Religious discussions and prayers, we have also written a hub about the existence of God, because we believe that God exists at least by definition, God exists because life exists, and we have also discussed and written many other articles about religions.
The outcome of all these religious talks has made us realise that we need to review what we have already written in hub pages, in order to let our religious theory clear to the public. In other words in our writing of, Reconciliation of the Universe, we need to set the stage in such a way that people could understand our religious theory more easily.

Religions need to be modified

During our discussions of People life and religion, we discussed many things and we come to the conclusion that religions might need to be modified, so, we are looking for ways of how we could suggest this religious modification, which would allows existing religions to continue as they are today, since they are mostly what people want from religions, one of the reasons for this is that people want something that gives them hope that they can exist forever, in other words we would like to life forever, but since it is not possible to live forever we would like at least to find a way for the salvation of our soul.
Now the way to salvation for our soul can only be achieved through reconciliation with God, or god spiritual life force so to speak, so we need to find a way how to do that, and even if we find the way, in the end because of the difference in existing religions, a new way for complete reconciliation is required, and for complete reconciliation a new world order would be required; as you can see once you start something other things happen, therefore a chain reaction would have to happen in order to reach your goal. Anyhow if you want to know more, you can check it out at this link, People life and religion , Now I want to say that in order to solve some of the tasks that we have mentioned above, I did invite some of my friends to have a chat about all these religious matter so to speak, so we have had since then many interesting discussions, some of which we have already written and published in hub pages, and the others we will also publish later on.
So, now that we have had all these religious discussions, we have formed our own opinion on religions, so, today we believe that we need religions as much as ever anyhow; therefore we have to find a way on how to keep religions just the way they are if possible, but at the same time we have to find a way that allows us to modify religions in such a way that everybody can accept them, of course that is not easy to achieve, but we need to try it, because it is the only way to see if it works, as we have already said before man needs God and religions, so we are looking for universal reconciliation to achieve this state of religious things.
Reconciliation of the universe theory
Since we are looking for universal reconciliation of all religions, we are looking for ways of how to achieve that and therefore we are going to explain here what we need to do; as we have already said we are going to write a theory that we are going to call Reconciliation of the universe; in this theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, we need to explain that we are going to reset religions in a compatible way that is able to link all religions together; therefore it is going to be a sketch or blue print if you like to call it that; and this blue print tries to explain how this reconciliation could be achieved. Therefore, it is as if we are going to set the stage for everybody to see that it could be possible to achieve these religious reconciliations of Reconciliation of the Universe.
In order to do that we need to think outside the accepted ways of existing religious orders, so what we have in mind is more of a spiritual setup and God is being set at the top of this spiritual setup guiding all the spiritual forces of the universe, and also all living things in the universe, as they are linked together, I hope you will see what we mean if you follow our religious writings, when they are fully written and published.
Perhaps the best way to do that is that we have to consider that God is a life force that exists in the whole universe and everything is linked together from this God life force: we need also to point out that all these spiritual life forces form a never ending cycle that flows in the universe forever, what does not live forever is being absorbed from these life energies and recycled in a different way, so that everything becomes eternal as God is eternal; we might also have to consider that we might be living within God and are part of God life force, as this seems to be the only way to explain the existence of life and God at the same time.
What we have said above would change a lot of religious beliefs, because if we live within God and God is the universe, then, one might say that if we look at the universe, we might be looking at God as well. This new way of seeing spiritual things the way that we are trying to explain could be the only possible way that would link everything together, because it would be the only way that we could be able to explain how everything could coexists together. You will understand our religious views after you read all our writings of Reconciliation of the Universe.
I believe that I have said enough in this article for now, so see you in our next religious article, Believing in God and religions, which is also a prelude for Reconciliation of the Universe, you see we need to write these religious things many times to get the public ready to accept them. See you soon.
May God guide and help us to understand his will?
May God bless us all?


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