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For God love 80

Praying God to help us
Praying for God love
Welcome to my hub (80), praying for God’s love
May God help me to say the right things?
There are times when we feel in our heart that we have to pray God. We do this because it is our nature that we need God and pray to God.
When we pray God we usually feel better, because we believe that we have done the right thing.

Praying God to help us
Dear readers, we have always needed to believe that there is God, because we need this supernatural force that would help us in case of need help, it has been so since the beginning of known times, so when we need help we turn to God and pray, hoping that in his love for us he would help us.

We are praying for God’s love since we need his love, and for God love we are writing this article hoping that God hears us and answers our prayers, because we need God’s love to overcome our human problems. We have reasons to believe that everyone of us have got our own personal problems, therefore every one of us should pray God to love us and look after us; I know that there are plenty of times when our prayers seem to fall on emptiness, as if God does not hear our prayers because God may not exist we have to accept that as well; what else can we human do, when God seems to be the only hope that is left since everything else has failed, I suppose we will turn to God and pray with all our heart.

You see, no matter what is our human problem we always find a bit of inner peace when we turn to God and pray, because then we really have exhausted all our possible venues open to us and we can do nothing else, but pray God again and again. Most of the people that don’t believe in God might argue that there would be no help from God, so what is the use of praying God?

I hope that these unbelievers could see the truth and see what happens to those people that are in need of help; so, let us just imagine that there is sickness in the family, and somebody could be dying if a cure is not found soon enough; and now let us say that the dying person is a young child, how could one say to this mother not to pray, because praying is useless. For God sake! Could anyone of you have the courage to say to this mother not to pray, and therefore take away the last hope that this mother has for her child! Whoever is able to do that is a heartless person and is not worth to be listened to. He/she has never been in such painful situations, where one feels that anguish within one own heart. But here I have to say that I have been a few times in this situation, and therefore I would like to describe how I felt at that time and the anguish that was in my heart, not all of what I felt, but just a small part of it, so that you could see what I mean:

This is part of my anguish prayer, and I quote;

Anguish of a father that fears for the safety of his sick daughter.


The day that you left me and went away, it was the darkest day of my whole life,

I was so scared for you that my heart cried, and not knowing that else to do I started to pray. And I prayed and prayed with all the strength that was within my heart for your safety.

To God our Father the creator of the entire world I prayed, calling on His mercy and asking Him to bring back my beautiful daughter (name) safely home;

And this is how I prayed to God our Heavenly Father:

Yahweh (Jehovah) God of the Israelite's that in the Bible your greatness is so well described, Father and Creator of all living things, You that know about anything and everything, to you I turn and to your great mercy I appeal.

Father have mercy for me and my sick daughter, my sick daughter that ran away from me because she was very sick and she didn't know what she was doing, I fear so much for her safety because she might die, and I don’t know how to find her and help her now. So help me Father to bring my daughter back to me safely home.

This is all I am going to quote here, if you want to read my Anguish in full click on the link below


Praying for God love

Today I am almost in the same position of a few years ago, so I am again turning to God and praying. Now, since we have already written many other religious articles in Hub-pages; therefore, we will continue to pray and write in the name of God the benevolent that loves mankind and all existing life on earth, because life is all part of himself and therefore he loves us as much as himself. And now, first of all let me pray God the merciful benevolent and magnificent to guide and help me to write this article.

My lord God (Yahweh Jehovah Allah) master of the universe and life giver to every living thing I am praying thee first of all for forgiveness of all my life sins. Almighty father, I pray you with all my heart my soul and my mind earnestly hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins and make me clean of any impurities that may affect my soul, and thus I would become worthy to pray to you and my prayers would be heard and accepted. Father I pray you to let me be a healthy old man and let me be a very wise man, so that I would be able to live the rest of my life according to your will, and also be able to write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to you will and in such a way that humanity could accept them and use them for the future benefit of mankind. Father, hear my prayer amen.

All these religious writings that we have written till now, in Hub pages and everywhere else on the Internet, they have all been written as a study of all existing religions on earth, in the hope that one day we might find a way how to improve the existing religions, so that they could still help humanity in the future; and at this very moment we are still trying to achieve that, even though we have written many articles we seem as if we have only started, and there needs to be a lot of more work to be done before we could achieve our goal.

Our writings also include talks to the atheists who are supposed to be the people that don’t believe in God; but we can challenge them because Man needs God, as we all know or at least we need to believe in the existence of God and his love for us, because if we don’t believe in God existence and his love, then even life may seem empty and shallow and there are many other reasons why we have to believe in God and pray God, as we have pointed out in our previous articles.

Now there is also another reason why I am writing is hub, Praying for God love, it is because we would like God to help me to connect a bit better all those religious articles that we have written in God’s name or religion, because sometime those articles that we have written don’t seem to connect as well as they should, even when we feel that we know they are connected, we seem not sure that they are really connected, therefore with this article we hope to explain and connect them better somehow?


For God's love

For God’s love we are writing this article here to explain what we have not been able to explain before, in these religious writings. The main issue here is about God’s love, which is magnificent, benevolent and boundless to all living human beings and also merciful to anyone that might have sinned, provided we ask God for forgiveness. Therefore we are writing this article to explain God’s love, the way that we see it today.

So let us just imagine God’s love that has no boundaries and would help anyone that would like to be helped; this God does not need to punish anyone for their misbehaviour as it was explained in ancient times, because then punishment was the best way that would make people behave and understand what needed to be done, for this reason God gave Moses the Ten Commandments to be strictly followed; but today we have evolved to a higher standard of awareness about ourselves, therefore we have changed for the better and know more easily what is right and what is wrong, so we don’t have to be punished to make us understand what is right and what is wrong. So, nowadays God needs only be a loving Father for us to follow him, because we know that when we do not do the right things our own soul will suffer; our soul will suffer because it moves itself away from the positive spiritual life force of God of the universe, therefore when we misbehave we have already put ourselves in a bad spiritual position that only God can help restore; and then, we just need to pray for God love and there are many other things that we could say or do.

Now I would like to point out that what I have just said is not new, because Our Lord Jesus Christ has already thought us that, when he said: Ask our Father and it will be given to you for free, but we seem to follow only some of the way that the Lord Jesus thought us.

Anyhow, here we want also to connect better our religious writings, and in order to connect and explain how these religious things that we have written are, we need to go back to our hubs that we have already published, because when we have written those hubs we have tried to set everything in the right place, one of those things was that we have God at the top of everything and explaining that God is the engine that drives the flow of all life energies of the universe; therefore if there is no God life energies there is no life and it follows that we would not exist; this also proves that God exists because life exists?

The idea of the flow of energies in the universe we could say that it is a proved thing, because every single thing in the universe flows in a way or another. You see wherever we look; we are bound to see things moving, and this explanation we have already written in our hub: Everything is rolling over, Everything is rolling over 78 . So what we want to point out here is that, if everything is moving in the world that we can see, then it follows that those things that we cannot see must also be moving, as they are or believed to be very likely a parallel dimension, which are supposed to behave very much the same way as all seen things do, so let us see how we can connect better what we have already written.


God life cycle connection

Let us go over these religious articles that we have written once again, so that we would be able to show our readers how everything could or would be connected, we know that this interpretation of how we have set everything has not been proven and they are only our views of how these spiritual things might be, but it is the closest possible way that one can think of, and therefore there is a good chance that it might be right?

We have written everything for God love, so in the name of God we have written those religious articles, but because this is a sort of new way of seeing these religious things, we need to go many times over and over again to show our readers what we mean, so let me state once more what we have been saying in our articles;

Here we are trying to say that everything that exists in the universe seems to be connected; it has got to be so, because that is the only possible way that it can be explained; we also believe that everything in the universe flows around in a cycle, just like most of other existing matter: here we could write a few examples, like the water of the oceans that evaporate and the comes back to earth as rain; like the current of the ocean that goes around in different directions and many other things that happen on earth; now we can move to look at the sky and here again everything goes around each other in a way or another, they all seem to have their own cycle, which allows them to continue forever.

By pure imagination one is lead to believe that this also happens in the spiritual world, since the spiritual world is supposed to be a parallel dimension with our dimension? There are many other things that one can say and I am going to add more explanations later on, when I edit this hub or write another hub if necessary, but for now all I need to say is that I have written this hub for God love, because I am pretty sure that God loves us.

See you soon

May God bless us all?


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