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Sunday, September 11, 2016

The dawn of a new Era

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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and this post, the dawn of a new era.

The dawn of a new era, could very likely be our spiritual awakening, where we will be able to appreciate all those nice and beautiful thing that life can bring to us.

The dawn of a new Era
Dear readers, this is the continuation of our last post Reconciliation of the universe era, where we were saying that it could have been the end of an era, but at the same time it could be the beginning of a new era. You see, Click edit above to add content to this empty capsule.
I believe that we have reached a stage, where you could say that this could be the beginning or the dawn of a new Era
Therefore, may God help me to say the right religious things in this post, because of what has happened to me and what we have written already in these religious writings above, as I said, I feel as if this is the beginning of a new religious Era. We have to admit that what we have written above is only a small contribution to the forthcoming religious changes that the world may need to accept, in order to overcome those religious problems that exist today. Therefore, we hope that these religious writings are going to mark the beginning of a new spiritual Era, you see, we feel that it is going to be the beginning of something very important for the entire religious world.
Anyhow, we are writing here what we feel is right, therefore let me tell all those people that will come after me: For God sake man while you are alive and able to do something about it don’t let this greatly opportunity pass you by, because God might indeed be waiting for us, if we believe in God and follow our spiritual intuition.
Therefore, during your lives seek God whenever and wherever you can, and if you do that, then God may reveal Himself to you, and then you’ll be able to know the truth, and it will give you the chance to contribute your part to the present knowledge of religion. But if you are not able to contribute anything it doesn’t matter, because if you search for God enlightenment, at least God will make you feel better for it, because you may feel his presence from within your soul.
Whatever degree of religious awareness you may reach within your life, even if it is not very high, it will be better than nothing at all; and it will help you live a better life because at least you have found the right meaning for your own lives, or at least you believe you have found it, of course you have to believe in God first of all.
Now, let us try to explain once again in a different way; you see, if you take a person with good common sense, and if that person stops long enough to think about it, that person will have to come to the conclusion that there must be a God just because there is life. We hope that people that read our religious writings see what we see and what we mean.
But for my own part, I am sure that there is God, and God is there waiting for us if we search for him, and that is exactly what God wants us to do, search for him and try to reach out and follow him by doing his will.
If you don’t feel sure about your beliefs, you only have to read the Bible and/or some other religious books to find some answers to your religious questions, even admitting that the Bible has some faults the way it has been written, in there you can find lots of good things, and if you are a good observer, then you will observe and reach your own conclusion, or perhaps the same conclusion that we have reached, that is that God will help only those people that believe in him, and that also contribute to the welfare of mankind, any negative thing that does not contribute to the welfare of mankind should be rejected from us, if we do that than God will be on our side, therefore God will be there waiting for us all the time, because since the beginning of the world God has been waiting and hoping we’d follow him; after all he is our spiritual Father and a father always wishes that his children are there with him.
Therefore, I invite all the people of the world to see from the stage that we have constructed and we are constructing, in our religious writings in the pages above and what is going to follow. Let them see it through our mind eyes together with me, so that they can decide whether what we have written above could be true, or perhaps possible in some details: Because what we have written is just one possible way, and there are so many possible ways, which are waiting to be found out from mankind, and it is up to mankind to find them out. But if it is not, at least they will be able to see that our religious writings will lead them to a new way of hopeful thinking, since the picture that we have painted above is a hopeful one, and things to come might be rosy too. So one could say that it will be the dawn of a beautiful new Era, where God will be closer to us if we search for him. And here we have to stress that our duty is to pray God and search for him, if we want God to help us.
To those readers that stay with me and read my religious writings, hereby I invite them to criticize me and my writings, and they have to see whether what I have written above in ‘Reconciliation of the Universe’, would or could be the reality of things to come. Because they are the ones that will witness the truth, and therefore they have the duty to correct me and continue writing, since what I have written above it’s only the beginning of a new Era and it is only the first chapter, and a new Era is hundreds of chapters long.
So, I’ll say to the religious people and wise men that will come after me, be prepared for the dawn of this new Era, be prepared to pray to God, even if this future God could be different from the God that our previous generations have taught us; so that God will help us see the truth, and when you see or feel the truth be prepared to write it down, if you feel it is worth writing it down, because everything has a beginning and at the beginning everything is small, and Reconciliation of the Universe is only the beginning of a new Era, and here we are only writing the first chapter and it may not look so important now. But if you keep writing another chapter and then another it will slowly grow bigger and become more important. Just think about it as this new Era is upon us already.
To my dear readers I turn for the last time in this chapter, in order to warn them of the importance of my writings here, because within these writings is shown the way one has to take, if one really wants to find the way to God and to Eternal Salvation.
Now that we have written about this chapter that may mark the beginning of a new spiritual Era, we need to go back to write about the negative life force of the universe, so that a complete cycle is formed, as we have to continue to move forward in the spiritual life cycle of the universe that we have started to describe, in our religious writings.
But I believe that we have already said enough in this post, so, we will talk about the negative life force of the universe in our next post. We want to do that because, it is very different from what we have been talking in this post, where everything seems to be promising with good things to come, so, we would like to keep this nice feeling.
So, see you in our next post of, warning and prayers.
May God bless us all?  
Man needs God
The dawn of a new era  
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