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God sit of government 64

Welcome to our hub (64), God's central sit of government
This photo comes close to how people believe God government might be like. With God sitting on his throne and our Lord Jesus Christ on his right. Of course one has to allow that we have given everybody a human body in this photo, instead of a spiritual soul.
God's spiritual central sit of government

Welcome to our hub ((11) (64)), God's central sit of government.
May God guide and help me to write these religious articles?
(This is home of circle 3 positive and circle 4 positive)
Dear readers, you may well be aware by now that we are writing these religious writings, in the hope that we would be able to suggest a new way of how God and the spiritual forces of the universe could be like, so that in the future religious wars could be prevented, if people start thinking our new way of beliefs, anyhow let us proceed with our spiritual forces description.
In this article of circle number 3 positive, we are describing God’s central sit of government; we have placed God’s central sit of government in circle number three, this is after circle one as the central positive life force energies of God of the universe and circle two where all sorts of Gods that we believe in reside; this is also part of Reconciliation of the Universe of course. Again I need to say here that what we are writing here is an imaginary view, and as I said I believe that I am a seer and I want to describe how I see these religious spiritual being or things, this description is based also on religious existing beliefs that these spiritual beings exist and we believe they exist; therefore, if they do exist the way we are describing them here would be the most likely way how they could or would exist. Anyhow, this could be one of the possible ways to explain what we believe exist in the spiritual dimension.
Dear readers here we want to inform you that we are trying to write these religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe as close as possible the way that they were when that supernatural event of the heavenly messenger took place, (if you want to check it out here is the link) Pre Reconciliation of the Universe, we believe that we need to do this to keep the record as close as possible as when that event happened, just in case there are unforeseen reasons why that happened. Therefore, if we keep them this way anybody would be able to check it out in the future, what we had written before that event happened.
We also need to tell you that at this very moment these religious writings may seem to the readers a bit strange or out of place, because it is a new way of seeing these religious things and we are talking about circles, but you see that is just one of the ways that we could be able to describe the way we see the existing spiritual forces in heaven, we know that there may be many other ways to describe them, but this way will do us and we hope you understand the situation.
Anyhow we need to go on and write our religious theory the best way we can, and we hope that you our readers try to see our spiritual heavenly picture as we continue to write about it.
We know that perhaps it could have been a lot easier if we could make a good sketch of how we see these heavenly forces, but for the time being we are having problems to make a good sketch and transfer it to the computer, But even if I could make a good sketch, it would be hard to imagine the whole spiritual forces of heaven just with one sketch; so we have to be happy with our writings just the way they are; we are also loading some sketches to give you some idea; this is where you can find them;
But for the time being, let us go on to talk about spiritual heavenly things the best way we can and try to provide a better sketch on day if we can.
Anyhow, we believe that at this point we have to say something for our readers’ peace of mind, because they could be alarmed at this new ways of describing God and these religious things, we know that we have said this before, but we have to repeat it just because this could be the first time that a new reader reads our religious hubs.
For our readers' peace of mind
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation and Reconciliation of the Universe writings fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that with this new theory religions would not be able to fight each other openly any longer on religious grounds, Reconciliation of the Universe is a theory that might be able to achieve just that.
We are going to set the stage for the entire world to see,
And when you read these pages you might have to agree,
That this would be the golden door of golden opportunities,
That God would be willing to give to you and to all humanity.
Dear readers, we need to understand that in order to write about religions, one needs to be able to see those religious things clearly, we need also to be close to God and therefore pray God, and here is my prayer to God for help and guidance.
My Lord God who is in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding forces of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide and help me; So that, I would be able to write Circle No: 3 and 4 of our religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. My Lord God, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.
God spiritual circles
Third circle positive.
Before I start let me pray; Prayer for the third circle positive
And thus I pray again:
To Yahweh our Heavenly Father I turn to pray, including His Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all his heavenly arrays. Therefore, to the Creator of life of Heaven and earth here I am praying, Father of all humanity, help me to write and describe your heavenly things, so that we humans could understand your ways.
Deep from within my heart I feel the need to pray, to our Heavenly Father the Son and the Holy Spirit who are in heaven, because I feel that sometimes I may not be worthy to write holy religious writings unless I am purified and free from my life sins. So, Father I pray you with all my heart to forgive me all my sins and purify me.
Father, hear my prayer and purify me, amen!
I am praying also that after I become purified from my earthly sins, Father, you would help me through my imagination and what is already known to some of mankind, so that I would be able to write about your Heavenly Kingdom and about those who help you run your heavenly government, which also extends to rule mother earth and all its living things, amen.
And after having prayed God thus;
This is how I imagine the third circle positive is.
Holy, Holy, Holy, there is so much holiness in this circle due to the presence of God that this is the only way that I can start writing about it.
Here is where God has set His government to govern the entire universe, with his Seraphim and other powerful angels: with his cherubs who are the divine heavenly guard of God in Heaven, and also on earth when part of God spiritual life force elects to go outside his heavenly home, and here is where our Lord Jesus Christ is sitting at the right hand of his Father Yahweh (also known as Jehovah and Allah) who has put His Son Jesus Christ in charge of his armies of angels and everything else. (Yahweh being the Creator of everything, since the central life-force of God elected him to do so, he is the only real God above all others; and His Son Jesus Christ who has earned his position above the other God’s Nephilim and Seraphim ((God’s children)) because, Jesus is the only Son of God, selected from God Himself and send to earth to be born again, the second time He was born through the virgin Mary, and He sacrificed himself to save humanity). This is how all humanity knows of this story, and this is the reason why he is in charge of all the angels that have anything to do with life on mother earth.
Here is where the four main angles reside: The angel of Life; The angel of Death; The angel of Justice; The angel of Mercy; they are being helped by other powerful angels to do God’s will.
Here are the archangel Michael and other angels, there is also the angel Gabriel who is the messenger and has got authority to announce God’s oncoming events to heaven in the spiritual world and to the living people on earth.
Here is where the headquarter of God’s armies is, now under the command of Our Lord Jesus Christ who together with the archangel Michael plan on how to defeat the force of evil forever, while at the same time they guide their armies of angels to keep the force of evil in check whenever and wherever it is so required. Because the force of evil being evil tries to reach where it should not reach, so, this is when the armies of angels will come out and throw them back to their proper quarters. (The force of evil and how it works will be explained later on in these religious writings.)
There is also in this circle, a selected group of very important people that are allowed to come in this circle when required. They have lived on earth a long time ago, so they have since then passed away, but because they were the chosen people of God, and because they have helped to guide the people of the world in a way according to God’s will, or at least in a way parallel to God’s will, God has chosen them and lets them come to this circle by invitation. There are a couple of good reasons for them to be here; one is to repay them for the good deeds they did during their life, so God lets them be there in his presence, not only to remind him of their hard work and devotion they had for him: but also they are allowed to be in this circle because they may be asked to contribute their human say, when anything of importance is done which will affect the human race in a general way. So in this group there are Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Moses, David, Elijah, Buddha, the virgin Marry and St. Joseph, Jesus Christ’s apostles, Mohammed, and some of the others most important prophets named in the Bible, or in other important religions. There are many more including a group of other religious order which I don’t know their names, I mean somebody else like Buddha and anybody of great religious importance, whom have contributed to guide the human race in a positive and spiritual way.
Of course there is a lot more than this in this 3rd circle positive, but we think we have written enough about it; we hope that we have been able to describe this circle clear enough for you our reader to understand what we have said.
If one day I can think of any other thing of importance, we will edit this article and write it here under, and now let us talk about the fourth circle positive.
The heavenly angels circle
Circle No: 4 the heavenly angels circle
Fourth circle positive.
Before we write about the fourth circle positive, we have to say this to you dear readers that what we are writing here is only an imaginary theory of how the spiritual heavenly forces could be, and therefore what we are writing may or may not be exactly the way that we are writing it hereunder, however we need to assign a place in the universe to any of the believed existing spiritual forces of heaven, otherwise there will not be a continuous set up of those heavenly forces that we believe exist.
Now; before I start writing about this 4thcircle positive let me pray again.
Prayer for the fourth circle positive,
My prayer
Almighty father I pray you with all my heart my soul and my mind, and since I am only a human being and I might have sinned, first of all I pray you Father to forgive me all my life sins, so that I may be purified and set free from my sins. So that, then I will able to pray and be heard and be allowed to write about the angels in the fourth circle positive. So, help me Father through my imagination as a seer and through the Holy Spirit that dwells on earth and what is already known or believed to exist, Father guide me to write the right religious things, and help me to write and correct what the angels say and sing, so that I could demonstrate to the whole world your heavenly greatness. Father, hear my prayer amen.
And now Almighty Father, I pray you that through my imagination you allow me to talk about your heavenly angels of the forth circle positive.
So, allow me to talk about those angels who are the beautiful creatures of the realms of glory and ask them this;
You angels of the realm of glory, can you please tell me God’s creation story?
And also, please tell me your songs and how you sing in heaven, about God’s glory.
So; Angels of the realms of glory, tell me about the eternal story, while you sing about the creator’s glory, and tell us the wonders of God’s creation.
The angel’s song/s:
Glorified be God Most High,
God’s heavenly angels sing in the sky.
They all sing to God their lullaby,
Glorified be God Most High.
Glory be to our Heavenly King,
For He is the Father of everything,
And for Him we will always sing,
Glory is to our Heavenly King.
Glory be to our Heavenly Father,
For He created us above all others,
We thank you Father for ever more,
Glory be to our Heavenly Father,
Glorified be our Holy Father,
He is holier than all the others.
His holy reign will last for ever
Glorified be Our Holy Father.
Blessed be our Heavenly Father,
Who has made us love one, another.
And we’ll forever love each other.
Blessed be our Heavenly Father.
Glo-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o ria
In ex cel sis De-----o.
Glo-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o ria
In ex cel sis De------- o.
This is how I can imagine part of the fourth circle positive:
In this circle is where most of the heavenly angels reside; throughout this circle there are the angles cantors, who will mix up with all the other groups of angels and lead them to sing glory to God the Father of everything. But there are a lot more angels in heaven.
The armies of angels of heaven
Throughout the forth circle and near the boundary of the fifth circle is where the armies of angles soldiers reside, they are together with their main field leaders and their captains of thousands and captains of hundreds, they are all luminous spirits of happy disposition, and it would be a great sight in itself if one could see them; they are inspiring because when you see them, you at once would feel god’s greatness. They are so orderly and so happy to be on God’s side, and they feel very good to be God’s immortal soldiers. They sing praise to God while they are at rest, not just what I have written above, but all the wonders of God’s creation and God’s deeds; they also do many other happy activities among themselves, but some of those activities for us earthly people would be hard to understand.
The main duty of these wonderful angels is that they have to police the universe, in order to keep in check the force of evil, because the force of evil sometime goes where they should not go, and do what they should not do, and here is when the angels of God intervene and chase away the forces of evil to where they belong.
Also in this forth circle near the boundary of the fifth circle is where the rest of the angels reside; here are the guardian angels who are together with lots of other angels, these angels are running all sorts of tasks in the universe, and one of the most important tasks is to help and regulate the flow of spiritual life on earth; this flow of life I will describe when I describe circle number six positive, which is just text door to our earth circle.
I think that now I have said already enough in this article, so I am going to stop right about circle 4 positive now. I am going to continue this religious writings next time starting in circle No: 5 positive, Angels, Saints and human souls. See you soon.
May God bless us all?

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