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Angels greeting me 7

Angels greetings

Welcome to my page 7 Angels greeting me
May God guide and help me say the right religious things in these articles? 

The heavenly messenger encounter

Greetings to the author of Reconciliation of the universe the third angel on my left said to me while he was bowing down in a very polite way, as if it was a curtsy greeting, it was like when a woman bows to the queen.

The angel was pointing his index finger to the sky, again it is not exactly what I saw, because what I saw was that the angel was greeting me talking to me and bowing and pointing to the sky.

The heavenly messenger encounter

Dear readers, what I am going to write next, it might be just a vivid dream that I am mixing up with reality, or perhaps a vision that I have had; but then again it might really have happened to me, whatever it was, I was shocked by the sudden revelation, anyhow this is what I believe has happened to me.
Thus I was greeted that late Saturday afternoon in 2005 and I was shocked!
Yes I was shocked when I saw these three persons (or angels) and one of them greeted me with great curtsy saying; GREETINGS TO THE AUTHOR OF RECONCILIATION OF THE UNIVERSE, I was so shocked that I walked away from them for fear of my own life, because I knew at once that they should have been from the spiritual world, as there was no other way for this to happen.
Today, I have indeed to ask myself again and again, did this encounter really happen because I had written this “angels poem” in my personal religious writings, in my home computer? Or it was to happen to me just because it had to happen.
Anyhow, today I have already written that ‘angels poem’ in full in Hub-Pages in the hub, Prayers for Reconciliation, therefore it is better than I don’t repeat it here; but I have to say that I am still asking myself the same question; what could have been the reasons for this supernatural happening to happen? Perhaps I should write here the whole poem again for you to read and see what I mean, whether the poem was the trigger of this happening, but as you know in Hub-Pages that might become duplicate content, so I rather only write the first four verses here:
You, Angels of the realm of glory
You tell us about the eternal story
You tell us about the creators’ glory
You tell us the wonders of God’s creation. 
This is how my angel poem starts, if you want to read the rest, check it out by clicking on the link in this paragraph above, ‘Prayers for reconciliation’.
Anyhow, as you know I have already said in these religious writings that I am going to write the whole supernatural encounter before I start to write the theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe, and I believe that this is the right place, because I will soon be talking about how the future God of the universe could be described for the future generations, so that some real nasty religious events might be avoided.
Now dear readers, I have to inform you first of all that what I am writing hereunder in this hub I believe that it has really happened to me, but then again it might be a dream that I had; but then again it may be a real happening, sometimes I do not know myself if it is a dream or it has really happened to me the way I am writing it hereunder. You see, every time I try to tell myself that it might have been a dream I try to see if it was possible that it was a dream, but during the whole happening there are no signs of this being a dream, because in the dreams, things are usually different from normal everyday life, therefore I have to assume that it was not a dream and it has really happened to me. Therefore, that is the way that I am going to write this supernatural encounter hereunder, I have to assume that it really has happened to me, because I believe it has, anyhow you can judge for yourself once you have read this whole article about the heavenly messenger encounter.
The heavenly messenger
So let me explain here, when this supernatural event of The Heavenly Messenger Encounter happened, I was going to the shop one late afternoon, usually I don’t go to the shops in the afternoons, but that day I did because we were short of some groceries, so my wife unwillingly let me go to the shops to buy them. On my way to the shop where I had to buy this grocery item for my wife, I stopped at another shop to buy something that I needed for a job that I was doing, and then I proceeded to go to the shop to buy whatever it was for my wife.
Because it was on a Saturday afternoon there were less people than usual shopping about, so, I thought it was going to be easy for me, therefore I was walking on the footpath and I was mentally being pleased with myself for having been able to do both purchase at the same time, when I saw three persons whom I had never seen before just a few meters in front of me, they all seemed to be of mature age about 35 to 40 years old, so they all seemed to me so powerful as their physical strength was at their best.
Of these three persons there was a gentleman about six foot six tall with his companion a beautiful lady and they were leaving behind their companion and were walking slowly towards me, while the third man was left standing on his own and now was about two or three meters apart from them. I felt that the gentleman and the lady were aware of me walking towards them and that I would pass them on my right hand side, now, while I was walking I saw this tall gentleman bent down his head to say something softly in the ear of his lady companion, as if he was going to tell her a secret about something important, or was it that something important was about to happen to me, I do not know.
When all this was happening, I was walking and passing the gentleman with the lady on my right hand side, and I was going to pass and leave the other gentleman on my left hand side, I was about two meters from the gentleman who was standing alone now on my left hand side, when this gentleman slightly bowed to me as if I was somebody of great importance, and with great gesture just like the master of ceremonies of a great circus, when he introduces very important acts for his troops he greeted me; and this is how and what he said and did:
‘Greetings to the author of, Reconciliation of the Universe, he said’. Putting great stress on the word universe, while he was pointing with his index finger and his raised left hand to the sky; So that there could be no mistake about what he wanted to convey to me.
I was frightened from this sudden and perhaps aggressive greeting, which I knew at once that it could only come from the other side, since nobody on earth new about my religious writings until then I felt threatened; and since I didn’t know what to say or what to do I kept walking and purposely ignored him. And again he was speaking to me saying, ‘the author of Reconciliation of the Universe,’ again putting great stress on Reconciliation of the Universe, while pointing with his index finger of his raised left hand to the sky. But I was so frightened that I had to ignore him again so I kept walking in order to put some distance between me and him. When I had walked about ten meters or more away from where he was standing, and I was half way between him and a cafĂ© where there were real people sitting I felt safe enough from him; then, I turned back and looked at him for a few seconds; He seemed enraged with me and he was looking at me with such intensity with his bright eyes, which were like two bright stars. He kept looking at me and once more he said, the author of, Reconciliation of the Universe, and this was the third time that he had said that with his index finger of his raised left hand pointing to the sky. I stood there looking at him for a few more seconds, hoping that he would see that I was frightened from him, but I had also understood his greeting and that his efforts had not been wasted; he seemed to understand all this, because his bright eyes softened a bit and he seemed to relax.
Then I didn’t want to linger there any more, as I had been shocked from this sudden and incredible encounter. So, I went to finish my shopping quickly and then I went home.
I did not say anything to anybody about this encounter not even to my wife, for fear of being ridiculed, because I knew that if I told anybody they would think that I could be crazy. Here I have to ask you my dear reader, if something like this would happen to you, would you try to tell everybody, or just keep it to yourself as I did?
After the heavenly greeting
The shock that I received from this unforeseen encounter gave me something to think about for a long time, the first thing on my mind was whether I had behaved properly under those harsh and frightening circumstances, or whether it would have been better for me if I had stopped and found out what all this supernatural encounter meant. While I wanted to blame myself for failing to stop and listen, I did not blame myself too much for that because of my fear, as we all know that what we don’t understand we need to fear, because we don’t know the outcome, therefore it would have been foolish for me to do anything else, but walk away from him.
So, for a while I felt that I had missed a great opportunity to understand the whole meaning of that encounter, and then again sometimes I was blaming myself and sometimes I was finding an excuse for myself, because I didn’t receive any message if there was a message to be received.
Therefore since that heavenly greeting I have been thinking what I should be doing about it, even though I have missed out on the most important information that I could ever have had from this meeting. Therefore, since the encounter I have been thinking a lot about it, but at the same time I have stopped for a while to write about the angel’s poem and anything else that was close to it, for fear of another surprise encounter, because I was frightened, I hope you see what I mean.
In the hope of finding an answer to my dilemma, I have been going over and over again my encounter hoping to work out what would be the right interpretation to give to this encounter; and finally I have come to the conclusion that perhaps if I pray our Heavenly Father, he will help me understand what everything means, and although I might have missed some very important information at that encounter, I am sure that if I try hard enough and use my reasoning human mind to understand everything, God will help me and guide me to write the right religious things, in these religious writings.
Nowadays I start to believe that things sometimes happen for a reason, or for many reasons as this special case of mine might be, and then these special reasons may reinforce or bring changes to your own beliefs, in this case my religious beliefs, which are going to be written here soon. Of course during our lives there are always things that happen in the world all the time, these happenings would continue to modify our religious beliefs and take them hopefully to a higher standard.
Written below is a short list of changes in beliefs that I have made since the encounter and other happenings:
List of modified religious beliefs
This is my list of modified religious beliefs
(1) First of all I am bound to believe that: Since I have been greeted from the messenger from heaven, as the author of Reconciliation of the Universe, because I was going to write and I am going to write this religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, I have reason to believe that heaven has in a way already accepted my writings as being useful for humanity, and therefore, my writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, would be (or are already) recorded in God’s record, so, they could never be destroyed even if the copy of my original writings is destroyed, because if they become destroyed; then, God would cause somebody else to rewrite them in much the same way as I am writing them now. The reason of these writings importance is that they aim to reconcile humanity to God and to all other religions on earth, and this is something that has not yet happened; but it would be a good thing if it could and would happen soon, because there are many things going on in the world that might perhaps be avoided.
(2) Since I have been greeted from heaven as the author of, Reconciliation of the Universe, I am bound to keep writing my religious beliefs, because now I have been led to believe from heaven that God wants me to write them, and if I don’t write them I would be a very foolish man indeed. So, there will be no more hesitations on my part, there will be no more doubts in my mind or heart, and I will be writing my religious beliefs as God spiritual life force will guide me.
(3) After my encounter with the messenger from heaven, I have been reflecting on the way that I had been greeted from him, and this special happening has made me feel that my religious writings were properly named at that time, otherwise why an angel from heaven would appear to me and greet me in the way he did.
So, Reconciliation of the Universe is the name that I have to give to this part of my religious writings, since in this name I have been greeted from heaven above in my close encounter with the messenger from heaven. Because if heaven wanted me to name my writings otherwise, this encounter and that sort of greeting should not have taken place at all.
But there is something more to say to reach our conclusion.
Dear readers, now that you have read this article of the Heavenly Messenger, it is up to you to believe whether what I have written above was a dream, or whether it was a real happening; for me this encounter has really happened, but I will not insist just because you might think that I might be crazy.
And now, since these religious writings are different from normal religious writings, just because they are a new way of seeing God and religions, some of our religious readers may worry that we might be leading them away from religions. We ask them to read again this article ‘for our reader’s peace of mind’; in our hub of, Reconciliation of the Universe, here we are going to state only what we would like to do.

We are going to set the stage for the entire world to see,
And when you read these pages you might have to agree,
That this could be the golden door of golden opportunities,
That God would be willing to give to us and to all humanity.
Therefore, I am praying God to guide me to write the right religious things
Now, because to write anything religious may influence God life force of the universe, I feel that I have to pray God our benevolent Father for guidance.
Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide me; So that, I would be able to write our religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.
Important information to our readers
Now that I have said a prayer, I feel more confident that God life force of the universe would help me say the right religious things.
Dear readers, I was going to say this at the beginning of this hub, but is has not been possible because it would have made the angels greeting less important than this explanation, however I would like to pass this very important information to our readers now, so that our readers could understand better my position and the reasons why this might have happened to me, you see at the time when this supernatural event that I have written above took place in my life, not only I had written my angels poem, but I had also already written part of Reconciliation of the Universe theory; now, my personal guess is that it might have been my religious writings that I had already written the reason why this encounter happened to me at that time.
I need to explain this again because it is very important to know, since this is the real reason why I am writing The Heavenly Messenger Encounter here in full and not at the beginning of my religious writings; it is because here is where you can check out for yourself what I am going to say next, you see here is just before I start to write the real religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, so that you would be able to check it out and decide for yourself whether this supernatural event was caused because I was writing then Reconciliation of the Universe, or happened just because it happened, so, let me inform you my dear readers on the following.
You see, I would like to inform you my readers that my religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe had been half written already by the year 2005 and I should also say that it is still part written even today and I am working on it, so, remember this because it is important, as this supernatural event seems to have happened only because I had been writing this religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe already.
I have to say that today I am still asking myself these questions about the encounter: Was the encounter real? Was it a vision? Or was it a dream? And I do not know the answer myself; the only thing that I am sure is that it has happened to me and I believe that God has really set me up, so that I would write the theory of, Reconciliation of the universe. So, may God help me to write it?
Discussing the heavenly messenger
Discussions and personal explanations
Now because of this close encounter that happened to me, as I have written above, I have reason to believe that from this encounter I have received the proof of the spiritual heavenly life existence, and that definitely we are not alone in this world and we are being watched, it also has reinforced my beliefs of the existence of God, or the existence of a spiritual life and everything else including the afterlife.
I need to say here that, whether this close encounter that I had was from the positive life-force of God I do not know, but it was definitely from the life forces of the universe that’s for sure, because this angel or powerful person who greeted me was greeting me in such a way that he scared me off, as he seemed so powerful that he could not just be a human being and he knew things that no human being should have known at that time. I’d like to believe that he was an angel from God, but since I was scared of him, he might be an angel from the negative life force of the universe. For this reason I am going to pray a short prayer to God for protection.
In the name of The Father, The-son and The Holy-Spirit I am praying for protection:
Almighty Father, to you I turn God Most High and pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind, I am praying you for protection from the force of evil, because I am not sure what to think about it and I have my human doubts, I ask myself which spiritual force staged the encounter. For this reason I am praying now. Father, hear my prayer and protect me from the forces of evil; amen.
Now let me go back to review those hard facts. To say what went on at this sudden supernatural encounter immediately will not make any sense to you my dear readers unless you keep in mind what I have written above already; So, let me explain my situation, again and again, let me just explain a few more things first so that you could be able to understand what I mean and what I had been doing before this encounter, as I believe that this is or might be the real reason why this encounter happened.
As I have said already, for the last few years before this encounter I had been writing a few things, and part of my writings was an idealistic new religious theory, which I was calling, Reconciliation of the Universe; I had given my theory that name just because my theory aimed at reconciling all the world religions to each other. Now nobody else new about my religious writings but me, therefore I didn’t expect anybody to know at that time, but to my surprise that angel already knew about it, and scared me by greeting me as, the author of reconciliation of the universe.
Now that I have explained my writing position at the time when this encounter occurred, as I have written at the beginning of this hub, where I told you what did happen that day and I have described that supernatural encounter as accurately as I was able to do, and made sure that I did not leave anything of importance unsaid, because everything in that encounter even the smallest thing may mean something important.
Now that I have written all about the angel’s greetings and the message that it conveyed to me, I have to say that there is still another God sent message to tell you in this article, this second article might seem out of place to some of you, because it is not about the angels greeting any more but it is a dream; but this dream seems to me that it is a message from heaven as well delivered in a dream, and this message is saying to me to go ahead and write my theory of Reconciliation of the universe.
A dream or message from heaven
Dream or message from heaven and conclusion on my Heavenly Messenger Encounter
Now that I have told you my Heavenly Messenger Encounter, let me tell you one of my last God sent dreams:
This is a dream that I have dreamed in January 2008, and this dream seems to be a God send dream, because I dreamed about God.
The dream;
I was dreaming a long frustrating dream in a strange place, but it is not really a very strange place because I have been in these places before, and because it has got something to do with me and my family, I try to do whatever was possible to keep going on and keep the members of my family together, but I fail because in the end I am left alone, and try as I may I am not able to find them.
So, I am left in the company of a few other people which are somehow known to me, we seem to be all trying to receive something from God, or God-life-force that will be able to help us do whatever we have to do to reach our religious goals. This thing that we would receive from God is a sort of sword which would be able to help us somehow.
There are pieces of metal on the ground I pick up a couple of pieces one from the ground and one from the hands of a man standing near me, I put these two piece of metal one after the other showing the man near me that I would need both pieces to make a normal size sword, as soon as I put them in that position, they becomes alive in my hands and weld themselves together, I am afraid that I could be electrocuted, but somehow I find the will power to hold them together, those pieces of metal not only weld themselves together but they become a sword, not the sort of sword I thought they would become, but the short military roman heavy sword, then while I am holding it in my hands, the sword changes into a very light short pointed sword and it changes again into a manifold with several blades. I was the only one to receive the sword. So when I woke up I could only think that this dream meant that God had chosen me to do what I have to do and nobody else.
This last dream message from heaven tells me that I have to write my religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, because I have had too many religious dreams about God or god life forces if you want to call the other dimension god life force, or perhaps just the force that makes life possible on earth.
 Anyhow I think that this hub is becoming too long, so, it would be better if I just write another hub, which will be the last hub before the new religious theory begins, we will call it ‘Pre Reconciliation of the universe’; here we will go over the main subjects explaining why we need to write the real theory of Reconciliation of the Universe. See you soon. May God guide and help me?
May God bless us all?


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