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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Prepare for reconciliation

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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Prepare for reconciliation 
This is about the creation of the world, but the world may or may not be the way it is described in the Bible, so we need to work it out in these religious writings. 

Prepare for reconciliation
Dear readers, we are calling this post prepare for reconciliation, because we would like to prepare you our readers to accept what we are going to write next; we are going to use the word prepare or preamble in these religious writings, since it means announcing what is to come next, therefore we are announcing our theory of Reconciliation of the universe in many ways. Now in this preamble to Reconciliation of the Universe, we want first of all say a few words about the reason why we may need to review and perhaps modify religions and even the way we perceive God, at this stage we are not going to try too hard to convince everybody about this need, because this will work itself out, when people know what we are talking about later on; however we need to say a few things in order to explain why we have to proceed the way we are proceeding. So, let us start by saying what we believe today.
But first of all, let us go over once again how things stand in the world of religions today. There are people in the world that believe in God and religions the way they are today and we call them theists, the theists believe in many sorts of religions with God as the head or leading figure, sometimes these religion could be a bit different to one another; then there are people that are not sure what to believe, these people are called the agnostic; and then, there are people that do not believe that there is a god at all, and we call them the atheists.
In order to put forward our religious theory of our religious writings, we have to assume that there is a God and write our religious writing according to our assumed beliefs that there is a God, of course we believe that there is a God, but our beliefs do not convince anyone accept those that are already believers. Here we should also add that our beliefs about God might be slightly different from most people beliefs, or perhaps we should say that our beliefs are really somehow different from most believers.
What we mean here above is that people believe according to what they have been taught to believe, if we assume that we are talking about the religions that have come from the Bible, their beliefs would be what they have been taught from their parents and their own interpretation of the Bible, if they are interested to read the Bible.
Therefore, we believe in our own interpretation of the Bible plus what we have been taught, and we have also to add our own personal beliefs that we have come to believe in during our lives, now, since our beliefs might have changed during our life, therefore, today our religious views and beliefs are what they are and we understand religious things the way that we understand them; having said that and knowing that our beliefs have changed, we would like to say that we have found that some part of the Bible cannot be believed as being true; and now, we need to explain to our readers why some parts of the Bible cannot be believed the way that most people want us to believe; of course we have already pointed this out many times in Prayers for reconciliation.
We are well aware that this could create some misunderstanding with the believers, because most people still want to believe that the Bible is the word of God, when there are good reasons to believe that the Bible has been written by Hebrew people and is their Hebrew history, of course because in those times history and religions were one and the same thing, the Bible became a religious book written by their religious leaders, so, because the Bible had to fulfil these two roles, it becomes hard to say that it is only the word of God. Anyhow we have to understand that in those times people were lead by their religions more than anything else or at least the Hebrew were lead by their religion.
Now that we have explained a little about what we believe, it does not mean that God does not exist; in fact it means that God exists, otherwise Moses would not have seen God on Mount Sinai in the form of a burning bush; what we want to say here is that religions then were used to guide the people a lot more than they are used today, and therefore religions were written for this double purpose in mind.
Today religions are not as important as they were then to guide the people and control the people, because today they fulfil a less important role and they are mostly used to guide our spiritual needs and to understand what is good and what is bad for our own souls. Because of these changes we might need to review our religious beliefs, in such a way that they might help us understand today religious needs.
Today because the world is different from the time when the Bible was written the first time, we need to do something about it, at least in the ways of how we understand the Bible, so, in this preamble of reconciliation of the universe, let us suggest how we believe religious things should be like to fulfil that, starting how we see God in the universe or how God needs to be in order to be god for all the people even the atheists; so let us describe my God of the universe.

My God of the Universe

My God of the universe
Now, let us not forget that this is a preamble and a preamble not only announces what is going to be next, but it also is supposed to prepare the people about what they are going to see in the future happening in various ways, so what follows here would be some descriptions of these religious things to come, so that the readers are more likely to accept the outcome; so, let us start to write how we would like to write our religious theory at the very start:
Let it be known to all humanity that there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the life essence of the whole universe. So, every living thing is a tiny part of God himself, therefore life exists because God exists and we will return to this God life force when we die. Here we would like to point out that we have already said that God exists because life exists, in our hub God exists because life exists, and this is the link, but we need to say more about our God, in order that it would take shape in the people minds. 
But there are also many other things to talk about; you see, during our lives we should humbly introduce ourselves to our God by praying, in our own way through our own beliefs; here I have to say that every one of us may pray our own prayers to God, so, we might express ourselves in many different ways. I suppose that we still have to think about God as our Father, even if one day God turn out to be only a life force that guides the universe. Let me explain, our own soul is linked to God life force from the beginning the way it is linked and it will remain that way for a long time or perhaps forever, so God will always be our spiritual Father and cannot be changed.
But how we should pray?
Here-under is a sort of phraseology that one can pick a phrase or two:
Our Father, you who are in heaven, we pray you to help us to live our lives according to your will.
We thank and pray you Father because you have given us our lives.
Within our heart there should be written these words:
We pray and praise the Lord our God who has given us our lives;
Glorified be the lord our Father who has made us like Him;
Blessed be the Lord our Creator when he made us like him;
We owe so much to God, that it is our duty to adore Him.
And believe also this, if we believe it;
Great was our Creator intention when He made us like himself, so to Him we owe many thanks because He made us like his own imagine, perhaps it has been for this reason that He expected us that we would behave like himself. He has loved us so much because not only He gave us the best of everything, but He also made us the best of any living thing; and He made us the master over every living thing and also the master of the non living things as well. We should really keep all that in mind of how much He has given us, because even our breath of life He gave us from His own breath. He even gave us a beautiful garden, so that we could dwell near Him: But within that garden was where we first disobeyed Him. All this has happened to us because we are only weak human beings.
If we believe all that, let us pray God our Father to forgive us:
Almighty Father we pray you now to forgive us because we are weak and sin.
Father, have mercy on us, because we feel ashamed that we have failed you.
Father, forgive us weak human beings, since we pray you to forgive us our sins.
Father, give us another chance, because we would like to be within your presence in your spiritual afterlife world.
Some of my readers are shouting! And the atheists are laughing saying, what is all this rubbish, why doesn’t he accept that there is no God? What is all this believing and praying and at the same time trying to change our religious beliefs; perhaps it is better that everything stays the way they are now?
No, dear readers, as we have said we want to write these Religious Writings the way we believe they should be, but at the same time, no human being who believes in any god would have the courage to change anything at all without praying God to accept his views. So, that is why I am praying God to accept my religious views, in the hope that my religious views may help humanity somehow in the future.
I believe that I have said enough in this post, so see you in our next post; we need to pray God; see you then.
May God bless us all?

This is part of Future God of the Universe,  and it will be continued in our next post, We need to pray God.
Man needs God
Prepare for reconciliation
Next time with, we need to pay God 
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