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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The heavenly angels circle

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
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and this post, the heavenly angels circle
The heavenly angels circle
There are reasons to believe that in the universe there are these spiritual beings called angels, they exist in the universe everywhere, at least this is what we believe here on earth. These angels together with God of the universe life forces energies, are the positive life force that make life possible on earth. At least we believe that it is so.
Now let us talk about spirituality and the spiritual creatures of the universe. Well according to our human beliefs, there must be a lot of angels in the universe and angels are spiritual creature, this is what we are talking about here, we are talking here about the heavenly angels circle that could and very likely would exist in the universe.

There are reasons to believe that the fourth circle positive is where angels dwell in heaven. Anyhow the angels of God in circle four are happy creature, they may have many tasks to fulfil, but they will fulfil them easily and they are happy to do it.

The heavenly angels circle
Circle No: 4 positive is the heavenly angels circle
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, God central sit of government, where we have described how the third circle positive could be, so, now we are going to talk about the fourth circle positive.
Before we write about the fourth circle positive, we have to say this to you dear readers that what we are writing here is only an imaginary theory of how the spiritual heavenly forces could be, and therefore what we are writing may or may not be exactly the way that we imagine it is and we are writing it hereunder, however we need to assign a place in the universe to any of the believed existing spiritual forces of heaven, otherwise there will not be a continuous set up of those heavenly forces that we believe exist.
Now; before I start writing about this 4thcircle positive let me pray. Prayer for the fourth circle positive,
My prayer
My Lord God, I pray you with all my heart my soul and my mind earnestly, and since I am only a human being and I might have sinned, first of all I pray you Father to forgive me all my life sins, so that I may be purified and set free from my sins. So that, then I will able to pray and be heard and be allowed to write about the angels in the fourth circle positive. So, help me Father through my imagination as a seer and through the Holy Spirit that dwells on earth and everywhere in the universe, so that I would be able to write what I imagine plus what is already known or believed to exist, therefore, Father guide me to write the right religious things, and help me to write and correct what the angels say and sing, so that I could demonstrate to the whole world your heavenly greatness, the way that I imagine it is. Father, hear my prayer amen.
And now Almighty Father, I pray you that through my imagination you allow me to talk about your heavenly angels of the forth circle positive.
So, allow me to talk about those beautiful creatures of the realms of glory and ask them this;
You angels of the realm of glory, can you please tell me God’s creation story?
And also, please tell me your songs and how you sing in heaven, about God’s glory.
So; Angels of the realms of glory, tell me about the eternal story, while you sing about the creator glory, and tell us the wonders of God’s creation.
The angel’s song/s:
Glorified be God Most High,
God’s heavenly angels sing in the sky.
They all sing to God their lullaby,
Glorified be God Most High.
Glory be to our Heavenly King,
For He is the Father of everything,
And for Him we will always sing,
Glory is to our Heavenly King.
Glory be to our Heavenly Father,
For He created us above all others,
We thank you Father for ever more,
Glory be to our Heavenly Father,
Glorified be our Holy Father,
He is holier than all the others.
His holy reign will last for ever
Glorified be Our Holy Father.
Blessed be our Heavenly Father,
Who has made us love one, another.
And we’ll forever love each other.
Blessed be our Heavenly Father.
Glo-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o ria
In ex cel sis De-----o.
Glo-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o ria
In ex cel sis De------- o.
This is how I can imagine part of the fourth circle positive:
In this circle is where most of the heavenly angels reside; throughout this circle there are the angles cantors, who will mix up with all the other groups of angels and lead them to sing glory to God the Father of everything. But there are a lot more angels in heaven, so let us say a bit more about them.
The armies of angels of heaven
Throughout the forth circle and near the boundary of the fifth circle is where the armies of angles soldiers reside, they are together with their main field leaders and their captains of thousands and captains of hundreds, they are all luminous spirits of happy disposition, and it would be a great sight in itself if one could see them; they are inspiring because when you see them, you at once would feel god’s greatness. They are so orderly and so happy to be on God’s side, and they feel very good to be God’s immortal soldiers. They sing praise to God while they are at rest, not just what I have written above, but all the wonders of God’s creation and God’s deeds; they also do many other happy activities among themselves, but some of those activities for us earthly people would be hard to understand.
The main duty of these wonderful angels is that they have to police the universe, in order to keep in check the force of evil or any other thing that may go wrong, because the force of evil sometime goes where they should not go, and do what they should not do, and here is when the angels of God intervene and chase away the forces of evil to where they belong.
Also in this forth circle near the boundary of the fifth circle is where the rest of the angels reside; here are the guardian angels who are together with lots of other angels, these angels are running all sorts of tasks in the universe, and one of the most important tasks is to help and regulate the flow of spiritual life on earth; this flow of life I will describe when I describe circle number six positive.
I think that now I have said already enough in this post, so I am going to stop right now. I am going to continue this religious writings next time starting in circle No: 5 positive, Angels, Saints and human souls. See you soon.
May God bless us all?
Man needs God
The heavenly angles circle
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