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God spiritual dimension 100

God spiritual dimension
Welcome to our article ((3) (100))
This is also another view of how God could be described in the future, as the most important part of God is that God can help humanity somehow.
This is also another view of how God could be described in the future, as the most important part of God is that God can help humanity somehow.
God spiritual dimension
Dear readers, as we have already mentioned in our previous two spiritual hubs or articles, in this third article we are going to talk about, God spiritual dimension, in order to complete our set-up of the spiritual energies of the universe. We know that the discerptions in this third article are going to be far away from the normal everyday religious beliefs, because we are talking about positive energies of the universe that represent all existing Gods that the people believe in. We know that people would like to see God as a person, and one day we will come back to this and explain better our views, because at the moment we are really trying hard to write our religious theory, in the shortest way possible, so, we are going to try to say most of the remaining religious explanations in this article, of God spiritual dimension if it is possible.
To start with, in order to shorten our religious writings, we have to assume that God is everything and is everywhere, and therefore God is part of everything that exists in the universe, but even this description is not clear, unless we break it down in such a way that we would be able to see how the spiritual side would work.
So, let us talk only about the spiritual part of God of the universe; let us write about how God of the universe would fit within the life-forces energies of the universe, and how all these spiritual entities would work together under the guidance of God.
In order to do that we have to assume, that all the spiritual entities that we the people of this world believe in, they exist as such; but perhaps some of them could be a bit different from the main belief, since every one of us may see them in a different way; however, they all belong to the spiritual life-force energies of the universe, where God of the universe is at the centre of it, and guides everything according to his benevolent will, since all life energies pass through God spiritual life-force, and God distributes them in such a way that life can go on forever; we know that what we have just said is not clear, so, we need to explain this issue how we believe this happens here under.
In my imagination as a seer, I can see that this could only exist if there is a continuous flow of these spiritual life energies and that God is the driving engine of the entire spiritual forces of the universe. So, starting from God these spiritual energies somehow move away from God and go around in the universe, but soon or later they return to God, and thus they form a never ending cycle of life energies. As you know, we have already written in our previous religious articles, where we are showing some of the several ways that they could return to God central life force, but it is a long version, and here we are aiming to write a very short version. So let us try to do that; but if you want to read some of the longer, there will be some links at the end of this article.   
Spiritual life cycle
Now, let us describe how this spiritual life cycle could be, here we need to assume that in a general way, all the spiritual life energies go around in a circle. So, let start from the central life energy of God, since God is the most important spiritual energy in the universe as a whole, and it can give life to every living thing. To start with, this one God life force by necessity needs to be divided in smaller Gods and other spiritual being, in order that life could exist, because life as we know it, could be a small part of these life energy so to speak. Anyhow, from this central important spiritual energy, all other gods and spiritual beings are born, so, around this central life energy most of the important gods that people believe in exist, after these gods there are all sorts of angels and archangels, and as we move away from the centre the spiritual entities become small and less important.
Some of these life energies are needed to form life as we know it, at least this is what lots of people believe in; therefore, we will have to assume that it could be true. Now let us talk about ourselves; you see, we the people of this world would like to be immortal, for this reason, we need a soul that could be immortal, so that we could live forever. This sort of spiritual setup would work well for both ways and it could indeed exist. You see, we know that we exist and we know that spiritual beings exist, so we are looking for a way, how all these things put together could work, and why they may need to be set in a certain way. Anyhow, here I am not saying that what I am writing is exactly right, we only assume that it could come close to the truth.
So, let us assume that we indeed have a soul, so, when we die, we believe that we go back from where we came from. Now, there are a lot of people in this world and when we die our souls go back to the spiritual side, so there must be a flow of these spiritual energies, and they are not all going to the same place or direction, but here we need to give our readers some discerption about what we believe is happening. We believe that when we go back to God spiritual force, we go in different ways and very likely in different places, which would be hard even to mention a few here, since we want to write only a very short version of these spiritual life forces; therefore, we are only going to write about, those souls that happen to make the longest journey, before they return to the central life force of God of the universe.
Our souls long journey
As we have said, we are going to follow one of our soul longest journey, dear readers, in this imaginary soul journey, we are going to describe here the longest journey that our souls could take, in order to go back to God as positive life energies. But even though this is the longest soul journey, we need to do that in the shortest way possible, even though it is the longest journey, because we want our article to be short. So let us start from God central life force: and describe this soul journey.  
From God central life force all spiritual forces begin, also our souls start from God spiritual force. Now, a simple soul journey starts from God, it goes through the major spiritual forces that we call gods as well, then it will go through the spiritual sit of government, move down through the angels’ circle and other circles, until it reaches the earth circle; where it will be born as a new human being. This human being lives on earth for many years and when it dies it return to the spiritual world, in the spiritual world it will take a place that the angels of God assign to it.
Now, in order to make it easy and also brief, we need to assume that the soul we are following, is a soul that has become very negative, and therefore, it cannot stop near the life force of God of the universe the same way it has come, but it must continue to travel the full circle away from God, and then return to God in a different form of positive energy, that is why this is the longest journey that a soul could take.  
So, this very negative soul, in our imaginary journey has to go through all the negative circles, and past the boundary of no return, then fall jump or be thrown in the abyss, where it will disintegrate; so, this soul is dead now and it is the end for this soul, except for those energies that are left from it.
This soul that is dead and has disintegrated has become now, a lot of the smallest existing spiritual energy that floats in the universe, these very small energies float around the universe and if they come close enough to the life force of God of the universe, God magnetic force will pull them in, and so, they can be recycled. This is one of the ways that the life energies of the universe could be recycled. Since we believe that the life forces energies of the universe form a never ending cycle, as many other things do as well; for us this is the only possible way for file and spirituality to go on forever.
I hope I have explained myself clear enough to make sense to our readers; as this forms a complete cycle. Of course there is a much longer version that describes the negative souls journey, so we will paste some of them here-under. That is all folks for the time being. But I have a lot more to add when I edit this hub again.            
I hope that the life force of God of the universe has guided me to say all these religious things the right way.
 May God bless us all?    

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