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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Those old religions

MAN NEEDS GOD. We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the universal life force that guides and gives life to the entire universe. Therefore every living thing is part of God life force, since God is the essence of all life in the universe.
Those old religions and their gods

Jupiter, king of the pagans gods, he had thunder bolt in his hand that could strike anybody or anything he wanted.


Some pagans gods, there were many gods in the ancient pagan religions, they were like the ministers in today's republic government

Ancient God of wisdom, this god of wisdom might be a Greek god or a Roman god, they were very much the same and today would be hard to say to which one this god belongs unless you have really studied these ancient cultures.

Those old religions
What were some of those old religions like?
In these religious writings of Prayers of reconciliation, because we want to study and analyse all sorts of religions, in this article of, Importance of religion, we are writing this chapter not because we want our readers to believe in the following old religions; but because we would like our readers to see that people have always needed religions; we want also our readers to understand that even though these old religions were false, they gave those ancient people who believed in those religions a sense of help, so, they felt better for practicing them and believing in those religions.
Now if people can feel better just practicing religion even when later on it proves to be false; then how much better it could be if one practice a true religion were God is alive and real? This is the question which we want our readers to understand, we would also like our readers to keep in mind that the aim of our religious writings is to find a way about how one can find our real living God and how to practice the true religion and last but not the least important is this, we would like to find a religious way that would be able to link all existing religions together, so that they would not be able to argue which religion is better.
But now as we want to see how these old religions were let us go back to talk about old religions, as they are a link from the past, and for sure we can learn something from them.
Some of those old pagan religions believed in many gods and goddesses: The ancient Greeks and the Romans believed that their gods and goddesses were immortal and they lived on Mount Olympus Greece. Every god had special tasks to perform, which were very much like the ministers of a democratic government of nowadays. Those gods had as their king Jupiter the most powerful of them all, he had in his hands thunder bolts which could strike anyone if and when he wanted; his wife was Juno who was a very strong and powerful goddess. Jupiter was the son of Saturn and ruled all over the earth, there were other gods and goddesses who helped Jupiter in doing what had to be done, some of which were: Mars god of the war, Mercury, Apollo, Venus the goddess of love, and many more. Jupiter also had two other brothers, one was Neptune king of the seas, and the other was Pluto king of the underworld.
But if one wants to understand what all these gods were doing one should really read old literature, like The Iliad, the Odyssey or The Enid and other similar old books. There is a lot more to say about old religions: but since old religions are a thing of the past, we do not want to spend much more time on this subject, so, I believe that this chapter should end like this in order to make sense.
Dear readers, we believe that since humanity needs religion to live a good and meaningful life; then we must try to find and believe in the true living God and the true religion and then practice that, because it will be really worthwhile if we want to live our lives properly.
Nowadays religion seems to be bypassed by the public main stream, so this question arises:
Why religion is not as popular as it used to be?
What can we do to make religion attractive to people?
Do we need a different approach to Religion?
So now, let me start from the beginning, and let’s see what we as people really think about ourselves to begin with: And then, step by step or link by link by rational reasoning we have to try to reach our goal, which is to find our way to the meaning of our life. So what should we believe about our life. So, in next hub I will talk about people life and religions.
Man needs God
Those old religions
Next time with, people life and religion  
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