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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dreams about Jesus Christ

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This Lady is very much like the Lady that opened the door to let me in when I was in danger.

 Dreams about Jesus Christ

Dear readers, let me tell you in this post my first dream about Jesus Christ
 In this first dream about Jesus Christ including also other spiritual forces is as follows; while I am dreaming I seem to go around in many unknown places, as we all know dreams can take us in very strange places, some of these places are good and some are not so good. At one stage during my dream I seem to be in danger, because some evil force or people are after me to rob me or harm me. So, I try to run away from them, while I am running away from this danger, as I am in a street with houses that are mostly one story high, I try to find some safety by knocking at a stranger door, the door opens and an old Lady let’s me in, I felt safe in there, because there were some wise mature people inside, I wanted to thank the Lady (who may well have been the virgin Mary) for letting me in: But they all the people seem to smile back at me, as if I knew only half what was going on. 
So I started looking around to find the reason why, and there I see my own mother beside me in company with the old Lady that had opened the door for me to come in: So I could not help it; (as I was aware in the dream that my mother had passed away a few months before) So I asked my mother: (in my own native language, which translated in English is) Who sends you here to help me? Is it Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary? There was no much else to be said, as I was waiting for an answer from my mother, but it did not happen. Anyhow, this dream ends here because I woke up. The dream above might not seem so important and obvious that we are talking about Jesus Christ, but once you add the second dream here under, you will see that we are really talking about Our Lord Jesus Christ.

 The second dream

This is how I saw the head in the sky, the only difference was that this head here is vertical, but the head I saw in the sky was horizontal above me and filled up most of the sky. 

My second dream, I had one more dream soon after this dream that I have written above, that is after a couple of nights or there about: and here again it seems that the evil force or evil people are after me, as they want to rob or harm me, it is because they think that I have in my possession something that’s very important to them, I do not know what this something is, but they are all after me anyhow. They seem to catch up with me, and I feel that I could not escape from them any more, so I knew that I was in grave danger because they were the evil ones. So in my despair I turned to heaven and prayed God to help me. At that moment there was not a cloud in the sky when I started to pray, but soon two large eyes formed in the sky and they were looking down upon me, and winged at me benevolently, a large and well defined head formed in the sky like a portrait, and this head seemed to fill up most of the sky. At the sight of this God send head figure the evil ones were frozen with fear, and did not move a single step to grab me. So they all stopped frightened in a corner of this lake, while I was on the shore of this lake looking back at them, as they seemed to shrink in size on a small boat, it was as if they wanted to hide from this mighty force up in the sky.
At the same time I became aware that, what the evil ones wanted from me did not belong to them or to me, but was something that had in possession, which had to be divided into three parts, and one part of this belonged to mother: The dream did not explain who the mother was, and since it is very unlikely that it would be my mother; then the mother very likely would be mother nature, or perhaps God, since God is everywhere and could be said to be equals to mother nature.
After that, when I woke up in the morning, this dream became very important to me, because in the morning I found a red spot on my forehead between my eyes, it was small but it was just like one of those religious people from India make on their forehead for themselves.
So my question is now: Did I in my dream really call on this heavenly force? And the heavenly force came to help me, and then left a sign on my forehead to let me know who that heavenly force was, and that I should remember the meaning of this dream that I dreamed.
I hope you see what I mean, when I talk about religious beliefs and the Importance of religion, so in our next post, we will be talking about other dreams about Jesus Christ. See you there.   

Man needs God 
Dreams about Jesus Christ
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