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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Flood example

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The Flood example

Noah ark is a biblical story, and even though something like that might have really happened, we believe that the flood was never as immense as the Bible wants us to believe that is why we would like to prove it, with this article.

The Dead Sea map or photo, today because of the Dead Sea level being 423 meters blow sea level it is very hard to believe that the universal flood really happened. 

The Flood example

Dear readers, this post are our continuation of our previous post, Mankind religious beliefs’, as we wanted to write about these examples to make our point of view clear, so let first of all write about the universal Flood written in the Bible.
There are reasons to believe that the universal Flood has it is written in the Bible has never been, because it cannot have happened to that extend, where all the earth would have been under water, but at the same time there must have been a great flood, just because it is written in the Bible, but it must have not been as widespread as it is written in the Bible, and not at the time the Bible writers want to make us believe it happened. If anything like the universal Flood happened, it must have been several thousands of years before the date that the Bible claims The Flood has happened, and we will explain you why hereunder.
Let me make this as simple as possible, today the Dead Sea in the Middle East is 423 meters below sea level and so are also the surrounding lands of the, Jordan valley- Israel- Jordan, even the sea of Galilee is 208 meter below sea level, therefore a lot of land in this geographic position is below sea level. (If you want to check this out, Google lands below sea level in the Google bar) (Or use the link below this paragraph if it works.) The point we want to make here is this; if there ever was the Flood as the Bible claims it to have been, then all these low laying areas should have been flooded, since the bible claims that all the earth was under water, which has never been the case, I am saying this because it is impossible for all that 423 meter deep of water to evaporate since then.

List of places on land with elevations below sea level - Wikipedia ...

If there ever was the Flood, it must have been much small than what the Bible claims, or it must have happened hundreds of thousand years before, so what is written in the Bible is not correct, this is the first reason why some events in the Bible are not correct.
On this subject the atheist would say that most civilizations have a story of a major flood that happened for various reasons: we know they are right and we can find some of these flood stories on the internet if we look for them, even in the Greek and Roman religions, there is this flood that Jupiter with the other gods caused, because people were bad and they wanted to destroy them, so the flood in the Bible is not the only flood in history. Try this link below if it works:

The Greek Myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha and the Great Flood

As you can see this is not the only flood of the ancient world, and we would be able to find more examples if we keep looking for them. Anyhow now let us look at this timing example that the writers made also a mistake:


Explaining timing example

In this example again the timing elapsed between happenings events is wrong; I suppose this has happened because in the past there was no way for them to keep records properly, so it was easy then to make these sorts of mistakes.
I am talking about this because I have noted it myself recently, while I was reading the Patriarch in the Bible. Now, this does not imply that the religious book in question that one is reading is false, (in this case the Bible) it only means that the writer of the Patriarch wasn’t aware when he wrote the book that those dates or number of years mentioned in his writings would not add up correctly.
Therefore, I am led to believe that the writer must have been concerned only about the events, just because it is the events that shows the way and makes one believe in religion, whatever the believers need to believe.
But if something is not written the right way then it is wrong, and it doesn’t make sense and one should try to explain the reasons why it happened, and perhaps a way on how it could be fixed; that is if that mistake needs to be fixed and could be fixed at all.
In the past everyday people and even the writers themselves were not aware of these mistakes because they were not as learned as nowadays, and perhaps also a bit careless, because those who wrote the Patriarch could have done a better job if they had checked what they were writing then. So, one is lead to believe that they wrote only to keep religion going the best way they could and if something was not correct it did not matter. As long as they were able to keep the believers faithful their job was done, and they have been able to do that until now. But nowadays when almost everybody can read, and with the help of the computer in most households if anything is not correct it will soon show up.
Therefore some religious books are long overdue to be explained, why they have been written the way that they have been written, and could not be corrected in the past, but they can only be explained for future readers. So I am going to try to do some explaining myself, while I am writing these religious writings of, Prayers for Reconciliation including Reconciliation of the Universe.
Now, before I change to a different topic, let me say this; since I am writing most likely I will make many mistakes, I know I will, because I am not a trained writer, I am only a self thought writer who is trying hard to write my religious points of view, just the way I believe they are; So, if and when, my religious writings were to be published: Hereby I invite the future learned religious people or any other learned people of the world to set things right. And above all I invite them to criticize and straighten any of my mistakes, and try to improve my own ideas wherever they need to be improved.
Now, I need to explain once again that what has driven me to write these religious writings are some happenings in my life, so, it is all because I wanted to write down my own religious beliefs, and therefore I wanted to read some religious books, just to make sure that I would have the right ideas about what to say in religious matters, even if my religious ideas may happen to be different from my religious readings. So, I started to read from beginning to end the most read religious book of them all the Bible, and as I kept reading it I became aware that in Genesis although the writer mentions always how many years the Patriarchs lived before the flood starting from Adam and so on, and all of them seemed to have lived a very long life span compared to nowadays, but there is no mention of the time past overall, and one can only guess that there was a great length of time overall; this is from the creation of Adam and Eve, to Noah and the flood, as written in the Bible.
So, I was led to believe that the writer of Genesis did not have the knowledge of the time that actually had past between these events. And it seems to me that he is only writing the story as it has been told from generation to generation, anyhow the length of time is not very important, as everything is in the past, with the exception of seeing whether it would be correct or not. The same thing happens also later on, when the writers talk the events after the flood; so let us look at the Patriarch after the flood.
After the flood
In The Patriarch, after the flood, again the writer is writing a story the way that it has been told from generation to generation. But here somehow it becomes too obvious to an observant reader, that the numbers of years mentioned don’t add up at all, because the number of years and the generations that the writer mentions, are not enough to achieve the re-growth of the population, and the events that happened during that mentioned time frame. So if the reader takes time to work it out for himself, he would become aware that there must be quite a few generations missed out, it also contradicts other length of time, and here I would like to write everything down to show you what I mean.
Just to make it a little bit easier to calculate, it would be helpful to take, The Flood, as year zero, and then one could calculate the years that have passed since the flood according to the writer list of The Patriarchs. So the following is how it could be worked out.
Start counting from, The Flood, taken as year zero. 0
Shem descendants, only the first born would be written in here:
Shem, became the father of Arpachshad two years after the flood; 2
Arpachshad, became the father of Shelah, when he was 35 years old; 35
Shelah, became the father of Eber, when he was 30 years old; 30
Eber, became the father of Peleg, when he was 34 years old; 34
Peleg, became the father of Reu, when he was 30 years old; 30
Reu, became the father of Serug when he was 32 years old; 32
Serug, became the father of Nahor, when he was 30 years old; 30
Nahor, became the father of Terah, when he was 29 years old; 29
Terah, became the father of Abraham, when he was 70 years old; 70
So, if we calculate the number of years past according to this list, from the
Flood to the birth of Abraham there are only 292 years accounted for. 292 years
Abraham lived for one hundred and seventy five years then he died. 175
Therefore, Abraham died 467 years after the flood according to this list.
It is written in the Bible that Noah lived 350 years after the flood, and Shem, the son of Noah lived 500 years after the birth of Arpachshad, So that means that he lived 502 after the flood, then both Noah and Arpachshad should have been still alive at the time of Abraham if the list above were to be correct. In fact if everything in the list was correct: Shem, the son of Noah would have been outliving Abraham by 35 years, and that seems highly impossible.
Now we have also to take into account the growth of the population that had tried to build the tower of Babel during that time, which is after the flood and well before the birth of Abraham, therefore 292 years as I have worked it from the list above, could not be enough time for the population to grow that much and try to build the tower of Babel. There is also the fact that they could not even think of building the tower of Babel so soon after the flood, while Noah and Shem were still living, because they could see what the people were doing and would certainly forbid them to do that, since they would have known that it would anger Yahweh. Therefore they would certainly forbid the building of the tower, and their offspring would listen to them, since they knew that Noah and Shem had seen the power of God during the flood. Therefore the building of the tower of Babel must have happened at least a few generations after Noah and Shem died.
By taking in consideration what I have said above, I reckon that there is at least one thousand years, and perhaps up to two thousand years not accounted for, in the list of the Patriarchs as shown above.
Of course the writer of Genesis never intended that the list above be understood as I do now, it may be that he wrote the story as it was told by his ancestors, or perhaps he wrote a longer list of the Patriarchs that got lost and nobody knows how to find it now.
Notwithstanding what I have said above, we have to take in consideration that when the book of Genesis was first written, the writer had to overcome lots of limitations that were present at those times. The very first limitation was that there were no other religious books before this one; there wasn’t enough writing material to write on; there were only a few people that were able to write. Almost everything in those times was passed through words of mouth from generation to generation, therefore when happenings were too old or too many to remember people just started to forget them; and I am sure that there were even more limitations that I have been able to mention, so many that one would never been able to think of the many limitations of those times.
Therefore the writer of Genesis did a real great job, if one considers all the possible limitations that were against him. And the book of Genesis is as good as could have been written at that time, the value of the book stands high because one has to read it as if it is correct for religious purposes.
Our views of religions
My dear readers, I hope that after these explanations above that we have written, in out subtitle article of “Explaining timing example” and “After the flood” you are able to see what I mean, when I say that religions need to be reviewed, or at least explained why they are written the way that they have been written, so that people can still believe in religions and God, this also include the atheists, whom believe in not believing in any religions at all, but you see even them believe in not believing, therefore I have to conclude that mankind needs to believe in something, one way or the other.
In these religious writings of, Prayers for Reconciliation and Reconciliation of the Universe, I am trying to write a theory about God of the universe that may help to achieve religious co-operation worldwide including the atheists. This religious theory is going to show how I believe the spiritual life forces of the entire universe could coexist together, and they would able to achieve what needs to be achieved, in order to run the spiritual part of the universe, which I believe is in another dimension, and also be able to run our life on earth with whatever links we are linked with to the spiritual dimension. I hope that you follow our religious writings to the end to see what we are going to write.
Anyhow, we have written about this theist and atheist views and explained as much as we could, but there is still a lot to be said and we will continue to write later on in another article. So Reconciliation of the Universe is going to be continued. See you next time with humanity and religious dilemmas.
May God bless us all?

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